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As times change, so will your options in advanced cancer treatment. Because hope carries on. We’re here for you. Always.

ANNAPOLIS OFFICE—410.897.6200 810 Bestgate Rd, Suite 400, Annapolis, MD 21401

Maryland Oncology Hematology’s new state-of-the-art facility is now open to the community. All of our doctors are available to provide convenient and comprehensive cancer and hematology care for new diagnoses of cancer, workups for suspected cancer and consultations to discuss abnormal biopsies or suspicious scans.

Ravin Garg, M.D.

Adam Goldrich, M.D.

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We are taking new patients, seeing second opinions and welcoming patients wanting to transfer care to our cutting-edge practice! If you have been trying to find your doctor from a previous practice, please call us and we can get you scheduled.

TREATMENTS AND SERVICES Maryland Oncology Hematology provides high-quality integrative and evidence-based personalized care, along with supportive care services that help patients and their loved ones meet the challenge of cancer. Maryland Oncology Hematology recognizes patient convenience is important. We offer physician visits, an on-site lab and infusions- including iron infusions, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and biologics- all in one location.

Benjamin Bridges, M.D.

Carol Tweed, M.D.

David Weng, M.D., Ph.D.

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It’s Summer! Now Hit the Road


EMORIAL DAY is behind us and it’s officially June. Now who’s ready for a change of scenery? For the second year, we are going into summertime having spent a lot of time at home. Remote offices, hybrid school, Zoom events and streaming performances have kept us feeling pretty cooped up. Now that warm weather is pulling us outside, it’s an especially good time to get away from the same four walls and enjoy the outer corners of the Chesapeake region. For some people, that means road-tripping, and for more adventurous souls, camping. Why not combine both and travel in an RV? It’s comfortable, pet-friendly, and you have the luxury of your own bathroom. (I can’t be the only one who

sees the no-bathroom aspect of camping as a deal-breaker.) During the early pandemic months, RVing had major advantages. It offered the ability to travel relatively safely, with members of your household and without exposure to many public spaces. As 2020 wore on, more stir-crazy people caught on, and now RVing—a travel mode that used to seem like it was mostly for retirees—is popular with families and even young people (think vintage Airstreams). In this issue of CBM Bay Weekly, we explore several RV/campground destinations, from glamping-style resorts to sites filled with water parks and kid-friendly amenities, appealing to the Disney World crowd. A few are conveniently close to the



Hurricane Outlook, Unique Crab,

Volume XXIX, Number 22

See Oyster City, Rest in Reefs,

June 3 - June 10, 2021

ACLT Purchase, New Dunkirk


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Find the comforts of

CREATURE FEATURE............... 16

the theater and one streamed at home. Meanwhile, a Severna Park man has created a destination for boaters right off his private dock. You needn’t go further than the Severn River to find an educational oyster exhibit among the waterfront homes. The at-home oyster aquaculturist aims to catch families’ attention and spread his message about the importance of oyster restoration. Close to home, down the highway, or across the Bay Bridge, there are plenty of new ways to take in Chesapeake Country. Get out there! p —MEG WALBURN VIVIANO, CBM EDITORIAL DIRECTOR



Putting the RV in Travel:

Maryland and Delaware beaches, leading me to realize that such resorts might be an exciting alternative to pricey beach house rentals. In Chincoteague, you can enjoy Atlantic beachfront and nature in one fell swoop. And while you’re on the lower Eastern Shore, pop into the Delmarva Discovery Museum to visit the amazing half-male, half-female Chesapeake Bay blue crab we tell you about on page 6. Now that’s something fresh and new to see. But not all changes of scenery have to involve significant packing and drive time. In what was a momentous occasion for her, our own Moviegoer, Diana Beechener, returned to a movie theater in person for the first time since spring 2020. Catch her double review (page 18)—one film seen in

Krista Pfunder Wayne Bierbaum

Dennis Doyle

Maria Price

ou don’t have to cross the Bay Bridge to go to “The Beach”! Join CBM Bay Weekly and MC3 for a new summer concert series, beginning Friday, June 11. Bring your beach chair or blanket and kick back while enjoying live outdoor performances at MC3’s venue, StageOne (3 Park Place, Annapolis). CBM Bay Weekly is proud to be the media sponsor as live entertainment returns. For the first performance of the series, enjoy traditional and contemporary jazz and R&B with Tony Spencer and The Sunset Band. Food and drinks from multiple

on-site vendors will be available including the famous Annapolis tiki bar! Guests will not be permitted to bring their own alcohol into the venue. Doors open at 5:30pm and concert begins at 6pm. All proceeds benefit MC3: The Maryland Cultural & Conference; a non-profit arts organization dedicated to providing equitable access to innovative and dynamic arts programming to the Greater Annapolis region. More info on page 9. Tickets can be found at: www.mc3annapolis.org/program-events/

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June 3 - June 10, 2021 • BAY WEEKLY • 3

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A NOAA satellite image of Hurricane Laura on August 26, 2020, one in a record-breaking year for storms.

“Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center are wellprepared to deliver the life-saving forecasts that we all depend on during this hurricane season.” —BEN FRIEDMAN, ACTING NOAA ADMINISTRATOR

The World Meteorological Organization announced its name selections for 2021’s Atlantic tropical cyclones.



he Atlantic hurricane season officially begins Tuesday, June 1, and we’ve seen some doozies in recent years. You’ll recall that in 2020, there were so many named storms that NOAA burned through all of its alphabetical names and had to resort to a numeric naming convention. This year is going to be busy, scien-

tists predict, but not quite as extreme as last year. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center has released its annual pre-season outlook. NOAA forecasters say there is a 60 percent chance of an above-normal season, versus a 30 percent chance of a near-normal season and only a 10 percent chance of a below-normal sea-

4 • BAY WEEKLY • June 3 - June 10, 2021

son. Before you say, “Enough already!”, know that experts do not expect this hurricane season to reach the historic levels the last one did. Scientists say there will liekly be 13 to 20 named storms, of which six to 10 could become hurricanes and three to five of those could be major hurricanes—category 3 or above. Those

storms would bring winds 111 miles per hour or higher. “Although NOAA scientists don’t expect this season to be as busy as last year, it only takes one storm to devastate a community,” says Ben Friedman, acting NOAA administrator. Since last season, NOAA has updated its Global Forecast System (GFS), added new Hurricane Hunter drones that fly into the lower part of storms to gather data, and upgraded its storm surge model for better predictability and accuracy. “The forecasters at the National Hurricane Center are well-prepared with significant upgrades to our computer models, emerging observation techniques, and the expertise to deliver the life-saving forecasts that we all depend on during this, and every, hurricane season,” Friedman says. Last year’s record-breaking season serves as a reminder to all residents in coastal regions or areas prone to inland flooding from rainfall to be prepared for the 2021 hurricane season. “Now is the time for communities along the coastline as well as inland to get prepared for the dangers that hurricanes can bring,” says U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo. The Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June 1 to November 30, and in the late summer NOAA usually revises its predictions based on changing conditions. For more details on the outlook so far, watch this video summary.

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The abdomen of this crab shows male attributes (left side) and female (right side). Photo courtesy of Delmarva Discovery Museum.



f you’ve been around the Chesapeake Bay awhile, it’s likely you know the telltale signs of whether a blue crab is male or female: red claw tips and a wide apron (or underside, to non-crab enthusiasts) indicate female, blue claw tips and a T-shaped apron mean male. Well, there’s a new attraction at the Delmarva Discovery Museum on the Pocomoke River that will have even the most faithful crab-eater confused. A crab that has recently taken up residence at the museum is half male, half female. Its apron is divided in half down the center, with half of each shape visible. The unusual crab is called a bilateral gynandromorph, but commonly called hermaphrodite, the museum says. Only a few of these cases have ever been reported. Back in 2005, the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) studied a bilateral gynandromorph pulled from the Bay by watermen David Johnson and Robert Watson of Deltaville. Neither the watermen nor the scientists had ever seen one. It even had one red claw, one blue. There were also reports of a similar crab caught off Smith Island in 1979. Waterman Jerry Smith of Smith Island caught the newest one. He’s been crabbing for about 40 years, and rec-

6 • BAY WEEKLY • June 3 - June 10, 2021

Waterman Jerry Smith of Smith Island caught the newest one. He’s been crabbing for about 40 years, and recognized this one as something special when he saw it, and donated it to the grateful Delmarva Discovery Museum. ognized this one as something special when he saw it, and donated it to the grateful Delmarva Discovery Museum. VIMS scientists hope that studying bilateral gynandromorphs could provide insight on crab sexual development and breeding, and might someday help researchers trying to breed blue crabs in captivity. The rare crab is on display in an aquarium at the museum at 2 Market Street in Pocomoke. To learn more, check out delmarvadiscoverymuseum.org.


Pasadena Boatworks owner Rick Levin has created an educational oyster exhibit on his own backyard pier. Photo: Cheryl Costello.



t’s an unexpected sight for those cruising Rock Cove off the Severn River: a large, brightly colored exhibit on a floating pier, featuring facts about oysters’ importance to restoring the Bay. It’s not a museum nor a nature center—it’s a waterfront homeowner’s own invention. It’s just down the dock from a complex oyster-growing system he built to put more oysters back in the Severn. There are lessons to be learned for kids (and adults) from this one-of-a-kind private pier. Built on two floating docks put together, Oyster City is a new attraction off Rick Levin’s pier. Designed to look like a minicity, it features buildings with messages about the key role oysters play in the Bay: “Just one oyster can filter 50 gallons of water a day”; “Oysters clean the Bay of algae and pollution.” “All of this is to create awareness for kids and families to see and appreciate the oyster and what the oyster does for the Chesapeake Bay, and how it cleans the Bay and the Severn River,” Levin explains. The exhibit includes an eye-catching faux fuel dock with mannequins, as well as cartoon oysters with googly eyes. Levin hopes the colorful PVC boards are a reason for boaters to stop along Rock Cove and learn something. It’s a side project for the owner of Pasadena Boat Works. “I built everything,” he says. “I drove every nail and put in every screw.” Oyster City complements the work he’s doing to raise oysters in an aquaculture farm he also built on his dock. There are 6,000 new oysters growing in cages and upwellers, in addition to thousands already planted at a “reef” Levin created near the mouth of the cove. He hopes his exhibit will tie in with his oyster growing operation and drive the message of oyster restoration home to the next generation. “There are so many messages. The oyster is a keystone species of the Chesapeake Bay and they’re endangered. Their population is only one percent of what it was historically.” Preschoolers Michael, Gio, and Christian had a chance to check out the exhibit with their parents. And for 5-and-a-halfyear-old Michael, the display certainly drove the point home. “The water needs to be clean because it would be bad for the fish. And if it were bad for the fish, they wouldn’t be able to survive,” he says. Oyster City will stay up year-round. June 3 - June 10, 2021 • BAY WEEKLY • 7



uneral planning. It’s something no one wants to do. But a company in Gloucester County, Va., is providing a new option, especially for lovers of the Chesapeake Bay. They will permanently intern your loved one’s ashes in an underwater memorial on the floor of the Bay. A few years ago, Brian Bayford found his dad mixing cement in a bucket in the garage. Upon Bayford’s questioning, his dad admitted he was mixing his friend Pete’s ashes in the cement so he could lower Pete into his favorite fishing hole. According to Bayford, “Casting human ashes into the water is technically illegal, though no one seems to enforce it. This occurrence gave me the idea to make underwater memorials that would be perpetual and legal.” The approval process took several years. Bayford had to work with the EPA, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Virginia Marine Resources Commission. “Mostly, I worked with the VMRC. While it took a while, they were very

helpful.,” said Bayford. His company, called Reef in Peace, is now open. Reef in Peace will place a loved-one’s ashes into a concrete memorial that weighs several hundred pounds. A mostly aluminum plaque with the wording of your choice is placed on top. Then the memorial is placed in the Chesapeake Bay, or at an alternate site in Venice, Florida. The concrete is a special mix that is designed to provide a favorable home for marine organisms. In Virginia, Bayford places the memorials at the Cabbage Patch reef southwest of Cape Charles. Customers are given the exact location and depth should they want to visit. Bayford has reservations in place for memorials in Virginia, but as yet has not placed any memorials in the water. Bayford has placed memorials at the Florida location. “People like the Florida location because the water is more shallow, and clear, so you can actually see the memorials from the surface,” said Bayford. If you or someone you know loves the Chesapeake Bay so much they want to spend eternity in its waters, be sure to check out Reef in Peace. They have a Facebook page, and can be found at reefinpeace.com, or call 804 824-9230.

