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Read the guidelines carefully. Regardless of whether you opt to select your seats online or in person, knowing how the Ballena online system works will help make your seat selection easier. In order to ensure that the reseating process is fair and easy for everyone, we ask that you be mindful of the other Baylor fans selecting their seats. Therefore, please familiarize yourself with the seating and pricing options prior to your seat selection time. Every donor selecting seats will have an exclusive date and time to select their 2014 football season tickets. At the time of your selection, you will have a 2-minute window to choose your seats before the next seat selector can begin. Although your exclusive selection time is 2 minutes, you will have up to 30 minutes on the Ballena system to choose your seats before your online session expires. In the event your session expires, the system will empty your cart. There is no need to log back in, but you will need to begin making your selections again. You may log in and observe the process any time prior to your selection.

Please also note: • • • • •

In order to properly manage our seat inventory, the system will not allow you to leave a single seat in a row. For example, you cannot select 2 seats in a location where there are only 3 seats next to each other, as that would leave a single seat. If you log on to the system early to watch selections prior to your time, it is encouraged you log out, close your browser and log back in within 30 minutes of your selection time to prevent a delay appearing on your display time caused by a slow internet connection. If you previously requested group seating, please refer to your Bear Foundation email for additional instructions and reminders on this process. Baylor Athletics reserves the right to adjust seat selections in order to maximize the number of seats available for allocation (i.e. adjust selection over one seat to eliminate an odd number of seats, etc.). Selection quantity will be based on what the season ticket holder possessed in 2013 at Floyd Casey Stadium. In some cases, quantity may be limited to a maximum of 8 seats selected in respective areas. Thank you…we can’t say it enough! McLane Stadium is now a reality because of your generosity. We appreciate your patience as we work through this challenging, but exciting process. We’ll see you at McLane Stadium this fall!


• We encourage you to log on to the website and preview the virtual McLane Stadium to familiarize yourself with the website. • Please know your selection date, time, customer number and PIN.


Log on to prior to your appointment to preview the seating options. Know your selection date, time, customer number and PIN. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your seat selection appointment at the entrance to the Stone Room, located between the men’s and women’s basketball offices and ticket offices of the Ferrell Center, 1900 South University Parks Drive. Parking will be available in front of the building. Upon arrival, you will be guided to the seat selection area inside the Ferrell Center.


If you request the Bear Foundation staff to select on your behalf, please provide any special instructions on the provided lines on the enclosed post-card. A payment must be submitted to the Baylor Ticket Office within a week after seat selection at 254-710-1000. If a payment is not received, you risk losing your previously selected seats.

Familiarize yourself with these easy steps to choose your seats for McLane Stadium.


C 319

220 9







































217 215B 216









215A 214



















21 2









210 310

Student Section


113 112











C9 309



C7 308


C6 307

C5 306



C4 305















Non-Premium Seating Bench Sections with Bench Back, Sections 101-102, 110-111, 201-202, 210, 220-221, 227-228, 301, 310, & 321-327, $250 season ticket price. Non-Premium Seating Bench, $200 season ticket price, all other sections.



PREMIUM SEATING 2014 Seat Options and Ticket Prices

Minimum Seat Option* $1,000 Championship



Number of Seats

Type of Seats

Season Ticket Price

West Side, 100 Level • Excellent field view • Close proximity to the field • Ideal vantage point at midfield






West Side, 100 Level • Excellent field view • Close proximity to the field

105, 107





West Side, 100 Level • Excellent field view • Close proximity to the field

104, 108





West Side, 100 Level • Excellent field view • Close proximity to the field

103, 109




West Side, 300 Level, Midfield


West Side, 300 Level • Ideal vantage point inside the 30-yard lines • Easy to access sections





West Side, 300 Level, Sides


West Side, 300 Level • Excellent field view • Easy to access sections

302-304, 308-309





East Side, 200 Level • Premium vantage point • Easy access from parking and campus






East Side, 300 Level • Lower half of each section • Excellent sight lines






East Side, 300 Level • Top half of section • Ideal vantage point inside the 30-yard lines



Benches w/backs



Field Side

Red Zone

East Side, 200 Level

East Side, 300 Level

East Side Upper, 300 Level

* A reminder that a BBF donation that meets or exceeds the seat option total for your desired seat location does not guarantee a seat in that respective area. Availability of premium seats is based on priority ranking.

