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Christmas Season in Bayreuth

Tourist-Information: Opernstraße 22, 95444 Bayreuth, Tel. 0921/885-88, E-Mail: Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 9 am – 7 pm, Sat 9 am – 4 pm – additionally: May – October Sundays and Holidays 10 am – 2 pm

Where was the Guesthouse Angermann? Who was Malvida von Meysenbug? What is it with the Grail bells? You get answers to these and many other questions about Richard Wagner, on The Walk of Wagner.

You can experience Richard Wagner‘s Bayreuth from Villa Wahnfried to the Festival Theatre!

Tourist Information: Opernstraße 22, 95444 Bayreuth, Tel. 0921/885 88

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B ay r e u t h – C u lt u r e , N at u r e & P l e a s u r e

Welcome to Bayreuth Bayreuth is world-famous because of Richard Wagner and the Bayreuth Festival. However, it was the Prussian King‘s daughter Wilhelmine, who characterized the city of Bayreuth with great attractions such as the UNESCO World Heritage: The Margravial Opera House, various castles and Garden Arts. Providing the best conditions for the State Landesgartenshau Bayreuth 2016. The Wilhelminenaue (Wilhelmine meadows) between the Eremitage and the city centre are being turned into a green and flowering paradise. Up to today it is the largest Bavarian Horticultural Exhibition to take place in Bayreuth under the motto „Music for the Eyes“: Discover Bayreuth of Garden Arts and Music We warmly welcome you!

Index Information about the City, City guides, Accommodation service, Conference Service, Leisure activities, Package deals Bayreuth Marketing & Tourismus GmbH Tourist-Information Opernstraße 22, D-95444 Bayreuth Tel. +49 (0) 921 885-88 · Fax +49 (0) 921 885-755 ·

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Bayreuth – Culture, Nature & Pleasure Our Offers

Garden Arts and Landesgartenschau 2016

UNESCO World Heritage and Wilhelmine’s World

Bayreuth with its Margravial Castles and Garden Arts Parks has unique sites for hosting the Landesgartenshau 2016. The Hofgarten, the Eremitage, the Fantaisie Palace and Sanspareil, are parks of European Rank and places that you should visit. Information:

Margravine Wilhelmine made Bayreuth into a prestigious centre for arts and culture. The New Castle and the Eremitage are Pearls of the Baroque. The Margravial Opera House is the most magnificent building of this period. The Opera House, now a World Heritage Site, is considered to be the best preserved Baroque Theatre in the world.


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Bayreuth – Wagner City

Experience Bayreuth – All year round

Bayreuth became internationally famous as the Centre of the works of Richard Wagner. „Living world culture“ is the term that describes the Bayreuth Festival and the legacy of Richard Wagner. Re-opened with the new designed and extended Richard-Wagner-Museum in the Villa Wahnfried, the unique Festival Theatre and the Walk of Wagner, the Richard Wagner‘s Bayreuth is an experience for each and everyone. That is Bayreuth Wagner City!

It is always worthwhile to visit Bayreuth no matter on what occasion or at what time of the year. Visit one of the over 25 museums, retrace the steps of Franz Liszt, Jean Pauls and the Romance or book a guided tour with the Bayreuth Night Watchman. Experience Jewish past and present or get into the Christmas mood in one of Upper Franconia’s´ most beautiful cities.



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Bayreuth and it’s Beer

Experience Bayreuth – All year round

Bayreuth has a long tradition as a City of Beers. The region is world champion with it´s high density of breweries. Over 200 breweries BREW around 1,000 beer specialties – that is nowhere else to be found! Discover culinary varieties on one of our guided Beer Tours or one of our package deals.

Historical cities in the area, the scenic location between the forested Fichtelgebirge and the romantic Franconian Switzerland, as well as several thermal spas makes Bayreuth the ideal starting point for tours and excursions. With the old cities of Bamberg and Regensburg, the Residence of Würzburg, the Limes, the Wartburg, Weimar (2 x) or Prague (2 x) nine UNESCO World Heritage sites can be reached on a day’s trip.


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C i t y To u r s / Th e m e To u r s

Garden Arts & Landesgartenschau Bayreuth 2016 Our Offers

Landesgartenschau Bayreuth 2016 1,5 – 2 Hours

Discover the newly created Park of the Landesgartenschau Bayreuth 2016 in the upper meadows of the re-designed River Main that takes you on a scenic journey. The largest area for a Bavarian State Garden Exhibition. Special highlights of the garden show are the various garden cabinets, which were modelled after the Margravine Wilhelmine artworks created in the Castles and Parks of Bayreuth. Group price plus admission fee Landesgartenschau € 14,- per person (reduced group price)