The newly purchased tract was the only gap in a nearly 3,000+ acre corridor of protected lands along the Chesapeake Bay. Drone photo by Jack Thornton.

Land Trust Protects Old Growth Forest BY KRISTA PFUNDER


purchase of 78 acres is the latest puzzle piece in a nearly five-mile belt of conservation land in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, permanently protecting properties running from Kenwood Beach to Dares Beach Road in Calvert County.

A new company buries your loved one’s ashes in wildlife-friendly concrete on the floor of the Bay. Photo courtesy of Reef in Peace.

78 acres in Calvert County were acquired by American Chestnut Land Trust. Photo by ACLT. The American Chestnut Land Trust recently purchased 78 acres in Port Republic, closing the only break in close to 3,000 preserved acres along the Bay. ACLT’s purchase of the Governors Run Development Corporation tract

permanently protects a property that dates back to the 1600s and features an old-growth forest ecosystem. “ACLT’s mission has always included See LAND TRUST on next page


Friday, Saturday 11-5 Sunday 1-4

A special little shop full of vintage treasures

655 Deale Rd, Deale, MD • 443-203-6157 8 • BAY WEEKLY • June 3 - June 10, 2021

Antiques Lighting Jewelry Art


Conceptual design for the new Dunkirk playground. Photo: Playground Specialists Inc.

Dunkirk District Park Playground to be Replaced BY KATHY KNOTTS


layground enthusiasts will have to temporarily find a new set of slides and swings to enjoy while the playground at Dunkirk District Park is demolished. The Calvert County Department of Parks & Recreation is tearing down and rebuilding the playground at the park off Route 4 over the next five to six weeks, weather permitting. The new playground will be built around the theme “Chesapeake Bay: Above and Below Water” and pays homage to recognizable Calvert Marine Museum attractions, including the Drum Point

LAND TRUST from page 8

a goal of protecting the Governors Run and Parkers Creek watersheds,” says Greg Bowen, executive director of ACLT. “The GRDC parcel was the only gap in a nearly 3,000-acre corridor of protected lands along the Chesapeake Bay.” The tract was part of a 1,250-acre colonial land patent mentioned in A History of Calvert County in 1647, written by Charles Stein. “Lord Baltimore gave Puritans who had been banished from Virginia land patents in Anne Arundel County and in Calvert County,” Bowen says. “The 78acre parcel that ACLT purchased and preserved was also owned by the Frazier—or Fraser—family in the 1800s and was a Chesapeake Bay shipping point known as Fraser’s Landing. In later years, this location was renamed for the creek, Governors Run. A wharf at the landing served steamboat traffic.” The property was also on ACLT’s radar because historic maps show that the site was one of the largest forested sites in the area in the mid-1800s. The Governors Run Development Corporation took ownership of the property in 1981 without the landing or beach access. Since then, the corporation has maintained the land while considering development or preservation. “The corporation expressed its willingness to preserve the land,” Bowen

June 11 Tony Spencer & The Sunset Band

Lighthouse and the William B. Tennison, a sailing bugeye converted to powered buy-boat. Three design proposals were submitted for the playground and a public survey received over 600 responses from the community. A follow-up survey then narrowed down specific aspects of the two most popular designs and from the more than 195 responses a vendor was selected. Thurmont-based Playground Specialists met with CCPR staff onsite in late November for a walkthrough to finalize the design. The second phase of the project includes construction of a splash pad, and a new tennis and pickleball complex. The existing playground is to be demolished beginning June 28. The playground will be closed for the duration and will reopen after construction is complete.  says. “Then ACLT needed to raise funds to help purchase the property. The Maryland Rural Legacy Program was the perfect fit—it focuses on providing funding to preserve large, contiguous tracts of land and to enhance natural resource, agricultural, forestry and environmental protection. With the assistance of the Calvert County Commissioners and staff we were able to utilize Maryland Rural Legacy funds.” The tract contains a mature hardwood forest, many portions of which have not been logged for 70 years or more. Large tracts of older forest such as this are uncommon in the region, due to the clearing of forests for timber management, agriculture, and residential and commercial development. The property provides almost $200,000 per year in services such as stormwater attenuation, carbon sequestration, nutrient uptake, ozone removal, groundwater recharge, wildlife habitat and biodiversity potential, according to an Ecosystem Service Assessment by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. ACLT plans to create additional trails on the property to provide educational, scientific and cultural experiences. “First, we will develop a management plan and then we will build trails, which, upon completion, will be open to the public,” Bowen says. “This should take less than two years.”

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w w w. m c 3 a n n a p o l i s . o r g June 3 - June 10, 2021 • BAY WEEKLY • 9

Putting the

RV in Travel

Find the comforts of home—on wheels BY STEVE ADAMS


s summer’s arrival coincides with rising vaccination numbers and loosening health and safety restrictions, countless headlines are predicting an “unprecedented” national travel boom. In fact, “revenge travel” is now an official thing—just give it a Google if you’re curious. It just might be the phrase of 2021, just as “unprecedented” was clearly the adjective of 2020. And while there are endless options for where to go and how to get there, along with countless ad campaigns and discounts offered to entice travelers, there’s one travel trend that was growing in popularity well before the pandemic, surged during air travel restrictions, and is showing no signs of stopping: RVing. You’re probably at least somewhat aware of vacationing via recreational

vehicle, whether you’ve experienced it yourself or have family or friends who do it. You may have read about A-list celebs such as Matthew McConaughey and Shailene Woodley, chilling in a pimped-out Airstream or traveling in a motorhome. You have certainly seen RVs heading up and down Solomons Island Road on Friday afternoons, or overnighting in Walmart or Costco parking lots.

10 • BAY WEEKLY • June 3 - June 10, 2021



Ving is serious stuff. There are plenty of full-time RV influencers out there, spending 365 days a year on the road, working and schooling remotely (sound familiar?) while promoting properties, products, and a lifestyle on social media (#RVlife). And RVing no longer means roughing it like Cousin Eddie in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, driving from one dumpy destination to another. Rather, today’s roomy RVs are basically homes, or even hotels, and most RV campgrounds, or “glamp-grounds,” boast resort-level amenities such as free, reliableWi-Fi, cable TV hookups, and pools. Given this, it’s no surprise that RV owners are attracted to this type of travel. According to the latest GO

RVing/Cvent survey from May 2019 (well before we’d ever heard of COVID), some of the top aspects include: Affordability, with 87 percent agreeing that RVing is a cost-effective way to travel, regardless of fluctuating fuel prices, and 81 percent saying that it can save 25 percent over other travel. Flexibility, with 69 percent touting the ability to take more mini-vacations and 68 percent reporting that they’re able to bring their pet along. Outdoor accessibility, with 61 percent naming the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities such as visiting state or national parks (73 percent), grilling/cooking out (72 percent), visiting historic sites, hiking, fishing and swimming with their friends and family.

The Resort at Massey’s Landing.

“RV travel gives people the chance to explore where they want, when they want, and at the pace they want,” says Saskia Boogman, director of public relations for Kampgrounds of America (KOA). “It offers a level of independence not found in other forms of travel.” Consider Boogman’s description of RVs as “self-contained units with a high degree of both real and perceived safety and inherent social distancing [that] allow people to escape urban areas and connect to natural spaces easily,” and it’s obvious why RVing had the potential to boom in the COVID era.



nd boom, it has… Here’s the evidence:

RoadSigns reported that shipments of RVs for 2020 were up 6 percent over 2019 despite a nearly two-month production shutdown; Boogman says there are approximately 13 million RV households in the U.S., up from 9.6 million in 2020 and 7 million in 2019. Outdoorsy, an RV rental company reports a dramatic 4,600 percent growth in RV trips booked from April 2020 to October 2020. And it’s not appearing to slow down:

RVshare, the world’s largest peer-topeer RV rental marketplace, says 84 percent of travelers who rented an RV in 2020 are planning to rent again in 2021. Todd Burbage, CEO of Berlin, Md.based outdoor hospitality developer Blue Water Development, says that RV travel in and around the Chesapeake reflects the national trend. “RV camping has always been popular because it gives travelers a fun, affordable, and unique way to go where you want, when you want,” Burbage says. “Plus, today’s camping resorts are true vacation destinations in their own right, appealing to those looking for a place to not only make memories with their family but also socialize with an active and friendly community. So, when many people were looking for an escape after months of lockdown and anxiety, it’s not surprising that we saw many travelers, whether veteran campers or first-timers, turn to campgrounds as the right choice at the right time.”



ndustry leaders are bullish on the future. “Even with other forms of travel returning, the desire to use an RV to

get outdoors and experience an active outdoor lifestyle is stronger than ever,” said RV Industry Association President & CEO Craig Kirby. “RVing has been cemented as a mainstream travel option that is here to stay. We know people plan to go RVing because of their interest in exploring the great outdoors, their newfound flexibility to work or attend school remotely, and their desire to spend time with family. These are not short-term, pandemic-related reasons but rather speak to the long-term appeal of RVs.” Burbage thinks the Chesapeake Bay area will remain a particularly popular destination. “As many of the license plates at our resorts prove, the Chesapeake region is seen as a convenient getaway not only for people from Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and D.C., but also many from Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and other states up and down the East Coast,” says Burbage. “The Delmarva Peninsula offers a unique combination of cool, historic beach towns, from Rehoboth down to Cape Charles, and unique places to see diverse geography and reconnect with nature, and we love that so many guests from both near and far love it as much as we do.”

IT’S A RENTAL IF YOU WANT to explore Chesapeake Country by renting an RV, borrowing one, or simply staying in a “rental RV” at a campground (yes, that’s a thing, too!)—or other camping/glamping accommodation, the good news is there are plenty of great places to stay. Each offers something unique in terms of not only their geography but also their adult-, kid-, and pet-friendly amenities and activities, from poolside bars, playgrounds and dog beaches to hiking, biking, fishing and boating – plus the opportunity to make (if I may…) “unprecedented” memories.


June 3 - June 10, 2021 • BAY WEEKLY • 11

Breezy Point beachfront. Photo: The Dyrt.



BREEZY POINT BEACH & CAMPGROUND – CHESAPEAKE BEACH, MD. On the Western Shore, Breezy Point has been operated by Calvert County Parks and Recreation since it was acquired by the county in 1995. The half-mile long public beach is perfect for sunbathing, sand castle building, and searching for shark teeth, along with jellyfish-free swimming in a netted area and fishing or crabbing off the 200-foot long pier. There’s also a playground, bath houses, grills, and shaded picnic areas. Admission fees for beach. The campground offers seasonal and daily camping for tents, pop-ups, RVs, and trailers through Oct. 1. Learn more at www.calvertcountymd.gov/ Facilities/Facility/Details/BreezyPoint-Beach-and-Campground-15.

