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The fascinating sandstone tunnelsystem in Bayreuth

Guided tours daily at 4.00 pm For groups any time upon prior arrangement The largest beer garden in town is next door +49 (0) 921 401 232 www.bayreuther-bier.de Kulmbacher Str. 60 95445 Bayreuth

Maisel’s Beer-Adventure-World in Bayreuth

Guided tours daily at 2.00 pm and 6.00 pm For groups any time upon prior arrangement Visit the Restaurant “Liebesbier” and our beer-shop +49 (0) 921 401 234 Kulmbacher Str. 40

www.biererlebniswelt.de 95445 Bayreuth

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196 air-conditioned rooms restaurant, hotel bar & terrace sauna & fitness area WiFi & Sky TV free of charge only 800m to city centre free bus parking next to hotel

Contact us! ARVENA KONGRESS • Hotel in der Wagnerstadt GmbH & Co. KG • Eduard-Bayerlein-Str. 5a • 95445 Bayreuth Tel: +49 (0)921 727-106 • reservierung@arvenakongress.de • www.arvena.de

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Culture, Nature & Pleasure

Welcome to the UNESCO World Heritage Site After several years of renovation and refurbishment the Margravial Opera House, UNESCO World Heritage Site and Masterpiece of Bayreuth Baroque, has been re-opened in April 2018. Dream the dream of the Margravine Wilhelmine in the most beautiful of all Baroque theatre. Wilhelmine, sister of Frederick the Great, made Bayreuth into a grand metropolis of art and culture in the 18th century. The New Palace, the Hofgarten and the Hermitage are masterpieces of Bayreuth Rococo. With the re-opening of the Opera House, the World of Wilhelmine has regained its jewel. Visit, the ‘earthly Arcadia’, with your guests and experience a Baroque World like no other, yet to be found far and wide. We warmly welcome you!


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Overview Offers

Overview Offers

Wilhelmine's World

UNESCO World Heritage Margravial Opera House

Margravine Wilhelmine made Bayreuth into a prestigious centre of art and culture. The New Palace and the Hermitage are pearls of the Baroque. The Garden Art and Parks are among the most beautiful in Central Europe.

The Margravial Opera House is the most magnificent of all buildings from Wilhelmine’s time. Since 2012, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage: After several years of renovation and refurbishment the Opera House has been re-opened in spring of 2018.

Tours Package deals

Tours Package deals

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Overview Offers

Bayreuth – Wagner City

Bayreuth and it´s Beer

Bayreuth became internationally famous as the Centre of the Works of Richard Wagner. "Living World Culture" is the term that describes the Bayreuth Festival and the Legacy of Richard Wagner. It´s possible for each and every one to experience Richard Wagner´s Bayreuth with the new designed and extended Richard-Wagner-Museum in Villa Wahnfried, the unique Festival Theatre and the Walk of Wagner. The ONLY Wagner City worldwide!

Bayreuth has a long tradition as a “Beer – City”. It´s world champion with its high density of breweries in the region. Over 200 breweries BREW about 1.000 beer specialities. The new "Maisel´s Beer-Adventure-World" brewery and restaurant servers over 100 types of beer. A world of beer experience found nowhere else! Discover culinary diversity with one of our “Beers and Enjoyment” guided tours or with one of our package deals.

Tours Package deals

Tours Package deals

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Experience Bayreuth – All Year-Around

Wellness and Leisure

Visiting Bayreuth is always worthwhile: No matter the occasion or time of the year! Visit one of our 25 Museums, retrace the steps of Franz Liszt, Jean Paul and the Romance or book a guided tour with the Bayreuth Night Watchman. Experience the Jewish Bayreuth in the past and present or get into the Christmas mood in one of Upper Franconia´s most beautiful cities.

Historical cities in the area, scenic location between the densely forested Fichtelgebirge, the romantic Franconian Switzerland as well as many thermal spas makes Bayreuth the ideal starting point for tours and excursions. With the old Town of Bamberg and Regensburg, Würzburg Residence, Limes, Wartburg, Weimar (2 x) or Prague (s x) nine UNESCO-World Heritage Sites can easily be reached in one day.

Tours Package deals

Tours, Package deals

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Tours | Wilhemine's World

Historical Bayreuth 2 Hours During our city tour you can experience the historical city centre and see the most interesting buildings: The UNESCO World Heritage Margravial Opera House, the New Palace, the Hofgarten and finally the Villa Wahnfried. At the end of the tour, on request we climb the Castle Tower from the 16th century and enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the Festival Theatre and across to the Fichtelgebirge (optional, with an additional fee: € 1, - per Person).

Group Price *

€ 80,-

Historical Bayreuth with a visit to the Festival Theatre (outside tour) or the Hermitage 3 Hours During this guided tour participants can visit in addition, to the historical city centre (see Historical Bayreuth) either the Richard Wagner Festival Theatre or the Hermitage, a unique Garden Art Park on the outskirts of the city.