€ 80,-

Garden Art in Central Europe

About 1,5 Hours Bayreuth provides a variety of green areas and parks to linger and relax together with its cultural attractions. In addition to the baroque garden art sites of the Margravine, that highlights the garden architecture of the 18th century, parks such as the Festival Theatre Park or Röhrensee Park with fancy flower arrangements and rare shrubs are also outstanding. On this guided tour you can visit a park of your choice. However, a second park can also be visited if desired. A program can be arranged according to your wishes. Group price *

First German Garden Art Museum, Castle and Fantaisie Park

€ 70,-

Tour Ecological Botanical Garden 1,5 Hours

3 Hours We will visit the first German Garden Art Museum in the Fantaisie Palace, which is dedicated to the history of garden architecture in Central Europe. There you can learn about the various style epochs of garden design from the middle age to modern time. These design principles and design elements, garden plants and garden use is at the heart of the interactive Exhibition. Afterwards we will visit the historical Park Fantaisie with its original design elements from three important development phases of garden art (Rococo, Sensitivity and Historicism). Group price *

Garden Art and Public Parks

€ 110,-

The Ecological Botanical Garden (ÖBG) is a facility at the University of Bayreuth and will also be an attraction of the Landesgartenschau 2016. During this tour you will see a garden of useful plants, around 12,000 species of different vegetation types outside as well as in green houses. Stroll through tropical vegetation, forests and prairies of North America, the Mountains of the Himalayas, the Steppe of Asia or the Heaths of Europe and learn about their biological and ecological connections. Contact: Tel. 0921 552961, Group price

€ 55* see page 12

6 Infos +49 (0) 921 885-88

C i t y To u r s / Th e m e To u r s

Our Offers

Wilhelmine’s World 3 Hours

UNESCO-World Heritage &

Wilhelmine’s World

The Prussian Princess Wilhelmine of Bayreuth promoted arts in a big way: She had the Neue Schloss built with its Trellis - and Laubenzimmer (a room with leaf and branches patterned walls), a special feature of the Bayreuth Rococo. That and the Bayreuth Faiences Museum will be visited. Because of Wilhelmine´s passion for theatre, Bayreuth owns the most fascinating Court Theatre in Europe. In July 2012 the Margravial Opera House was awarded the title of World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Please NOTE: Only restricted parts of the opera house can be visited due to extensive renovation in 2015 and 2016. The Royal box is accessible as well as an interesting exhibition in the Foyer of the building about the house and the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The full re-opening is planned for 2017. Group price *

€ 110,-

Entchanting Eremitage 2 Hours Take a walk through the historical Park, a Garden Art of European importance, see the fairy tale like Orangery with Apollo, the God of the Muses, and the crowned Sun Temple. The walk takes you to the upper and lower caves with water fountains playing games. On request the Old Castle with the State rooms and private chambers of the Margravine Wilhelmine can also be booked (Duration then 3 Hours). Group price *

€ 78,-

Historical Bayreuth 2 Hours During our city tour you can experience the historical City and see the most important monuments: The UNESCO World Heritage Margravial Opera House, the New Castle, the Hofgarten and Villa Wahnfried. At the end we climb the Castle Tower from the 16th century where you can enjoy panoramic views of the Festival Theatre and across to the Fichtelgebirge Mountains. Group price *

€ 78,-

Historical Bayreuth, Festival Theatre (outside) or the Eremitage 3 Hours Additionally, you can visit the historical City see the Richard Wagner Festival Theatre or the Eremitage, a unique Garden Art Park on the outskirts of the city during this tour. Group price *

€ 110,* see page 12 7

C i t y To u r s / Th e m e To u r s

Our Offers

Tour of the Festival Theatre

Bayreuth – Wagner City

About 45 Minutes During the tour of the Richard Wagner‘s Festival Theatre you can see the Memorial stone in the Foyer that was erected for the opening of the first Bayreuth Theatre Festival in 1876. King Ludwig II funded the building. Other points of the sightseeing tour are the Auditorium, the orchestra pit and depending on an opportunity an exceptionally held rehearsal, on the stage of the famous Festival Theatre. Price per person incl. admission fee Festival Theatre *

€ 6,-

By less than 12 persons / per group: e 72,plus e 20,- foreign language guide if requested

Villa Wahnfried – Richard Wagner Museum About 1,5 Hours

After several years of renovation and extension, the newly designed Richard-Wagner-Museum is regarded as one of the most important Museum projects of the present. During your tour you will visit the Villa Wahnfried, which is now dedicated to the life of Richard Wagner in Bayreuth. The tour also includes a visit of the exhibition of his works, effects and the history of the Bayreuth Festival in the new building located close to the Hofgarten. Group price*

€ 80,-

City Tour with „Richard Wagner“ 2 Hours

Accompanied by „Richard Wagner“ you can discover the historical City centre, visit the historical Museum, climb the Castle Tower up to the Tower Room, see the Villa Wahnfried with the tomb of Cosima and Richard Wagner. „Richard Wagner“ humorously tells many interesting facts about the history of the city. Group price *