POINT LOOKOUT STATE PARK – SCOTLAND, MD. Farther south, Point Lookout is nestled on a peninsula between the Ches-

BayShore Campground. Photo: Town of Rock Hall.

apeake Bay and the Potomac River. Once the location of a camp that imprisoned over 52,000 Confederate soldiers during the Civil War, the park includes a museum, periodic Living History weekends, and the currently-under-renovation Point Lookout Lighthouse. It also offers public beaches, hiking trails, a boat launch and canoe rentals, and a 710-foot fishing pier. The campground has 143 wooded campsites, with 26 full hook-up sites available year-round for self-contained campers and all other sites available through Nov. 1. Learn more at dnr.maryland.gov/publiclands/Pages/ southern/pointlookout.aspx

BAYSHORE CAMPGROUND – ROCK HALL, MD. Over the Bay Bridge and up the Bay, BayShore sits directly on the Chesapeake’s Eastern Shore, just a few miles from the Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge and the historic towns of Rock Hall and Chestertown. A nature lover’s paradise, the wooded campground offers swimming, fishing and crabbing, boating, hiking, and bird watching, along with two ponds, a playground, and a basketball and vol-

Point Lookout. Photo: Maryland DNR. 12 • BAY WEEKLY • June 3 - June 10, 2021

leyball court. BayShore offers over 150 campsites during its summer and winter seasons, May 1 to Nov. 1 and Nov. 1 to April 15. Learn more at bayshorecamping.com/

YOGI BEAR’S JELLYSTONE PARK AT DELAWARE BEACHES – LINCOLN, DEL. Located within minutes of Dewey, Rehoboth, and Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge, Jellystone is likely the most family-friendly campground in Delaware. Under new ownership for 2021, it offers endless sources of entertainment including a pool with waterslides, an upgraded playground and camp store, sports courts, and a batting cage, plus daily activities such as movie nights, hayrides, visits from Yogi, Boo Boo and Cindy, and themed events from Easter through Halloween. “We’ve enhanced and accentuated all of the things that make Jellystone Delaware an exceptional family vacation destination, and we’re thrilled to be able to help our guests have fun after such a tough year,” says General Manager Bryan Fykes. Jellystone features more than 265 sites, including two dozen cabin rentals for non-RVing glampers, and is open through Oct. 31. Learn more at www.delawarejellystone.com/.

THE RESORT AT MASSEY’S LANDING – MILLSBORO, DEL. Right on Rehoboth Bay, Massey’s offers what General Manager Abby Beard describes as “luxury camping and glamping at its finest.” Guests can enjoy a private beach for both humans and dogs, canoeing, kayaking or paddleboarding, fishing and crabbing, and Beard’s favorite amenity, a pool with the area’s only swim-up pool bar. Massey’s also offers a waterfront restaurant, bike and golf cart rentals, and complimentary shuttle service to local attractions—plus themed activities and events throughout the season, from Superhero to Dino week. Open through Nov. 7, Massey’s not only offers hundreds of RV sites but also beach cottages, safari tents, and RV rentals (fully-stocked travel trailers that allow you to “Try It Before You Buy It”). Learn more at www.masseyslanding.com.

FRONTIER TOWN RV RESORT – BERLIN, MD. Perhaps the most family-friendly campground in Maryland, Frontier Town has been the base camp for family campers converging on Ocean City and Assateague for more than a decade. Themed in the American Old West, the resort offers its famed Western Experience horse show three times

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park at Delaware Beaches.

The Resort at Massey’s Landing. per day, a very photo-friendly Wild West town, and amenities including a water park, miniature golf, pontoon boat rentals, a fishing/crabbing pier, and plenty of nature trails. “We let you take a historic trip back to the Old West, but with all the all the benefits of a beach vacation,” explains General Manager Ben Elliot. Frontier Town offers more than 680 total RV, RV rental, tent, and cabin sites and is open through Nov. 28. Learn more at campground.frontiertown.com/.

Chincoteague Island KOA Resort.

Frontier Town RV Resort.

CHINCOTEAGUE ISLAND KOA RESORT – CHINCOTEAGUE, VA. Moving down the Eastern Shore and into Virginia, Chincoteague Island KOA sits on 200 wooded acres near Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge and Assateague Island National Seashore. Along with viewing horses and exploring the seashore, guests can visit NASA’s Wallops Island facility and enjoy amenities including a pool, huge jump pillow, and activities on the water. However the most eye-catching

amenity is Maui Jack’s Waterpark, a full-fledged waterpark featuring a 620-foot long Lazy River, two open-air speed slides and three enclosed slides, and a huge pool playground. “There’s never a dull moment and nobody gets bored at Chincoteague,” says General Manager Connie Davis. Chincoteague Island KOA offers RV, RV rental, tent, and cabin sites and is open through Nov. 30. Learn more at www.koa. com/campgrounds/chincoteague.

CAPE CHARLES/ CHESAPEAKE BAY KOA RESORT – CAPE CHARLES, VA. Located on the southernmost point of the Eastern Shore, Chesapeake Bay KOA offers endless opportunities to

experience both the Bay and wildlife. General Manager Nic Palmer says the resort’s private beach is the perfect setting for enjoying watersports and “amazing sunsets that never get old,” while the 1,700-acre wildlife refuge that surrounds it is great for hiking, birdwatching, and biking. Cape Charles also includes its own waterfront restaurant, The Jackspot, two pools, a private dog beach and park, and events and live music throughout the season. Cape Charles/Chesapeake Bay KOA offers RV, tent, and cabin sites and is open through November 30. Learn more at www.koa.com/campgrounds/ chesapeake-bay. 

Cape Charles/Chesapeake Bay KOA Resort.

June 3 - June 10, 2021 • BAY WEEKLY • 13





By Kathy Knotts • June 3 - June 10

KIDS Sea Squirts Children (ages 18mos-3yrs) join in story time and a carryout craft about mamas & babies of the Bay. 10:15am, 11:15am, 12:45pm, 1:45pm, 3:15pm & 4:15pm, Calvert Marine Museum, free w/admission, RSVP: www.calvertmarinemuseum.com.

Thomas Point Lighthouse Cruise Experience close-up views of the iconic lighthouse and discover the history of the light during this guided cruise on the Annapolis Maritime Museum’s Wilma Lee. 1-4pm, City Dock, Annapolis, $45 w/discounts, RSVP: www.amaritime.org.

SoCo Farmers Market 3-6pm, at the Deale Library, 5940 Deale Churchton Rd.: www.facebook.com/socofm/.

Dunkirk Market District


6-9pm, Killarney House, Davidsonville: www.killarneyhousepub.com.

to schools and active duty military. 8am-2pm, 451 Defense Hwy, Annapolis: 410-757-2785; www.big-books.org.

Music by Ray Wroten

Lusby Market

6:30-9:30pm, Brian Boru, Severna Park: www.brianborupub.com.

9am-2pm, Sneade’s Ace Home Center: www.calvertag.com.


Wilma Lee Heritage Cruise Experience Annapolis and the Chesapeake Bay on a guided twohour cruise aboard the historic skipjack; complimentary water available onboard. 1-35pm, Annapolis Maritime Museum, $35 w/discounts, RSVP: www.amaritime.org.

Patty Fest In partnership with Bayside Entertainment, Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum hosts a new summer concert series packed with local talent, entertainers, DJs, live music, food, beverage, clothing, crafts, and informational vendors. 2-9pm, Jefferson Patterson Park, St. Leonard, $8 w/discounts, RSVP: www.jefpat.maryland.gov.

Glen Burnie Farmers Market

Music by Meg & Bryan

4-7pm, Town Center, 101 Crain Hwy, Glen Burnie: https://glenburniefarmersmarket.com

6:30-9:30pm, Brian Boru, Severna Park: www.brianborupub.com.

Maryland in the Age of Sail

Watch the sun sink into the horizon onboard the Wilma Lee. 7-9pm, Annapolis Maritime Museum, $60, RSVP: www.amaritime.org.

Join CMM Curator of Maritime History Mark Wilkins for the final lecture in the series: “Development of Chesapeake Bay Watercraft and Fishing,” a discussion of the design, construction and history of skipjacks, bugeyes, draketails, and crabbing skiffs. 5pm, RSVP for link: www.calvertmarinemuseum.com.

Sunset Cruise


Bird Walk Learn skills for identifying birds by sight and sound on this guided hike (ages 12+). 7-10am, Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary, Lothian, $6 vehicle fee, RSVP: www.jugbay.org.

AACo Farmers Market 7am-noon, Riva Rd. & Harry Truman Pkwy, Annapolis: www.aacofarmersmarket.com.

North Beach Market Tulsa: The Fire and The Forgotten Join the Reginald F. Lewis Museum for a virtual film discussion of Tulsa: The Fire and the Forgotten which examines the Tulsa race massacre 100 years later and explores the history of Black Wall Street, anti-Black violence, and Black resilience in America. In partnership with the Lillian Carroll Jackson Museum. 6pm, RSVP: https://bit.ly/3i9bVeL.




Submit your ideas, comments and events! Email us: calendar@bayweekly.com

Music by Kurt Gibbons


3-7pm, Dunkirk www.calvertag.com.


8-11am, North Beach Senior Center: www.northbeachmd.org.

Severna Park Farmers Market 8am-noon, Park & Ride lot at Jones Station Rd. and Ritchie Hwy (Rt. 2), Severna Park: www.facebook.com/ SevernaParkFarmersMarket.

Green Life Festival & Market Join the Calvert County Citizen’s Green Team for a day of hands-on learning, playing, discovering and engaging with the people, products, and information necessary to live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Learn how to reduce your ecological footprint and conduct your life in a way that is sustainable, naturally balanced, and respectful of our relationship with the Earth. Explore the links between a healthy you and a healthy world; Talk with green product and service exhibitors and learn more about creating a healthy community. Learn how and where to buy local. 9am-2pm, Annmarie Garden, Solomons, free: www.annmariegarden.org.

Cicada Stravaganza Field Day Bring a smart phone to learn how to use the Cicada Safari app to collect data on the Brood X cicada emergence in the area. Dress for the weather. Bring plenty of water and a snack, or pack a lunch. 9:30am-noon, Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary, Lothian, $5/person (over age 5), RSVP: www.jugbay.org.

Women on the Water Tap into the serenity of our wetlands with a leisurely canoe trip on the Patuxent River; look for wildlife and wetland plants and then enjoy a gourmet catered lunch. Fee includes naturalist canoe guides, all canoe equipment, gourmet lunch and park admission. A hike/walk in the woods will be substituted if weather conditions do not allow for canoeing (ages 21+). 9:30am-3:30pm, Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary, Lothian, $40, RSVP: www.jugbay.org.

and art, and take part in activities that include, games, lighthouse tours, traditional music and much more; take free water taxi rides out to the island. Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy at the pavilion or any of the tables dotting the island shore. The reconstructed Blackistone Lighthouse will be open and available for tours. 10am-3pm, St. Clement’s Island Museum, Colton’s Point: https://fb.me/e/1R0yayKsw.

KIDS Mini Dinner Garden Children learn how to plant and care for their own miniature garden. Each child will leave the workshop with a hand-decorated pot containing plants to harvest for family dinners (ages 6-12). Choose from pizza garden or taco garden. 10:3011:30am, Historic London Town, Edgewater, $30 w/discounts, RSVP: www.historiclondontown.org/events.

