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Why use Facebook Advertising?

There are 241 million Facebook users in Canada & US and they have over 2.32 Billion monthly active users (MAU) worldwide.

Over 169 million access Facebook on mobile with 1.15 Million Mobile daily average users (DAU) worldwide.

So as you can see the market is huge and is constantly growing. There are over 80 million Small Businesses with a Business Page on Facebook, however only 10% advertise on Facebook. Why is that?

To be effective with any type of advertising it takes time and experience to create and submit effective Marketing Campaigns.

Most business people do not have the time to learn all of it and need to focus on their business. So having a simple guaranteed marketing system done for you is the best option to grow your business with Facebook.

We will focus on explaining our system and how it will help you succeed and still be able to tailor your marketing budget to what works for you.

This mean that you will be ahead of many other businesses to capture the audiences that your competitor have not started advertising to. This gives you an unfair advantage, but as they say if you snooze you lose!

I will explain to you how our Marketing System is Unique and So advanced that no other Agency is able to provide this level of service at the prices that we offer.

We used to be able to post great content on our Business Page and it would automatically spread to other sites and pages on Facebook. This feature has been in a steady decline as Facebook now is making a push for the advertising model.

Advertising is no longer optional if you want to reach your specific audience and create the response you are seeking, which for most businesses equals more customers and more business.