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your battles and above all remember take care of yourself first. The rest will come naturally.

like Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James, for strength. “The amount of energy and emotion these women had just blows my mind,� she said. “It was just them and a microphone and one take, and they had no choice but to do it and get it right.� And one take, she agrees, is all any of us have to get it right.

9. No one would guess: I am a Trekkie (The original Star Trek and the next gen).

“It was this awesome process of allowing myself to dream again,� Noel Nickerson says.

Amanda Roberge is a freelance writer and mother of three girls who muses online at

Take 15 with Noel 1. I am the queen of: Creating. 2. Three words to describe my family: loud, fun and unpredictable 3. Best part of my day: I try to spread the best throughout the whole day. 4. We love going to (places in Massachusetts): Otter River State Park in Winchendon, Lamb City in Phillipston, Boston to bum around and anywhere there is great live music to be heard.

10. What’s next? Now that I can cross the Voice off my bucket list, I shall devote myself to the religion of the Blues and become Sabrina Jones, and with the Juggernauts backing me up–some serious blues fun will begin! 11. There’s no such thing as: Perfection... seriously...give that up! 12. Everything I know about being a good parent, I learned from: Trial and Error... Rosanne (the television show) and my Grandmother. 13. Best things about the town where I am raising my children: It’s got a small town feel and we are 20 minutes away from everything. 14. My children always tell me: I love you, too, Mom.

where they are because that’s where they choose to be, making a change is as easy as making a choice.

5. If I could only listen to one album for the rest of my life, it would be: Oooh Tough one...what is the grey area here? Today I would go for a box set of Etta James.

7. What I miss from when my kids were little: Everything from folding their laundry, the fights, those sweet moments when you hear them all doing something

6. I always tell my children: People are


constructive (the house is too quiet sometimes), but in the big picture, things are right where they are supposed to be, so I take a deep breath and let that sadness pass. 8. A message for other moms: RELAX! Stop and smell the roses, pick and choose

15. Biggest challenge my family faces: I got nothing, but the usual....the economy, healthcare, environment, blah blah...How wonderful is that? Seeing the good in what moms do is what our monthly “Moms Rock� feature is all about. Tell us about an inspiring mom you know:

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September 2012 baystateparent Magazine  

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