€ 110,-

In the footsteps of Richard Wagner 2 Hours

This guided city tours takes you to the original locations in Bayreuth of the famous composer, you can learn a lot of interesting things about the life of Richard Wagner and his contemporaries. See the Villa Wahnfried, the Grave of Richard Wagner, the Hofgarten, the New Castle and Margravial Opera House. Group price *

€ 110,* see page 12

8 Infos +49 (0) 921 885-88

C i t y To u r s / Th e m e To u r s

Experience Bayreuth - All year round

Our Offers

Piano manufacturer Steingraeber & Söhne

Franz Liszt’s footsteps

About 1,5 Hours

2 Hours

Experience live piano construction at Bayreuth´s piano manufacturer Steingraeber & Söhne. Since 1852 grand pianos are manufactured with best handicraft tradition and is one of five piano manufacturers with a worldwide 1A-Ranking up to today. You learn about the entire production stages, with their very own string spinning machine, woodwork and fine mechanics. In addition, see the famous original piano form Franz Liszts in the Rococo Hall from 1873. Information

The tour starts at the Franz Liszt Museum, where he died. He was a virtuoso pianist and composer. We continue with a walk through the garden, the Villa Wahnfried and the Tomb of Richard Wagner. On the Baroque Friedrichstraße and past the piano manufacturer Steingraeber & Söhne, it continues to the Franz Liszt funeral chapel in Bayreuth´s City Cemetery.

Group price

Jean Paul’s footsteps

€on request

Group price *

€ 110,-

2 Hours

City history for young and old On our guided tour accompanied with a costumed guide adults and children are taken on a discovery journey through historical Bayreuth. You can visit the Margravine Fountain at the New Castle, climb the Castle Tower and visit the Tower Room. There are children-friendly anecdotes about the history of the Bayreuth.

The poet Jean Paul lived and worked in Bayreuth for about 20 years. On different places of the Jean-Paul Path the work of the most successful writer of the early 19th century, has been revived. Different options are available for sections of the route, from the Rollwenzelei to the Museum, through the City centre, the old City of Meyernberg to the Fantaisie Palace and Park, in which different topics from Jean Paul works are the main theme.

Group price *

Group price *

About 1,5 Hours

€ 73,-

€ 110,* see page 12 9

C i t y To u r s / Th e m e To u r s

Experience Bayreuth – All Year round

Our Offers

Christmas Season City Tour

Tour with the Night Watchman

About 2 Hours

About 2 Hours

Book one of our Christmas tours for your group and experience one of the most beautiful cities of Franconia that presents itself very festive, especially during and for the Christmas holidays. At the heart of Christmassy Bayreuth a Christmas market (Christkindlesmarkt), and a winter village (Winterdorf) in front of the Old Castle and over 7 km long chain of lights, puts the entire historical city centre in a warm light. Have the best view of Bayreuth at Christmas time after climbing the roughly 500-year-old Castle Tower. Group price *

€ 78,-

Bayreuth – Explore without barriers 2 Hours

The Marketing & Tourismus GmbH offers numerous Night Watchman public tours through the historical city centre or in the baroque district of St. Georgen. The tours can also be booked for groups after nightfall by appointment at any time. On this tour your can accompany the Night Watchman on his walk-about of the medieval Bayreuth or visit unknown corners and fine historical treasures of the district St Gerogen. The Night Watchman tells you about the city from the times when Margravine Wilhelmine, Jean Paul or Richard Wagner lived in Bayreuth or you visit the St. Georgen Church, one of the most beautiful churches of the Margravine in Franconia. A visit to the Baroque Stiftskirche and a descent into the „underground“ of St. Georgen is also one of the highlights of this tour. Group price * only in German language

Bayreuth offers a variety of possibilities for people with a disability. People with disabilities, restricted in their mobility, visually impaired, blind or deaf, can discover the Festival City during this tour. Our guide is specially trained to cater for the needs of different groups of people with different disabilities. Group price *

€ 78,-

Jewish life in Bayreuth 2 Hours

Jewish life in Bayreuth is a tour on about 800 years of Jewish history and Jewish life in the past and present. The Jewish community was founded in the 13th century. Today, there are still about 500 members after the persecutions and deportations during the National Socialism. Dating back to 1760 the Bayreuth synagogue in the historical city centre is the oldest synagogue in Germany. In 2010 during renovation work a Genizah was found in the Attic that dates back to the 16th century. It can be seen in the Jewish cultural Centre and Museum. Group price *