KIDS Learning Garden Kids take a sensory tour through the kitchen garden and learn about the important herbs and flowers of the 18th century and their uses in culinary, household, and medical purposes; then make and take home a potpourri sachet (ages 6-12). 10:3011:30am, Darnall’s Chance House Museum, Upper Marlboro, $7, RSVP: www.pgparks.com.

KIDS Storytime Outside Join Calvert Library for outdoor stories, songs and some socially distanced fun. Bring seating, dress for weather, wear a mask. 11-11:45am, Kellams Field, Chesapeake Beach, RSVP: http://CalvertLibrary.info.

Photo-Adventure Scavenger Hunt Using clues, hunt for sculptured stones, mystery objects, plants and animals while learning about the history and features of the refuge; dropin program. 10am-2pm, North Tract, Patuxent Research Refuge, Laurel: 301-497-5887.

B.I.G. Book Sale

St. Clement’s Island Heritage Day

Browse over 70,000 lightly used books at bargain prices of $.50 to $3. Proceeds help Books for International Goodwill ship books overseas

Celebrate the history and heritage of St. Clement’s Island with activities and programs for the whole family. Experience a day of history, wildlife

Artworks@7th See the new show Woods & Beaches at the open house and meet the artists; exhibit highlights local wood-

To have your event listed in Bay Planner, send your information at least 10 days in advance to calendar@bayweekly.com. Include date, location, time, pricing, short description and contact information. Our online calendar at www.bayweekly.com/events is always open. 14 • BAY WEEKLY • June 3 - June 10, 2021

ed areas and beaches. 11am-5pm, Artworks@7th, North Beach: www.artworks@7th.com.

Freedom Hill Horse Rescue New volunteers (ages 13+) learn about feeding routines, take a tour of the barn and meet the horses (1-3pm); then the public is invited to the open house and tack sale (3-4pm) with horse meet and greets, pony rides ($5), gently-used tack, and tours of the grounds and barn. Hampton Plantation, 7940 N. Flint Hill Rd., Owings, RSVP for orientation: freedom.hill.org@gmail.com.

Outdoor Lawn Concert: The Starvation Army

Luminis Health/HACA Farmers Market

styles. The 130-year-old community with its tree-lined streets is the perfect setting for an afternoon of garden exploration. All the gardens featured epitomize the goals of the home gardener: to have a beautiful space filled with flowers, trees, shrubs, grasses, and other garden elements, a space that is a pleasure to live in and inspirational to work in. Proceeds benefit the 1774 Hammond-Harwood House, an Anglo-Palladian home on Maryland Avenue, and its museum collection of paintings, furniture, and colonial art. SaSu noon-5pm, 32 Southgate Ave., Annapolis, $35 w/discounts, RSVP: www.hammondharwoodhouse.org.

1-4pm, Eastport Terrace Community Center, 1014 President Street, Annapolis: 443-707-0397.

CalvertHealth Farmers Market 3:30-6:30pm, parking lot adjacent to Route 4, 130 Hospital Rd., Prince Frederick: www.calvertag.com.

Music by Ray Weaver 5:30-8:30pm, Brian Boru, Severna Park: www.brianborupub.com. WEDNESDAY JUNE 9


Bring lawn seating and picnic to hear Big Band, ragtime and Americana music. 5-6:30pm, Darnall’s Chance House Museum, Upper Marlboro, free, RSVP: www.pgparks.com.

8am-noon, 15200 Annapolis, Rd., next to Bowie High School: www.facebook.com/BowieFarmersMarket.

Music by Jason Bishop

AACo Farmers Market

6-10pm, Pirates Cove Restaurant, Galesville: www.piratescovemd.com.

10am-1pm, 257 Harry S Truman Pkwy, Annapolis: www.aacofarmersmarket.com.

Bowie Farmers Market

crew of performing dogs flip and fly to snatch Frisbees out of the air, race through obstacle courses with breathtaking speed, and leap into a pool of water just for the chance to grab a toy. In addition to the Mutt’s performance, there will also be a petting zoo, pony rides, demonstrations, and food vendors. 11:30am, 1:30pm, & 3pm, Jefferson Patterson Park, St. Leonard, free, RSVP: https://bit.ly/3fGFt1G.

Music by Dana B. 3-6pm, Brian Boru, Severna Park: www.brianborupub.com.

Outdoor Sip & Craft Enjoy a summer evening of beverages and historical crafts on the Montpelier grounds. Create your own unique blended mocktail. Suggestions for similar cocktails will be provided. Learn a traditional craft, too, with a modern twist. Develop a new skill set and a new set of friends. In the event of poor weather, this event will move indoors (ages 18+). 6:30-8pm, Montpelier House Museum, Laurel, $33 w/discounts, RSVP: https://tinyurl.com/SipCraft-June5.

June 6: Clean Up by Canoe.

Patuxent River Clean Up by Canoe

Music by Lauren & Rusty

Have fun on the water and help clean up the river by paddling and picking up trash along the way. Trips are 4 hours long and include: general orientation, basic paddling lesson, up to 0.5 mile walk to canoes, launching canoes, and paddling. Paddlers can expect to actively paddle for 2 to 2.5 hours. (ages 13+) 10am-2pm, Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary, Lothian, RSVP: www.jugbay.org.

6:30-9:30pm, Brian Boru, Severna Park: www.brianborupub.com.

Sunday Market

Music by Kevin Lyon

11am-2pm, Honey’s Harvest Farm, Lothian: https://honeysharvest.com/.

7-11pm, Killarney House, Davidsonville: www.killarneyhousepub.com.

The Marvelous Mutts

Owl Prowl Walk

See this canine spectacular featuring athletic dogs in three shows. The

Take a nighttime walk on the woodland trail to listen for great horned owls and barred owls that call North Beach’s Wetlands Overlook Park their home with town naturalist, Lisa Garrett and guest Mike Callahan. Dress for weather; no stroller or flashlights. 7:30-9pm, Wetlands Overlook Park, 4030 11th Street, North Beach, RSVP: lgarrett@northbeachmd.org. JUNE 5 & 6

Secret Garden Tour Step inside the private gardens in the Historic District of Annapolis on this tour. Murray Hill, the area between West Street and Spa Creek, holds a beautiful collection of homes built in various periods and architectural

June 5: Owl Prowl Walk.

AACo Farmers Market 7am-noon, 257 Harry S Truman Pkwy, Annapolis: www.aacofarmersmarket.com/.

Piney Orchard Farmers Market 2-6pm, Piney Orchard Community Center & Visitor’s Center Parking Lot, Stream Valley Dr., off Rt. 170, Odenton: www.facebook.com/ PineyOrchardFarmersMarket/.

Music by Larry Lay

Music by John Luskey

5:30-8:30pm, Brian Boru, Severna Park: www.brianborupub.com.

3-7pm, Pirates Cove Restaurant, Galesville: www.piratescovemd.com.

Music by Peter James


Business Paper Shredding For local business in Calvert County only. 9am-noon, Calvert Co. Fairgrounds, Barstow: 410-326-0210.

Grow with Katie Up your mixed drink game in this hands-on class with Katie and Brooke Mihoces, founder and owner of Vintage Views, a mobile bar catering company. Brooke will teach you how to harvest, muddle and mix a few homegrown herbal cocktails and mocktails to elevate your summer bar experience. Noon, Facebook live @HomesteadGardens.

6-10pm, Pirates Cove Restaurant, Galesville: www.piratescovemd.com. THURSDAY JUNE 10

Friends of The Light House Golf Tournament Play golf to support the Annapolis Light House Homeless Prevention Support Center. Enjoy golf, prizes, raffle, food and drinks. 7:30am-5pm, Renditions Golf Course, Davidsonville, RSVP: https://friendslhs.ejoinme.org/golf2021.

SoCo Farmers Market 3-6pm, at the Deale Library, 5940 Deale Churchton Rd.: www.facebook.com/socofm/.

Dunkirk Market


3-7pm, Dunkirk www.calvertag.com.

Anne Arundel Almshouse Historian Lisa Robbins offers a glimpse into the history of the county almshouse, now known as the William Brown House. From the mid-1820s until 1965 the almshouse was intended to house people who were poor, elderly, or mentally ill, but it was often an unpleasant place, even having been described as an “abode of misery.” 10:30-11:30am, Historic London Town, Edgewater, $10 w/discounts, RSVP: www.historiclondontown.org.

KIDS Storytime Outside Join Calvert Library for outdoor stories, songs and some socially distanced fun. Bring seating, dress for weather, wear a mask. 11-11:45am, Fairview Branch, Hallowing Point Park, Solomons, RSVP: http://CalvertLibrary.info



Glen Burnie Farmers Market 4-7pm, Town Center, 101 Crain Hwy, Glen Burnie: https://glenburniefarmersmarket.com

Music by Richard Hayward 6-10pm, Pirates Cove Restaurant, Galesville: www.piratescovemd.com.

America’s Boating Club of So. MD Join this club for fun, safe boating adventures. 6:30pm, The Pier Restaurant, Solomons: https://usps.org/localusps/patuxent.

Music by Brian Gaffney 6:30-9:30pm, Brian Boru, Severna Park: www.brianborupub.com. p

June 3 - June 10, 2021 • BAY WEEKLY • 15



Primary Care & Behavioral Health Services for All Ages Same day appointments available Accepting most insurances No insurance? We can help! Translation services available

Two convenient locations! West River : 134 Owensville Road, West River, MD 20778 Shady Side: 6131 Shady Side Road Shady Side, MD 20764 Primary Care (410) 867-4700

Behavioral Health (443) 607-1432 Follow us @BayCommunityHC


Dragonfly Protectors


have to admit that summer is my least favorite time of the year. I do not like biting insects. The biting flies are unpleasant and really disturbing if you go into a salt marsh, but the new pesky Asian tiger mosquito is the new king of the yard. Because they will attack day or night and are hard to see, they discourage anyone from going outside without insect repellent. This mosquito is said to be able to have 50 larvae become flying biting machines from just a soda capful of water. And that is in just two weeks. So, once a week, I go through dumping all standing water that I can find: planters, birdbaths, downspouts, etc. A few mosquitos still hang about. Last year, I enlisted the help of several swift-flying specialized mosquito eaters: dragonflies. Dragonflies can eat several hundred mosquitoes a day. The most common dragonfly in my yard is the blue darner. They are small and grayish blue with vertical greenish stripes on the thorax. They seem territorial and last summer one returned to the same perch for a couple of weeks. They tend to attack mosquitoes from a perch or short flights. The second most common is the low-flying common whitetail. As their name implies, their abdomen is a bluish white and they have black bands on the middle of their wings. These drag-

A Halloween pennant dragonfly. onflies seem to like to patrol their area. They fly a foot or two off the ground around the edge of the grass and grab the things they stir up. Another dragonfly that occasionally came around was the Eastern pondhawk. They are bright green with some black stripes on the abdomen. They seem to like to perch nearly on the ground and blend in with the grass. They feed by staying low and suddenly swooping up. My most uncommon visitor is the most colorful: the Halloween pennant. It is a golden color with three black stripes on each wing. It is a dragonfly that perches and also hovers before swooping to grab and insect. They are great for photos and fun to watch but I have only seen a couple a year visit

my yard. To make my yard more attractive and safer for dragonflies, I do two simple things. First, I avoid using pesticides. There is a lot of collateral damage when trying to eliminate certain insects. I did use moldy spore once for grubs. Second, I have placed perching sticks around the gardens. I originally put the perches in for hummingbirds to rest but dragonflies started using them. So, I put out more. I think the next thing would be to put in a year-round fish pond with plants. Since dragonflies can take over a year to mature in their aquatic phase, the pond has to be able to over-winter. I like the idea that a common whitetail dragonfly circling around me is my personal mosquito protector. 



