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Baywatch Issue 22 Oct / Nov 2009






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A Day out with a difference

A multi-activity day out on the shores of a magnificent lake near Saint Jose de Valle.

Sanlucar Horse Race

The Baywatch team has a day out at the famous Sanlucar de Barranmeda beach horse track races.

It Didn´t Hurt a Bit

Wax and pain for our heros at Nero´s Bar in BarBarrosa when they did their bit for a local Chiclana cancer charity.

Garden Watch

Regular feature from the Handscombes - Good advice on how to improve the quality of your soil.

Bits & Bytes

Spotify A free music streaming website that allows you to enjoy thousands of music tracks.

Health Matters

Strokes, Causes, Symptoms & Prevention by Dr Kate Walsh.


A straight forward crossword but with a culinary drinks theme.

What´s On in and around Chiclana

Just a few ideas of what´s on in and around your local area during October and November.

Restaurant Guide

Useful information about the restaurants and ventas that advertise in the Baywatch magazine.

Kimba want your help!

A non-profitable organisation for the protection of animals in the Cadiz region.



Editorial Hello and welcome to our Autumn 2009 edition. You will have noticed by now that this edition is somewhat different to previous magazines in that we have incorporated our new “Flipper” design to enable us to widen our readership in the Spanish community. This will benefit not only ourselves as we hope to bring on more Spanish advertisers, but also our current English advertisers who should benefit from a greater exposure in the Spanish marketplace. We hope that this magazine will now be read at home, in waiting rooms, on buses etc by thousands more of our Spanish neighbours. We are also introducing our new Property Section where we are encouraging both Commercial Agents and Private Sellers to advertise their properties for sale or rent. Remember this magazine is read by thousands of people each edition and is available to download online by a worldwide audience. Normal advertising rates apply. Furthermore we are offering all our property advertisers free web page design and set up and then a months free rental. Another change that we have introduced is the switching on of our new website The reason for a website is to offer our magazine advertisers the opportunity to say much more about their products and services than they could ever do in a paper advert. We are offering a free design, set up and a month’s free rental with no obligation to renew. The site is being constantly updated so please bear with us whilst we populate the pages. As from our next edition we will no longer be publishing free classified adverts and we recommend you visit to sell your unwanted items. Best wishes from The Baywatch Team


Christmas is a comin’ and the gift of jewellery for that certain someone, can score high but needn’t be costly. Buying jewellery can be very exciting for girls but a bit confusing for blokes! However, at Tesoro in Cadiz , there’s a wonderful selection of gemstones and exquisite jewellery and Allison, Tesoro’s fully qualified gemmologist is more than happy to assist. She’s passionate about her trade and will help you select that perfect piece. A thoughtful, yet cost effective present is a birthstone gem and these make beautiful gifts. An ancient custom supposedly providing the wearer with luck and other virtues specific to their month of birth, or the month of that special occasion. January - Garnet, February - Amethyst, March - Aquamarine or Bloodstone, April - White Topaz. May - Emerald, June Pearl or Moonstone, July - Ruby, August - Peridot, September Sapphire, October Opal or Tourmaline, November - Yellow Topaz or Citrine and December - Turquoise or Blue Topaz. You are sure to find something special at Tesoro’s and a trip to see Allison and her new shop in the Plaza de Flores (near the Cathedral) in Cadiz will be well worth a visit. At Tesoro, Baywatch customers will receive a 20% discount with this magazine.

A DAY OUT WITH A DIFFERENCE DiproNautica Beach & Country Club

Situated by the side of the magnificent lake Guadalcacin, near to Saint Jose de Valle in the Arcos de la Frontera region, this rustic, multi-recreational club makes for a fabulous day out for all the family. Whether you are a fisherman, a sailor, a watersport enthusiast, a horserider or a mountain biker there is something for everyone here. Russell and his partner Lorraine will make you feel at home and will look after you during your visit. No more so than Russell, an ex-RAF Air & Sea rescue officer, who mans the safety boat on the lake and insists that all water users wear lifejackets.

It only costs €3 per car for all day fishing, so take some friends along for a value for money fishing trip.You can set up anywhere on the lakeside and there are barbel and carp of reasonable sizes to be caught. Children will love it here, they can swim supervised in the lake or take out a pedalo or canoe, play on the climbing equipment or the giant trampoline. Soon everyone will be able to pan for real gold in the nearly completed Gold Panning area which will instruct how to pan for that shiny stuff of everyone’s dreams. There´s also plenty of scope for those who like to sit and relax with a book or contemplate the idyllic surroundings. Plus at feeding time, there are picnic and brick built bbq areas (all equipment and fuel supplied for a small fee, you only need the food). The Bar and small cafe area is reasonably stocked with a terrace where you can eat and drink your fill. Should you feel that you wish to extend your visit, there is a well laid out, spacious camping and caravanning area with electricity to each pitch and a recently renovated shower block. Probably the best way to get there is from Medina Sidonia, through Paterna and then follow the right hand turn to Saint Jose de Valle which appears on right when half way to Arcos. Once at Saint Jose head for the lake and DiproNautica is on your left just off the main road. Telephone 856 030 070 for full directions and prices or visit

A man checks into a hotel in Blackpool, England, while on a golfing trip and was a bit lonely. He popped into a phone booth near the hotel and found an ad for a girl calling herself Erica Erotica, a lovely girl, bending over in the photo. She had all the right curves in all the right places, beautiful long wavy hair, long graceful legs...... well, you get the picture! . When back in the room he figures, what the hell, give her a call. 'Hello, how may I help you',the woman says‌.. Gawd, she sounds sexy he thought. 'Hi, I hear you give a great massage and I'd like you to come to my room and give me one. No, wait, I should be straight with you. I'm in town all alone and what I really want is sex. I want it hard, I want it hot, and I want it now. Bring implements, toys, rubber, leather, whips, everything you've got in your bag of tricks. Tie me up, cover me in chocolate syrup and whipped cream, anything you want! Now, how does that sound?' She says, 'That sounds fantastic, but you need to press 9 for an outside line.'

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The Chiclana Ladies Breakfast Club organised a day at the Sanlucar races on Tuesday 18th August 2009. The coach was practically full of ladies wot do breakfast many with their nearest and dearest in tow. It was to be an afternoon and evening excursion and when all were gathered in, not knowing quite what to expect, we set off for Sanlucar de Barrameda. We arrived just after 3pm and after a long straight walk from the coach to where the racing takes place, a 1,800M stretch of beach at the mouth of the Rio Guadalquivir, our somewhat ambivalent band of pilgrims set off to find horses, riders, bars, servicios and betting totes ^ not necessarily in that order. (Incidentally bar prices, food and staff were pleasingly reasonable.)

Looking at the beach, to the left were the constructed spectator stands, paddocks, bookmakers and winners enclosure. To the right, the starting line and with the tide on its way out by late afternoon. Race goers and hoards of Spanish families, along with the Chiclana Ladies Breakfast Club punters, gathered along the shore line race track, which was cordoned off by only an orange mesh fence. The police were on duty, keeping a watchful eye on the excited and cheering crowd. A police car came first, clearing the track and with its siren heralding the start of the race, we were off. Six horses thundered down the shoreline with cheers, hoots and whistles as mine came in last, but nonetheless, a thrilling spectacle. What was particularly delightful were the many children’s betting booths mingling in with all the crowds. Definitely a family run enterprise. These looked charmingly homemade, created for and run by children, who evidently all enjoyed the process, whooping with joy and ringing (monotonously sometimes) bells, whistles and clangers. Bets were no more than 1€ and the winners in exchange for their tokens would receive sweets or little pieces of jewellery.

For the professional betting fraternity, the spectator stand was the place to be. At a cost of €12.00 you could sit comfortably in front of the finishing line, with a fairly good view along the ‘track’. Professional totes and bookmakers paid out, or not as the case maybe and there was entertainment and partying after the last race included in the price. Four races in all took place, but unfortunately, the Breakfast Club Ladies and their entourage had to miss the last race because the coach had to leave for home at 9pm. Usually the races at this annual event started around 6pm, which would have given plenty of time to see all the races. However, maybe because of the tide this day, the races started just after 7pm. Thank you Ladies Breakfast Club organisers for this very pleasant and enjoyable trip.