€ 110,-

€ 100,-

City of Museums 2 Hours Take a guided tour to one of the 25 museums in Bayreuth. The re-designed Richard Wagner Museum, the Franz Liszt Museum, Jean-Paul-Museum, the Bayreuth Kunstmuseum with works of the 20th century, the Urweltmuseum Museum Upper Franconia or in the Guinness Book of Records excellent Maisels Brewery - Cooperage Museum belongs to the most-visited museums in the Wagner City. Group price *

on request

Bayreuth’s Pleasure Tour About 2 Hours

Bayreuth is located in the heart of the pleasure region of Upper Franconia. Nowhere else are there more breweries, bakeries and butcher shops per resident to be found than here. Over 200 breweries BREW over 1,000 varieties of beer: World record! On this tour, it is important to get a „Taste of Bayreuth“ and try some of the culinary specialties of the City and the region. The Bayreuth Beer and Bayreuth Bakery specialties are A MUST! Price per Person *

€ 15,* see page 12

10 Infos +49 (0) 921 885-88

C i t y To u r s / Th e m e To u r s

Our Offers

Maisel´s Brewery and Cooperage Museum About 90 Minutes

Experience „Beer Museum to be touched“ on this guided tour. You will see the old Machine-House, the Brewing-House and the Cooperage, left as if the Brewers just went on a lunch break. Experience the fascination of brewing at the most comprehensive beer Museum in the world. This museum is in the Guinness Book of world records. At the end of the tour, a beer tasting awaits you in the „Old bottling Area“ (Alten Abfüllerei).

Bayreuth and it’s Beer

Contact und Directions: Kulmbacher Straße 40, 95445 Bayreuth, Tel. +49-(0)921-401234, Price per Person (Minimum: 12 Personen) Students

€ 8,€ 5,-

Bayreuth’s Catacombs About 90 Minutes

The Catacombs lies deep under the Bayreuth Beer Brewery AG. A centuries-old system of rock cellars and tunnels, which original meaning is ambiguous and can´t be determined. However, fact is that beer was cooled and stored there in ancient time, because the temperature in the underground system was a constant 10 ° C all year-round. Today the catacombs host a bizarre Panoptikum of beer and city history. A beer tasting awaits you at the end of the tour. Contact und Directions: Kulmbacher Straße 60, 95445 Bayreuth, Tel. +49-(0)921-401234, Price per Person (Minimum: 12 Personen) Students

€ 8,€ 5,-

Bayreuth – Beer Coach Tour 1,5 Hours Experience an extraordinary tour through the Beer City of Bayreuth with our Beer Coachman Siggi. On his Tour he tells many stories that are all about beer. He takes you to long-forgotten Breweries and special places in the city. He also knows about the drinking habits of the celebrities of Bayreuth. He knows Richard Wagner and Jean Paul very well. So you can get to know, where the two beer lovers preferred drinking from their ‘Eichala’ (a beer-mug) and what sometimes took place there. Information und Registration: Tel. +49-(0)921-401234, Group price only in German language

€ 100,-

Bayreuth Beer Tour Get to know Bayreuth and the secrets of the art of brewing and enjoy three thematic tours, two typical Franconian beers and two snacks - and all of this for a sensationally low price. Among other things you can visit Maisels Brewery and Cooperage Museum and the Bayreuth Catacombs. All these tours are easily within walking distance – Depending on your request, on one or more days. Price per Person 11

€ 22,-

B o o k i n g s a n d I n f o r m at i o n

Information and Booking Bayreuth Marketing & Tourismus GmbH

Our service for you: • • •

Tourist-Information · Opernstraße 22, D-95444 Bayreuth Tel.: +49 (0) 9 21/88 5- 88 ·

Execution of guided tours and fascinating programs Hotel booking service Booking and executing packages

G e n e r a l I n f o r m at i o n Additional information valid for all Groups Tours

Additional valid information for all Holiday Packages

• •

The prices refer to the specified duration of the respective tours. For every extra hour there is an additional fee of € 27,- for German-speaking guides and € 32,- for foreign language speaking guides. The following additional admission fees MUST be paid per Person when visiting one or more of the following attraction(s) - Landesgartenschau € 14,- Margravine Opera House € 2,- New Castle € 4,50 - Eremitage Old Castle € 3,50 - Fantaisie Palace € 3,- Sanspareil, Oriental Building € 3,- Combination ticket: World of Wilhelmine € 10,- Festival Theatre € 6,- Richard-Wagner-Museum € 6,- Franz-Liszt-Museum € 2,- Jean-Paul-Museum € 2,- - Kunstmuseum Bayreuth € 2,- - Urweltmuseum (Primeval Museum) Upper Franconia € 2,50 - Maisel’s Brewery- und Cooperage-Museum € 5,- Bayreuth Catacomb € 5,- Castle Tower € 1,All guided tours* Bayreuth Marketing & Tourismus GmbH Number of participants max. 25 Person, a second guide will be hired by more than 25 Persons *For the Festival Theatre Tour there is a limit of max. 50 persons. PLEASE NOTE that due to the opening hours all tours that include programs to visit the Garden Art Parks and Eremitage and/or Fantaisie Castle are available during April to mid-October. Special group price(s) apply for student groups. Please contact us for further information.