SEATING 101 Section 103 and 109 Adjustment:

Based on a surge of BBF memberships & upgrades prior to the November 22, 2013 lock-in date and feedback from BBF members seeking chair back seats on the stadium’s West side, sections 103 and 109, previously planned as bench-back seating areas, have been converted into chair backs. Seat options for the 2014 season remain at a $100 per seat minimum. The change from bench backs to chair backs caused a minor reduction in the capacity in these sections, but will afford a larger amount of BBF members the opportunity to attain chair backs on the stadium’s West side. *As is the case with all seat options, the BBF reserves the right to adjust minimums for future years.

ADA Seating:

ADA (handicap accessible) seating opportunities are available throughout McLane Stadium. While the number of seats available exceeds that of which is required by code, inventory is limited and Baylor Bear Foundation members who require ADA seating are encouraged to utilize these areas if needed. If you wish to select ADA seats, please contact the Bear Foundation office by email at by April 1 to request this option. ADA seats will be available based on BBF ranking, thus we are unable to guarantee seats in this area to all requesting.

Held Seats:

Seats marked as unavailable (red on the selection website) prior to selection beginning are designated for a variety of reasons. Certain sections are set aside for Baylor students, recruits, player guests, Big 12 rules on visiting team allocation, and the like. Some other seats were preselected to manage other internal requirements that are not part of the selection process. In addition, through consultation with construction managers at TCU and the Dallas Cowboys (both recently built/ renovated facilities), two seats in the middle of all rows in the bench sections and selected seats in the chair back areas have been held as backup in the event construction at McLane Stadium dictates any seats be removed.

Rain/Shade Protection:

Fans are encouraged to review the shade study provided within this brochure and also on for a diagram showing expected shade impact on McLane Stadium. One common inquiry is to identify which rows are under the overhang. In the 100 level seating, these are rows 27 thru 32. In the 200 level seating, these rows are 9 thru 13. In contrast to Floyd Casey Stadium, McLane Stadium’s 3-level structure also features a drainage system on the edges of each level to minimize the presence of what we’ve experienced as a drip line. Lastly, the canopy above the 3rd level is designed to dramatically increase the amount of shade but is not intended to provide full shelter from rain.

Comparing Yard Lines of Seat Locations (McLane Stadium vs. Floyd Casey Stadium):

McLane Stadium will be much different than what was experienced at Floyd Casey Stadium. Though FCS is generally two single level grandstands on each side holding 75% of the seats, it comes with more challenges to get into those seats, less leg room, further distance from the field, concessions and restrooms. McLane Stadium features a more modern horseshoe footprint with fewer seats along the sidelines but is an improvement on every other feature. A reminder, when generally comparing yard lines from your seats at Floyd Casey to McLane Stadium, please keep in mind these additional amenities now present.

Tread Size:

All treads (leg room) in McLane Stadium are 33 inches deep, compared to that of Floyd Casey Stadium which varied from 28-32 inches deep.

Obstruction Reminder:

Railing heights are mandated by building codes to specific safety standards. Depending upon the individual, the rail may obstruct the view for those on the first rows and on the 300 level. Rail heights will increase in areas directly in front of aisles, so you are encouraged to make note of this when selecting seats low in a section in or near an aisle. Please review the Ballena 3D rendering of McLane Stadium to be aware of seats potentially affected by these rails.

Access to Seating in McLane Stadium

• The majority of fans will enter the stadium at gates A, C and D. It is estimated that 2/3 will come across the Sheila and Walter Umphrey Bridge and others will park on the east side of the stadium. • A ramp is available at gate D with access to all levels of the stadium not requiring stairs. • Gates A, B and C will all require stair usage to access each level of the stadium. • Sections 303-309 on the stadium’s West side have portal entry access at the edges of 303 and 309 only. • An elevator will be available on both the East and West side to those in ADA status for access to the 1st and 2nd levels. For effi ciency, the ramp at gate D or stairs at all other entrances are encouraged for all who are able. • Club, Loge and Suite seating will access the stadium through private entrances on the stadium’s West side.