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Cancer Charity Evening held at Bar Nero’s in La Barrosa on Sunday 23 August


Bar Nero’s in La Barrosa held an unusual and enjoyable evening of fun where several volunteers agreed to have a body part waxed or shaved for charity. In this instance it was all in aid of the Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (AECC). The AECC provides all kinds of secondary care, equipment and assistance for Cancer sufferers and their families right across Spain, however the money from this event is being used specifically to help those in Chiclana and the surrounding areas. Martin from Bar Nero’s was the first to bravely take the stage for a full chest wax and with the aid of a little dutch courage Pam from Beauty Treats and her neice Emma started on the grizzly task. Grimacing with each pull, eventually he rose from the bed to rapturous applause and cheering happy in the knowledge that his suffering has helped to raise plenty of money for this worthwhile cause. Sue, unable to escape the evening’s events being one of the perpetrators of the idea, steppped up for an eyebrow wax. With nothing more than a mild exclamation it was over and done with and again the crowd responded with rousing applause for being a good sport. There was the obligatory close up of course.

Next up was Colin from Bar Nero’s for both of his legs to be waxed. Mark and Martin decided that they simply could not resist having a go themselves. After they had taken off a strip each and Colin had come back down to earth, the agony clear to see, the ladies finished their task.

Guillamo, the presenter from Onda 19, was somewhat bemused by the strange rituals being performed in front of him and candidly asked if he could help in any way. Well^no sooner had he agreed to have one strip of wax taken from his chest if the crowd can fill a pint glass with money, does one appear^ overflowing!. Last, but by no means least, was Mark who had agreed to have his abundant locks shaved off his head if the crowd raised more than €100 during the evening. That was soon sorted! Overall in excess of €1150 was raised on the evening to help those less fortunate than themselves. Bravo, everyone involved!

This wife buys a pair of crotchless knickers in an attempt to spice up a dead sex-life. She puts them on, together with a short skirt and sits on the settee. At strategic moments she uncrosses her legs enough times till her husband says, ”Are you wearing crotchless knickers?” “Yes,” she answers. “Thank goodness for that. I thought the stuffing was coming out of the settee.”


I felt like my body had got totally out of shape. So I got my doctor's permission to join a fitness club and start exercising. I decided to take an aerobics class for seniors with Steve Wyatt at the Marisma Hotel. I bent, twisted, gyrated, jumped up and down, and perspired for an hour but, by the time I got my leotard on, the class was over





By Clodagh and Dick active gardeners and authors* living in Spain for 25 years. Very few plants grow successfully in poor soil so it is recommended that you improve the soil wherever you intend to plant flowering plants and trees, vegetables, and fruit trees bushes and plants so that they can be grown naturally and healthily without the need for excessive amounts of water, unnatural levels of artificial fertilizers which often result in the need for an extensive use of insecticides and fungicides.

Based on our combined forty five years of gardening in Spain we would now add the following to the frequently found heavy clay soils when preparing a new flower bed, metre square areas for planting fruit trees, a new vegetable plot, or filling raised beds or containers in preparation for fruit trees or vegetables. We mix the bulk ingredients by digging or rotovating down to a depth of twenty to thirty centimetres for vegetables and fifty for fruit trees or by tipping backwards and forwards between two 20 litre buckets when preparing soil/compost mixes for containers. To lighten the soil, make it more workable, improve it’s water holding capacity and at time make it more free draining. Mix in two to three 20 litre builders buckets of homemade, Eco-park or bagged peat or turf based compost per square metre of soil. To further improve soil fertility. Mix in a bucket of composted or dried bagged manure per square metre. Horse, goat and worm composts are the best. To further improve it’s water holding capacity during hot dry weather. Mix in a little TerraCottem soil improving gel ( To further ensure it will be free draining and not become waterlogged. Mix in 5 to 10% course sand, grit or ground lava. To make minor increases in soil acidity and kill off lurking fungal spores. Dust surface with sulphur powder. To further kill off fungal spores plus young slugs sprinkle surface with ground neem kernels ( for instance). In areas for roses and asparagus for instance mulch with partially composted seaweed. For plants preferring acid soil such as camellias, blue hydrangeas, rock roses and strawberries. Mix in compost made from pine needles, a bag of acidic compost or/and natural sulphur powder. Naturally for sandy soils we would leave out the addition of course sand, grit or ground lava. With such a mix plants will have an ample supply of nutrients and moisture to support a steady healthy growth. Only hungry fruit vegetable plants such as tomatoes peppers, squashes, and fruit trees will need supplementary feeds.

If you decide to not improve your soil before planting but to use reg15 ular quick acting chemical feeds you will run the danger of stimulating fast weak fleshy growth susceptible to insect and fungal attacks in the Spanish spring and summer climates.

Environmental/ecological solutions as well as inorganic chemical solutions to such problems are now available but why not avoid using even these if possible. A useful alternative mix for containers especially if living in an apartment is 80% of a good peat/earth based compost plus 10% of bagged worm or dried animal manure. Each is available in good garden centres or agricultural cooperatives.

Some plants such as palms, yuccas, cordylines, succulents and cacti require a more open gritty/sandy soil. For these we suggest you double or treble the amounts of course sand, grit or ground lava mentioned above. As said in our books feed the soil and not the plants for naturally healthy plants. *Authors of the trilogy of books ‘Your garden in Spain’, ‘Growing healthy fruit in Spain’ and ‘Growing healthy vegetables in Spain’ which can be obtained from book shops or the publishers on or 952 485838. © Clodagh and Dick Handscombe 2009.

A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows!


Bits & Bytes Computer Trivia

Spotify is a new way to enjoy music, but what is it all about?

Sometimes a new tool comes along that is so simple and so good that everyone wants to use it. Spotify is exactly like that. It’s an online library of tens of thousands of music tracks spanning all sorts of different genres from classical to hip-hop that includes everything from this week’s top chart releases to weird, obscure stuff from the 1970s that only one person has ever heard of.

However, the best thing about it is that it’s free of charge and it’s legal (about every 10 songs, you get a short audio advertisement). It only takes seconds to sign up. After that, Spotify can be used like an online radio station or as a music library that lets you search for artists, albums and even genres and specific years. Create playlists to listen to over again and then share them with other Spotify users

Simply download and install and before you know it you’ll be singing along to the artist or song of your choice. With Spotify you are never far away from the song you want. There are no restrictions in terms of what you can listen to or when.

Forget about the hassle of waiting for files to download, Spotify is instant, fun and simple. Because music is social, Spotify allows you to share songs and playlists with friends, and even work together on collaborative playlists. It sounds good but how do I get it?

Firstly visit There are three types of account, Free, Day Pass and Premium. To qualify for the free account you need to be invited by someone who already has an account. Ring round your friends and family, someone will have it and then ask them to invite you to join.

When you have found someone to send you an invite from their account, the invitation will contain a token number that you should enter into the account sign up process on the Spotify website. Once you have done that, complete the application form as required. As an account holder you will then get 10 invites, which you can then send out.

The other way to get a free account is to go on a waiting list. The instructions are on the website when you click the green “Get Started” button on the front page. It´s well worth the wait. However you really need a broadband connection. If you don´t want to wait then you can pay €0.99 per day for an ad-free day pass or buy a monthly adfree pass for €9.99 per month. Happy listening!

Selling and buying on-line from the comfort of your own home has 17 been a feature of our lives for many years now, the most well known of these sites being of course,the well known E-BAY. This has become a wold wide phonomenom but is not used by too many people here, as many of the sellers and buyers are hundreds, if not thousands, of miles apart.’s now all changed now. The Costa de la Luz’s very own auction trading site C-BAY is here!! This exciting new bi-lingual site is now available to all, and it’s very simple to enter, browse through and become part of the local trading community. Primarily aimed at those wishing to sell their used household goods and the like, C-BAY is sure to become very much a part of living here. Often there will be no postage and packing costs involved as most users will be local (although world wide users will be welcomed). This site is sure to become the area’s number one as it will be promoted both here and in the U.K. to ensure those who don’t live in Spain permanently won’t be left out. This new site will be easy to use, available to all and above all FUN. What’s stopping you? Log on now to - it’s that simple. See you there!!!!!




Strokes. Causes, Symptoms & prevention 19

When a stroke occurs, the blood supply to a part of the brain is interrupted, depriving brain tissue of oxygen. Brain cells begin to die within minutes. Stroke is the third leading cause of death and the leading cause of adult disability. Fewer people die of stroke now than 20 years ago due to improved control of major risk factors such as smoking, blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol.

