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A NOTE FROM THE EDITORS Elsie B, Soordoy, Maria and Freya

What is this magazine about?

S: The magazine is about courage and how you can achieve things. E: The magazine is based on the topic courage. It is meant to encourage people to achieve their goals and aspirations. M: Encouragement, to be brave so people don’t underestimate you and to be strong for life in the world, not just at home. What will be included?

S: There will be stories about courage and people who have come to embody this despite the bad things they have been through. E: A variety of things to visualise courage such as the January Calendar which includes courage quotes, pictures, questions and challenges.

Why was it made?

S: It was made to help people and encourage them to try something new in their lives, and to be grateful for what they have all the while being a strong and brave person. E: It was made to show children of all ages that they can start exploring the world, doing things they like, and trying new things that they would have never tried before. We wanted to motivate children of all ages to attempt to write about being courageous, something that many struggle to do. M: To encourage people that to see graffiti in a different way and that all the art in the world has meaning.

The process...

We used a planner to prepare ourselves for each session, we introduced the theme of courage and bravery and then came up with our own ideas. We researched things to inspire us, we asked people at Baytree what they thought about our ideas. We shared our research with one another and then we made our first steps on making our magazine. Every week we have been keeping up with our plan and we have been making it better and better. Finally, we put our magazine together and picked our front cover designed by the 11+ Art club at Baytree. Contributors...

We would like to thank KS3 Art for designing covers for our Baytree Zine, we would like to show our appreciation by including all of these throughout our magazine. We would also like to thank mentors, mentees and the Baytree staff because they helped us with our ideas, with our interviews and gave us their time. Thanks to the club leaders, Katie & Pia


Pg 4 - 6: 'What Does Courage Mean to You? written by Freya Pg 7- 14: 'The Light on Your Way' by Maria Pg 15 - 21: 'How to be a Courageous Person' written by Soordoy Pg 22 - 26: 'January Courage Calendar' made by Elsie Pg 27 - 32: A Collection of Zine Front Covers by Art Club 11+



In December I asked lots of people around the Baytree centre one question...'What does courage mean to you?' There were some different responses but altogether very similar. Most people said that courage means bravery and strength. Others said that it meant having the confidence to stick up for what is right, trying something new, believing in yourself and never giving up. Using this as inspiration, I then asked the same people if they've had any experiences where they showed courage and received a lot of unique answers. One that stood out the most was: trying something new, and I think this is really important. At Baytree, there is a lot of different opportunities for you to try something new, learn a new skill and meet new friends. Trying new things takes CONFIDENCE and COURAGE to do. It also helps to overcome FEAR.

To ENCOURAGE you to try something new, I have reported on clubs at Baytree and hope that this means you will come outside your comfort zone. In art we have been doing a few different pieces of art work. The first piece that we accomplished was our decorative letters, we made them by choosing our initials cut out from card.


Then we chose different shades of tissue paper, light shades containing: yellows, oranges, light pinks, light green and light blues. Then dark shades containing: dark blue, dark pink, dark green, purple and black. We then glued the different coloured tissue paper onto out letters and left them to dry. To make it more decorative, we made a pom-pom to go with it too. Some people made it for themselves, but it makes a really nice gift too. In our science lessons we have been working hard creating a very cool volcano over 3 days . We first started by putting a paper mache' covering over a small sized bottle, which we left to dry. On the second day (after our volcanos had dried) we painted them using colours of brown as a base and then oranges, reds and yellows for the lava.

Comments on the experiment: Sophie “I can't wait for it to explode” Elsie “It's bubble-tastic

The third part was the most exciting part as we got to erupt them. Using our knowledge of acid and alkaline which when put together makes an eruption, we put bicarbonate of soda into the bottle adding our food colouring. Then to cause the colourful eruption, we used vinegar making an explosion of bubbling foam.


By Maria

The Light on Your Way

"Our shoe's are the decision that we make, where to be, where to go, with who and why, also the decision to never give up."


A Q&A WITH PHOTOGRAPHER- MARIA The inspiration, message and ideas behind her photographs...