McLANE STADIUM Shade Throughout the Day (Projected on Sept. 15)


W Morning 11am


E Afternoon 2:30pm

W Evening 5pm


PARKING 101 Parking Eligibility Guidelines:

1 to 5 season tickets = 1 parking pass 6 to 9 season tickets = 2 parking passes 10 or more season tickets = 3 parking passes


On-Site/ Campus

Assigned/ Open

Approx Walk to Pedestrian Bridge

Approx Walk to Stadium Entrance

Approx Spaces For BBF Members

A-Lot Stadium


Assigned Numbered Spaces


2 mins


B-Lot Stadium


Assigned Numbered Spaces


4 mins


C-Lot Stadium


Reserved Open


6 mins


D-Lot Stadium


Reserved Open


8 mins


Law School Dutton Parking


Reserved Open

3 mins

10 mins




Reserved Open

8 mins

16 mins


Ferrell Center**


Reserved Open

10 mins

18 mins


*No Open Flames/Grills will be allowed in Dutton Garage. **A shuttle will be provided from the Ferrell Center to the Plaza on University Parks in front of the Law School.

The A-Lot and portions of B-Lot and C-Lot have been designated as parking for those participating in the McLane Stadium Campaign Phase (donors that purchased Suites, Loges or Club seats). Those BBF members who purchased seats in these aforementioned areas will have all parking assigned by Bear Foundation staff and will not select any parking locations. The remainder of all Bear Foundation reserved parking will be available for selection via the Ballena allocation program immediately following the selection of your tickets. All BBF members eligible to receive parking (BBF members at a minimum of $750 and/or Young Alumni) will be given the opportunity to select the location of their first parking pass. To maximize the number of members with parking passes on-site, all subsequent parking passes a member qualifies for will be assigned by the Bear Foundation staff in one of the off-site lots (Law School, Dutton Parking Garage or Ferrell Center).

Lot Accessibility:

Due to construction activity for the opening year, the I-35 southbound off-ramp to MLK Boulevard and the I-35 northbound off-ramp to 4th/5th Street will be closed on game day. Additionally, several campus streets (including most of University Parks Drive) will be closed on game day for shuttles and the pedestrian pathways from campus. More information will be forthcoming about parking and how to best access your lot. If you are traveling the following corridors; these parking locations will be most accessible on game day (see diagram on adjacent page): I-35 southbound: On-Site Lot C, D*; Law School, Dutton Parking Garage I-35 northbound: On-Site Lot B, Law School, Dutton Parking Garage Hwy 77: On-Site Lot C, D, Ferrell Center

Hwy 6/164 westbound: On-Site Lot C, D, Ferrell Center

Hwy 6 eastbound: On-Site Lot B, Law School, Dutton Parking Garage

Hwy 84 eastbound: On-Site Lot B, Law School, Dutton Parking Garage *On-site parking via I-35 southbound will be accessible by taking I-35 southbound to Hwy 77 southbound

1 LOG IN Go to This site requires Flash (available on most computers, but not on iPads or some mobile devices) to operate properly. Log in using your unique Customer Number and PIN provided in this guide.

You will be directed to the “Instructions” page after logging in. Your account name, customer number and specific selection date and time are located on the left side of the screen.

2 REVIEW YOUR ACCOUNT Once you log in, you can access the online instructional video or proceed directly to seat selection by clicking on the “Select” header at the top of the screen.

Please note the maximum number of tickets in the area you will be allowed to select is located here.

3 VIEW SEATS When you roll over a section, detailed information will appear in the floating window, including the section number and any special notations.

To view available seat inventory, click on any section. *Colors shown in images were altered for promotional purposes and will appear different during seat selection process.

4 SELECT SEATS This section detail shows you all seats in a section. Green dots represent available seats. Red dots represent seats that have been previously selected or are unavailable. When you select seats, the dots will turn blue. Purple dots represent seats just selected by someone else and awaiting finalization. To see virtual, panoramic stadium/field views from an area near that seat, click on the “Seat View” button. You can see adjoining sections by clicking on the “Go To” buttons at the top of the section image. You can return to the overhead view of the stadium by clicking on the “Overhead Map” button.

When your selection time begins, the seats will become available to select. You can choose your seats by clicking on any available seat (shown in green). When you click on a seat, your selected seats will display in the shopping cart on the left, and the seat dot will turn blue. If you change your mind and want to choose different seats, you can unclick the seat dot, or click the red “X” next to the selection in your cart. Once your cart is full, click “Submit Selection.” This will prompt you to a “Review Selection” screen.

5 SELECT PARKING (If applicable) The Green parking lots have available stalls, while red parking lots having no availability or are sold out. If you wish to select a lot, just click on the desired Parking lot and a parking stall will be added to your cart here. To return to the Main parking overhead, click on “Return to Overhead” here.