12 Infos +49 (0) 921 885-88

• • •

Minimum number of participants for package offers: 15 persons (Exception: Wilhelmine & Wellness and Gentle Luxury). Additional cost for single person occupancy per / night all categories Additional night per person in a Double room in a Guesthouse in 3*-Hotel in 4*-Hotel

€ 29,€ 29,€ 39,€ 49,-

During the Bayreuth Festival at the end of July and August it is very difficult to book hotel rooms for groups in Bayreuth. We offer you accommodations in the nearby surroundings. Transfers, excursions and day trips are accompanied in the bus of the visiting Group. On request we can organize appropriate buses for your group tours. For information about the program of events of the Landesgartenshau 2016 see:

Pa c k a g e D e a l s Our Offers

Music for the Eyes I – The Landesgartenschau and Experience Bayreuth 2 Days / 1 Night

With this package deal you visit Bayreuth and the Landesgartenshau „Music for the Eyes“. Experience a tour through the historical City of Bayreuth with a guide that knows everything you need to know about the history of Bayreuth. Visit the Landesgartenshau and make your stay in the Wagner City an experience to remember.

Garden Art and Landesgartenschau Bayreuth 2016

Package: 1 night with breakfast & day ticket Landesgartenshau, City Tour Available: 22 April – 9 October 2016 Except during the Bayreuth Festival, End: July/August Price per Person in a Double room *

Guesthouse from € 59,- 3*-Hotel from € 69,- 4*-Hotel from € 79,-

Music for the Eyes II – Landesgartenshau and Experience Richard Wagner 2 Days / 1 Night

On the first day you visit the Landesgartenshau, under the motto „Music for the eyes“. On your second day learn about Richard Wagner‘s Bayreuth. Visit the newly opened Villa Wahnfried with three permanent exhibitions with all facts about Richard Wagner, his life, his Operas and his family. During the city tour on „Richard Wagners’ Footsteps explore places in Bayreuth, which played an important part in Wagner‘s life. A guided tour through his impressive Festival Theatre, that is unique in the world for its acoustics closes the program. Package: 1 night with breakfast & day ticket Landesgartenshau, City Tour „in Richard Wagner‘s Footsteps“, admission fees: Richard Wagner Museum and a guided tour of the Festival Theatre. Available: 22 April – 9 October 2016 Except during the Bayreuth Festival, End: July/August Price per Person in a Double room *

Guesthouse from € 79,- 3*-Hotel from € 89,- 4*-Hotel from € 99,-

Bayreuth Charming Gardens and Noble Parks 3 Days / 2 Nights

Discover the unique parks and Garden Art. In addition to the baroque gardens of the Margravine time, that highlights the garden architecture of the 18th century, the public Parks are out-fitted with fancy floral arrangements and exotic gardens. You can experience the beautiful green areas and parks in and around Bayreuth and enjoy the culinary diversities of the region for three days. Package: 2 nights with breakfast & 2 x dinners, Drinks NOT included, admission to the Botanical Garden, the Old Castle of the Eremitage, the Garden Art Museum. Tour of the Festival Theatre Park, Eremitage, Fantaisie Palace, Botanical Garden and a city tour „Historical Bayreuth“. Price per Person in a Double room *

Guesthouse from € 189,- 3*-Hotel from € 199,- 4*-Hotel from € 219,* see page 12 13

Pa c k a g e D e a l s

Gard en Art & Landesgartenschau Bayreuth 2016

Our Offers

Music for the Eyes III – Landesgartenschau & World of Wilhelmine 2 Days / 1 Night Experience the „World of Wilhelmine“ on the first day of your visit. The Margravine and favourite sister of Frederick the Great turned Bayreuth into a magnificent Centre of Arts and Culture in the mid18th century. You can visit Bayreuth Castles with your combo-card. The New Castle with the courtyard garden is in the city centre, the UNESCO World Heritage Margravial Opera House, the Old Castle in the Eremitage and Garden Art Museum in the Fantaisie Palace. Finish your day with a city tour: „In the footsteps of the Margravine Wilhelmine“ Visit the Landesgartenshau Exhibition to roundup the second day of your Bayreuth-Stay.

