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10 Human Resources Trends to Watch in 2018 The world of human resources is constantly changing and adopting new strategies. Just a few decades ago, it was all about paper applications and now, almost everything happens digitally. The workforce itself is changing and being part of the transformation of the sector. So, how can a human resource specialist keep up? One of the things to do is to stay on the lookout for trends. Technology is always giving away hints of the direction it will go to next. If you want to improve your HR talents and find the best possible talent in 2018, these are the specific trends you should be looking.

The welcoming of the new generation The most important trend of the year is the introduction of the new work generation and its implications. Generation Z is coming and they are looking for new things within the workplace. The generation is tech savvy and deeply invested in work-life balance. Importantly, there is going to be a mix of generations that might cause problems if HR specialists are not careful.

The focus on wellness benefits Employers have to ensure they retain the best talent and it’s becoming less about the salary and more about other benefits. In the future, HR will need to turn attention to wellness benefits –gym cards, healthy eating opportunities, mental wellness and so on.

The changing concept of the workplace The workplace is not tied to a physical location any longer. Technology has ensured that employees can perform work and communicate with each other from the comfort of their homes. In fact, some workplaces don’t even have a traditional office. For HR specialists, it’s important to find this flexible remote talent and to allow it perform productively.

The mix of permanent and non-permanent employees There is also an increasing mix of permanent employees and those freelancing for the company. A recent Intuit report suggested that nearly 40% of the workforce could by freelance by 2020. This is challenging for the HR specialist and something that needs to be seriously looked at. How to ensure the freelance employee is as happy as the rest?

The possibility of blind hiring The ethics of the workplace are changing and one of the key things employers are focusing right now is ensuring all sorts of voices are heard. What this has meant is an increased attention to hiring without a bias – such as preferring the male candidate over the female. Blind hiring is a process that’s becoming more popular because it creates a level of anonymity and possibly reduces the risk of hiring bias.

The attention to healthcare and its impact on productivity The responsibilities of the HR department have increased. No longer is the focus only on the productivity but also the wellbeing of the employee. To this extent, HR is increasingly involved in healthcare decisions not just in terms of determining the insurance. HR has to be part of the discussion of health choices and decisions, which is something that’s previously lacked.

The linkage between health and retirement With insurance costs changing and health problems becoming a thing employers have to deal with, the discussion will undoubtedly turn to money. One trend that’s becoming evident is offering incentives in terms of health and retirement. Packages, where retirement might be linked with healthcare, could become more used in the future.

The gamification of the workforce HR will also start gamifying the workplace in 2018. This will probably be more about light-hearted attempts to unify the workforce but there are real, meaningful uses of it as well. Turning work into a game can make people more incentivised and motivated, making the workforce hungrier for success.

The focus on performance Employee performance is becoming increasingly critical and different performance reviews are continuing to be a big part of the HR department’s role. But the reviews are changing and things like virtual reality and machine learning are adding to the way employers analyse and assess the workforce. Not to mention, the way performance is linked to compensation and recognition will continue to be part of the issue.

The enhanced attention to workplace ethics Overall, the workplace will have to adjust to enhanced morals and ethical standards. Movements like #metoo have to be reflected and addressed within

the company. It’s important to prepare for this heightened scrutiny, find ways to manage the issues and to ensure there is more transparency, as well as positive action taken, to support the issues. The HR sector is entering an interesting change. Advances in technology drive much of the transformation but other things also play a role, not least the new generation of workers. For companies to succeed in the modern world, HR will continue to play a crucial role and staying on top of the latest advances is going to be important. Author Bio : Talal Bayaa is the CEO and co-founder of Bayzat, a UAE-based technology start-up that empowers businesses with smart and effective insurance & HR solutions.

Pdf 10 human resources trends to watch in 2018  
Pdf 10 human resources trends to watch in 2018