6 CONFIRM PARKING When you are done making your parking selections, click on the “Submit Selection” button. A reminder, any additional parking passes you may be eligible to receive will be assigned in one of the campus lots by Bear Foundation staff.

7 REVIEW & CONFIRM SEATS If you agree with the seats selected, click on “Approve Selection” to proceed. The final confirmation page will display your new selections. To finalize your selections click on the “Confirm Selection” button. At this time you will be prompted for payment of your ticket cost either in full or start a payment plan. By selecting seats, you acknowledge and accept responsibility for the purchase of these seats via your BBF membership. Failure to purchase all of the selected seats may result in forfeiture of your right to the seats.

You must, at a minimum, maintain your Bear Foundation giving level from 2013-14 used to establish your rankings for seat selection. If you select seats through the process (and any seat options resulting from additional seats at McLane Stadium or the Ferrell Center), your 2014-15 Bear Foundation membership must be equal to or greater than your 2013-14 pledge or your new 2014-2015 seat option total (whichever total is greater).

8 PRINT YOUR SELECTIONS After submitting your selections, you may print out your seat selection/purchase receipt. An email confirmation will be sent as well.


HOME SCHEDULE Sunday, Aug. 31 - SMU _____________________________________ Saturday, Sept. 6 - Northwestern State _____________________________________ Saturday, Oct. 11 - TCU _____________________________________ Saturday, Nov. 1 - Kansas (Homecoming) _____________________________________ Saturday, Nov. 22 - Oklahoma State _____________________________________ Saturday, Dec. 6 - Kansas State *All dates subject to change.

BIG ANSWERS TO YOUR SEAT SELECTION QUESTIONS Q: When is payment for season tickets due? A: All season tickets must be paid for in full or with the initiation of a payment plan at the time of selection. Please have credit card information available during the selection. If you request for the Bear Foundation staff to select on your behalf, a payment must be submitted to the Baylor Ticket Office within a week after selection at 254-710-1000. If a payment is not received, your seats are subject to reassignment. Q: Can I select seats with options that exceed my projected Bear Foundation commitment level for 2014-2015? A: Yes. If your seat option total exceeds your giving amount, you may still select seats and the increased seat option requirement will be reflected in your new 2014-15 membership dues. This total will also include any basketball or football loge and/or club seat options, if applicable. Q: If I plan on increasing or decreasing my basketball season tickets with seat options in 2014-15, how is that reflected in this process? A: On the inside front page of this brochure, the projected used portion of your BBF commitment reflects the seat option total for any 2013-14 basketball options rolled into 2014-15. If you elect to increase or decrease your basketball tickets, you may do so prior to the basketball season and will be reflected in your 2014-15 Bear Foundation commitment accordingly. Q: What should I do if I forget my seat selection date and time? A: Please call 254-710-SEAT (7328). You will also receive email reminders of your seat selection time as the date approaches. Q: Do I only have 2 minutes to select my seats? Do I lose my place in line if I am not finished after 2 minutes? A: If you have not completed the ticket purchase transaction at the end of your assigned, exclusive 2-minute selection window – online, in person or over the phone – you do not lose your opportunity to select seats, but the next seat selection window opens allowing another member to view (and potentially choose) the same seats. Please note: Your session will expire after 30 minutes. In the event your session expires, the system will empty your cart. There is no need to log back in, but you will need to begin your selections again. Q: I am selecting my seats in person. What happens if I miss my seat selection time or if I am late for my seat selection appointment? A: In the event you are late for your appointment or miss it altogether, we will do our best to accommodate you when you arrive. Please be mindful that we anticipate a high volume of in-person appointments during the process and it is imperative that you arrive on time. We strongly recommend you plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Q: I will be selecting my seats online. On the day of selection, what should I do if my computer is unable to get online: A: In the unfortunate case you experience a computer or internet malfunction at the time of your selection, please call the Reseating Hotline at 254-710-SEAT and we will do our best to accommodate you as your call is received. Q: Now that I know my seat selection date and time, where can I track the official time that will be used to determine seat selection times?