Music for the eyes of IV – Landesgartenshau and Bayreuth Culture: 500 years of German Purity 2 Days / 1 Night

Package: 1 night with breakfast & combo-card Bayreuth Castles, City Tour „On the footsteps of Margravine Wilhelmine“, day ticket: Landesgartenshau

You want to discover the variety of beers in Bayreuth and it´s surroundings? Then this offer is just for you! In addition, to the Landesgartenshau the City celebrates 500 years of ‘Purity Brewing’ and you can join us and celebrate too. On the Bayreuth Beer Tour you learn about the tradition of brewing beer and enjoy one or the other beer. Together with the City Tour the Beer Tour includes two meals in a typical Franconian Restaurant as well as visiting the Brewery Museum and the Bayreuth Catacombs.

Available: 22 April – 9 October 2016 Except during the Bayreuth Festival, End: July/August

Package: 1 night with breakfast & day ticket for the Landesgartenshau and Bayreuth Beer Tour

Price per Person in a Double Room *

Available: 22 April – 9 October 2016 Except during the Bayreuth Festival, End: July/August

Guesthouse from € 79,- 3*-Hotel from € 89,- 4*-Hotel from € 99,-

Price per Person in a Double Room *

Guesthouse from € 79,- 3*-Hotel from € 89,- 4*-Hotel from € 99,* see page 12

14 Infos +49 (0) 921 885-88

Pa c k a g e D e a l s

UNESCO-World Heritage & World of Wilhelmine

Our Offers

9 UNESCO-World Heritages Sites 6 Days / 5 Nights Around 2000 years of history also includes the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in South and Central Germany. The Wagner City Bayreuth is the ideal starting point on this four-day trip to explore nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In addition to the Margravial Opera House in Bayreuth, visit Würzburg Residence with its´ famous ceiling paintings, Tiepolos and the historical Old Town of Bamberg. From the Romans founded Regensburg and Limes. The former border fortification of the Roman Empire is on the program the following day. Weimar with it´s ‘Bauhaus’ and sites of German Classic, as well as a day trip to Prague with the Old City and the Castle Park Pruhonice are also included on this tour. Package: 5 nights with breakfast, a guided City tour of Bayreuth, Full day trip to Würzburg and Bamberg, Regensburg and Weißenburg, Weimar and Prague including Admission fees.. Price per Person in a Double Room *

3*-Hotel 4*-Hotel

from € 399,- from € 499,-

W like Bayreuth! 3 Days / 2 Nights Wagner, Wilhelmine, and World Cultural Heritage: Experience a fascinating Cultural weekend in the historical City of Bayreuth with its great attractions. Accompany a guide through the historic city centre and learn more about the famous personalities like Margravine Wilhelmine, Voltaire, Richard Wagner, Franz Liszt and Jean Paul. In addition you can enjoy the magnificent view from the Bayreuth Castle Tower to the Festival Theatre on the ‘Grüner Hügel’. A “Bratwurst” (traditional sausage in a wheat bread) lunch accompanied by a glass of “Maisels´ Weisse” beer will also give you a taste of Bayreuth. Package: 2 night with breakfast, a guided City Tour, “Bratwurst Lunch”, admission fees for the Neu Castle and World Heritage – Information Centre in the Margravial Opera House. Available: All year Except during the Bayreuth Festival, End: July/August Price per Person in a Double Room *

3*-Hotel 4*-Hotel

from € 149,from € 169,* see page 12 15

Pa c k a g e D e a l s

Our Offers

Richard Wagner’s Bayreuth 3 Days / 2 Nights In 1872, long before Richard Wagner moved to Bayreuth with his family, he had clear ideas of his Festival Theatre as well as his retirement home. He wanted his „Ring des Nibelungen“ performed in a theatre far away from any distraction and hustle and bustle of the „urban civilization“. This was not the only reason why he choose Bayreuth. During the City Tour: On the footsteps of Richard Wagner will you see many authentic Richard Wagner’s Sites in Bayreuth and be a guest in the historical restaurant „EULE“ like Richard Wagner and his contemporaries were. Package: 2 nights with breakfast, 1 x dinner, City Tour „On the footsteps of Richard Wagner”, a welcome gift and information material. Available: All year Except during the Bayreuth Festival, End: July/August Price per Person in a Double Room * Guesthouse from € 119,- 3*-Hotel from € 139,- 4*-Hotel from € 159,-

Wagner, Liszt and Romance with Music 3 Days / 2 Nights Bayreuth offered ideal conditions for the famous composer for the realization of his Festival idea. In the program „Richard Wagner Music“ is in addition to a guided city tour and a tour of the piano manufacturer Steingraeber & Söhne an exclusive piano concert with works of Richard Wagner and Franz Liszt. A backstage guided tour of the Richard Wagner Festival Theatre and the Eremitage, where King Ludwig II resided during his visits to Bayreuth with it´s unique Garden Art and castle grounds. We continue with a visit of the World Heritage Centre in the Margravial Opera House and a excursion to Fantaisie Palace and Park, where Richard Wagner lived in 1872. See the first German Garden Art Museum and Richard-Wagners´ room in the Hotel Fantaisie. Package: 2 nights with breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 x 3-course dinner, Program „Richard Wagner with Music“, Backstage-Tour Festival Theatre, Tour of the Eremitage and „Wagner, Liszt and Romance” in the Fantasie Palace and Park“ Available: May – October Except during the Bayreuth Festival, End: July/August Price per Person in a Double Room *