What causes strokes? * 80% of strokes are caused by a blood clot. The clot forms within a cerebral artery damaged by long standing high blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking etc. More unusually the clot forms in the heart and is later swept through the bloodstream to lodge in the brain (embolus). The latter is often caused by an irregular heart beat (atrial fibrillation). * 20% of strokes are caused by bleeding - a blood vessel in the brain bursts as a result of a surge of high blood pressure or the rupture of a pre-existing aneurysm that may have developed with age or been genetically inherited. * A transient ischemic attack (TIA or ministroke) is a brief episode of symptoms similar to those seen in a stroke caused by a temporary decrease in blood supply to the brain. Most attacks last just a few minutes. A TIA may be a warning of an imminent stroke. What are the symptoms? * Trouble with walking, stumbling, sudden dizziness, loss of balance or loss of coordination. * Trouble with speaking, slurred speech or not being able to come up with words to explain what is happening. Try to repeat a simple sentence. If you can't, you may be having a stroke. * Paralysis or numbness on one side of the body. Try to raise both your arms over your head at the same time. If one arm begins to fall, you may be having a stroke. * Blurred vision or seeing double. * Headache which may be accompanied by a stiff neck, facial pain and vomiting

If someone appears to be having a stroke, watch the person carefully while waiting for an ambulance. 1. If the person stops breathing, begin mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. 2. If vomiting occurs, turn the person's head to the side. This can prevent choking. 3. Don't let the person eat or drink anything.

Every minute counts when it comes to treating a stroke or TIA. So, don't wait to see if the signs and symptoms go away. The longer a stroke goes untreated, the greater the damage and potential disability.

The success of most stroke treatments depends on how soon the patient sees a doctor. (Continued overleaf)

Depending on the type of stroke and the amount of bleeding involved, medications can be used to help treat a stroke and improve the chance of a good recovery. Tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) is often used to break up a clot, but it must be given within three hours after the first sign of symptoms.

Preventing strokes Good control of blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and WEIGHT Don't smoke. Your diet MUST include 5 daily rations of fruit and vegetables (rich in antioxidants), cereals, foods rich in calcium (low-fat milk, broccoli and fortified fruit juices) and foods rich in omega-3 (salmon, mackerel and tuna). Regular exercise Alcohol can be both a risk factor and a preventive measure for stroke. Binge drinking and heavy alcohol consumption increase your risk of high blood pressure and strokes. However, drinking small amounts of alcohol can increase your HDL (good) cholesterol and decrease your blood's clotting tendency. Both factors can reduce risk of stroke. Dr Kate Walsh September 2009

The surgery can be found at C/Commandante Paz Varela, No. 2, Jerez de la Frontera. Opening hours 10am - 2pm and 5pm - 8pm by appt only


Reporter interviewing a 104-year-old woman, 'And what do you think is the best thing about being 104?' the reporter asked. She simply replied, 'No peer pressure.'


Marissa started her career and passion for cooking when she first learnt to bake at a tea room and patisserie in her home town of Torquay, Devon. She moved to London to complete her training where she worked in many different top restaurants catering for the rich and famous. Moving to Chiclana not so long ago with husband Rick and their lovely little daughter Bella, Marissa soon needed something to do that would work around childcare. When friends and acquaintances kept asking her to make cakes and pastries and cater for their parties, her passion for the rich and sumptious was renewed and Kiwi Catering was born. Individual menus are tailored around personal taste and they are currently taking orders for christmas cakes and delectable chocolate yule logs. Local references are available.





Culinary Drinks Crossword - Answers on Page 52

Across 1. Popular carbonated beverage. 4. A polite drink. 7. French syrup. 8. The most robust of red Bordeaux wines, sometimes called masculine wine. (5,7) 15. An important red Bordeaux wine. 17. Hot or cold alcoholic drink containing beaten egg. 18. An aromatic blackcurrant liqueur. 19. "The milk of our Lady." 22. Liquor and water with sugar and spices and served hot. 23. Greek wine flavoured with resin. 24. Partly fermented grape juice. Down 1. Tea. 2. A city of northwest Italy southeast of Turin noted for its sparkling wines. 3. Found in combination with: water, oil, attar, hips. 5. A Turkish brandy. 6. Fermented alcoholic beverage similar to but heavier than beer. 9. Part of Poe tale title. 10. Wine, spiced with sugar, lemons and nutmeg, named for an English army officer who died in 1732. 11. A Spanish city, grape, wine, and raisin. 12. The original version of a British citrus drink. (5,6) 13. Whiskey, bitters and sugar with fruit slices. (3,9) 14. Sweet liqueur made from wine and brandy flavoured with plum, peach or apricot kernels and/or almonds. 16. A distilled French wine. 20. Chief ingredient of black bread. 21. Booze slang adapted from the name of a small Alaskan Tlingit tribe, the Hutsnuwusword. 22. High, Irish or breakfast. 23. Popular Caribbean alcoholic beverage.



First weekend in October, Artisan Cheese Fair in Teba – This is an annual event set in Teba, not far from Ronda in the Malaga province and has extensive samples of the best cheese in Andalusia and elsewhere in Spain. Plus lots of other activities. Until 3rd October, Teatro Moderno in Chiclana* - Buddhist Art exhibition and events – “Look of the East” Until 5th October, Teatro Moderno in Chiclana* - Art exhibition “The Bathtub”

9th October to 11th November, Teatro Moderno in Chiclana* Photography exhibition “Andalusia Imagined”

13th-17th October, Teatro Moderno in Chiclana* - Art exhibition by those with visual disabilities “Showing the abilities of ONCE” 18 & 19 October 2009 Sanlucar Day - Sanlucar de Barrameda in Cádiz closes down for this festival of the town´s name. Bars and restaurants will be open but all shops and supermarkets closed.

All Saints Day: 1 November 2009 A National Holiday in Spain ‘Tosantos’ or ‘Todos Los Santos’ An important national holiday when people from all over Spain usually return to their home town or village to lay flowers on the graves and pay respect to their deceased relatives. The celebrations surrounding All Saints’ Day are especially notable in Cádiz and its surrounding villages and towns where the Tosantos celebrations involve colourful street markets, many children´s activities and candle lit processions.

4th, 6th, 9th, 11th November from 19:30 to 21:00, Teatro Moderno in Chiclana* – Astronomy Course

13th November at Plaza Mayor, Chiclana* until 22:00 – Astronomy Course

16th to 21st November, Teatro Moderno in Chiclana* – 21st Cultural cycle of Philately

24th November to 4th December, Teatro Moderno in Chiclana* 22nd Cultural cycle of Philately dedicated to the Chiclana Poet, Fernando Quiñones

Also, throughout October and November there is a vast array of productions at the Teatro Moderno including Shakespeare, Music, Dance and many other themes. There are too many to list so please call the Casa de la Cultura: 956 490 146 to find out more about what’s on and also to check beforehand dates and times as sometimes there are changes without warning.



An 85 year old man was requested by his doctor for a sperm count as part of his physical exam. The doctor gave the man a jar and said, 'Take this jar home and bring back a semen sample tomorrow.' The next day the old man reappeared at the surgery and gave him the jar, which was clean and empty as on the previous day.

The doctor asked what happened and the man explained, 'Well, doc, it's like this ^ first I tried with my right hand, but nothing. Then I tried with my left hand, but still nothing. 'Then I asked my wife for help. She tried with her right hand, then with her left, still nothing. She tried with her mouth, first with the teeth in, then with her teeth out, still nothing. 'We even called up Sandra, the lady next door and she tried too, first with both hands, then an armpit, and she even tried squeezin' it between her knees, but still nothing.' The doctor was shocked! 'You asked your neighbour?' The old man replied, 'Yep, none of us could get the jar open.'



Soh Pek, an award winning chef is Brunei Chinese. She trained as a midwife but decided to stop delivering babies and start delivering food when she and her husband Mike bought The Black Bull pub in Kent in the 80s. Now semi retired and living in Chiclana, Soh Pek offers you an Asian excursion of home cooking, with dishes coming from Thailand, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Her signature dish - Singapore Laksa has won a Guinness National Award for specialty food. So for that select dinner party or special occasion, in the comfort of your own home, trust Soh Pek to cook the most delicious dishes, full of Eastern promise, with menus designed to suit all budgets and taste. Call Soh Pek on 956 493 107 and find out about her diverse culinary skills and discuss, with no obligation, how she can take the stress and strain out of home catering, leaving you to enjoy the evening and bask in the glory of satisfied and contented dinner guests.

