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Hark! These 6 Fruit Trees You Can Easily Grow In Florida While Florida is much known for its citrus including lemons, oranges and grapefruits, the warm winter and heavy rainfall in the state prove to be ideal weather for many exotic fruit trees, plants and shrubs. This post unfolds 6 tropical fruit trees plants that can be grown easily and quickly in any corner of the sunshine state of Florida. 6 Tropical Fruits That Grows Faster in Florida 1. Jackfruit – It produces the largest size of fruit in the world. When it is unripe, it can be used in preparing of a meal in form of a vegetable. And the ripe fruits of this tree taste like banana, and widely used in making process of jelly, ice-cream and chutney. Compared to other tropical fruit trees Fort Myers, it requires less maintenance and has good immunity from salty land. 2. Mango – Time span between May and September is the season of ripe Mango across Florida. The state is known for planting and harvesting world’s best mangoes for over a century now. Mango tree may be small to medium in size, approximately 15 feet in height. Not all varieties of mango are grown true from seed, some are grafted.

3. Lychee – This tree is native of Asia and China, but many residents and nurseries across southwest of Florida have seen planting it. Lychee tree needs high amount of water for better growth, specifically when it produces fruit. Moreover, it has high tolerance capacity against frost compared to other tropical fruit trees. Contrary to this, it has low salt tolerance. There are many varieties of Lychee plants available in the Asian markets,but Brewster and Mauritius are best suitable for Florida climate. A large tree of Lychee, around 40 feet in height, needs well-drained soil and effective wind protection. It produces fruits after 3-5 years in late May through early July.

4. Avocado – For all Florida gardeners, Avocado is a perfect choice for tropical fruit tree. It is medium sized tree, approximately 20 feet in height. It can be planted anytime in June through January, and it takes around a year to get fruit. Avocado needs welldrained soil for successful growth.

5. Tamarind – Native to Latin America, Africa and some other parts of the world, the tamarind tree is also grown in southern Florida. It needs hot tropical climate to grow properly and fruits arrive in both dry and wet season. For those not aware, tamarind is also grown as shade trees Fort Myers, Florida. it can be best grown in gardens, parks, backyards and alongside the roads. It has high tolerance for wind, drought and infertile soil. Its fruit ‘pod’ is very smooth in touch and often used in making process of candies. The fruiting season for tamarind is February to May, but you can find its paste all year round in stores.

6. Sapodilla – Also known as Manilkara Zapota trees, the sapodilla trees are native of Bahamas and are brought to Florida in the 1800s. It is also native of the Yucatan peninsula and planted the tropical landmass of Asia and America. It is a great choice of fruit tree for home gardeners. Its fruits are sweet in taste and soft in touch. They smell beautiful when completely ripe.

In light of the discussion, it can’t be said that it is the end of the list of tropical fruit trees that can be best grown in Florida, as there are many more trees including guava, banana, Jaboticaba, Japanese plum, Barbados cherry, Papaya, Muscadine Grapes, etc.

Hark! these 6 fruit trees you can easily grow in florida  

While Florida is much known for its citrus including lemons, oranges and grapefruits, the warm winter and heavy rainfall in the state prove...

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