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Schmovie Ages 8 and up 3 or more players, $19.95 ZIP IT Ages 7 and up 2 players, $12.99

No movie trivia, just laughs. In this game of creativity, imagination, and laugh-out-loud fun, players strive to invent funny titles for made-up movies based on a film genre combined with an outlandish premise. What would you call an action film about a killer sandwich? Rye Hard? Beauty and the Beef? Despicable Meatballs? A fun party game that can be enjoyed by the family or just the adults after the kids go to bed.

Great when traveling, ZIP IT is a two-player word race game. Take 12 cubes and race against your opponent to build a word grid. Points are counted on the carrying case (via the zippers), and the first person to 10 wins. Rounds can be played anytime, anywhere, and in as little as 20 seconds.

Wink Ages 8 and up 4 to 8 players, $14.99 This fun party game promises to deliver “crazy laughter, awkward stares, and a healthy dose of paranoia.” Players strive to collect points by covertly winking at their secret partner (which changes each turn) without being detected by the other players. Catch someone in the act of winking and you can use an Accuse Card to steal his or her points.

Crazy Legs Ages 4 and up 2 to 4 players, $11.99 Not all board games require sitting at a table. With Crazy Legs, families can stay active and have fun. Each space on the game board represents a new physical challenge where players can jump, twist, shake, and exercise their way to victory! 

Spot It! Shopkins Ages 5 and up 2 to 8 players, $12.99 The popular Spot It! series takes on the also-popular Shopkins tiny toy franchise in this game in which there’s a match between every two cards. Which player will be the first to spot it?

Sneaky Cards Ages 12 and up 1 or more players, $8.99 Spread art and intrigue to an unsuspecting public with a game that encourages you to “Play It Forward.” Inside each box is an interactive scavenger hunt that will inspire creativity and reward audacity. Take a selfie with a stranger, create a collaborative doodle, become a flash mob of one. Complete each objective and then pass the card along to an unwitting accomplice, who now becomes part of the game!

The Reading Game Ages 4 and up, $34.95 2 or more players Parents and teachers can boost skills for emerging or struggling readers with The Reading Game, a mix of fast-action memory card game, picture flashcards, and storybooks that builds confidence and reading enjoyment — frustration-free. BAYSTATEPARENT 33