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My history of life

My name: Jhon Bayron Saldarriaga Londoño

Institucion Educativa Colombia

Teacher: Sonia Lopez

Grade 10º1


My This History This one is my history, this one treats herself about everything through what I have lived from my past, my present and my future. I was born on June 7, 2002 in the clinic meadow Medellin, at 10:27 A.M, it was very small, they left my mom to in rest until 6 p.m., at 4:00 P.M my mom I call my dad in order that out for us, the very satisfied one was with a friend up to the clinic; We come to house at 8:00 is called A Greengage was helping very much my mom, to look after myself and to wash my small clothes. When it had nine months my dad and my mom they decided to obtain theirs quota in a day-care center of Familiar Well-being, in order that my mom could work. My aunt or because the teacher called Ana was living near my house, it was very nice and was offering to myself a good care to my together with my companions, often it was going for my up to my house to remove to the day-care center, every day they us were guarding a rich and nourishing breakfast, then it was teaching us many songs, games, was teaching us to speak, to distinguish the colors, also it was teaching us to see types of animals by means of books and other things, then it was devoting the lunch to us and the teacher was putting to play with my companions, and since I was so small I still had it slept, then me. On having happened the time until I was four years old could write, distinguish colors and many things more, to the last thing he was feeling me bored and did not want to return because my companions were very much major mas at the time they were going already to his colleges to begin pre-school, at the time I also wanted to go out of the day-care center to begin pre-school, at the time my mom obtained his quota in the college the Rosary. I touch myself in a private college, because especially they did not get me for my age of only 4 years, there it me was OK in almost all the matters: In this December the child Dios brought a bicycle, and very satisfied I was travelling in her and my mom was going out behind running and he was guarding it in a parqueadero near where he was studying, until certain day in the bicycle me accident, shocks me against a post of energy and I me beat the nose and my elbows: My mother asked for help and in these moments I happen a lady and it took me while my mother was detaining a motorcycle to remove to the hospital, she very distressed in the hospital I call my dad in order that it was taking to myself the document of identity and clothes it cleans because my uniform was very dirty and full of blood; when my father I come immediately they sent me for Throw strikes the chin; immediately they happened to me for urgencies and my very distressed father I call my mother, and when she I come they had me in observation with medicines and I list in order that the points were putting me, after this accident I took laziness to the swimming and did not want to return.

Also I had a dog called Yogi this dog in this time was like the half of my being, always it was playing with him the majority of time also it was to his side, we us wanted one to other one, but the last time that I played with him was one day that takes it to me where my uncles and any step when we were playing, already was late it was more or less 8:00 PM to we were in the court of the house and were traversing for everything the court, until the dog began to cough and I thought that I was normal, for being tired then sat down and extract water, then I went away to sleeping, to say following the dog it was not for the house and I went to look for it with my uncles and ms parents but we did not see it for any side, until my uncle appeared to a ravine that existed more under the house and there it was where we saw dead Yogi, My uncle I extract it of the hollow to see if it was alone struck but it was not like that, and very sad I for the loss of him, cry and from that day I have not wanted to have any more pets not to have to return to suffer as lost anyone When I finish the year I was promoted for the first degree, but as the economic situation it was difficult they looked for theirs quota in the college Colombia. In the first degree and second me was OK, my mom was taking me every day to the college, sometimes walking and sometimes in motorcycle, when already the same thing was in third party and in this time my mom was employed at a restaurant here at Girardota and my dad and an aunt called Cristina they me were taking care. My aunt was extracting me to walking or to playing in the field that exists near my house, and certain day in in lot of the house of my grandmother I was a few keys of small padlock, and my aunt said to me that it should throw them and I did not want to make it, at the time she was going to take them from me and in order that she was not finding them I got them to the mouth, and for running in order that my aunt me was not reaching the keys they me went away and one swallows them; when it comes to the house very scared, I was giving to tell him my father, they happened two hours and I silently, when 6 P.M came near approach my father and I told him all the truth since I started feeling stomachache, and clear at once I take Comfama to myself where the doctor and it calls my mother in order that he was accompanying us. And the doctor I check myself and I me programmer a few X-rays, when we come to the house. Finish the third degree and I was promoted to the degree 4 ยบ in the same college, it was an excellent year without accidents and without problems, when already it was in 5 ยบ more or less to half of year, certain day was going for the bath and two children were fighting and I try them to separate but they continued, one of them said to his mother that I had struck them and I put the head to the sanitary one, the following day this lady I take the son to the college and I was sat hoping that they were opening the door of the college to enter, when the child saw me I distinguish myself and this lady approached and gave to me a blow in the face and I fell very annoyed to the floor. This lady went away and two companions entered me to the college where the coordinator I call my acudiente, in order that out for me, this time my dad touches me, turned me to leading to the hospital and the doctor sent me where the ophthalmologist, when I