Group Price *

€ 110,-

Enchanting Hermitage

Garten Art in Fantaisie Park 2 Hours Take a trip to Fantaisie in Eckersdorf and visit the historical park with its original design elements from three important development phases of garden art: Rococo, Sensitivity and Historicism. On request, you can visit the first German Garden Art Museum in Fantasie Palace, dedicated to the history of garden art in Central Europe. You can learn about the various style epochs of garden design from the Middle Age to the Modern. These design principles and elements, garden plants and garden usage is at the heart of the interactive exhibition (Duration then 3 hours). Group Price *

€ 80,-

Birken Palace – Margravial´s Minister House 1,5 Hours

2 Hours During a walk through the historical park, a Garden Art of European ranking you can see the fairy tale like Orangery with Apollo, the God of the Muses and the crowned Sun Temple. The walk also takes you to the upper and lower caves with water fountains games. On request the Old Palace with its state rooms and private rooms of the Margravine Wilhelmine can be booked for a tour (Duration then 3 hours).

The Birken Palace, built from the Margrave First Court Marshal Freiherr of Erffa from 1689-92, houses a significant collection of arts. A numerous amount of paintings is on exhibition, among others, the state portraits of the couple of Margrave Wilhelmine and Friedrich, King Frederick II of Prussia, valuable margrave private furniture, faience, a glass, silver, watch collection, hunting and arms with canons and armours collection. Contact: +49 (0)921 618-78, info@rothenbuecher-birken.de

Group Price *

Group Price *

€ 80,-

ab € 70,* See Page 19

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UNESCO World Heritage Margravial Opera House | Tours

Margravial Opera House re-opened Visit every 45 minutes as part of a multimedia show*. No guided tours. Visitors will be able to look round the opera house on their own afterwards until the next show.

Group Price *

€ 7,- per person

Groups up from 15 persons may be reserved by using a reservation form (http://www.bayreuth-wilhelmine.de). There will be a reservation fee of € 10,- (up to 50 persons) or € 20,- (up to 100 persons) maximally 6 months in advance. Opening hours: April-September: daily 9 am – 6 pm October-March: daily 10 am – 4 pm

Margravine Wilhelmine’s Footsteps 2 Hours The Prussian Princess, Margravine Wilhelmine of Bayreuth promoted arts in a grand style: Retrace the steps that she has left in Bayreuth. Learn interesting facts about her live, the historical buildings and their artistic creation. On request, you can visit the New Palace or the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Margravial Opera House (Duration then 3 hours).

Group Price *

€ 100,-

City tour with "Margravine Wilhelmine" 1,5 Hours Discover the historical city centre accompanied by "Margravine Wilhelmine", walk through the historical city centre, see the New Palace, the Hofgarten, as well as the UNESCO World Heritage Margravial Opera House (outside tour). "Wilhelmine" not only has interesting and useful information but also one or the other humorous anecdote of life at the Court of the Margraves.

Group Price *

€ 120,* See Page 19

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Tours | Wagner City

Tour Festival Theatre Approx. 45 Minutes During the tour of the Richard Wagner's Festival Theatre you can see the ‘Konigsbau’ and Memorial Stone from the pening of the Bayreuth Festival in the Foyer which was built in 1876. Other highlights of the sightseeing tour, if possible, is the auditorium, the orchestra pit and the stage of the famous Opera House. Price per Person incl. entrance fee: Festival Theatre *

€ 6,-

A fee of € 72, - will be charged for a group of less than 12 persons.

Villa Wahnfried – Richard Wagner Museum Approx.1,5 Hours After several years of renovation and extension the newly re-designed Richard Wagner Museum is one of the most important new Museums of the present. During the tour, you will visit the Villa Wahnfried, that is now dedicated to the life of Richard Wagner during his time in Bayreuth. Visit the new building at the edge of the Hofgarten which exhibits the works lasting effect on the history of the Bayreuth Festival. Group Price *

€ 60,-

Richard Wagner’s Footsteps 2 Hours This guided tour takes you to the original locations of the famous composer in Bayreuth. A lot of interesting things can be learned about the life of Richard Wagner and his contemporaries. See the Villa Wahnfried, the Grave of Richard Wagner, the Hofgarten, the New Palace and the Maragravial Opera House. Group Price *

€ 100,-

City Tour with “Richard Wagner” 2 Hours “Richard Wagner” accompanies you on a walk through the historical city centre. Visit the historical Museum, see the Villa Wahnfried with the tomb of Cosima and Richard Wagner. “Richard Wagner” has many interesting information about the history of the city and about his life which he humorously recites. Group Price *

€ 120,* See Page 19

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Bayreuth and its Beer | Tours

Experience Maisel´s Beer-Adventure-World Approx. 1 Hour This guided tour: “Beer Museum Live” shows you the old Machine-House, The Brew-House and the Cooperage, seen as if the Brewers had just left for a lunch break. Experience the fascination of brewing at the most comprehensive Beer Museum in the world. This museum is in the Guinness Records Book. Over 100 different beers are served in the "Liebesbier". At the end of the tour a variety of special beers awaits you. Contact and Directions: Kulmbacher Straße 40, 95445 Bayreuth, Tel. +49-(0)921-401234, www.biererlebniswelt.de Price per Person (mind. 10 Personen) von 6-18 Jahren

Beer-Coach-Tour Bayreuth 1,5 Hours

€ 8,€ 5,-

Bayreuth’s Catacombs Approx. 1 Hour The Catacombs, lying deep beneath the “Bayreuther Bierbrauerei AG“, is a centuries old system of rock cellars and tunnels, which has an ambiguous original meaning that can´t be determined. However, fact is that beer was stored and cooled there in former times because the temperature in the underground system was a constant 10 degrees all year around. Today the Catacombs host a bizarre Panopticum of beer and town history. You are invited to sample the beer at the end of the guided tour.