A: The official time that will be used for all seat selections is the time located on the virtual McLane Stadium website: Q: I am going to select my seats with other friends who have decided to utilize the group seating option. Can we designate one person to select seats for the entire group? A: Each account holder is responsible for selecting his or her seats within the group. If the group elects to have one person select for the entire group, the designee will need the account login information for all members. Please refer to your Bear Foundation email on additional information and procedures for group seating. Q: If after selecting my seats, my 2014-15 Bear Foundation seat option total is less than my 2013-14 BBF giving level, can I reduce my pledge to a lower level? A: No. You must, at a minimum, maintain the same giving level used to establish rankings in 2013-14 for as long as you wish to maintain your seats. Example: If a donor is a Golden Grizzly ($5,000-$6,999) member in 2013-14 and his/her 2014-15 seat option totals including football and basketball equals $3,500, you cannot drop to the Bear Backer level ($3,000-$4,999). The donor must remain at the Golden Grizzly level since that status was used to establish priority for selection. Q: What can I do if I am unsatisfied with the seat availability at my assigned selection time? A: While we encourage you to reconsider and select seats when your time comes up, if you are unsatisfied with your options but still want to pick seats in McLane Stadium, you can contact our Reseating Hotline at 254-710-SEAT (7328) and request to move into the non-Bear Foundation window of selection. A new selection time will be assigned to you based on your season ticket history and you will not be obligated to maintain your BBF pledge specific to your football seats moving forward. (Please be aware you must maintain your Bear Foundation membership if you have premium basketball seats you wish to retain). Q: If my 2014 McLane Stadium seats do not have seat option values, do I need to renew my membership for subsequent years in order to maintain my football tickets? A: Yes. All BBF members who select seats in McLane Stadium in the April 10th through May 4th priority must maintain their same giving level for subsequent years in order to have the right to renew football tickets. BBF members were able to obtain their seats through a current membership. As a result the membership must be maintained in conjunction with the season football tickets. Q: Last year I received an assigned parking space at Floyd Casey Stadium and this year it appears I will be in a non-assigned, reserved lot. Why has this changed? A: Based on recommendations from the parking consultant hired to manage traffic flow, assigned parking spaces are limited to Lot A and Lot B, with only Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd serving the on-site lots. It was highly recommended for the speed of access in and out to minimize the quantity of assigned spaces. While we know that it is a change from Floyd Casey, our overriding goal is to provide an efficient parking plan that allows our fans to enter and exit the lots as smoothly as possible.

THANK YOU! YOU’RE ALL DONE! We look forward to seeing you at McLane Stadium in 2014!


Season ticket holders selecting tickets during the reseating process will be prompted for payment of season tickets upon completion. Tickets must be either paid for in full or a payment plan can be initiated at that time. Tickets selected without a payment method completed are subject to be returned to the allocation process. If you request for the Bear Foundation staff to select on your behalf, a payment must be submitted to the Baylor Ticket Offi ce within a week after selection at 254-710-1000. If a payment is not received, your seats are subject to reassignment.

Auto renewal for BBF members:

BBF members who select tickets during the April BBF Selection Process will be automatically renewed for their 2014-15 membership level at the same 2013-14 membership level. If a member selects seat options that exceed their 2013-14 membership level, the 2014-15 membership level auto-renewals will be adjusted to refl ect this increase. Basketball seat options owned in 2013-14 will be used for this calculation. The Bear Foundation will contact all members for payment options as Foundation memberships are established. If a Bear Foundation member selects non-premium seats or selects seats that do not meet his/her Bear Foundation Membership total, he/she must still maintain their 2013-14 membership level as long as they wish to retain the seats they are selecting using that ranking to earn that status.

Seat Option minimums:

A reminder for Bear Foundation memberships that meet or exceed seat option minimums for a respective section do not guarantee a member access to select those seats. Availability will be based on selection order.

Current on Bear Foundation Pledge:

To select tickets during the McLane Stadium seat selection process, BBF members must have paid in full or have a payment plan established on their 2013-14 pledge. No season tickets will be mailed to BBF members without the 2013-14 BBF memberships fully paid. Please contact the Bear Foundation offi ces at 254-710-2582 with additional questions or to make payments.

If you have any questions, please contact the Baylor Bear Foundation at 254-710-SEAT (7328).

1500 S. University Parks Dr. • Waco, TX 76706 • 254-710-2582

Baylor Bear Foundation Club Seating Brochure 2014  

Step-by-step guidance on how to select your seats for McLane Stadium in 2014, as well as general information regarding seating/seats/parking...