remove where, he said to me that I had struck my gelatine of the eye, I saw very blurry for 8 days, my mom I demand this lady and they prohibited her to approach me and said to him that very badly done for improper that like that the problems do not solve that if this it was the example that son was giving him to du. My very furious mother did not do anything to him to give itself a good example to me. My mother always was helping myself to degree º I advise myself and he said to me that already I was not going away to continuing helping with the tasks in order that I was learning to have more responsibility, and this way he was I I learned to defend only, though in this degree I me would be going to regulate because already he was not an alone teacher for all the matters if not that was a teacher for house matter, but for the second period I mate and it started me going very well like in primary as in the previous degrees. In the degree 7 º knew many persons and had disadvantages with several of them and also with a teacher but in this year it had a trip prepared for San Andrés and was more attentive in classes in order that it me was OK and did not have to be thinking while it was walking on the college, also when it was going to travel was the first time that was mounting in plane together with my mother since to my father an accident happened days before the trip, he broke the ankle in several parts and because of it it could not travel. When the day of the trip came near we had to get up early at 4 a.m. A.M to be in the airport of Rio Negro at 6:30 A.M that was the flight. When we come to San Andrés my mother I call my father to say to him that we were nice, in this then my aunt was taking care of my dad, already later we begin to enjoy the trip, I knew many islands and also favorite places of many tourists some of them were: The aquarium, Cave Morgan, Hole Blower, Aquarius, Isla Rocky Cay, etc. Also mount by ship and in boat for the first time. After returning my dad already was in house and screws put him in the ankle, later I continued studying and solve my problems that it had in the college. In the same year in July I broke the hand while it was playing football, it happened in hours of the night, 20 minutes after it happened I come to my house and I told to my parents what had happened to me, they at once took me where a lady in order that the hand was petting, she I get accommodated the bone and it bandaged me, thanks to her without mattering that it was fractured it could write. I was bandaged two months and day for half a VAT where the lady Rosalba in order that it was doing massages and therapy to myself; she was saying to myself that

already she was nice though I was feeling sorry very much, to the return of three months after the accident my parents decided to take me where the doctor of sura and it gave the order to me for the X-rays, and for an appointment with the orthopedist, the day of the X-rays appeared that already the bone had knit but that I remain a bit crooked and the orthopedist said to me that already there was nothing that to do, that to the return of eight months the pain would eliminate and this way it was. In 8ยบ it me was OK and it was satisfied because my parents were programmed to buy a motorcycle for the service and transport of us themselves and I learned with facility to handle it. But my father gave him it impedes and simultaneously fears since one day fell and did not want to return to handle, and they could not give me the pass of minor, then they decided to sell it and we stay again without transport. I end this year without innovations and I was promoted to the ninth degree and in spite of the fact that I him was contributing enough to my breast arranging house, kitchen and I have been responsible enough in the study and my parents propose me that if I give them good performance in the college they were giving me a bicycle that I wanted and this way it was, I gave the better thing of my all the year round and they gave me a bicycle at the time I negotiate the one that had and let's achieve it to sell, and thanks to this money let's buy myself some tennis and a few vests to put on in December and very satisfied for that it was mounting very much in her. At the vacations of December, 2016 I began to be employed in a time to be able to buy and to spend my things with my own money since my parents I get tired of asking for so much money them, it was working only 5 daily hours and they were paying me every day only it was touching itself chochar it is to take adobes for a few corridors. If it was tiring but was very bearable and like that it was like a pass every December working, and ultimately buy me 2 vests thanks to this money In this year 2017 I began very encouraged in the college and started training. One day I played a party of mike football and last Friday, the 10th of February fell and received a blow in the same hand and again fracture, the coordinator of the tilt took a motorcycle and I remove to Girardota's hospital, and there the secretary I call my parents and they were to see that I had passed and I being in rest they came very distressed, the doctor said to them that they had to send me for Medellin to a few X-rays of this arm, and in the morning the reference went to the clinic IPS Cordova, we come at 5 A.M And rapidly they attended to me and then they sent me where the orthopedist in the clinic of fractures, and the specialist said to me that I do not need surgery to it did to me a surveyor's pole that hurt me very much to be able endearment the arm, they placed

theirs plaster and it bandages and I have been distressed because I cannot write this time. I am a very comprehensive person and they are very respectful with the majority of persons, but also I like that they treat me well and when already it is chatting I am not interested what they say to me. Neither I like that they insult me since I think that nobody would like that they do it to him, because this can affect very much the psychology of many persons Many persons also have said that if I am still like that of respectfully and of collaborator to the needy ones it me can be OK in my future, since the majority of persons who are like that they was lacking nothing. I visualize my future when I finish the baccalaureate to start studying and this way being able to have a good future, already be with house, an own transport already be motorcycle or car. Also I think him to help very much my parents with the obligation of the house, also to have family to give him very much taste and to go out to walk. My major dream serious to be able to be living in another country and also to have my own workshop of mechanics of motorcycles for power like that live calmer while I have my days of rest. I think to achieve this stopping studying and without leaving myself to guide for bad steps, also I would like to be a professional in systems engineering and mechanic.

My this history  

My name is Jhon Bayron Saldarriaga Londoño

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