Experience an extraordinary tour with our Beer Coachman Siggi through the Beer City of Bayreuth. On this tour, he tells many little stories which is all about the barley juice. He takes you to long forgotten breweries and special places in the city. He also knows about the drinking habits of celebrities in Bayreuth. He knows Richard Wagner and Jean Paul very well. You will get to hear about where the two beer lovers preferred drinking from their ‘Eichala’ (a beer-mug) and what sometimes took place. Information & Registration: Tel. +49-(0)921-401234, www.biererlebniswelt.de Group Price

€ 100,-

Bayreuth Beer Tour

Price per Person (mind. 10 Personen)

€ 8,-

Learn about Bayreuth and get to know the secrets of the art of brewing and enjoy three thematic tours with two Franconian beers and two typical snacks for a sensationally low price. Visit “Maisel´s-Beer World” and the Catacombs. These tours are all within walking distance, depending on your request, on one or more days. www.bayreuth-tourismus.de

von 6-18 Jahren

€ 5,-

Price per Person

Contact and Directions: Kulmbacher Straße 60, 95445 Bayreuth, Tel. +49-(0)921-401232, www.bayreuther-bier.de

€ 28,50 * See Page 19

9 9

Infos +49 (0) 921 885-88

Tours | Experience bayreuth – All Year Around

The Margrave Churches City Tour Approx. 3 Hours You can visit the Margrave churches in the historical centre, Schlosskirche, Spitalkirche and the Stadtkirche, with the burial ground of the Hohenzollern which is regarded as the "Mother of all the Margrave Churches" on this guided tour. Continue in the Baroque district of St. Georgen with a visit of the Ordenskirche at the end of the tour. Group Price *

€ 145,-

The most beautiful Margrave Churches in the Region

Piano manufacturer Steingraeber & Söhne Approx. 1,5 Hours

There are over 50 Margrave churches in the region of Bayreuth. Come with us on a journey to some of the most beautiful of these churches created by Court Artists. Visit the St. Bartholomäus in Bindlach, St. Johannes in Trebgast and the Dreifaltigkeitskirche in Neudrossenfeld with an expert guide.

You can experience passion for piano at Bayreuth´s piano manufacturer: Steingraeber & Söhne. Since, 1852 grand pianos are manufactured with the best handcrafted tradition and is up to today one of the five piano manufactures with a worldwide 1A-Ranking. You learn about the entire depth of the production with their very own string spinning works, woodwork and fine mechanics. There stands the famous piano from Franz Liszt’s in the Rococo Hall from 1873. Information: www.steingraeber.de.

Group Price *

Group Price *

Approx. 5 Hours

€ 235,-

€ 96,-

During opening hours: Mon.-Fri. 10:00 am – 6:00 pm and Sat. 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

City-History for Young and Old Approx. 1,5 Hours This guided tour for children and adults, accompanied by a costumed guide goes on a discovery journey through historical Bayreuth. You can visit the Margarvine Fountain at the New Palace, climb the Castle Tower and visit the Tower Room (additional fee € 1.- per person). Accompanied with children-friendly anecdotes about the history of Bayreuth Group Price *

€ 75,*See Page 19

10 10

Infos +49 (0) 921 885-88

Experience Bayreuth – All Year Around | Tours

Franz Liszt’s Footsteps 2 Hours We begin our tour at the Franz Liszt-Museum where he died. He was a virtuoso pianist and composer. We continue with a walk through the Hofgarten, pass by the Villa Wahnfried and the Tomb of Richard Wagner. Walking along the Baroque Friedichstraße pass by the piano manufacturer Steingraeber & Söhne. From here we continue to the Franz Liszts´ funeral chapel in the city cemetary. Group Price *

€ 100,-

Jean Paul’s Footsteps 2 Hours The poet Jean Paul lived and worked in Bayreuth for about 20 years. On different places of the Jean-Paul-Path, the work of the most successful writer of the early 19th century has been revived. There is a choice of routes of the path, from the Rollwenzelei to the Museum, through the city centre, from the old city Meyernberg to the Fantaisie Palace and Park, on which the focus is on different topics from Jean Pauls´ work. Group Price *

€ 100,-

Jüdisches Leben in Bayreuth

Christmassy City-Tour

2 Hours

Approx. 2 Hours

Jewish life in Bayreuth is a tour on over 800 years of Jewish history and Jewish life in the past and present. This Jewish community was founded in the 13th century. Today, there are still about 500 members after the persecutions and deportations of the National Socialism. The Bayreuth synagogue in the historical city centre is the oldest synagogue in Germany dating back to 1760. In, 2010 during renovation work a Genizah was found in the Attic that dates to the 16th century. It can be seen in the Jewish cultural Centre and Museum.

