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600 2nd Street S. Safety Harbor, FL 34695 (727) 483-9512



Founded in 2003


Our reputation is built on one simple principle: “Manage each project as if it were our own.” “Our job is to manage the chaos and inconsistencies in order to comprehend the project completely, then execute.”

For years, Bay to Bay Properties

on a jobsite. Safety, signage,

has been building on your trust

management and organization

and we continue to do so by

are paramount, and necessary,

providing superior quality

to fulfill project objectives.

commercial construction on


time and within budget. Our

A pro-active approach along with

status within the construction

a culture of over communication

“Our ability to provide clients

industry ensures our customers

allow for all members of the

with the proper paperwork and

receive the highest quality

construction team to meet the

compliance requirements is a

products and supplies as well as

expectations of the client. All

competitive edge in a competitive

outstanding service.

work completed by Bay to Bay is


not only backed with structural

field.” JOE FAW, Manager

“These are the years for us to grow and do it the right way because you only have one shot and we are taking it.” JOHN DOWNES, Partner

We contract with only the most

and workmanship warranties, but

reputable sub-contractors;

also with our commitment to our

those whose workmanship and

customers: we standby our work

integrity meet our high standards.

long after owner occupancy.

Throughout the entire construction process, Bay to Bay assists our clients every step of the way. Our culture as a company is evident as soon as you step foot


Positive attitude, Culture awareness, Situational awareness, Treat others as you want to be

treated, Look for the good in everyone, Understand perspectives, motivations, goals.

E ffic ie ncy

Focus on cycle time, Understand your deliverables (process and requirements), Track critical

tasks, Organize yourself and your project, Be one step ahead of everything, Proactive habits, Assess outcomes from a team perspective, Start working on close-out the day the contract is signed, Be organized and excel at Time Management.

s yste m s

Subcontract Pre-Qualification, No sub on site without an executed subcontract and compliance

docs, Trust the process, Be accountable to the process and structure, Use the system to be better at everything, OSHA compliance, Hold safety meetings.

P rofessi ona li s m

Be on time, Quality oriented, Consistent outcomes, Financially stable, High Emotion-

al Intelligence, Understand clients expectations, Communicate at a high level, Professional appearance (you represent Bay to Bay).

E x perti s e

Always learning, Learn from others experiences, Be accurate, Use data to manage effectively,

Engage vendors & subcontractors to solve issues, Be a leader, Lean on others expertise “he who is good at everything is good at nothing”.

C ommun i cat i on

Proactively Communicate (Sundown Habit), Open door policy, No gossip, Be

available, Focus, make time for others and avoid distractions, Be honest (good news or bad news), Be accountable, Understand others personalities and communicate accordingly.

T ea mwo r k

Utilize the team’s experience, Subs and vendors need to be successful for our success, Partner

with the supply chain at all levels, Build relationships at all times, Empower team members, Train and mentor, Reward team performance and proper behavior, Cooperate, collaborate, combine strengths, Support the field and each other.


is our email collaboration system to keep both the field and office staff schedules in sync avoiding conflicts or overlap in communication.

at the field andcan be viewed at

decisions and work by bringing all

any time. Photos, daily logs, safety

your team’s communication together.

ProCore is our Project

logs and drawing logs can all be

Slack gives everyone a shared

Management and Bidding Cloud

accessed via our cloud system

workspace where conversations

Based Software program. Some

keeping the field supervision on

are organized and accessible while

features include: Scheduling, Plan

the same page as the office

keeping your team coordinated and

Management, Change Order, RFI’s,


working faster, all within the context

Submittals, Drawing Logs, Daily

of your conversations.

Photos, Daily Logs with Weather

Teem is an all-in-one conference

Updates, Safety Logs, Punch List

room scheduling program,

Comdata is an innovative payment

Reports, Request for Bids & Bid

allowing users to reserve a

application solutions, designed to

Status Tracking. Procore offers data

meeting room for a particular time

integrate fully with the most common

backup storage and file sharing

and location. Ensuring the meeting

financial systems and enterprise

system we utilize to maintain a

room you book has the tools

resource planning (ERP) software.

collaborative working forms system.

you need with enough room for

Comdata offers real-time control and

everyone. With the mobile app, you

management of purchases made

iPads/Tablets are utilized

can quickly find and book the room

by employees on behalf of your

in the field and issued to all

when you’re away from your office

business, empowering immediate

superintendents allowing access

or your computer.

decisions that can drive cost management.

and direct communication with the office Project Managers.

Slack builds a searchable archive

Information is readily accessible

of your team’s conversations,


To be the Construction Firm of choice


Communicate with team on issues before the sun goes down forthe day


P r oac t i v e H ab i t Begin with the end in mind and succeed on purpose

Jobsi te H ab i t

Know within 5 minutes of being on a job if it’s on schedule and on budget


Bay to Bay Properties is committed

applicable to their scopes and

to ensuring a safe and healthy

performance. Injury and illness

workplace for all workers as well

losses from incidents are costly

as clients, visitors and members of

and preventable.

the public. Project Managers and


site superintendents are key in

Bay to Bay Properties is continually

implementation and oversight of

developing a PREVENTION

our regulatory compliance, safety

based safety program for its

and health program to support

subcontractors. Using multiple

subcontractors in maintaining safe

elements of industry best practices,

working conditions on every project.

active project site inspection

Compliance with the Federal OSHA

programs, subcontractor vetting

At the core of Bay to Bay’s

(Occupational Safety and Health

and support programs as well as

philosophy is the recognition that its

Administration), and various state

predictive indexing of collected

people are the organization’s most

managed OSH compliance plans

data, we are focused on continuing

valuable assets. From ownership,

is the established Bay to Bay

to develop a ZERO INCIDENT

through management all the way

Properties operational minimum.


to each subcontractor on our project sites, ensuring a SAFE and

Subcontractors are contractually

healthy working environment for all

obligated and operationally

personnel is the highest priority.

required to be proactive to achieve and maintain these standards as


17th Fastest Growing Company in Tampa Bay (2017)

Best Places to Work – 4th Place for Big Category (2016)

33rd Fastest Growing Company in Tampa Bay (2016)

234th Top Contractor on Gulf Coast 500 (2016)

16th Fastest Growing Company in Tampa Bay (2015)

23rd Fastest Growing Company in Florida (2014)

4th Fastest Growing Company in Tampa Bay (2013)

9th Fastest Growing Company in Florida (2013)



At Bay to Bay, we strive to create a culture that is Win:Win. A Winning environment that is good for the business and good for the people. Team work and collaboration are not just words, they are the core values that direct our thinking, systems, and jobsites. This compilation is a snapshot of “The Bay to Bay Way”.


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