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How do you view aging?


Willing to Try New Things Contributes to Society Intelligent Adaptable Smart Decisive Empathetic Problem Solvers

In Touch with Morality

Fasionable Bold Wise Good Cooks Active Patience Unique Brave Frail Can't Drive Generous Cranky

White Hair

Boring Conservative

Good Resource White Hair

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Slow Lost


Wrinkly Falling Apart


Hate Change Scary

Old Fashioned Can't Remember Experienced Sleeps a Lot "Losing It"

THE AGEUP TASKFORCE A taskforce consisting of Bayview staff, residents and community members was formed to create and implement a “big vision” at Bayview and far beyond its walls. Our vision is to eradicate ageism and related forms of prejudice by changing perceptions of aging in the general public and among seniors themselves, thus empowering our elders to live more vibrant lives, to attain a more valued, equitable, integrated position in society, to be role models and to benefit society more fully in the aging process, and to improve health outcomes for ourselves and the people we serve.

MARYLEE, RESIDENT & AGEUP COMMITTEE MEMBER As a resident of Bayview, I feel privileged to be included in the positive AgeUp Task Force. The Staff at Bayview continually respects, listens and involves residents in the running of our Community. That involvement makes me feel like I am still necessary and important. I really like to be aware of what is going on, and through AgeUp and other programs, I feel the staff wants to know my opinion. Reflecting and speaking on our positive, elder, community's future, Bayview is holding a safe, communal space where I can be heard and where I am a responsible member of a civic society. Enjoying our laughter together and through that, the healing that goes on in our projects, I feel seen and honored and I cannot ask for more than that.

A MUST-SEE: "SUPERHEROES OF BAYVIEW" Have you seen our latest resident film, "Superheroes of Bayview?" Through Bayview films, residents are able to weave together themes of positive aging and embrace the very essence of #AgeUp. "Superheroes of Bayview" was an official selection of the Creatively Connected online film festival sponsored by The Foundation for Art & Healing and Lion’s Gate Films. Visit youtube.com/retireatbayview.

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2017 AgeUp Newsletter Issue 30  

(Previously known as Change Agent Newsletter)

2017 AgeUp Newsletter Issue 30  

(Previously known as Change Agent Newsletter)