Book our Christmas tour for your group and experience one of the most beautiful cities of Franconia that presents itself very festive, especially at Christmas time and during the Christmas season. At the heart of the Christmassy Bayreuth, the ‘Christkindlesmarkt’, and a ‘Winterdorf’ in front of the Old Palace, over 7 km long chain of lights puts the entire historical city centre into a warm atmosphere. The best view of Bayreuth at Christmas is from the 500-year-old Castle Tower. This can be optionally booked for an additional price of € 1, - per person.

Group Price *

Group Price *

€ 100,-

€ 80,*See Page 19

11 11

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Tours | Experience bayreuth – All Year Around

Discover Barrier-Free-Bayreuth 2 Hours Bayreuth offers many possibilities for handicapped persons. Persons with disabilities restricted in their mobility, severe visual disability, blind or deaf can nonetheless experience the Festival City during this tour. Our guide is optimally trained to cater for the needs of different groups of people with different disabilities.

Tour with the Night Watchman Approx. 2 Hours

Bayreuth lies in the heart of the culinary region of Upper Franconia. Nowhere else are there, more breweries, bakeries and butcher shops per resident than here. Over 200 breweries brew over 1,000 varieties of beer: World record! On this tour, it is important to get a "Taste of Bayreuth" and try some of the culinary specialties of the city and the region. The Bayreuth Beer and Bayreuth Bakery specialties are A MUST! Bookable all year around except Sundays and public holidays.

The Marketing & Tourismus GmbH offers numerous Night Watchman public tours through the historical city centre or in the baroque district of St. Georgen. The tours can also be booked for groups after nightfall with a reservation at any time. On this tour, you accompany the Night Watchman on his walk-about of the medieval Bayreuth or visit unknown corners and historical treasures of the district St Georgen. The Night Watchman tells you about the city from the times when Margravine Wilhelmine, Jean Paul or Richard Wagner lived in Bayreuth or you can visit the Ordenskirche, one of the most beautiful churches of the Margravine in Franconia. A visit to the Baroque Stiftskirche and a descent into the "underground" of St. Georgen is also one of the highlights of this tour.

Price per Person *

Group Price *

Group Price *

€ 80,-

Bayreuth’s Culinary Pleasure Tour Approx. 2,5 Hours

€ 28,50

€ 100,-

Historical Experience Tour The Watchman's Wife Approx. 2 Hours High up in the North Tower of the Gothic Stadtkirche, the watchman lives with his wife with whom you will become acquainted with during this highly amusing and entertaining guided tour. She tells the latest stories and rumours, because gossip is her specialty. Be warned that whatever you might say to her, will be immediately passed on. Because the watchman´s wife not only has a very common mouth, but an equally remarkable curiosity. Group Price *

€ 100,*See Page 19

12 12

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UNESCO World Heritage & Wilhelmine's World | Packages

W like Bayreuth – On the trails of famous personalities 2 Days / 1 Night Wagner, Wilhelmine, and World Cultural Heritage: Experience a fascinating Cultural weekend in the historical City of Bayreuth with its great attractions. Accompany a guide through the historical city centre and learn more about the personalities like Margravine Wilhelmine, Voltaire, Richard Wagner, Franz Liszt and Jean Paul. You can also enjoy the magnificent view from the Bayreuth Castle Tower of the Festival Theatre on the Green Hill (additional fee € 1, - per person). That sausage and beer belongs to Bayreuth is not the question? A “Bratwurst” (traditional sausage in a wheat bread) lunch accompanied by a glass of “Maisel’s´ Weisse” beer will also give you a taste of Bayreuth. Package: 1 night with breakfast, a guided City Tour and “Bratwurst” lunch . Available: All year around except during the Bayreuth Festival End July/August. Price per Person in a double room *

Guesthouse from € 65,3*-Hotel from € 75,4*-Hotel from € 85,-

Wilhelmine's World 3 Days / 2 Nights

Discover the unique parks and Garden Art. In addition, to the public parks with fancy floral arrangements and exotic greenery, the Baroque gardens of the Margraves belongs to the highlights of garden architecture of the 18th century. Experience the beautiful green areas and parks in and around Bayreuth and enjoy the culinary diversities of the region. Package: 2 nights with breakfast & 2 x dinners, Drinks NOT included, admission to the Botanical Garden Old Palace of the Hermitage, Garden Art Museum, Festival Theatre Park, Hermitage, Fantaisie, Botanical Garden and the city tour "Historical Bayreuth". Available: May – Mid October except during the Bayreuth Festival End July/August.

Margravine Wilhelmine, the artistic passionate sister of Frederick the Great, had Bayreuth blossoming in the 18th century. She donated numerous Palaces, parks and the most beautiful Baroque Theatre in Europe, the Margravial Opera House, that is now a UNESCO World Heritage to Bayreuth. Experience the Bayreuth of Margravine Wilhelmine. Visit the places of her life and work. Visit the New Palace in the city centre, the Old Palace in the Hermitage Museum, a park and Palace grounds that spellbound all visitors with their uniqueness, with English landscape architecture combined with elements of Baroque Garden Art and the Garden Art Museum in Fantaisie Palace. Package: 2 nights with breakfast, guided city tour Margravine Wilhelmine’s Footsteps: Palace-combi-card with entrance fee to the New Palace, the Margravial Opera House*, entrance fee and guided tour in the Old Palace of the Hermitage and Garden Art Museum in Fantaisie Palace, 1 dinner. Available: All year around except during the Bayreuth Festival End July/August.