EMail: or Call 856 101 803

33 Community News and Events

Friday 16 to Friday 23 October 2009 Discovering Freedom Through Meditation with Steven Lane hosted by Hotel Sindhura (see Restaurant Guide in magazine for directions). Would you like to meditate in a beautiful environment with an experienced teacher and discover the true Joy of Being? Please contact the Hotel Sindhura 956 448 568 for further information and reservations. Suitable for beginners and more experienced spiritual seekers. For further details go to the Baywatch website and follow the link. ChiFRA’s next social event will be a 60s night at the Azahar Costa on Friday 6th November 2009 featuring the fabulous Los Intocables Rock n Roll Band. €12.00 Members €15.00 Non-members and €6.00 for children. It’ll be a good night, twistin’, jivin’ and a rockin’ and a rollin’. Tapas included in the price.

Chiclana Women’s Breakfast Group are organising a trip to the Domecq Ranch on Wednesday 14 October 2009. Another splendid outing by the Breakfast Ladies. Members €26.00 Guests €28.00. For further details and reservations contact Sue 956 531 566.

Monday 12 October 2009 is the start of the Azahar Costa’s fortnightly winter quizzes. Doors open 8pm for 8.30pm. €5.00 per person (no charge for children). Prizes & Raffle. New members and/or new teams always welcome.

Garage/Garden Sale (come rain or shine) to raise money to pay the vet's bills and help look after the abandoned dogs in our area. Sunday 15th November between 1 and 4 pm at Dee's, Calle Montevideo 202A (right at roundabout after Popeye's and 2nd left).

As before, clothes, books, bric-a-brac, linen, toys, kitchen items, refreshments and raffle. Please sort out your cupboards before Christmas and let us have anything you don't want. Call Dee on 956 496 446 to arrange delivery before the event and come along and support this worthy cause.

Please let the Baywatch Team know of your community news or event for free insertion to this section. Call 856 101 803 or email your information to


Advertisement feature

After many years of serving the local community with vehicle sales and insurance services, LHD AUTOS & INSURANCE is showing long term commitment to the area by purchasing their new premises as opposed to renting them. Therefore, you can rest assured that your local helpful insurance agent and vehicle sales team will be around for many years to come.

Jilly and Sjoren, ever considerate and trustworthy, have assisted the ex-pat community over time with many services other than their own business aspects. Between them they make a great team and the growth of their business proves that hard work and excelling at what you do, pays off. Their new office based in Los Gallos (by Monopoly English food shop and before the Repsol petrol station) will be opening shortly and we wish them well and good luck for the future.

Here are just a few of the services LHD AUTOS & INSURANCE are offering:-

VEHICLE SALES Around 15-20 cars in stock and if you require something specific LHD will source it for you. Competitive prices, warranted kilometers and all paperwork are handled by LHD on your behalf. Vehicles are warranted by a national company.

INSURANCES, TRANSFERS & DOCUMENTATION Home insurance, motor insurance, travel insurance; LHD have lots of other products available; contact them with your requirements. Vehicle ownership transfers, imports, exports. Paperwork for buying or selling a vehicle in Spain is extremely important and Spanish vehicle insurance and paperwork is an administrative nightmare – LHD assistance, only a phone call away.

SERVICES Key holding service: (this is a free service to insurance clients) For holiday home owners, property managers and tradesmen LHD offer this collect and drop of service at their new premises. Car keys also held. All secured.

Language difficulties: If language is a problem or you are away and unable to supervise something yourself, LHD will assist, eg booking cars for ITV or service; documentation for your property or arranging deliveries of furniture, etc. Translation Services: English, Spanish, German, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish

Builders, property managers and all tradesmen: LHD have a portfolio of registered tradesmen and workers - if you need anything arranging or doing let LHD manage the process.



Free Classifieds for Private Sales or 2 rooms to let in family house. Females/Couples only. All facilities including telephone, internet etc. Telephone: 956 40 58 63.

TO RENT Spacious self-contained apartment with kitchenette, microwave; fireplace in lounge area, double bed and travel cot and shower room. Swimming pool, BBQ area and off-road parking. Available at very low rates for both summer and winter lets - ideal for those that have family visiting but don't have the room. Call 615 415 976 or 956 230 130. Modern single bed - grey frame with walk under space and ladder to sleeping area ideal for child/teenagers bedroom. From Ikea 2008 very good condition. Bargain price €65.00. Tel 667 745 359 LCD colour 17” monitor for computer, bought from Media Mart for €159 and still under warranty. Will accept €65. Tel 667 745 359.

Metallic Blue Kia Picanto 1.1cc petrol. March 2008. 23800 km One owner. Sale due to return to UK Price 7900 ONO Brian 671 287 452

TO RENT 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms kitchen lounge sky tv nice pool casa 120 sq m land 1000 sq m all low maintenance 3 minutes from the beach and shops price 650.00 € a month Phone 951242874

Kim Baron Newton started her couture and fashion design 37 career over 35 years ago with the famous Aquascutum coat company. There she did her basic training before moving to London to work for an East End tailor learning essential tailoring and pattern cutting skills before passing her City & Guilds with flying colours. After working for a few of the smaller design houses, Kim landed a job with Zandra Rhodes no less, and after that influential break her career took off and she’s worked with other celebrated designers such as Norman Hartnell, Anouska Hemple, Catherine Walker, to name but a few.

Moving within these prestigious circles, attending fashion shows and mixing with the famous, Princess Diana among them, you can see these fabulous influences in Kim’s couture work today. And with royalty under her inspired belt Kim’s been working for herself for the past 15 years, realising that for most couture is not necessary, but good tailoring and individual design is.

In 2004 Kim and husband Mick semi retired to Chiclana and she is slowly building up her customer base, mostly doing alterations and soft furnishings but occasionally gets that special occasion outfit in which she takes much pride and pleasure, but says she will do anything, within reason! So for that special occasion, you can rely on Kim’s superb tailoring and with her modest charges, affords you a most unique and flattering addition to your wardrobe.

Welcome to our new Property Section.

It doesn’t matter if you are a private seller or a commercial agent, you can advertise your property for sale or rent here. Remember this magazine is read by thousands of people each edition and is also available to download online. Plus if you advertise here we will design for you a free webpage and give a free months rental on our website Call 856 101 803. Email for info on any of these properties

Casa del Amor - €245,000

Location: Chiclana de la Frontera Lovely two storey detached villa situated in a quiet cul-de-sac in a sought after location just a short drive away from the stunning La Borossa beaches. Shops, supermarket, new health centre, restaraunts and other ameneties all close to hand. Four double bedrooms. Two bathrooms. Large lounge / dining room. Fitted kitchen with all appliances. Roof terrace. Private swimming pool (9x5sqm). Plot 1000sqm

Villa Sylvia €250,000.

Finca for sale near Venta La Raya, Pago del Humo.

2,500 sq.metres land and house of 151sq.metres. Three double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, one in the pool area (shower sink and toilet)Two wells supplying abundant water. Quiet neighbourhood, asphalt road, only 15 minutes from the beach by car. All papers in order and own electricity meter.

Casa Mariposa - €265,000

Location: Chiclana de la Frontera Lovely south facing villa with many desirable features situated in a sought after residential setting on the outskirts of Chiclana de la Frontera. Price recently reduced to encourage a quick sale. Three double bedrooms. Two bathrooms. Spacious lounge. Fully fitted kitchen/dining room. Numerous covered terraces. Lovely mature garden with lots of subtropical plants and trees. Swimming pool.

Apartment Jacaranda - €108,500

Location: Conil de la Frontera Apartment Jacaranda is a comfortable one bedroom apartment with a good sized private patio (courtyard). The property is situated right in the heart of Conil´s vibrant town and just a stone´s throw to the historic town centre. The apartment offers comfortable accomodation for 2-3 people. The living room and dining area are connected to the well equipped open plan kitchen. From the living room there is direct access out to a private patio Proven rental potential.

Full details on

Apartments Cala Conil - €169,500

Location: Conil de la Frontera Enjoy outdoor living to the full with this beautiful two bedroom, modern apartment situated just a short walk away from the magnificent beaches of Conil de la Frontera. Private roof terrace and sea views! Two double bedrooms. Shower/sink/WC. Spacious lounge / dining area. Private roof terrace with views. Solar water heating system. Air conditioning. Quality materials utilised throughout.