3*-Hotel 4*-Hotel

from € 249,- from € 269,-

* see page 12

16 Infos +49 (0) 921 885-88

Bayreuth – Wagner City

Pa c k a g e D e a l s

Experience Bayreuth – All Year Round

Our Offers

In the Footsteps of Famous Personalities

Christmas Season in Bayreuth

3 Days / 2 Nights

3 Days / 2 Nights

Experience a fascinating cultural weekend in historical Bayreuth with its great attractions and follow the footsteps of famous personalities: Margravine Wilhelmine, Voltaire, Richard Wagner, Franz Liszt and Jean Paul. Use the Bayreuth Card for visiting eight museums free of charge and enjoy a Franconia dinner with a glass of Maisels Beer!

Visit Bayreuth in the Christmas season and let one of the most beautiful cities of Franconia with its over 7 km of lights enchant you. Tune up with a glass of hot spicy wine during the visit of the Christmas market. Explore the medieval streets and climb the Castle Tower to the Tower Room with the Bayreuth Night Watchman. Certainly the best view of the Christmassy decorated city is from high above. Of course there is ample time for the extended Christmas shopping in this Package deal.

Package: 2 night with breakfast, 1 x dinner, a treat of traditional coffee and cake time, Bayreuth Card (valid for 8 Museums), City Tour, Reduced admission fee for objects of Palace Department and the Lohengrin Thermal Spa, free use of the city buses, daily newspaper, welcome present and information material. Available: All year Except during the Bayreuth Festival, End: July/August Price per Person in a Double Room *

Guesthouse from € 119,- 3*-Hotel from € 139,- 4*-Hotel from € 159,-

Package: 2 nights with breakfast, 1 x lunch, 1x dinner, a glass of hot spicey wine at the Christmas market and at the Winter Village. Night Watchman-Tour with a climb to the Castle Tower Room and what´s Christmas without a Christmas welcome gift! Available: From 1st Advent Weekend Price per Person in a Double Room*

3*-Hotel 4*-Hotel

from € 175,- from € 195,* see page 12 17

Pa c k a g e D e a l s

Bayreuth and it´s Beer

Our Offers

The Brew-Master Tour 3 Days / 2 Nights Since ancient times, Bayreuth is an excellent Beer City: Not less than 74 breweries existed in the 19th century in the City of Wagner. Today, the reputation of Bayreuth beer is legendary, and once you have tried one of “Maisel’s Weisse”, you will agree that the best beer comes from Bayreuth. You can enter the fascinating world of brewing beer, visit small breweries in and around Bayreuth and have the personal opportunity to meet a Brew-Master on the Brew-Master Tour. A visit to the most comprehensive beer museum in the World* and the Bayreuth Catacombs are a must! *Guinness-Book of World Records.

Package: 2 nights with breakfast, 2 x lunches, 1 x dinner, excursion to the Franconian Switzerland with a visit to a typical Franconian Brewery, admission fees and guided tours. Avaliable: All Year Except during the Bayreuth Festival, End: July/August Price per Person in a Double Room * Guesthouse from € 209,- 3*-Hotel from € 229,- 4*-Hotel from € 249,* see page 12

18 Infos +49 (0) 921 885-88

Pa c k a g e D e a l s

Leisure and wellness

Our Offers

Wilhelmine & Wellness 4 Days / 3 Nights The numerous castles, parks and the wonderful Margravial Opera House, the most beautiful baroque Theatre in Europe, which was added to by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, was a present from Margravine Wilhelmine to Bayreuth. You can take the E-bike to the Eremitage, visit the historical Park and Castles grounds, which captivate the attraction of it´s visitors through their uniqueness. The Lohengrin Thermal Spa built in the picturesque valley of the Roten Main (a river), is where we take you in an oasis of well-being and relaxation in the wellness area, all designed to pamper you from head to toe. Package: 3 nights with breakfast, guided City Tour in Bayreuth, admission fees for (World Heritage Site Infomation Center in the Margravial Opera House, New Castle, Eremitage, Gartenkunstmuseum, Fantaisie Palace, Lohengrin Thermal Spa incl. sauna), E-bike for 2 days, 3 x dinners and last but not least a welcome gift. Participants: Min. 6, max. 10 Persons.