Price per Person in a double room * Guesthouse from € 179,-

Price per Person in a double room * Guesthouse from € 129,-

3*-Hotel from € 199,-

3*-Hotel from € 149,-

4*-Hotel from € 219,-

4*-Hotel from € 169,-

Bayreuth's Charmin Gardens and Grand Parks 3 Days / 2 Nights

*See Page 19

13 13

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Packages | UNESCO World Heritage & Wilhelmine's World

9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites 6 Days / 5 Nights Around 2000 years of cultural history includes the UNESCO World Heritage Site in South and Central Germany. The Wagner City Bayreuth is the ideal starting point to discover nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites 0n four days. In addition to the Margravial Opera House in Bayreuth* a visit to the Würzburg Residence with the famous ceiling fresco of Tiepolo and the historical Old Town of Bamberg. The Romans founded Regensburg and the Limes, former border of the Roman Empire are on the programme the following day. Weimar with the Bauhaus and the sites of German classics, as well as a day trip to Prague's old town and the Palace Park Pruhonice are also included on this trip. Package: 5 nights with breakfast, a guided tour and other tours in Bayreuth, 1 day excursion to Würzburg, Bamberg, Regensburg, Weißenburg, Weimar and Prague incl. entrance fee for all tours. Available: All year around except during the Bayreuth Festival End July/August. Price per Person in a double room * Guesthouse from € 410,3*-Hotel from € 460,4*-Hotel from € 510,-

Wilhelmine – Princess on Golden Threads 2 Days / 1 Night The Bayreuth Marionette Theatre ‘Operla’ shows a play, ”Wilhelmine - Princess on Golden Threads“ worth seeing about the life of the Prussian Princess who created great things as a Margravine in Bayreuth. The scenes are accompanied by original music recordings from Wilhelmine´s original compositions. A small buffet is served at the end of the play. With the combi-card from the Palace department you have free entrance to the Old Palace in the Hermitage, Fantaisie Palace with the first German Garden Art Museum, the Margravial Opera House* and the New Palace. There you can discover the beauties and distinctive features of Wilhelmine´s residence which is part of a guided tour. www.operla.de Package: 1 night with breakfast, Ticket Marionette Theatre ‘Operla’ ”Wilhelmine: Princess on a Golden Threads“, small buffet, Palaces combi-card (*Entrance in Margravial Opera House from April 2018), guided tour of the New Palace. Available: All year around except during the Bayreuth Festival End July/August. Price per Person in a double room *

Guesthouse from € 99,3*-Hotel from € 109,4*-Hotel from € 119,*See Page 19

14 14

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Bayreuth - Wagner City | Packages

Richard Wagner's Bayreuth 3 Days / 2 Nights Long before Richard Wagner moved to Bayreuth with his family, he had clear ideas about his Festival Theatre and retirement residence in 1872. He wanted to perform "The Ring of the Nibelung" away from distraction and hustle and bustle of the "urban civilisation" in his very own theatre. This was however, not the only reason for his choice. During the tour: "Richard Wagner’s Footsteps" and in the Richard Wagner´s Museum you can see numerous authentic Wagner-Sites in Bayreuth. In addition, be a guest in the historical restaurant "EULE" where Richard Wagner and his contemporaries already dined. Package: 2 nights with breakfast, 1 dinner, City tour "Richard Wagner’s Footsteps", entrance fee and tour, Richard Wagner Museum, information material. Available: All year around except during the Bayreuth Festival End July/August. Price per Person in a double room * Guesthouse from € 119,3*-Hotel from € 139,4*-Hotel from € 159,-

Musical Highlights: Wagner, Liszt and the Romance 3 Days / 2 Nächte Bayreuth offered ideal conditions to the famous composer for the realization of his idea of the Festival. In our musical programme, additionally, to a guided city tour and a visit to the piano manufacturer Steingraeber & Söhne an exclusive piano concert with works by Richard Wagner and Franz Liszt, as well as reading of letters between the two famous composers are on the programme. Also, a tour of the Hermitage with its’ unique Garden Art and Palace grounds. King Ludwig II resided here during his visits to Bayreuth. Finally, a visit of the UNESCO World Heritage Margravial Opera House*, where Richard Wagner conducted Beethoven's 9th Symphony in 1872. Package: 2 nights with breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner, City tours: Richard Wagner and Franz Liszt Footsteps, visit to the piano manufacturer: Steingraeber & Söhne, reading of letters between Richard Wagner und Franz Liszt, a private Piano concert with works from the two composers, tour of the Hermitage and a visit of the UNESCO World Heritage Margravial Opera House*. Available: All year around except during the Bayreuth Festival End July/August.

Brew Master Tour 3 Days / 2 Nights Since ancient times, Bayreuth is a Beer City par excellence: There were no less than 74 breweries in the 19th century in the Wagner City. Today, the reputation of Bayreuth beer is legendary and if you should once try Maisel´s Weisse, you will agree too, that the best wheat beer comes from Bayreuth. Participants plunge into the fascinating world of brewing, visit small breweries in and around Bayreuth and meet the Brew Master personally. Visiting the "Maisel´s Bier-Experience-Welt"*, with the most comprehensive Bier Museum in the world* and the Bayreuth Catacombs is a MUST! *Guinness Book of Records Package: 2 nights with breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner, Excursion to the Franconian Switzerland with a guided tour of a typical Franconian Brewery, entrance fee and tour. Available: All year around except during the Bayreuth Festival End July/August.