Cottage Gardens Call For Foxglove


f you’re going for the look of a cottage garden, then you absolutely need to grow foxgloves (Digitalis purpurea). They are stately flowers on tall spikes about 3 to 5 feet tall. Foxglove is also known as dead man’s bells, witch’s bells or fairy fingers. Foxglove is among the loveliest, most famous, most important, and most dangerous medicinal plants. Its long green leaves are powdered into digitalis, a cardiac stimulant that keeps millions of heart patients alive. But for everyone else, it is extremely poisonous. A leaf chewed and swallowed may cause paralysis and sudden heart failure. Before you put it into your garden, teach your children to not touch poisonous plants. Foxglove is native to western Europe and was introduced in America in the 1700s. The use of digitalis was discovered in 1775 by English physician William Withering. He heard of an old woman in Shropshire who practiced folk medicine with herbs gathered in the countryside. A patient afflicted with excessive fluid retention due to

16 • BAY WEEKLY • June 3 - June 10, 2021

congestive heart failure whom Withering expected to die was allegedly cured by this healer. At the time, this condition was known as “dropsy”. From the healer’s bag of weeds, Withering was able to deduce that foxglove was the key plant in treating the edema. He also learned that foxglove is a deadly poison, as likely to stop the heart as to keep it going. For 10 years, he conducted precise experiments to determine the proper dosage. The paper he published in 1785 is a classic of medical literature. The active components are a category of chemicals known as cardiac glycosides. The plant contains several glycosides including digitoxin, gitoxin and gitaloxin which act directly on heart muscle increasing the output in patients with congestive heart failure. It acts as a cardio-active diuretic in conditions of edema due to heart failure. Foxglove is easily grown from seed and prefers somewhat moist, acidic soil in dappled sun to shade. It is a biennial from the Scrophulariaceae family, and forms a rosette of long-

stalked leaves in its first year. In the second year, it grows a stem that can be 2 to 5 feet tall. The leaves are lance- or oval-shaped. Spires of white to pinkish-lavender to red thimble-shaped flowers are speckled inside with dots and form from June to September. D. lutea and D. mertonensis are both true perennials. Thanks to its chemical constituents, foxglove is also deer resistant. It is also attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds. “Apricot Beauty” is a lovely variety. “Excelsior” produces many colors and is very tall. Plant some in your cottage garden this summer. 



Begging a Bite on the Bay T

he day started out right. Randy Steck with two keepers at last. Freshly anchored in the mouth of the Severn and the last rod not yet set up in our chumming attempt, the first rod had just bent over and stayed over, line pouring off of the firmly set reel drag. Yippee! Randy Steck, a long-time sporting friend, was on my left, same side as the hard arcing rod and as he struggled to free it from the rod holder, the fish cut a sharp right in the waters out behind us. Fearing it would cross and foul the other lines, I began to bring them in, starting with the one directly in front of me. How that fish managed to But we finally got a break and the circle and foul that particular fish cleared as it finally headed away line in its initial run will always be a toward the Eastern Shore. mystery but it took long moments to The rockfish came reluctantly and decide which direction to unravel the eventually to the side and I slid the net issue and to keep the fish free of other under it and brought it onto the deck. entanglements, the motor, the chum It was a very stout and shiny, 28-inchbags, the nav light. er, every bit a beautiful fish. AlarmThen the fish (of course) cut back ingly, the hook pulled easily out of the to the left and threatened to foul the brute’s throat while it was still in the remaining setup. Again, we feared net, definitely a close call. The stern of disaster as the fish had continued our skiff was, of course, a maelstrom of taking line at will. We were fishing loose lines, sinkers and baits. 20-pound mono and when mono crossNot to worry, within about 10 mines mono under pressure it cuts into utes or so we had things sorted out itself like the proverbial hot knife.






The rockfish bite has resumed though tempered somewhat by the sudden blossoming of May worms. The winds FISHFINDER continue to haunt anglers’ efforts and the recent rains haven’t helped either but that’s always the way it is this time of year. Trolling and chumming have been the most reliable tactics with decent results south of the bridge but far better luck north, past Swan Point. Medium sized bucktails with sassy shads are the ticket trolling, menhaden chunks for the chum crowd and the shore anglers. catfish remain the most reliable catch but many decent stripers are being boated daily. norfolk spot have shown up in local waters but live lining hasn’t taken hold yet nor has drifting soft crab. The rockfish schools are still cruising the Bay but should settle down soon and be easier to locate. crabbing is improving daily. All is well. and I had my own hands full with another substantial run. The fish stayed far out and deep but now we were kind of concerned that we would limit out before we really got started. But, as I said, not to worry. It was a big fish, extra fat and extra heavy, probably 25 pounds or so but this one was adorned with whiskers. A big blue cat. Not our first choice but great on the table. Into the cooler this one went as well. With only one striper to go for our limit and with high hopes for easy success we resumed fishing, however the bite then went absolutely dead for the next three straight hours, not a nibble nor a rod twitch. We pulled anchor and searched, found good marks and set up again. The marks disappeared and the dead bite continued. We pulled again, searched and again no luck. Then my phone rang and a neighbor, Frank, captain of the Downtime charter boat was on the line. “Any luck?” “No, just one striper in the box and not another bite for forever,” I answered. “Come on up S U ND AY



north, we’re done and headed home with eight.” Randy and I headed north, fast. Anchored directly in the Downtime’s chum slick, we felt it was now only a matter of minutes to limit out. After all we only needed one fish. Two hours later we again sat motionless with absolutely no action. Despondent and with our patience and time run just about completely out and getting ready to leave, I had one last desperate inspiration. Reaching inside my front pocket I located two shiny pennies. One at a time I flicked them over the stern, watching as they fluttered and flashed into the depths. I then intoned an impromptu entreaty, “Oh mighty Poseidon, master of all the earth’s seas, take pity on these two struggling fishermen who have offered you these coppers in obeisance. Grant us the attention of your subjects, the mighty striped bass” ...or something like that. I looked over at Randy, who was giving me a hairy eyeball, “Does that work?” he asked. “Don’t know, never tried it before.” Minutes later we hooked up with a 34-inch rockfish and were done. p



Jun Sunrise/Sunset 3 5:41 am 8:27 pm 4 5:41 am 8:27 pm 5 5:40 am 8:28 pm 6 5:40 am 8:29 pm 7 5:40 am 8:29 pm 8 5:40 am 8:30 pm 9 5:40 am 8:30 pm 10 5:40 am 8:31 pm Jun Moonrise/set/rise 3 2:28 am 2:09 pm 4 2:52 am 3:08 pm 5 3:15 am 4:06 pm 6 3:38 am 5:05 pm 7 4:03 am 6:04 pm 8 4:31 am 7:03 pm 9 5:02 am 8:03 pm 10 5:39 am 9:01 pm


A Captain’s License is a professional credential required to operate a vessel carrying passengers or cargo for hire. If anyone onboard is paying to be there, or you are being paid to transport goods or cargo, you are required to have a licensed Captain aboard.


06/03 01:00 AM H 06:55 AM L 12:58 PM H 7:17 PM L 06/04 02:02 AM H 08:03 AM L 1:47 PM H 8:00 PM L 06/05 02:55 AM H 09:06 AM L 2:34 PM H 8:41 PM L 06/06 03:42 AM H 10:02 AM L 3:18 PM H 9:21 PM L 06/07 04:24 AM H 10:52 AM L 4:01 PM H 10:01 PM L 06/08 05:03 AM H 11:35 AM L 4:42 PM H 10:40 PM L 06/09 05:40 AM H 12:16 PM L 5:22 PM H 11:19 PM L 06/10 06:17 AM H 12:55 PM L 6:02 PM H 11:58 PM L


CAPTAINS CALL NOW! (410) 263-8848

June 3 - June 10, 2021 • BAY WEEKLY • 17



resourceful Regan. Still reeling from the loss of her father, she is at first mistrustful of Murphy’s Emmet. Murphy in turn offers a heart-wrenching performance of a broken man who’s lost his family and faith in humanity. His only comfort is the pictures of his lost loved ones he sketches around his bunker. The duo forms a great working partnership, which builds into a genuinely sweet bond. If you’ve decided it’s time for you and your family to head back to the movies, A Quiet Place Part II is a wonderful in-theater experience. Get your tickets and remember the joy of screaming at a jump scare.

A Shoppe for All Seasons Unique Home Accents & Unexpected Treasures for Family, Friends and Celebrations!

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Tree Removal Pruning Stump Removal re e C ar Cabling/Bracing Steven R. Graham, Owner 410-956-4918 Tree Installation ISA Tree Risk Assessor • ISA Certified Arborist MA-5779A • MD licensed/insured Tree Expert #1964

EMAIL: independenttreellc@gmail.com

Evelyn (Emily Blunt) braves the unknown in A Quiet Place Part II.

Cinema Two Ways Tailor moviegoing to fit your comfort level


his week, the moviegoer got to actually GO to the movies. A momentous event over a year in the making, I grabbed my mask, my favorite movie buddy, and bought tickets. The experience was slightly different—we got our popcorn to go, seats are carefully spaced between parties—but wholly wonderful. There is nothing quite like sitting in a dark room laughing and shouting with a group of strangers, the energy that comes from that shared experience is the reason I love movies. If you want to return to the theaters with a movie that reminds you why big screens and great sound systems are essential to cinema, consider getting tickets to A Quiet Place Part II. The film picks up right where the first film ended, with the remnants of the Abbott family grieving for their lost patriarch, but armed with a system that can cripple the marauding aliens that have taken over the world. Though the aliens are blind, their incredible sense of hearing means even whispering could lead to death. Mother Evelyn (Emily Blunt: Wild Mountain Thyme) knows they have to leave their farm to survive. She packs up kids Regan (Millicent Simmonds: This Close) and Marcus (Noah Jupe: The Undoing), as well as her infant, and treks north, hoping to find other survivors. Unfortunately, Marcus finds a bear trap. With one child grievously injured and an infant to think of, Evelyn must depend on another survivor, Emmet (Cillian Murphy: Peaky Blinders) to take them in. But Regan isn’t content to just survive any longer. After

Good Horror * PG-13 * 97 mins.

discovering that her cochlear implant emits a frequency that cripples the aliens, she’s become determined to share it with other survivors and hopefully end the violent occupation of Earth. Can Regan save the world with her frequency? And will the rest of the family survive her attempt? Filled with brilliant Nicolas Bro, Lars Brygmann, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, and Mads sound editing and Mikkelsen in Riders of Justice. some genuinely tense set-pieces, A Quiet Place Part II is a film that really Stay-At-Home Cinema does benefit from a theater setting. Surround sound brings to life some f you’re still not up for a theater expefraught moments, where even a twig rience, plenty of companies are offersnap could mean doom. Director/writing wonderful new releases on demand. er John Krasinski (A Quiet Place), This week, my top selection is Riders of utilizes the full screen, where every Justice, a quirky dramedy from Danish movement could be a harbinger of director Anders Thomas Jensen (Men doom. It’s an impressive sequel that & Chicken). The film follows soldier captures the energy of the first while Markus (Mads Mikkelsen), who must expanding the world. return home after a train crash kills There are a few script problems. his wife. Unable to relate to his daughKrasinski, who wrote the film without ter and suffering badly from PTSD, collaborators this time around, has a Markus is surprised when a survivor of bad habit of overly obvious dialogue. the crash seeks him out and tells him If a sign is discussed or a point repeatthe incident wasn’t an accident, but a ed over and over, you can be sure planned attack. Markus bands together it’ll come up later in the film. There with the survivor and forms a team foare also a few character decisions cused on getting justice for those killed. that make absolutely no sense and Hilarious, action-packed, and filled only occur to set up the next scary with nuanced performances, Riders of sequence. But overall, the film does an Justice is the type of film that Hollyadmirable job of keeping the pace and wood rarely produces. You’ll be cringthe characters fun. ing one moment, cackling the next. It’s Most of the credit for this goes to a great example of what great writing brilliant performances from Simand acting can do to a familiar genre. monds and Murphy. Simmonds, who Riders of Justice is available to rent was the heart of the first film, continfor $6.99.  ues to drive the story as determined, Great Dramedy * R * 116 mins.