Casa Estornino - €250,000

Conil de la Frontera. Quaint cottage style villa with lots of character situated in a tranquil setting on the outskirts of Conil de la Frontera. Excellent value for money property. Three good sized bedrooms. Two bath/shower rooms. Fitted kitchen. Living room. Exposed timber beams. Sun terrace/covered porche with lovely views out to the garden. Mature garden with swimming pool. Restaurant/bar within walking distance. Beaches, town centre, restaraunts, bars, shops all within a short drive.Plot size 1000sqm

Casa Primavera - €275,000

Chiclana de la Frontera Spacious detached villa with lovely large garden and swimming pool situated in an elevated position enjoying views of the surrounding protected national parkland. Easy commutable distance from the incredible Costa de la Luz beaches. Four good sized bedrooms. Family bathroom and guest shower room. Fitted kitchen with all appliances. Spacious lounge with built-in fireplace. Mature garden. Swimming pool

Casa de los Arboles - €350,000

Chiclana de la Frontera Beautifully presented two-storey detached villa with separate annexe, swimming pool and large landscaped garden. Property price significantly reduced April 2009 to encourage a prompt sale.Four double bedrooms Office/conversion to further single bedroom. Two new bathrooms. Recently fitted kitchen and 'white' goods.Outbuildings which are currently utilised as laundry and store rooms. Beaches and golf courses seven minutes driving time.


Kimba reaches out to animal lovers in Chiclana

For those of you who have not heard about it, Kimba is a non-profit society for the protection of animals covering the province of Cadiz. It’s been around since 1872 and is located in Chiclana. Currently it has a shelter holding over a hundred fifty dogs and fifteen cats. Kimba has no government support. It is managed and run exclusively by a few dedicated volunteers. They barely cope with the tremendous amount of work and responsibilities in the shelter. Kimba survives only from private donations, mostly from foreigners. It also has a membership list which unfortunately has dropped by half recently. If you’d like to help and become a member, dues are 5 euros per month. They can be paid through Kimba’s Unicaja account 2103-4046-16-3067012616. You can choose among monthly, quarterly or annual payments. Kimba has many priorities. We could start with their outstanding job in rescuing abused and abandoned animals, mostly of them dogs. Kimba’s ultimate goal is to find homes for these animals. Some of them are being sent to homes in foreign countries. Kimba is also deeply involved with any formal complaints filed against animal abusers. We’ll be filling you in with a series of pieces about Kimba’s work in future issues of Baywatch. This information will also be available on the website of the Chiclana foreign residents association (Chifra). In recent years,Kimba has worked out, in collaboration with Agaden (an ecologist association covering the province of Cadiz), the Ayuntamiento of the city of Cadiz and the college of veterinarians of Cadiz, a campaign to trap, castrate and microchip feral cats in Cadiz. As many as 835 cats have been trapped in the last four years, an amazing accomplishment. The Cadiz cat sterilization campaign, and a dream to implement a similar program in Chiclana, is pressing Kimba’s staff to build a new cat shelter on their grounds. The existing shelter is literally falling apart. Kimba has no financial resources to build a new shelter. With the generous help from the Baywatch magazine and Chifra, Kimba will be advertising any events geared to collect funds for the new cat shelter. In order to help raising funds there will be a series of boot sales which will take place from 10 am to 2 pm on October 4th, October 18th, November 1st, November 15th and November 29th. The location is an open lot across venta "CASA CURRO" & "AUTOSERVICIO SANTA ANA", on Marquesado Road. You are all welcome to attend and participate with your own items in our boot sales and any other upcoming events. For information about upcoming boot sales you can reach: Ms Margarita Gloersen at 617-099706 or by E-mail at:



Restaurant Guide

This guide contains a list of all the restaurants that advertise in Baywatch and is constructed in such a way that it gives you instant access to relevant information, some of which may not be contained in their main ad. El Pollo Argentino Take Away BBQ/Grill

619 069 114

For very tasty bbq chicken and succulent solomilos grilled to your liking on a healthy bbq range, try the new El Pollo Argentino Take Away. It’s just off the main Conil road N340 by the side of the Venta El Colorado (it used to be the German bakery).

Family owned and run by a charming Argentinean couple, Roberto and Gracela. Nowadays more and more people are trying to eat healthier but takeaways are not always conducive to a healthy lifestyle. The El Pollo Argentino’s bbq/grill takeaway is a healthier alternative as their chicken and meat is cooked naturally over coals and fat is not collected on the meat. Experience an authentic flavoursome bbq taste and a warm welcome from Roberto and Grazella in their new venture. Try Roberto’s piquant sauce, not too hot and deliciously spicy Hotel Antonio Spanish Restaurant 956 445 506 El Colorado, next to Argo Conil Vets on the Conil Road * Pleasant Spanish hotel restaurant, open all day, every day *Typical Spanish fare. Some English spoken *€20.00 for an average 3 course meal with wine *Menu del Dia €10.00 inc vino and served 7 days a week *Easy parking at front of hotel *Take Baywatch and receive free drink after meal. Salud Il Bacio Italian Bistro 956 495 189 or 669 448 754 Novo Sancti Petri’s Commercial Centre Situated on 1st floor, No 19 *Modern Italian cuisine with a Fusion Flare - English spoken *Open 8pm to 12 midnight, 7 nights a week. *€20/25.00 for average 3 course meal with vino *10% off your entrée dish with this Baywatch. Como bien!

To enter your restaurant in this guide please email:

Casa Blas (La Sorpresa) 956 239 019 or 627 418 418 Situated on main Pago del Humo road from Chiclana to Conil *Average 3 course meal with wine €15/20.00 *Good varied venta menu *Menu del Dia (Mon- Fri) good value at €7.50 with a drink *Congenial atmosphere - good mix of English & Spanish locals *Newly decorated and pleasant dining areas *Large parking space. Open all day every day


Los Candiles 956 538 084 Doctor Pedro Velez road by the Oxford College, Chiclana *International cuisine, diverse menu, steaks a house speciality *Average 3 course meal €30.00 inc wine *Open evenings and lunch times Closed Mondays *Booking essential at weekends English spoken *Free if total meal is over €30.00. Parking del Retortillo opposite) *Show Baywatch for free drink after your meal. Cheers!

La Cazuela Los Duques 637 564 202 Situated on the road towards Conil opposite Hostal Berpi *Canarian chef/proprietor serves typical Canarian food *Open Midday until 4pm for lunch and Menu del Dia is €9.90 *Average 3 courses €20/25.00 with wine. Check dish of the day *Evening opening times are 8pm until midnight. Closed Mondays *All European languages spoken *Show Baywatch for copa gratis (brandy or liqueur) after your meal.

The Lemon Tree 956 536 607 Coming from Los Gallos towards Mercadona on your left, carry straight on at the island. Lemon Tree is on right just before next island. *Great British menu - Plus international menu with daily specials. *Fish n chips Mondays €6.00 & Curry Night every Thursday €6.00 *Sunday lunch is €12.50 *Typical 3 course meal €15.00 - Open every day *English breakfast served between 10am – 2pm *Opening hours Mon-Sat 10am -2pm & 5pm -late. Sun 2pm -late *No need to book. *Prices do not include drinks

El Patio de Cadiz 956 456 186 A48 to Conil to Plaza de Espana (signposted) At roundabout 1st left Calle de General Gabino Avanda and continue on Calle de Sagasta Turn left at Calle de Maria Santana *Pretty tranquil garden patio *Specialises in home cooked food, pasta and rice dishes *Paella a speciality and different & varied tapas served every day *Average 3 course meal is around €30.00 including wine *Spanish & German owned and English spoken *Opening hours are daily from midday

44 Patria 956 448 463 DIRECTIONS Take A48/E5 and at turning signposted 'La Muela' (between Conil and Vejer) Follow the signs for the N340 and La Muela. Take the road leading up the hill which is signposted ' La Muela and follow it until you reach Venta El Jardinere de Muela. Turn left immediately after this venta, continue on this road for 2.5km and Patria is situated on your left. *International cuisine in idyllic surroundings, pleasant atmosphere *Average 3 courses €30.00 inc vino. Varied A la Carte menu *No menu del dia but monthly 3 course special €22.00 (wine not inc) *Delightful Danish chef and wife owners English spoken *Only fresh produced used. Children’s portions *Extensive wine list and traditional sherries from the region

Rincon Canaries 956 532 843 Central Plaza, Chiclana town centre *Conveniently placed in new market complex *Owned and run by Canarian Benny and his wife. English spoken *Open all day, every day for traditional Canarian food *Menu Del Dia only €5.00 for 3 courses plus bread and a drink *Freshly cooked English breakfast served most of the day for €3.50

The Sindhura Hotel 956 448 568 Take old coast road (N-340) E-5 (towards Algeciras) and just before you reach Vejer take the exit for La Muela and follow the signs. *Creative Mediterranean and Asian style menu *Average 3 course meal is around €25.00 without wine. *Saturday & Sunday lunch 3 course specials at €19.00 without wine *Beautiful views overlooking the countryside of La Muela & Vejer *Restaurant open 7 days a week for dinner. *English spoken *Lunch times Saturday and Sunday only.