Price per Person in a double room * Guesthouse from € 199,-

Price per Person in a double room * Guesthouse from € 165,-

3*-Hotel from € 219,-

3*-Hotel from € 185,-

4*-Hotel from € 239,-

4*-Hotel from € 205,*See Page 19

15 15

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Packages | Experience bayreuth All Year Around

The Margrave Churches in Bayreuth 2 Days / 1 Night Margrave Churches in Bayreuth from the 18th century. Enjoy Franconian specialities in a typical Bayreuth Tavern and in addition, have the optional opportunity to visit Richard Wagner's Villa Wahnfried, the New Palace or the UNESCO World Heritage Margravial Opera House. Package: 1 night with breakfast, 1 dinner, City tour: Margrave Churches, 3 hours, information material. Available: All year around except during the Bayreuth Festival End July/August. Price per Person in a double room *

Guesthouse from € 75,3*-Hotel from € 85,4*-Hotel from € 95,-

‘Eternity so close’ – The most beautiful Margrave Churches in and around Bayreuth 3 Days / 2 Nights Experience Margrave churches, Palaces and Art Gardens of the art-loving Margravine Wilhelmine in and around Bayreuth. You can visit accompanied by a guide the Schlosskirche and the Stadtkirche in the historical city centre. It´s considered "Mother of all the Margrave Churches" with the burial place of the Hohenzollern. We continue to the Baroque district of St. Georgen, where we visit the Ordenskirche. To finish up the day we visit the Hermitage a Garden Art Park of European rang with its palaces and water fountains. Dine at a typical Franconian Tavern with typical Franconian dishes. On day two we go on an excursion to the Margraves Churches in Bindlach, Trebgast and Neudrossenfeld built by great Court Artist. You can have refreshments (NOT included in Package) in the Tavern Drossenfelder Bräuwerck. Package: 2 nights with breakfast, 1 dinner, guided city tour: Margrave Churches, walk in the Hermitage, Excursion with an expert guide to the Markgraves Churches in Bindlach, Trebgast and Neudrossenfeld. Available: All year around except during the Bayreuth Festival End July/August. Price per Person in a double room * Guesthouse from € 139,-

Christmassy Bayreuth 2 Days / 1 Night Visit Bayreuth at the Christmas season and be enchanted by one of the most beautiful Franconian cities of with its over 7 km long chain of lights. Tune into the holiday season with a glass of Glühwein at the Christkindlesmarkt. Explore the medieval streets and on request climb the Castle Tower up to the Tower room with Bayreuth´s Night Watchman. You have the best Christmas decorated city view from high above. Of course, there is still enough time for extended Christmas shopping, in this package. Package: 1 night with breakfast, 1 dinner, 1 glass of Glühwein at the ‘Christkindlesmarkt’ and one in the ‘Winterdorf’. Night Watchman Tour: Optional climb to the Castle Tower (additional fee € 1,- per Person), Christmas greeting present. Available: From the first weekend of Advent until Christmas. Price per Person in a double room *

Guesthouse from € 79,-

3*-Hotel from € 159,-

3*-Hotel from € 89,-

4*-Hotel from € 179,-

4*-Hotel from € 99,*See Page 19

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Wellness and Leisure | Packages

Wilhelmine & Wellness 4 Days / 3 Nights Margravine Wilhelmine denoted numerous palaces, parks and the magnificent Margravial Opera House, the most beautiful Baroque Theatre in Europe, which was appointed to the UNESCO World Heritage to Bayreuth. The unique Hermitage, a historical Park and Palace grounds at the gates of the city. The Lohengrin Thermal Spa was built in the picturesque valley of the Roten Main. In the wellness area, where everything has been designed to pamper you from head to toe, we take you to an oasis of well-being and relaxation, let your soul take a rest and gain new energy. Package: 3 nights with breakfast, guided City Tour Bayreuth (April Sat., May-October daily 10.30 am), Entrance fee (Margraves' Opera House*, New Palace, Hermitage, Garden Art Museum Fantaisie Palace, Lohengrin Therme incl. Sauna), 3 dinners and a welcome present. Participants: At least 6 people Available: April – October except during the Bayreuth Festival End July/August. Price per Person in a double room * Guesthouse from € 240,3*-Hotel from € 270,4*-Hotel from € 300,-

Soft Luxury – Girlfriends day in Bayreuth 3 Days / 2 Nights The world of Margravine Wilhelmine is still enchanting up to today: In the New Palace and the Margravial Opera House, which in the meantime was named by the UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site. Additionally, gentle luxury in the Lohengrin Thermal Spa - a dream: A good place to relax and unwind! Package: 2 nights with breakfast, 1 dinner in a selected restaurant in Bayreuth. City Tour: “Historical Bayreuth“ (May - October: Daily 10.30 am, Nov. - April: Saturdays 10.30 am). Plus a days´ ticket for the Lohengrin Thermal Spa with a wellness package „Zupfmassage“ (patting and kneading) and entrance fee for the New Palace and the Margravial Opera House. Available: All year around except during the Bayreuth Festival End July/August. Buchbar ab 2 Personen. Price per Person in a double room *