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The Tail Company, based in the United Kingdom, is starting production of its newest offering, miTail—a Bluetooth-enabled animatronic tail that wearers can control with a phone app, Nerdist reported on May 13. For example, a wearer might want to express emotions such as “frustrated and tense” or “calm and relaxed.” Other moves include the Short Wag, the Happy Wag and the Erect Tremble. The company plans to start delivering the Kickstarter-supported products in August.

Oh, Canada

Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Porcupine Plain, Saskatchewan, had a mystery on their hands on May 7 when someone reported a load of fenceposts missing, RCMP reported on its website. Officers opened an investigation, but the “bucktooth bandits” were quickly identified: “The stolen goods were located in a beaver dam,” said Constable Conrad Rickards. “A beaver—or beavers—helped themselves to the stash of posts and used them to help build a dam. I tried locating said beavers but they were GOA (gone on arrival).”

Don’t Go There

• A papier-mache statue of a stegosaurus, placed outside the Cubic Building in a suburb of Barcelona, Spain, had an odorous secret, The Washington Post reported. On May 22, a father and son who were admiring the statue noticed a foul stench coming from it and peered into a crack in the dinosaur’s leg. There they saw the body of a man. The 39-year-old was reported missing just hours before he was discovered; the local police said they don’t suspect foul play. Instead, they believe the man dropped his phone in the statue’s leg and tried to retrieve it, becoming stuck headfirst. He may have been in the statue for a couple of days, authorities said. • Staff at the El Paso Zoo in Texas are preparing to press charges against a woman who jumped into a spider monkey exhibit on May 22 and fed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to the animals, the El Paso Times reported. Zookeepers found out about the stunt through Instagram, where someone posted video of the woman underneath a waterfall, with the monkeys just feet away. “This young lady decided to hop a fence, climb through some bushes, drop down into a 4-feet-deep moat, walk across the moat and then try to feed the spider monkeys,” zoo director Joe Montisano said. “It was stupid. She’s very fortunate that it didn’t have a worse outcome for her or the animals.” While the woman hasn’t been named, her employer, Lovett Law Firm, recognized her and she was fired from her job there.

Police Report

Two teenagers on their way home from a graduation party in the early hours of May 23 made the night even more memorable when their car crashed into the roof of a home in Eureka, Missouri, outside St. Louis. Authorities told KSDK-TV that the driver lost control, rolled down an embankment, flipped over a fence and crashed front-end first into the master bathroom of the home. Startlingly, there were no injuries from the crash; the two teens escaped through the master bedroom, and two occupants of the home, who were sleeping at the time, were unharmed.

Bright Ideas

• On May 25, New York City councilwoman Helen Rosenthal virtually attended a finance committee meeting, commenting on school classroom sizes and education funding, as she shifted her focus back and forth between the camera and ... the road. She was driving her car during the meeting, the New York Post reported. During her time as a council member, she has advocated for improving bike lanes and expanding speed camera use, but since 2013, the license plate registered to her car has received 62 traffic violations, including three tickets for speeding in a school zone, all in 2020. • Adele Belizaire, 54, was held in the Pinellas County (Florida) jail after a stunt she pulled to “blow off steam” on May 11, The Smoking Gun reported. Belizaire, frustrated with her loss of nearly $400 playing slot machines at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa, called the casino on her cellphone that evening from her hotel in Clearwater Beach and said, “I left a bomb in your casino.” What she failed to remember was that as a member of the casino’s Player’s Club, her phone number was on file. In her confession, she admitted that she has “anger issues.”

Compelling Explanation

When Lee Bowman’s neighbors in Sioux City, Iowa, failed to mow his lawn by the afternoon of May 23, after he had asked them to, he visited their home to complain, then tried to peel a registration sticker off one of their vehicle license plates. Some time later, however, police and firefighters were called to the neighbors’ home, which was on fire. Investigators found a pile of sticks and plywood piled against the side of the house and evidence that gas had been used to start the fire. Bowman, 53, told police that he had seen the fire burning but didn’t call 911 because it wasn’t any of his business. But the Sioux City Journal reported that the kindling came from Bowman’s home. The fire caused an estimated $3,000 damage to the home, and the family requested a no-contact order from the court. Meanwhile, Bowman was held at the Woodbury County Jail on suspicion of arson.


Kashe Quest, 2, of Los Angeles has been accepted into Mensa, the high-IQ society. FOX11-TV reported on May 26 that she is the youngest member in the group’s history. “At about 17, 18 months, she had recognized all the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes,” said her mother, Sukhjit Athwal. Quest can identify all 50 states by shape and location on a map, is learning Spanish and sign language, and can identify elements on the periodic table. Quest’s IQ is measured at 146; the average American’s is 100. Athwal admits that Quest “is still a normal 2-year-old where we have negotiations, we have tantrums ... We’re kind of going at her pace and we want to just make sure that she is youthful for as long as she can be.” p Send your weird news items with subject line WEIRD NEWS to WeirdNewsTips@amuniversal.com.

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Boat Operator Certification Kids 11-15 years old 5 days Monday-Friday June through August Space is limited

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CLASSIFIEDS BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Interested in becoming a vendor or consignor? Call Bambi at Timeless Antiques & Collectibles in St. Leonard. 443432-3271

HELP WANTED Help needed w/ Yard & Home Work together with property owner on landscaping, mowing, weeding, mulching, painting, planting, cleaning, odd jobs. Early morning preferred. Flexible hours, but prompt and dependable a must. $15/hr Approx. 1/2 mile N of recycle center. Call 1 410-3533261 or email jeff. owen.white@verizon. net Kitchen help needed. Top of the Hill Restaurant Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 12 – 9 pm. Bilingual helpful. 15903 Marlboro Pike. Upper Marlboro MD. Exp pref but will train. 15903 Marlboro Pike. Upper Marlboro MD. 20772. Contact: 240838-6253 Music Director needed St. James’ Episcopal Parish is looking for a new part- time Music Director! For more information, view the position description at https://bit.ly/2Py7kql. Call: 410-867-2838

Looking for Nanny For a well experienced nanny please call this number: 832-983-1933 For residence of Maryland only. Avail Assistant Manager As Assistant Store Sales Manager you are responsible for contributing to and directing of your store team in exceeding their assigned goals and KPI’s as prescribed by AVAIL Vapor. You will be responsible the leadership of your team to reach any and all goals/ initiatives set for your location. You will be expected to lead by example and live the spirit of AVAIL Vapor in all interactions external and internal. You will be expected to ensure that you and your store adheres to the policies and procedures as designated by AVAIL Vapor. Call 443-292-8619 Full time Mechanic Needed for small shop. Must have experience, be self motivated, reliable, and have common sense. Call 301-252-9041 Caregiver Needed A Helper’s Heart seeks caregivers who speak English, Spanish to assist elderly clients in their private homes. Call 410-5715667 for more details Harbour Cove Marina in Deale, Maryland has an

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immediate opening for a full-time Marine Mechanic. 2 years’ experience required. Mercury certified preferred, but not necessary. Must have reliable transportation and own tools. Salary commensurate with experience. Flexible schedule available. We offer a comprehensive benefits package (medical, dental, disability and 401(k) plan +more). Join our family owned business! Qualified candidates can apply to (https://www. indeed.com/job/ mechanic-marine-harbour-cove-e296eba1215e846a) or call 301-261-9500. FEDERAL EMPLOYEES: Need help with a Federal EEO Case? Can’t afford an attorney? Professional, affordable help is here. I am a Federally Certified EEO Counselor/ Employment Law Specialist. I have helped numerous current and former Federal Employees navigate the EEO system. Call Clark Browne, 301982-0979 or 240-8327544, brownie1894@ yahoo.com Response Senior Care seeks parttime CNAs (with current license). Anne Arundel & northern Calvert counties. Must have reliable transportation and clean record. Personal care, companionship and

light housekeeping are among the duties needed for our clients. Flexible daytime hours, referral bonuses. $12-$13 hourly. Call 410-571-2744 to set up interview. Find the Help You Need – Bay Weekly classifieds reach thousands and thousands of readers in Anne Arundel and Calvert counties. Advertise your position for just $10 a week to get the help you need. Call 410-626-9888 or email classifieds@bayweekly.com.

HOME IMPROVEMENT Windows,Doors;Repaired,Replaced,Restored,est;1965 ,HLic#15473,call Jim 410 867 1199, wwwwindowmasteruniversal.com Starfish Cleaning Services—Reliable residential & commercial cleaning. Weekly, biweekly, monthly. 25 years experience. Affordable prices. References Available. 410-271-7561

HEALTH SERVICES Research Study Enrolling- Amputation prevention virtual research study for diabetics ages 35 and older enrolling now in Annapolis area.Learn more. (877) 611-2964 | diabetesfootstudy. com

start, runs great, $650,

MARKETPLACE Call 240-434-8864.

Dinghy 9.4 ft “WaterTender” dinghy. White, Hull#JOK04963C808. Boat is on our property. If not claimed by valid owner within 30 days of publication date, applicant will seek title. Contact: 443995-5770, or email: docklady2@comcast. net 2001 Boston Whaler 13ft White Hull. Previous Registration: FL0762NR. Hull #: BWCLL003L001. The boat is stored on my property. If vessel is not claimed within 30 days of publication date applicant will seek title. Contact: 410-255-2717 or email Stayandplayfmb@ gmail.com 1972 Boston Whaler 16 ft white hull, blue interior. Previous registration MD2938R Hull # 3A5069. I have the boat in my possession. If vessel is not claimed by original owner.I’m going forward in applying for title.Name is Wade walton contact info 7039265826 Boats Wanted Looking to purchase your boat big or small, working or neglected. Let me know what you have. Happy to take a look and make an offer. Call, Text 410570-9150 or Email. cnc.ryanb@gmail.com 2011 8 foot sailing dinghy with a green striped sail.Fiberglass and mahogony. Barely used. It is called The MARINE Dink by American Sail. MARKET $1500. Contact mariaHurricane Season price8117@gmail.com Is Here! Generator for Dinghy and electric sale, 10,000 watts. motor 2012 achilles Includes heavy duty air floor dinghy 5ftelectrical cables width and 8ft8inches needed to connect to long 2016 electic home panel. Electric Red Apron Estate Sale in Shoreham Beach. 4033 Chesapeake Dr, Edgewater 6/5 9a-1p 6/6 10a-2p. For pics go to redapronestatesales. com Premium Cigars back in Annapolis Vitola 121 Downtown Annapolis’s newest Cigar experience. Now open for Retail Sunday – Wed 11am – 10pm, Thur – Saturday 11am – Midnight. Outdoor seating, Lounge coming soon. 121 Main Street, Annapolis, MD 21401 Call: 202-528-1411 Email: steve@stevetwyman.com Tomato & Pepper Plants Large variety of Heirloom, ready-toplant, rare varieties in 4” pot $3each 4/$10 Collington Branch Farm Bowie Text 443 223-3473 Cemetary Crypt Exterior Tandem Crypt at Chapel Mausoleum in Lakewood Memorial Gardens. Contact: bcmills224@comcast. net 410-693-1480 OLD ITEMS WANTED: Military, CIA, Police, NASA Lighters, Fountain Pens, Toys, Scouts, Posters, Aviation, Knives, etc. Call/Text Dan 202-841-3062. Armoire, Louis XV, excellent condition. $3,000 obo. Shady Side, 240-882-0001, aabunassar@jadbsi. com.

torquedo motor 1003 travel sl model low hours with travel bag Contact: 410-231-2009 pinto_diana@comcast.net Wanted: Boat Slip 2021 Season in the Shady Side area. (Floating dock preferred). Please call 609-287-2283 or 609442-9359 Boat Slip for sale at the Drum Point Yacht Club. Must have property in Drum Point, MD. Call for more information 410 3940226. Get Out on the Water! Buy or sell your boat in Bay Weekly Classifieds. 410-6269888. Point Jude 16 with 2.5 HP Yahama Built in 1989, this beautiful daysailer was designed in 1946 by Edson Scholk and over 1,200 boats were built. The boat was intended with stability, safety and comfort in mind. The 525 lbs hull should keep the 136 sq. ft. sail plan well behaved and stable. The chined hull will make for relatively flat and dry sailing. Call 202-8412000 45’ BRUCE ROBERTS KETCH w/Pilothouse. TOTAL REFIT completed 2014-2016. NEW Sails, Electronics, Solar added 2017. $95,000 OBO Southern Maryland 440-4784020.