Maria showed a huge amount of courage when she gave herself the job of being a photographer for the Baytree Zine. She planned, directed and shot a series of photos around London and here is what she had to say about each of her photographs and the inspiration behind them... Photograph 1: "These stars represent light and how this changes your life, in Madrid stars encourage people and when I took these photos I imagined the story of a homeless person looking up to the sky and believing the stars would guide them into their future and also to never give up because there will be a light at the end." Photographs 2-5: "This series of photographs focus on a pair of shoes, all taken near the floor and showing a person on a journey. The reason I took them all near the floor is to show that even when you fall you will stand back up."

Photograph 6 & 7: "These photos show how graffiti is often seen with little meaning but is still art. When people see graffiti or even hear the word they don't think it has a message but this picture shows that all art can have a meaning. The two people represent relationships and the two sides of a human being. It shows how sometimes, when you meet people you put on a brave face even if inside you don't feel that way. The Unicorn graffiti picture is a symbol of freedom from negativity." Photograph 8 & 9: "This picture of a path of books shows how reading can lead you to the correct place."


How to be a Courageous Person Written by Soordoy


Camera Accessories You Need- 3



RICHARD BRANSON Branson never had much interest in school. He dropped out of school at 16. Wow. He started his first business, a magazine called “student”. His headmaster, Robert Drayson, told him that he would either end up in prison or become a millionaire.

This story about him shows that you don’t have to be perfect at something to achieve it because there are so many other things out there for you to try. You can always move on to something that you really want to do deep down in your heart. The sky is the limit!


Maya's parents divorced when she was three. She went with her brother to live with her grandmother and when she was eight something bad happened to her. Frightened by the power of her own

tongue, maya choose not to speak for the next five years. She then started dance lessons but her plans where put on hold because at sixteen she became pregnant with a baby boy. After this, she decided to get involved with the Civil Rights Movement. She then started to publish books later publishing her first autobiography.

These two stories show how courage and belief helped them. What can you do in your life to become courageous? Has anyone told you that you can't do it? Well you can, so change your life around.

My January Courage Calendar Tuesday 1st

Wednesday 2nd

Write a list of what courage means to you! Thursday 3rd

Friday 4th

Saturday 5th

Sunday 6th

When was a time that you were brave? Monday 7th

Tuesday 8th

My January Courage Calendar Wednesday 9th

Thursday 10th

Ask for help if you need it Friday 11th

Saturday 12th

Sunday 13th

Monday 14th

Tell someone you love that you love them! Tuesday 15th

Wednesday 16th

My January Courage Calendar Thursday 17th

Friday 18th

Who do you know that has been courageous? Saturday 19th

Sunday 20th

Monday 21st

Tuesday 22nd

Face your fears! Wednesday 23rd

Thursday 24th

Try a new food that you have never had today!

My January Courage Calendar Friday 25th

Sunday 27th

Saturday 26th

Monday 28th

Try a new food that you have never had today! Tuesday 29th

Wednesday 30th

Thursday 31st

Share your laws with others. See perfection in your imperfections.

My January Courage Calendar This calendar is all about January. After Christmas, it's common for some to feel down and my aim is to change the way you feel about January, as we get ready to begin the school headache. At Baytree, one of our virtues is courage and it turns out this is the one we know the most about. My inspiration was chocolate advent calendars as they get children excited every day leading up to Christmas. Who is this calendar for? For anyone who feels blue during January. I want my readers to feel motivated and excited for the days to come in January!


WANT TO GET INVOLVED IN ZINE CLUB? Speak to Katie in the youth office or sign up at reception.

"ZINE IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO CONTRIBUTE AND SHARE YOUR IDEAS" - SOORDOY Look out for our 2nd Baytree Zine with new themes and visuals to come. See you next issue!

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Baytree Zine: Pilot- Courage  

This is the pilot and first Baytree Zine, a self publication by the girls of Baytree, exploring the theme of Courage.

Baytree Zine: Pilot- Courage  

This is the pilot and first Baytree Zine, a self publication by the girls of Baytree, exploring the theme of Courage.