3*-Hotel from € 229,4*-Hotel from € 249,*See Page 19

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Packages | Day Excursions

Margrave’s Gardens and Sanspareil 8 Hours First, we start off with a visit to the Hermitage Park. Next the Palace and the Park Fantaisie including the first German Garden Art Museum. A delicious lunch awaits you in the Landhaus Schönfelder Hof. After we visit the Rock Garden Sanspareil with its Oriental Building, its’ bizarre natural rock formations and the Rock Grotto Theatre. In 1746, it was said that when a maid of honour (from Frederick the Great) saw it for the first time she exclaimed "Ah, c'est Sans pareil"-"Ah, that is Unique!" whereupon the Margrave Frederick ordered that the Village ‘Zwernitz’ be re-named to ‘Sanspareil’. Leistungen: Accompanied and guided day trip including tour programme at the Hermitage, in the Palace and Park Fantaisie and in Sanspareil, lunch Landhaus Schönfelder Hof (drinks NOT included). Price per Person *

€ 60,-

Excursions in the Region We recommend a trip to one of the cities or the attractive holiday landscapes from the region when staying for several days. The Imperial City of Nuremberg, the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bamberg, the forested Fichtelgebirge, a hiking paradise, or the romantic Franconian Switzerland can be reached in less than an hour travel time from Bayreuth. We will gladly organize individual trip(s) for you on request. Group Price *

on request *See Page 19

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Service & Infos

Our Service For You: • Implementation of guided tours and excursions programmes • Hotel booking service • Booking and executing packages


City Information, City Guides, Accommodation Service, Conference Service, Framework Programmes, Package Deals

Bayreuth Marketing & Tourismus GmbH Tourist-Information Opernstraße 22, 95444 Bayreuth Tel. +49 (0) 921 885-88 . Fax. +49 (0) 921 885-755

www.bayreuth-tourismus.de . info@bayreuth-tourismus.de

Additional information valid for all group tours and travel packages: • The guide prices relate to the specified duration of the respective guides. For each additional hour €30, - additionally, for German-speaking guides and € 35, -, for foreign-language guides. • If not already included in our packages: An additional entrance fee per person and per tour MUST be paid for visiting tourist attractions (group of minimal 15 persons): ֘֘ Margravial Opera House:

€ 7,-

֘֘ New Palace

€ 4,50

֘֘ Hermitage Old Palace

€ 3,50

֘֘ Fantaisie Palace

€ 3,-


• Guided tours of the palaces and museums of the Bavarian Castles Administration are performed by staff of the Palace. The prices and conditions of the Bavarian Palace Administration apply here. • Guided tours of the Festival House can be subject to changes due to closure of the House because of rehearsals from May to September.

֘֘ Sanspareil, Oriental Building

€ 3,-

• Special Group rates apply to groups of students on request.

֘֘ Festival Theatre

€ 6,-

֘֘ Richard Wagner Museum

€ 6,-

• The minimum number of participants per packages: 15 persons (except: Wilhelmine & Wellness and Soft Luxury).

֘֘ Franz-Liszt-Museum

€ 2,-

֘֘ Jean-Paul-Museum

€ 2,-

֘֘ Maisel´s Beer-Adventure-World (at least 10 people)

€ 8,-

֘֘ Bayreuth Catacombs (at least 10 people)

€ 8,-

֘֘ Castle Tower (advance booking is required) per Person € 1,֘֘ Birken Palace: Guided tour price for up to 10 persons: € 70,and up to 25 persons: € 150,-, Tel: +49(0)921 61878, info@rothenbuecher-birken.de ֘֘ Piano manufacturer Steingraeber & Söhne: Price valid during the opening hours Mon - Fri 10:00 am – 6:00 pm and Sat. 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. Outside these hours, Mon - Fri. after 6:00 pm, Sat. from 2:00 pm and on Sundays and public holidays an additional fee of € 96, - per group. Tel: +49(0)921 64049, www.steingraeber.de ֘֘ For all guided tours (except the Festival Theatre) a max. of 25 persons. A second guide is provided for groups of more than 25 persons. ֘֘ For tours in the Festival Theatre only a max. of 50 participants are allowed


• Please note that all tours and programmes that include a visit to the Hermitage Art Garden and/or Fantaisie Garden Museum, are ONLY available due to the opening hours from April to mid-October.

• Single room supplement per night: All categories Extension night per person in a double room

€ 29,-

Guesthouse € 29,3*-Hotel € 39,4*-Hotel € 49,-

• During the Bayreuth Festival end July till August it is difficult to book hotel rooms for groups in Bayreuth. We offer accommodation outside the city in the surrounding area during this time. • Transfers, excursions and day trips by bus for Groups. We create an appropriate offer for bus trips on request. • All prices are for 2018 and subject to change for 2019

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Approach / Location Autobahn BAB 9

BAB 9 Berlin - München, Exits Bayreuth Süd and Bayreuth Nord.

BAB 70

Schweinfurt-Bamberg-Bayreuth, Exit Bayreuth-West.

Deutsche Bahn

Every hour Nürnberg-Bayreuth and return by Regionalexpress.