How many two or more letter words can you make in 2 minutes from the letters in: Get Your Goat (40 words)




Harry Potter Books

1. What Harry Potter word is now in the Oxford English Dictionary? (a) Hogwarts (b) Muggle (c) Niffler 2. Who were Harry’s parents? (a) James & Lily (b) Henry & Maggie (c) William & Elizabeth 3. Who are the aunt and uncle Harry lives with every summer? (a) Vernon & Petunia Dursley (b) Ned & Camilla Diddly (c) Ralph & Magnolia Dudley 4. What is the only book in the series that does NOT feature Lord Voldemort? (a) The Goblet of Fire (b) The Half-Blood Prince (c)The Prisoner of Azkaban 5. Who was the prisoner of Azkaban? (a) Cornelius Fudge (b) Sirius Black (c) Argus Filch

Has anyone gotten your goat by irritating you to anger? Did you even know you had a goat to get? Well, this saying had its beginnings in horse racing. Apparently, thoroughbred racehorses are an unstable bunch when stabled, and need a stabilizing friend to stabilize their instability. So, stablers established the stabilization practice of stabling a goat with the horse to reestablish calm. But if someone wanted to destabilize the horse in order for it to lose a race, the detestable method was to steal the stablemate goat. Got it? Well, give it back. Scoring: 31 - 40 = Aloft; 26 - 30 = Ahead; 21 - 25 = Aweigh; 16 - 20 = Amidships; 11 - 15 = Aboard; 05 - 10 = Adrift; 01 - 05 = Aground by Bill Sells


Fill in the blank squares in the grid, making sure that every row, column and 3-by-3 box includes all digits 1 to 9. © Copyright 2021 PuzzleJunction.com • solution on page 22



The CryptoQuip below is a quote in substitution code, where A could equal R, H could equal P, etc. One way to break the code is to look for repeated letters. E, T, A, O, N and I are the most often used letters. A single letter is usually A or I; OF, IS and IT are common 2-letter words; and THE and AND are common 3-letter words. Good luck!

CROSSWORD ACROSS 1 He played Obi-Wan 5 Famous fiddle, in brief 10 Box office take 14 “Ta-ta!” 15 “Die Lorelei” poet 16 “Battle Cry” novelist 17 Words of caution 19 “___ Too Proud to Beg” (1966 hit) 20 Like some wines 21 River to Donegal Bay 22 Paternal relative 24 Musical chairs goal 26 Pelvic bones 28 They’re left behind 31 Muskhogean language 35 Little Dipper member 37 Eucalyptus eater 38 ___ kwon do 39 Singing groups 41 It may be tapped 42 Three-time Wimbledon champ 45 Not here 48 Holds back 50 Magellan and Ormuz, e.g. 51 Estimate 53 Bridge, in Bretagne 54 Shoe part 57 Warner Bros. creation

4 Letter Words 5 Letter Words 6 Letter Words 7 Letter Words Bind Fuse Glue Knit Link Lock Meld Weld

Affix Blend Graft Hitch Merge Tie Up Unite Weave

DOWN 1 Passed with flying colors 2 Pinocchio, at times 3 Where millionaires live? 4 Overmodest 5 Briefest 6 Adolescent 7 Gets promoted 8 Black cuckoo 9 Separate 10 Camel’s cousin 11 “Tosca” tune 12 Windshield option 13 City near Padua 18 Christie’s “___ on the Nile” 23 Understand 25 “Mangia!” 27 Straddling 28 Maze marking

Combine Conjoin Connect Entwine

8 Letter Words Coalesce Dovetail Together

© Copyright 2021 PuzzleJunction.com solution on page 22

Piece of Cake

59 Accountant’s abbr. 62 Pastrami purveyor 63 New Orleans to some 66 Neeson of “Nell” 67 Fire extinguisher compound 68 “Hey, over here!” 69 Hamburg’s river 70 Sleep on it 71 Domestic help in India

Append Attach Cement Couple Fasten Secure Solder Splice Staple Suture

29 Italian wine 30 Emotional strain 32 Sit back and relax 33 Argus-eyed 34 Salary 36 Have a bug 40 Tennis final 43 Dance music of yore 44 In alignment 46 Erroneous 47 Solo in space 49 Oceans have them 52 Inscribed pillar 54 Groundless 55 Simon or Diamond 56 Concrete section 58 Cousin of a bassoon 60 Peak in Thessaly 61 Fable 64 Derisive laugh 65 Clean air org.

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June 3 - June 10, 2021 • BAY WEEKLY • 21


from page 21

$ & ( '

% , & 2 1 2 ' 1 2 , 1 &

: ( $ 9 6 ( 7 $ 3 / ' ( 6 2 / / ' ( 5





Want our readers to color in your artwork? Send your coloring pages to mike@bayweekly.com for a chance to feature your artwork below.

( 1 7 ( 5


7 2 * ( 7 + ( 5 / 1 7 6 8 7 8 5 ( ( : ( ) , ' $ 1 2 6 ( & 8 5 ( 9 7 2 ( ( 0 ( 5 * ( 7 1 % 5 $ , $ , 1 ) 8 / ( 6 & ( 7 ( 0 % / ( 1 ' 0 ( 1 + , 7 & +






~ Denis Waitley Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing. 1. B 2. A 3. A 4. C 5. B

22 • BAY WEEKLY • June 3 - June 10, 2021



2 8 3 / ( 1 , 7 1 ( & 7 , $ 3 3 ( 1 ) 8 ) 3 , ; / . 2 1 & 2 $ , 1 . 7 7 7 $ 6 3 / , & +

from page 21


from page 21

* $ 7 ( 8 5 , 6 $ , 1 7 * 1 $ 7 ( 5 $ 2 & 7 $ : . 2 $ / $ . ( * : + ( 5 ( 5 $ , 7 6 2 1 7 ( 2 0 1 * ( $ 6 < 3 6 6 7 $ < $ +

–Dave Schatz, Annapolis



from page 21

7 5 $ ' ( , 1 ( ( 6 , 7 $ 1 ( 6 $ & & + 6 7 $ 5 5 , 2 6 ( / 6 ( 6 7 6 3 6 6 7 2 2 + ( % , $ / 2 1 + ( ( 7

”I consider Bay Weekly an excellent sales resource. I have sold five items in two years, the last being a 2012 Chevy Impala.”


6 + ' 2 ( 5 $ 7 7 ( + 6 7 7 5 ' 8 ( ( 3 7 + 6

from page 21

WATERFRONT GUEST HOUSE near Deale Md. Perfect for single person or student. Fully furnished. Light cooking. 1300 per month includes all utilities. Deposit required. Call Carl at. 772 708 1628.

/ ( & , $ 2 $ 6 < 5 < 6 ( 6 7 $ 2 5 7 $ ( 9 ( 5 ( 7 $ * 7 , 0 (


pairs) at desirable Lakemont Memorial Gardens (Davidsonville), Garden of Peace, Section A. $4,000/ea, $7,750/ pr., $15,000 for all 4. Call: 410 991 8999 dcox6389@gmail.com

6 / $ %

parking space. Step right on to beach and boardwalk. Reasonable offers will be considered. Call 410.533.9143 or email its44@aol. com FREE WOOD You haul and split. About 2 pickup loads Call 301-502-8328 ask for Fed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cemetery Plots Four burial plots (2

1 ( , /

utilities included. W/D, Cable, Internet. $300 Deposit. Call 410-867-1828. PRIME BEACH LOCATION! Ocean City Efficiency Timeshare at First St and the Boardwalk. 2021 dates are September 18 to September 25. Annual fee is $534 and can be paid in monthly. Sleeps 4/6, fully furnished with one onsite

, ' / (

Blue Knob Resort, PA Studio condo, sleeps 4. Kitchen, bath, fireplace & balcony. Completely furnished. $22,620. Owner finance. No closing costs. Not a time-share! Ski, swim, golf, tennis. 410-267-7000. Room For Rent in Deale Large waterview home in Deale has Room for rent. $700 Month with all

Service Directory SERVICE DIRECTORY A Readers’ Guide to Essential Businesses Service Directory A Readers’ Guide to Essential Businesses

A R e a d e r s ’ G u i d e t o E s s e n t i a l B u s i nMedicare e sSupplements ses

Family-Owned F & L C o n s t r u c t i o n C o . Beall Interior/Exterior Remodeling and Operated F & L C o n s t r u Family-Owned ctAdditions/Garages io n C o. BeallFuneral Home Basements/Kitchens/Baths Remodeling andFamily-Owned Operated Funeral Pre-Arrangements, Cremation, Out-of-Town Arrangements, F& L Con s trInterior/Exterior uctAdditions/Garages ioRehabs, n Cetc. o. Beall Total Complete Funeral Services and Personalization Services Home Interior/Exterior Remodeling and Operated Basements/Kitchens/Baths Funeral Service as Personal as the Individual Pre-Arrangements,Each Pre-Arrang Cremation, Out-of-Town Arrangements, 410-647-5520 • email fnlconstructioncompany@gmail.com Additions/Garages Total Rehabs, etc. 301-805-5544 • www.beallfuneral.com fnlconstructionco.com Complete Funeral F ServicesHome and Personalization Services Basements/Kitchens/Baths 33+ years experience

Life Insurance • Final ExpenseSupplements • Asset Protection Medicare Long Term Care • Vision/Dental • Health Insurance Life Insurance • FinalSupplements Expense • Asset Protection Deborah Zanelotti, CLTC Medicare Insurance Advisor LongInsurance Term Care • Vision/Dental • Health Insurance Life • Final Expense • Asset Protection Call 443.624.1475 for an appointment Deborah Zanelotti, CLTC Long Term Care • Vision/Dental • Health Insurance Insurance Advisor dzanelotti@AmericanSeniorBenefits.com

Service Directory A Readers’ Guide to Essential Businesses MHIL# 23695

33+ years experience

6512 NW Crain Hwy (Rt. 3 So.) Bowie, MD 20715

Pre-Arrangements, Cremation, Out-of-Town Arrangements, EEach Ea ach ac ch Service S Complete Se as Funeral Personal Individual 6512 NW Crain Hwy Servicesasandthe Personalization Services

MHIL# 23695

Total Rehabs, etc. 410-647-5520 • email fnlconstructioncompany@gmail.com MHIL# 33+ years experience

Carpet F& L Con s tRepair r uct io n C o. and Operated & STRETCHING Give us a call! Funeral LT Truckin Home Need Something Hauled? Repair Need Hauled? Carpet Repair Carpet LIGHTSomething HAULING Give G Gi ive iv ve us 301.758.8149 a c a l l! STRETCHING & Give us a call! & STRETCHING LT Truckin Need Something Hauled?