The Wok 956 533 371 Situated on the Avda de Los Descubrimentos in Chiclana (by Hignios) *‘All you can eat’ buffet style, good value for money *Choose from a wide variety of raw meat, fish and vegetables, which are cooked to your liking, plus selection of sauces *Also a variety of typically cooked Chinese food, ie crispy duck *€10.95 adults lunch time (€5.50 children) and Evening €12.95 adults (€5.50 children) Prices do not include wine *Open every day Midday to 4pm & 7.30pm to midnight. *Parking at the front. *Show Baywatch magazine and receive free drink after your meal.

A man appeared before St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. “Have you ever done anything of particular merit?" St. Peter asked.


The man said "Well, I can think of one thing. Once, on a trip to the Blackpool, I came upon a gang of bikers who were threatening a young woman. I told them to leave her alone, but they wouldn't listen. So, I approached the largest and most heavily tattooed biker and smacked him in his face, kicked his bike over, ripped out his nose ring, threw it on the ground. I yelled, "Now, back off! Or I'll kick the poo out of all of you!" St. Peter was very impressed, "When did this happen?" "Just a couple minutes ago..."


Proteccion Civil Bomberos (Fire Brigade) Policia Local Guardia Civil Servicio Andaluz de Salud Jerez Airport Malaga Airport Seville Airport Renfe (Trains) Chiclana Tele taxis Tourist Office (Cadiz) Tourist Office (Chiclana) Tourist Office (Conil) Tourist Office (Puerto d.S. Maria) Tourist Office (Jerez) Toursit Office (Media Sidonia) Tourist Office ( San Fernando) Tourist Office (Vejer) British Consulate (Cadiz) Hospital (Cadiz) Hospital (Puerto Real)

112 085 092 062 061 956 150 000 952 048 404 954 449 000 902 240 202 956 533 939 956 241 001 956 535 969 956 440 501 956 542 413 956 324 747 956 412 404 956 944 226 956 451 736 956 264 479 956 002 100 956 005 000

46 People choose to teach English for a huge variety of reasons. 46 Whether it is because they want to be helpful and be a part of their new community, or making new friends, even earning money or a whole new challenge to go with their lives here in the Cadiz province, where their ability to speak English is put to the best possible use. Whatever the reasons, a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course is an excellent introduction to the world of teaching. Active Language, Cadiz has successfully trained students for over 5 years and their TESOL course is internationally recognised and externally validated by Trinity College in London. Active Language offers full and part time course options, which allow you to work at a pace that best suits your needs. Active Language provides a life-long careers service and job hunting support, guaranteed job offers, as well as the option to study Spanish.

Plus an additional TYLE course (Teaching Young Learners Extension) to give you the best possible start. All this at competitive prices with special ‘crisis beating’ offers and there’s an accommodation service, should you require it. Active Language is within easy reach of Cadiz town centre. If you would like more information, call them on 956 221 426.



Back in April, following increasing requests from customers, Litchfield’s Butchers started stocking a range of imported English Cheeses. The cheeses have proved very popular and we now currently stock a wide range, which we are always looking to improve.

The range includes the old favourites such as Vintage Mature Cheddar, Long Clawson Stilton, Double Gloucester and Crumbly Cheshire, to name but a few. Following customer feedback we have started stocking a few new additions, including a delicious Wensleydale with Cranberries, Long Clawson’s Shropshire Blue and Real Yorkshire Blue Wensleydale. We are always looking for new suggestions from customers as to what they would like to see on the shelves, and welcome anyone who wants to try a sample before they buy any cheese. With the festive season fast

approaching, we are going to stock a few more speciality cheeses such as White Stilton with apricots and Smoked Cheddar. This is the ideal time for anyone who has any special requests to come in and speak to us. We will be placing our Christmas order very soon, so if we know what you want, we will do our best to get it.

To advertise call on 856 101 803 or email



The Pet Page

FELINE LEUKEMIA Feline leukemia is a type of blood cancer that occurs in cats. The disease is generated by a virus known as the feline leukemia virus which, in infected cats, causes suppression of their natural protective immune system. Both domestic and wild cats can be affected by this virus, with more incidences found in places where there are a collective of cats. The virus can be transmitted between cats via bodily fluid exchange, for example, contact with an infected cat’s urine, blood, tears or saliva; or between a mother and its foetus when she is pregnant. The possibility of infection is generally lower in older cats. The virus can be either asymptomatic (showing no clinical symptoms), or can be diagnosed by a significant increase in the size of the lymphatic glands at the beginning of the infection. Cats with this disease may also present with a decrease of natural protective antibodies and this can lead to increased susceptibility to further viral/bacterial infections. The different symptoms of the disease depend on the level of immuno-suppression caused by the virus. Symptoms of immuno-suppression include dermatitis, uveitis (inflammation of the eye), hemolytic anaemia (decrease of iron in the blood), kidney failure, and potential failure of the nervous and reproductive systems. The main effects of this disease are malignant tumors and a severe reduction of felines’ natural immune defenses. Diagnosis is dependant on laboratory testing, however a negative result can still signify the presence of latent virus and if the symptoms are persistent the cat should still be vaccinated. If the initial tests are positive and indicate presence of the virus, it will be subsequently repeated for up to 12 to 16 weeks. If, after the completion of all the tests, the virus is still present, it is diagnosed as a persistent infection. However, after a few weeks the tests may come back negative, suggesting the initial virus was transient and the cat may now be vaccinated against further infection. The treatment for the feline leukemia virus is dependent on the symptoms, and is it normal to treat any infections that have occurred as a consequence of the immuno-suppression with antibiotics. Chemotherapy (anti-cancer drugs) and other drugs can be used to treat this disease but they often lead to many side effects and the outcome is never very good.infection it is best to control the contact between infected cats or wild, uncontrolled cats, and make an annual diagnostic test to rule out infection. Vaccination is effective from 9 weeks with annual booster injections; however the prevention of the disease through vaccination is not 100% effective. Antonio Peña Pérez Veter Costa Veterinary Clinic


52 A little boy was waiting for his mother to come out of Mercadona’s. As he waited, he was approached by a man who asked, "Son, can you tell me where the Posthouse is?" The little boy replied, "Sure! Just go straight down this road, cross over the island and it is along the first road on your right." The man thanked the boy kindly and said, "I'm the new pastor in town. I'd like for you to come to church on Sunday. I'll show you how to get to Heaven."

The little boy replied with a chuckle. "Awww, come on... you don't even know the way to the Posthouse."

Crossword solution


As many of you are aware Colin Wood resigned recently as Chairman of ChiFRA due to acquiring the Baywatch Magazine and the work that goes with it! Colin has worked very hard on behalf of ChiFRA since it was initially formed in February 2008. I would like to thank him for the commitment he has given to ChiFRA and also for the continuation of the ChiFRA slot in the Baywatch magazine.

At the request of the Ayuntamiento we recently formed a working group to liaise with them in establishing closer ties within the community and as I write, they are currently negotiating the following for the members of ChiFRA: *Agreement to use the Teatro Moderno once a week when it will be turned into a cultural cinema when English, German and Spanish films will be shown. *A photographic competition will be held where English and German residents can submit photos of Chiclana seen through the eyes of foreign residents. *FREE historical events and cultural events such as visits to museums, bodegas, Baleo Claudio, Cadiz and Monastries , *all the above funded by the Ayuntamiento. We are also exploring the idea of “conversation “events between British, German and Spanish residents.