Airport Nürnberg 80 km.



Helsinki Stockholm

Bremen Kopenhagen London Paris

Hannover Warschau



Bayreuth Bern






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Nürnberg München


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A relaxing arrival.

A warm welcome.

Get on well.

60 destinations nonstop, a short hop to city and fair. Accessible from around the world with just one change.


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tavErn with beer garden raBEnstEin castlE guided tours + concerts

soPhiE‘s cavE guided tours

castlE hotEl rooms + events

Falconry falconry displays GEtaway dEstination The more than 800 year old Castle in the heart of Franconian Switzerland is one of the main 100 Franconian tourist attractions and one of the favourite destinations for a day trip in the region around Bayreuth.

castlE hotEl Enjoy a romantic and exquisite dinner in the Castle restaurant, have a good glass of wine in front of the huge fire place in the chimney room and spend a night in the warm elegance of the cosy hotel rooms and suites.

EvEnt location

kEts: r a M val 8 MEdiE 6. & 3.-5.8.1 9 . 1 31.5.-3 3.6. & 2.-4.8. 20.6.-2 21 21

A whole Castle - exclusively for you and your guests! Enjoy the gorgeous setting for your special day or festivity. Rabenstein Castle is the perfect place for weddings, private celebrations or business meetings and conferences.

Burg Rabenstein Event GmbH · Rabenstein 33 · 95491 Ahorntal www.burg-rabenstein.de · Tel 09202 / 97 00 44-0 Infos +49 (0) 921 885-88


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Parking in the City Tourist-Information with Bayreuth Shop

Parking Facilities

P1 P



Opernstraße 22 Tel. +49 (0) 921 885-88

for Cars

Parking buses • Albrecht-Dürer-Straße • Luitpoldplatz • Wölfelstraße • Wilhelminenstraße

Meeting Places for City Tours • Luitpoldplatz

short-stay parking

• Richard-Wagner-Straße only 60 minutes

• Albrecht-Dürer-Straße 60-80 minutes

• Wilhelminenstraße 120 minutes

• Wölfelstraße

only quick stops

Attractions in Bayreuth A UNESCO World Heritage Margravial Opera House B New Castle C Hermitage D Festival Theatre E University of Bayreuth F Richard-Wagner-Museum G Maisel´s Beer-Adventure-World

Many hotels are located close to the city centre with its famous historical buildings and are in comfortable walking distance.

Hotels in Bayreuth 1 2 3

Arvena Kongress Hotel **** Hotel Bayerischer Hof **** Hotel Goldener Anker **** 4 Grunau Hotel **** 5 H4 Hotel Residenzschloss Bayreuth **** 6 Transmar Travel Hotel **** 7 Hotel Goldener Hirsch *** 8 Hotel Lohmühle *** 9 Apart-Hotel FirstBoarding Bayreuth 10 Hotel Bürgerreuth 11 Hotel Eremitage 12 Hotel Poseidon Bayreuth 13 Hotel Rheingold Bayreuth 14 Hotel garni „Bayreuther Hof“ 15 Waldhotel Stein

Guesthouses in Bayreuth 16 Pension Zum Edlen Hirschen 17 Gasthof Zum Herzog

18 Pension Haus zum Schlehenberg 19 Hotel-Pension Seulbitzer Alm 20 Pension Elbel

21 Gasthof Zum Brandenburger 22 Gasthof Goldener Löwe 23 Gasthof Grüner Baum 24 Jean-Paul-Stüberl 25 Gasthof Kolb 26 Haus Weihenstephan

27 Gaststätte Schwenksaal

23 23

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Culture, Nature & Pleasure

Der Goldene Anker – privat geführt von der Familie Graf seit 1753. Gelebte Gastfreundschaft und historisch gewordene Hoteltradition erwarten Sie bei uns im Herzen Bayreuths. Willkommen in einem Markgräflichen Wahrzeichen, direkt neben dem UNESCO Weltkulturerbe!

The Goldener Anker Hotel – privately run by the Graf Family since 1753. A warm welcome awaits you with us, a hotel steeped in history in the heart of Bayreuth, next to the UNESCO Heritage. Welcome to a Bayreuth´s Markgravial landmark.

Hotel Goldener Anker Bayreuth | Opernstraße 6 | D-95444 Bayreuth

+49 (0) 921 / 78 77 74 - 0

+49 (0) 921 / 6 55 00



Your hotel in the heart of Bayreuth

Ask us about our special group offers • • •

4 star standard hotel Quiet, central location 146 elegant rooms (east- and south-facing rooms with air-conditioning) • Complementary Wi-Fi and Sky TV • Bus parking 5 minutes‘ walk away • Terrace • Fitness area, sauna and relaxing room • Delicious breakfast buffet • Restaurant with Franconian- international cuisine (half-board) • „RICHARDS“ bar with wines from our own winery, 24 Bayreuther beer and all major Sky-Sports events live 24

Hotel Rheingold Bayreuth Austr. 2 | 95445 Bayreuth | Germany Tel.: +49 921 99 00 85- 0 | Fax: +49 921 99 00 85-999 booking@hotel-rheingold-bayreuth.de www.hotel-rheingold-bayreuth.de

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Bayreuth Group Tours 2018 & 2019  

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