301-805-5544 • www.beallfuneral.com (Rt. 3 So.) Bowie, MD 20715 301-805

Each Service as Personal as the Individual


6512 NW Crain Hwy


Medicare Supplements dzanelotti@AmericanSeniorBenefits.com Life Insurance • Final Expense • Asset Protection Long Term Care • Vision/Dental • Health Insurance

410-647-5520 • email fnlconstructioncompany@gmail.com

Family-Owned Beall 301-805-5544 • www.beallfuneral.com (Rt. 3 So.)•Bowie, MDITEMS 20715 TRASH • GARAGE/HOUSE CLEANOUTS BULK


Interior/Exterior Remodeling Additions/Garages Basements/Kitchens/Baths Anne Arundel County, Total Rehabs, etc.

Deborah Zanelotti, CLTC Insurance Advisor

Serving Calvert & MHIL# years experience St. Mary’s and Prince George’s33+County 23695 Each Service as Personal as the•Individual TRASH • GARAGE/HOUSE CLEANOUTS BULK ITEMS 6512 NW Crain Hwy 410-647-5520 • email fnlconstructioncompany@gmail.com CALLfnlconstructionco.com TODAY! 231-632-6115 301-805-5544 • www.beallfuneral.com (Rt. 3 So.) Bowie, MD 20715 Pre-Arrangements, Cremation, Out-of-Town Arrangements,

Funeral Services and Personalization TRASH • GARAGE/HOUSEComplete CLEANOUTS • BULKServices ITEMS

Deborah Zanelotti, CLTC

Call 443.624.1475 for Insurance an appointment Advisor dzanelotti@AmericanSeniorBenefits.com Call 443.624.1475 for an appointment

Call 443.624.1475 for an appointment dzanelotti@AmericanSeniorBenefits.com

Serving Calvert & Anne Arundel County,

LT Truckin

Serving Calvert & Anne Arundel County, Need Something Hauled? Carpet LIGHTLIGHT HAULING St. St. Mary’s and Prince Repair George’s County HAULING Mary’s and Prince George’s County TRASH • GARAGE/HOUSE CLEANOUTS • BULK ITEMS

301.758.8149 301.758.8149Give us a call!



CALL TODAY! CALL TODAY!231-632-6115 231-632-6115

Est. 1965

Serving Calvert & Anne Arundel County, St. Mary’s and Prince George’s Countyfor 10+ years Serving Annapolis CALL TODAY! 231-632-6115 www.annapoliswindowcleaning.com


Window Cleaning Window Cleaning 410-263-1910 R |C


U-Factor 0.27 Replacement Windows

410-867-1199 windowmasteruniversal.com MHIC 15473 Est. 1965

Est. 1965

Est. 1965 U-Factor 0.27 Serving Annapolis for 10+ years U-Factor 0.27 www.annapoliswindowcleaning.com Serving Annapolis for 10+ years U-Factor 0.27 Replacement Windows www.annapoliswindowcleaning.com Replacement Replacement Windows Windows

RServing ESIDENTIAL | COMMERCIAL Annapolis for 10+ years


Estate Liquidations

410-263-1910 410-263-1910 410-263-1910


410-867-1199 windowmasteruniversal.com MHIC 15473

410-867-1199 windowmasteruniversal.com

Specializing in

“On-Site” Estate Sales

MHIC 15473

OPEN 410-867-1199 windowmasteruniversal.com M-F

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19+ Years Experience in Estate Liquidations

MHIC 15473

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Estate Liquidations EASY

Liquidations PAM PARKS Estate 410-320-1566

Cro fto n • 4 1 0 - 7 2 1 - 5 4 3 2 • w w w.cr u n ch i e s.co m

Specializing in

OPEN M-F 10-8 Sa 10-5

“On-Site” Estate Sales Estate Liquidations Ask about the SPCA of Anne Arundel County’s Specializing in

“On-Site” Sales Specializing Estate in

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June 3 - June 10, 2021 • BAY WEEKLY • 23

Celebrating Years as Your Waterfront Specialists® Voted #1 Real Estate Agency

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301-261-9700 • 410-867-9700 • WWW.SCHWARTZREALTY.COM • 5801 DEALE-CHURCHTON ROAD • DEALE, MD 20751















Edgewater. 3Br., 2Ba. located on almost 1 acre with private pier, boat & jet ski lift, several sheds, Oversized paved driveway for your toys. Home offers hwd. flrs, renovated main levl. bath, finished lower level, screen porch. MDAA469166.

Arnold: 5Br., 2FB, 2 half baths located in sought after Schoolers Pond Community. Kitchen w/ granite, hwd flrs., f/r w/gas fp., beautiful screen porch, private rear yard backs to community conservation area, renovated owners bath, finished lower level w/half Ba., natural gas heat, public water/sewer. Walk to comm. beach, pier, tot lot, pond and more. MDAA466972













GEORGE HEINE 410-279-2817

RAY MUDD/MIKE DUNN 410-320-4907

RAY MUDD/MIKE DUNN 410-320-4907 RAY MUDD/MIKE DUNN 410-320-4907 RAY MUDD/MIKE DUNN 410-320-4907

Southern Anne Arundel Co.. 4Br., 3.5Ba. w/2 car garage located on almost 3 acres. Updated kitchen opens to large great room, hardwood floors, spacious owners suite with update owners bath, finished lower level with kitchenette & full bath, Lg. deck overlooking pool and paver patio. MDAA467290

Southern Anne Arundel Co: 4Br., 3.5Ba. with Churchton: Cute home located in water privilege beautiful 30’X30’ detached studio. Home community. 3Br., 1Ba. in move in condition. Eatin in move in condition with so much charm. All kitchen, laminated floors, rear deck overlooking fenced rear yard. Walk to community beach, seasoned wrap around porch, private rear playground, 2 piers, boat ramp, and more. yard with patio & deck, seasonal water Will not last long. MDAA467424 views, walk to local marina,. Must see home. MDAA466602


RAY MUDD/MIKE DUNN 410-320-4907 RAY MUDD/MIKE DUNN 410-320-4907 RAY MUDD/MIKE DUNN 410-320-4907

Calvert county, 4br, 2ba, Beautiful175 acres Crownsville: Three separate homes on 4.93 West River: 3Br. 2.5Ba., open floor plan, hwd. Southern Anne Arundel Co.: Beautiful acreage with a charming 1900s farmhouse on a paved acres. Primary home is 3Br. 2Ba., home #2 is flrs., kitchen w/granite, tile flr., ss appliances, with renovated all brick cape cod, ingound private lane, plus four separate, approved,ad3Br. 1Ba, home #3 is 1Br. 1Ba.. center island, 1/2+ acre, beautiful paver pool, 2 tenant homes, 3 barns, 40’X60’ metal ditional building lots. Each of the five lots has All homes are in good condition. patio, fenced rear yard, sheds & more. 40 building with office, bath & drive in bays, 20-29 acres of adjoining open space. Ready County will not allow to subdivide. min. to D.C., 25 min. to Annapolis, separate 6+ acre parcel. 45 minutes to D.C., for houses or a family compound. MDAA454572 5 min. to local marina’s. 25 minutes to Annapolis. MDAA447678 Schwartzrealty.Com/mdca181850 MDAA463490







RAY MUDD/MIKE DUNN 410-320-4907

RAY MUDD/MIKE DUNN 410-320-4907




Southern Anne Arundel Co.: 2Br., 1Ba. Calvert Co.: 1 Br. 1Ba. located on two acres. 301-335-4225 charming cottage privately located on West Perc on file for new home. Live in existing Shady side; 2br., 1ba., You must see this River with pier & lift. Move in ready with new home while building your dream home. Great home!!! Beautifully updated and maintained floors, update bath, cathedral investment property. Tenant would like to stay. home. 2 Car driveway,pop up sprinkler, stunceilings, screen porch. MDCA182234 ning gourment kitchen that opens to a large MDAA464196 open concept living room. There is just to many upgrades to list. Don’t miss this one!!! Schwartzrealty.Com/mdaa459232









RAY MUDD/MIKE DUNN 410-320-4907

MICKI KIRK 410-320-3956


RAY MUDD/MIKE DUNN 410-320-4907

Southern Anne Arundel Co.: 3Br., 2Ba., 2 car Deale: 4Br., 2.5Ba., 3,100+ Sq.ft., beautiful garage, all new carpet & flooring. Freshly RIVA, 4BR, 4 BA, GORGEOUS WATERFRONT updated kitchen, hwd. flrs., custom trim thru painted, screen porch, no covenants or reIN CHARMING SYLVAN SHORES. CUSTOM out, bright & sunny rear addition, owners suite strictions. 45 minutes to D.C., 25 minutes to w/water views, 2 car garage, lovely patio, BUILT IN 1991 WITH UPGRADES IN 2018. Annapolis. MDAA464306 fenced rear yard. PLUS A CAN’T BE MISSED PANORAMIC VIEW MDAA457950 OF THE SOUTH RIVER.

2 • BAY WEEKLY • May 20 - May 27, 2021

Southern Anne Arundel County: Pride of ownership from original owners. 3,200+ Sq.ft., 4Br. 3.5Ba., gorgeous 21’X17’ all seasoned sunroom overlooking rear yard, upgraded kitchen, hwd flrs., f/r. w/gas fp., 3 car garage. Must see home. Will not last long. MDAA461960






Lothian: 3Br., 2Ba. all brick rambler with partially finished lower level, 2 car garage, 2 brick fireplaces, hardwood flrs., 2 tier deck, shed. MDAA464812

Churchton: Home offers 2 bedrooms, 2 bath, open & bright floor plan, detached 2 car garage with studio/office above with water views & full bath. Large fenced lot, walk to community piers, beach, boat ramp, slips & more. Will not last long. MDAA459650.



RAY MUDD/MIKE DUNN 410-320-4907 RAY MUDD/MIKE DUNN 410-320-4907

$325,000 DALE MEDLIN 301-466-5366

Deale; 1br. 1 Ba . Large kitchen and large master bath with separate shower. Good investment property with extra lot (size 7,000 sq. Ft.) Schwartzrealty.com/mdaa461980


GEORGE HEINE 410-279-2817 Shady side; 2br, 1ba, Rambler, with new carpet, new vinyl, and painted thru out this contemporary home, less then a block from water, privileges to the west river schwartyrealty.com/MDAA464076

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CBM BAY WEEKLY No. 22, June 3 - June 10, 2021  

A free community news publication serving the Chesapeake since 1993, in Anne Arundel and Calvert Counties. Part of Chesapeake Bay Media.

CBM BAY WEEKLY No. 22, June 3 - June 10, 2021  

A free community news publication serving the Chesapeake since 1993, in Anne Arundel and Calvert Counties. Part of Chesapeake Bay Media.

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