FURTHER NEWS It is understood that the British Consul will be holding talks / a presentation in Chiclana at the end of September/early October and Chifra have contacted the Embassy to hopefully arrange a meeting regarding pressing issues that affect the British community here. We are exploring the possibility of setting up local membership “surgeries” so that members can meet with committee members and discuss issues that concern them. Due to the August recess of the Courts there has been little progress on the cases being put forward by Temple Cambria on behalf of some of our member’s. However progress is being made, be it slowly. We are holding a 50’s 60’s 70’s event on the 6th November with the “Los Incotables “ Spanish rock group playing etc so why not come along and join us. It will be a fun evening! I am pleased to say that our membership has steadily increased over the last year and more people are becoming aware of what ChiFRA are achieving so if you want more information on the above or are interested in joining us for an annual fee of 10 euros per person please visit our website on Jan King. Acting Chairperson




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The Baywatch Group The Posthouse Buzon 72 CC Novogallo Local No. 50 Chiclana de la Frontera 11130 Cadiz Spain

Payments for adverts can be dropped off at this address using the envelopes provided. Payments can also be made by bank transfer. Editorials and production: The Baywatch Team All sales Enquiries: 856 101 803 or 697 552 936

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Para aquellos que nunca han oído hablar de Kimba, podemos contaros que es una sociedad sin ánimo de lucro para la protección de animales y plantas en la provincia de Cádiz. Fué fundada en 1872 y actualmente está localizada en las afueras de Chiclana. Cuenta con un albergue donde conviven en estos momentos más de 150 perros y 15 gatos. Kimba no cuenta con el apoyo financiero del gobierno local. Funciona gracias a la ayuda de unos pocos sacrificados voluntarios, que apenas dan abasto con el enorme trabajo y las numerosas responsabilidades que exige el mantenimiento del albergue. Kimba sobrevive exclusivamente con donacionesprivadas, en su mayor parte proveniente de grupos extranjeros.También cuenta con un grupo de socios cuyo número desgraciadamente se ha reducido a la mitad últimamente. Si quereis ayudarnos, y ser socios de Kimba, la cuota es de 5 euros al mes. Se puede pagar mediante nuestra cuenta en UNICAJA No. 2103-404616-3067012616. La cuota se puede pagar en pagos mensuales, trimestrales o anuales.

Kimba tiene muchas prioridades. Pudiéramos por ejemplo, hablaros de su eminente trabajo rescatando animales maltratados y abandonados, en su mayoría perros. La meta más importante de Kimba es encontrarle familias a estos animales. Algunos de ellos se mandan a otros países. Kimba también está muy involucrada con las denuncias del maltrato de animales en toda la provincia. Hace cuatro años, Kimba alcanzó un convenio con la Asociación Ecologista Agadén, el Ayuntamiento de Cádiz y el Colegio de Veterinarios de Cádiz, para atrapar, esterilizar y poner un microchip a los gatos callejeros de la ciudad de Cádiz. Hasta hoy, se han atrapado a 835 gatos, lo que es una cifra realmente impresionante. La campaña de gatos callejeros de Cádiz y el sueño compartido por muchos chiclaneros, de implementar un programa similar en Chiclana, está presionando a Kimba a construir una nueva gatera en sus terrenos, ya que la existente se está cayendo a pedazos (ver las fotos). Kimba no cuenta con recursos financieros para edificar la nueva gatera. Mediante la ayuda generosa de la revista Baywatch y de ChiFRA, iremos anunciando todas las actividades destinadas a recaudar fondos para construir la nueva gatera.

La primera de estas actividades tuvo lugar el 20 de septiembre pasado, cuando inauguramos un Mercadillo enfrente de la venta “CASA CURRO” y el “AUTOSERVICIO SANTA ANA”, ambos situados en la carretera del Marquesado. Los próximos Mercadillos tendrán lugar los domingos 4 y 18 de octubre, de 10 am a 2 pm. En noviembre, el Mercadillo se hará los domingos 1, 15 y 29 a la misma hora. Si el tiempo lo permite, se hará el Mercadillo dos veces al mes, en domingos alternos. Estais todos invitados a visitarnos y aquellos de vosotros que deseéis tener vuestros propios puestos, también podreis participar. Si deseais información sobre el Mercadillo llamad a Margarita al teléfono 617-099706. También le podeis mandar un E-mail a:


La Pagina animal domestico


La leucemia felina es una enfermedad vírica que produce diferentes síndromes clínicos derivados de la inmunosupresión y tumores producidos. Es una enfermedad que afecta a gatos domésticos y felinos salvajes, mucho más en colectivos, disminuyendo la sensibilidad con la edad. Se puede transmitir mediante contacto directo entre gatos mediante heces, orina, saliva y secreciones lacrimales, así como de la madre al feto durante la gestación. Virus se inactiva fácilmente fuera del organismo.

El cuadro clínico puede ser asintomático o presentando al inicio de la infección aumento del tamaño de ganglios linfáticos, disminución de anticuerpos e infecciones secundarias diversas. Las diferentes presentaciones dependen de las enfermedades asociadas a la inmunosupresión, tales como dermatitis, uveítis, anemia hemolítica, neuropatías, problemas renales y reproductores,^ Los principales efectos de la infección por el virus son neoplasias (difusas o localizadas) y las enfermedades derivadas de la disminución de las defensas.

El diagnóstico es necesario asegurarlo mediante pruebas de laboratorio, si es negativo no existe enfermedad o es latente, y se puede vacunar; y si es positiva la infección resulta presente; si repetimos la prueba a las 12- 16 semanas y resulta negativo, la infección fue transitoria, si es positiva la infección es persistente.

El tratamiento es sintomático, tratando las infecciones secundarias a la inmunosupresión, con antibióticos. Se pueden usar quimioterapia y otros fármacos, aunque con demasiados efectos secundarios. El pronóstico no es nunca demasiado bueno. Para evitar la infección lo ideal es controlar el contacto con gatos portadores o no controlados, y realizar una prueba diagnóstica anual para descartar la infección. La vacunación es efectiva a partir de las 9 semanas de edad, con revacunación anual. La prevención vacunal no es del 100%.


Vendiendo y comprando en internet desde la comodidad de tu propia casa ya ha sido una parte de nuestras vidas desde hace años, la pagina web mas conocido siendo por supuesto, el muy popular E-BAY. Este se ha convertido en un gran fenòmeno mundial pero que no està usada por demasiadas personas de por aqui. Ya que hay cientos, si no miles de kilòmetros que separan a los vendedores de los compradores. Bueno... ya todo ha cambiado. La Costa de la Luz ya tiene su propio subasta negociativo, ¡C-BAY ya està aquí! Este nuevo bilingüe y divertida pagina web està disponible a todos, y es muy facìl entrar, navega y ùnete a la comunidad. Principalmente està apuntado a aquellos que desean vender las cosas de las que quiere desharcerse, C-BAY seguro que se convertirà en una gran parte de vivir aquí. Bastantes veces no habrá que pagar impuestos de correos ni paquetes, poque la mayoria de los miembros de la pagina seràn locales, (aunque miemboros universales tambien seràn bienvenidos). Està pagina web està seguro de llegar a ser el nùmero uno de esta localidad, ya que estarà promocionado aqui, (en España) y en Inglaterra, para asegurarse de los que no vivan aqui en España permanentememte no seràn olvidados. Esta pagina nueva serà facil de usar, disponible a toda diversiòn y superior. ¿a que estas esperando? Metete ahora en - es asì de facil! ¡Nos veremos allì!


Ciber trivial musical


Spotify propone una nueva manera de disfrutar de la música ... ¿quiere saber en qué consiste exactamente? A veces surge una nueva herramienta tan eficaz y sencilla que todo el mundo quiere utilizarla. Spotify es un ejemplo claro: se trata de una biblioteca de Internet que contiene cientos de miles de canciones de todos los géneros musicales, desde música clásica a trip-hop, y que incluye desde las últimas entradas en la lista de los cuarenta principales al tema recóndito de la banda más oscura y siniestra de los años setenta de la que sólo una persona ha oído hablar. Pero lo mejor de todo es que es gratis y legal (más o menos cada 10 canciones hay una pequeña cuña publicitaria). Registrarse sólo requiere unos segundos y a partir de ahí se puede utilizar Spotify como una emisora de radio en línea o como una biblioteca de canciones donde localizar los temas por artista, álbum e incluso género y año concreto. También se pueden crear listas de canciones para escucharlas y/o compartirlas con otros usuarios de Spotify. ólo hay que descargarlo e instalarlo, y antes de que se dé cuenta, ya estará tarareando el tema del estilo musical, artista o año que más le guste. Con Spotify nunca estará demasiado lejos de la música que le gusta: no hay restricciones sobre el tipo de música oír o el momento para escucharla. Olvídese de la lata de esperar a que los archivos se descarguen y agoten el espacio libre de su disco duro y de tener que ponerse a organizar las descargas. Spotify es instantáneo, divertido y sencillo. La música es algo social, por eso Spotify permite compartir canciones y listas personales con otras personas e incluso colaborar con otros usuarios para crear listas conjuntas. Suena bien, ¿verdad? Pero, ¿cómo se consigue? Primero hay que entrar en En la página principal, que está en inglés, encontrará tres tipos de cuenta: Free (gratis), Day Pass (pase de un día) y Premium. Para conseguir una cuenta gratuita necesita que alguien que ya tenga una le invite, así que llame a sus amigos y familiares y averigüe quién puede hacerlo. Cuando lo encuentre, pídale que le envíe una invitación desde su cuenta. En esa invitación se incluye un código, que debe introducir en el proceso de registro del sitio web de Spotify. Una vez hecho esto, sólo tiene que rellenar el formulario de solicitud con todos los datos que se solicitan. Como titular de una cuenta, contará con 10 invitaciones gratis para poder enviar a quien quiera. La otra forma de conseguir una cuenta gratuita es registrarse en una lista de espera. De nuevo, las instrucciones están en el sitio web (en inglés) y para acceder a ellas sólo tiene que hacer clic en el botón verde de inicio llamado “Get Started” de la página principal. Vale la pena la espera, aunque sí es importante disponer de conexión de banda ancha. Pero si no puede esperar, tiene la opción de pagar 99 céntimos al día por un pase de un día o comprar el pase completo por 9,99 € al mes. ¡Feliz escucha!