Soft Luxury – Girlfriends Day in Bayreuth 3 Days / 2 Nights The world of Margravine Wilhelmine enchants even up to today: In the New Castle and the Margravial Opera House, which in the meanwhile was named by the UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage. In addition, gentle luxury in the Lohengrin Thermal Spa – a dream. A good place to relax and unwind! Package: 2 nights with breakfast, 1 x dinner in a selected restaurant in Bayreuth. A day ticket for the Lohengrin Thermal Spa with a wellness package „Zupfmassage“ (patting and kneding) and admission fees to the New Castle and the Margravial Opera House (World Heritage Centre in the foyer of building). Available: All Year Except during the Bayreuth Festival, End: July/August Participants minimun 2

Availble: April – October Except during the Bayreuth Festival, End: July/August

Price per Person in a Double Room *

Price per Person in a Double Room *

Margravine Garden & Sanspareil

Guesthouse from € 289,- 3*-Hotel from € 399,- 4*-Hotel from € 499,-

Excursions in the region We recommend a trip to one of the cultural cities or in the attractive holiday areas of the region for longer stays lasting several days. The former imperial city of Nuremberg, the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bamberg, the hiking paradise Fichtelgebirge or the romantic Franconian Switzerland are all less than an hour travelling time from Bayreuth. We will gladly organize individual trip(s) for you on request. Group price

on request

3*-Hotel 4*-Hotel

from € 229,- from € 249,-

6 Hours At the beginning you can visit the Eremitage Park. Next the Castle and the Park Fantaisie including the first German Garden Art Museum. After you visit the rock garden Sanspareil with its Oriental Building, bizarre natural rock formations and the rock theatre in the grove. In 1746, it was said that when a maid of honour (from Frederick the Great) saw it for the first time she exclaimed „Ah, c‘est Sans pareil“-“Ah, that is Unique!“ whereupon the Margrave Frederick ordered Zwernitz renamed Sanspareil. Group price *

€ 180,* see page 12 19

D i r e c t i o n s / L o c at i o n

WildfleckenOberbach Bad Neustadt RHÖN a.d. Saale Bad Bocklet

Bad Brückenau A7


Bad Rodach Bad Königshofen i. Grabfeld


Bad Steben


Bad Kissingen



Hofheim i. UFr.

Bad Staffelstein Ma

A70 R






nal Ka


Main -Do

Bad Windsheim




Lauf a.d. Pegnitz


l na










Oslo Altmühlsee

















Luxemburg Nürnberg Wien Budapest Paris Bern








Weißenburg i. Bay.



Den Haag




na u -

Rothenburg ob der Tauber







Bad Alexandersbad



Neustadt a.d. Aisch


Bad Mergentheim


Bad Berneck i. Fichtelgeb. Fichtelberg


au on




Bischofsgrün Wunsiedel











in Ma



ot er









Kulmbach Weißer




Kronach Main

in Ma









Railway Hamburg Bremen

BAB 9 BAB 9 Berlin - Munich, Exit Bayreuth Süd and Bayreuth Nord


Hannover Düsseldorf



Frankfurt Würzburg

Bayreuth Nürnberg





Hamburg Bremen

BAB 70 Schweinfurt-Bamberg-Bayreuth, Exit Bayreuth-Kulmbach


Hannover Düsseldorf Köln

Deutsche Bahn / Train

Hourly Bayreuth-Nuremberg and return with the Regional-Express.



Bayreuth FRANKEN



Nuremberg Airport 80 km


Nürnberg München

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10 24 D


Agentur f端r Arbeit


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17 Cineplex fleckle


Neues Rathaus

Ma in

Stadtfriedhof abkapelle Franz Liszt Jean Paul Grabmal

21 13


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Attractions in Bayreuth A

UNESCO World Heritage Site Margravial Opera House


New Castle




Festival Theatre


University of Bayreuth

Many hotels are located close to the city centre with its famous historical buildings and are in comfortable walking distance. LANDESGARTENSCHAUGELÄNDE 2016

Hotels in Bayreuth 1

2 Wilhelminenaue



18 20


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Hotel Bayerischer Hof ****


Hotel Goldener Anker ****


Grunau Hotel ****


Ramada Hotel Residenzschloss ****


Best Western Transmar Travel Hotel ****


Hotel Goldener Hirsch ***


Hotel Lohmühle ***


Hotel garni „Bayreuther Hof“


Hotel Bürgerreuth


Hotel Eremitage


Hotel Poseidon Bayreuth


Hotel Rheingold Bayreuth


Waldhotel Stein



Arvena Kongress Hotel ****

Haus Weihenstephan

Guesthouses in Bayreuth

Pension Zum Edlen Hirschen Gasthof Zum Herzog 18 Pension Haus zum Schlehenberg 19 Hotel-Pension Seulbitzer Alm 20 Pension Elbel 21 Gasthof Goldener Löwe 22 Gasthof Grüner Baum 23 Jean-Paul-Stüberl 24 Gasthof Kolb 25 Gasthof Zum Brandenburger 16 17 23

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