Un joven se presenta a una entrevista de trabajo con el currículum en la mano.

El entrevistador lee en silencio el currículum y, en un momento dado, dice: “Veo aquí que sabe usted hablar inglés”. “Oui”, contesta el joven. “¿Oui? Querrá decir yes, porque oui es francés”, dice el entrevistador algo extrañado.

A lo que el joven contesta sin pensarlo dos veces: “¿Ah, sí? Pues entonces ponga usted que también hablo francés”.


¿Quiere pasar un día especial?

En este club de actividades al aire libre, situado a la orilla del precioso embalse Guadalcacín y muy cerca de San José del Valle y Arcos de la Frontera, tiene la oportunidad de pasar un fantástico día en familia. Este club propone actividades para todos los gustos, tanto si le gusta la pesca como la navegación, practicar deportes acuáticos, montar a caballo o pedalear en bicicleta de montaña. Russell y su pareja Lorraine le harán sentirse como en casa y cuidarán de usted y de su familia durante toda la visita. Sobre todo Russell, ex-oficial de la rama aérea y marítima de la RAF (Royal Air Force) y responsable del timón del barco que surca el embalse, que no se cansará de repetir a todos los usuarios de las actividades acuáticas que lleven siempre puesto el chaleco salvavidas. Un día de pesca completo en bote cuesta sólo 3,00 €, así que anime a un par de amigos a ir con usted y así podrán compartir gastos. Acomódese en el rincón que más le guste y siéntese a esperar que barbos y carpas de gran tamaño piquen el anzuelo de su caña. Los niños también se lo pasarán en grande, porque aquí pueden nadar seguros, navegar en hidropedales o canoas y jugar en los módulos de escalada o en el trampolín gigante. Y en breve se estrenará la nueva atracción “En busca del oro perdido”, donde toda la familia se sentirá como los pioneros del lejano Oeste mientras criban el embalse buscando las pepitas de oro con las que sueña todo el mundo. Y si prefiere sentarse y relajarse leyendo un libro o contemplando el idílico paisaje, éste es también su sitio. A la hora de comer, dispone de zona de pic-nic y barbacoas de piedra (totalmente equipadas a un precio muy económico, por lo que sólo tiene que preocuparse de traer la comida). El bar y la pequeña cafetería tienen casi de todo, además de una preciosa terraza para comer y beber hasta saciarse. Y si al final del día decide alargar su estancia, hay una zona muy amplia perfectamente adaptada para instalar tiendas de campaña y caravanas, con tomas de electricidad en cada parcela y una nueva caseta de duchas completamente renovada.

Llame por teléfono al 856 030 070 y le informarán exactamente de cómo llegar y todo lo relativo a los precios, o bien infórmese directamente visitando su página web en



Evento a beneficio de la lucha contra el cáncer, Bar Nero’s de La Barrosa, domingo 23 de agosto

El pasado domingo 23 de agosto el Bar Nero’s de La Barrosa organizó una tarde distinta y entretenida en la que varios voluntarios se ofrecieron para hacerse la cera y depilarse distintas partes del cuerpo con objeto de recaudar fondos a beneficio de la lucha contra el cáncer. Se trata de una iniciativa en beneficio de la Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (AECC), responsable de prestar atención y proporcionar equipos y apoyo a los enfermos de cáncer y las familias de enfermos de toda España. En este caso concreto, el dinero recaudado irá destinado específicamente a ayudar a los enfermos residentes en el área de Chiclana.

Martin del Bar Nero’s fue el primer valiente que se ofreció para una depilación con cera de todo el pecho, de mano de las atrevidas Pam del salón de belleza Beauty Treats y su sobrina Emma, que sin cortarse un pelo pusieron rápidamente manos a la obra. Tras los gritos de dolor por cada tirón de las bandas de cera, Martin consiguió por fin levantarse de la camilla animado por los clamorosos aplausos de un público embelesado, dolorido pero feliz, sabiendo que su sufrimiento había permitido recaudar una buena cantidad de dinero para una causa justa. Sue, que no podía escaparse por ser una de los artífices de la idea, se presentó voluntaria para hacerse la cera en las cejas. Sue aguantó como una leona, sin apenas soltar más que un leve quejido durante los pocos minutos que duró la operación, y de nuevo la multitud reconoció su esfuerzo y valentía con un caluroso aplauso. Como merecía la ocasión, estos momentos quedaron inmortalizados en fotografías de primeros planos para recordar el evento. El siguiente fue Colin del Bar Nero’s, que ofreció sus dos piernas a la causa. Poco después Mark y Martin decidieron que no podían resistirse a probarlo, así que después de despegarles una banda de cera a cada uno y de que Colin volviera en sí del dolor, las chicas pusieron fin a la depilación de los tres sufridores. Guillermo, el presentador de Onda 19, alucinado con los extraños rituales que se estaban sucediendo delante de él, preguntó cándidamente si podía ayudar de alguna manera, anunciando que se pondría una banda de cera en el pecho si la gente llenaba una jarra de una pinta de cerveza con dinero ... y en menos que canta un gallo apareció una ^ ¡a rebosar! Y por último, le llegó el turno a Mark, que se había ofrecido a afeitarse la abundante mata de rizos de su abellera si al final del evento se lograba recaudar más de 100 €. ¡Dicho y hecho! El

total recaudado ascendió a más de 1.150 €. ¡Un gran aplauso para todos los participantes!

¿SABÍA USTED...? 66 ¿Sabía usted que hay varios españoles que tienen su estrella en el Paseo de la Fama de Hollywood? Hasta que Antonio Banderas consiguió su estrella en 2005, sólo había un actor español en el Paseo de la Fama, además de los cantantes Julio Iglesias y Plácido Domingo. Se llama Antonio Moreno (1887-1967) e intervino en algunos clásicos del cine como Encadenados de Alfred Hitchcock y Centauros del desierto de John Ford. ¿Sabía usted que España es el segundo país del mundo que más pescado consume después de Japón?



Baywatch Edicion 22 Oct / Nov 2009

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Ni un grito de dolor. Dicen que la caridad

empieza por uno mismo, pero en esta ocasión donde empezó fu e en el Bar Neros de La Barrosa, que puso su granito de arena para la asociación local de Chiclana de lucha contra el cáncer.

Un día diferente. Un día para

practicar múltiples actividades en un magnífico embalse cerca de San José del Valle.


Spotify propone una nueva manera de disfrutar de la música ... ¿quiere saber en qué consiste exactamente?

Kimba Tiende La Mano A Los Amantes De Animales En Chiclana Fué fundada en 1872 y actualmente está localizada en las afueras de Chiclana

Una tortuga iba de vacaciones a Cartagena e iba caminando muy tranquila cuando de pronto, en el borde de la carretera, sale una lagartija y le dice: “Hola, señora tortuga. ¿Adónde va?”. “A Cartagena de vacaciones”, contesta la tortuga. “¿Puede usted llevarme?, le pregunta la lagartija. “No peso mucho y puedo ir en su caparazón”. La tortuga, bastante molesta por la pregunta, la manda a freír espárragos y sigue su camino. La lagartija, ofendida, deja que se aleje un poco, empieza a seguirla con sigilo y cuando no se da cuenta se le sube al caparazón. Así viajaron durante largo tiempo hasta que a su paso se encuentran con un sapo que le pregunta a la tortuga: “¿Adónde va, señora tortuga?”. “A artagena de vacaciones. “¿Y usted, señora lagartija”?, a lo que contesta la lagartija: “¡Pues por tu culpa aquí me bajo, listo!”.

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