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MURR 'S DVD C ORNER A Monthly Review Focusing on a Recent DVD Movie that Murray Found to be Exceptional. Movie: Zero dark thirty Plot Outline: the 10-year hunt for Osama Bin Laden culminates with his death at the hands of U.S. Navy Seals. Key Cast: Joel Edgerton, Jessica Chastain, Edgar Ramirez, Kyle Chandler, Mark Strong. This is the second time that director Kathryn Bigelow and writer Mark Boal have teamed up.Those who saw their previous joint effort, The Hurt Locker, will completely understand why this movie is so good. The controversial story of the decade-long hunt for and eventual assassination of Osama Bin Laden by the US Government is a focused masterpiece to watch.The death of Bin Laden was not an easy one. US intelligence had to break the bank, and break US laws on torture, to get the answers they needed. Bigelow shows us the pain and anguish and the efficient pressure the intelligence community felt daily in their ongoing hunt. She makes us part of the everyday “hit and miss” frustrations of following Bin Laden’s trail, making the reality all so true to view.We watch and feel the wins and losses as Bin Laden’s pursuers begin to see their hunt may not have the support needed to continue.We feel the suspense as they finally get a break, knowing it could mean everything, or it could mean nothing. Finally, we get to ride along with the Navy Seals as they move in for the final kill. Although some may cheer, the attack on Bin Laden’s Pakistan compound is cold-blooded and disturbing. It is also brilliant in high-tech gadgetry. Bigelow shows us the fragility of the whole exhilarating, one-sided kill operation. This is an unforgettable and dark piece of recent US history. Enjoy the movie.

C O N S E R VAT I O N N O T E S We all want to enjoy clean beaches. However every beach, no matter how remote, will always have trash littering it. This debris is not only unsightly and potentially dangerous for us, it is also deadly for marine animals. Data from 10 years of beach clean-ups indicate 80 percent the debris picked up comes from land-based sources. Marine debris is estimated to affect 270 species worldwide, including 85 percent of sea turtles, 45 percent of sea bird and 45 percent of marine mammals. Marine animals ingest plastic bags, cigarette butts, and bottle caps, resulting in malnutrition or even starvation. They can also suffocate when plastic bags or six-pack six-pack holders block passageways. Animals also become entangled in fishing line, strapping bands and six-pack six-pack holders, making it difficult for them to eat, breathe or swim, with possibly fatal results Marine debris is a symptom of a much larger water pollution problem caused by our lifestyle. R ecognizing your role as part of the problem is the first step toward finding a solution. There are some basic lifestyle changes you can make, such as purchasing products that have little or no packaging or are made from recycled materials, reusing shopping bags and using containers, such as yogurt pots or meat packs, to store leftovers. You You can also reuse your bev erage containers at coffee shops, bars and smoothie bars rather than getting styrofoam or plastic cups. Ensure that your trash is properly disposed of and that organic matter is used for compost. Recycle Recycle as much as possible. By spreading the word and making a conscientious effort to reduce your personal waste, you can help make our beaches a bit safer for us and the animals. |

52$7$1 +80$1( 62&,(7< March and early April were very busy and pro ductive for RHS. RHS. We We made a push to shore up our board so we could register officially as a non-government organi zation. This gave rise to some soul searching. searching. There were differences in vision among board members. We We had lost focus on why we came together in the first place. On the advice of our lawyer, lawyer, we disbanded the board. When I founded RHS last year, year, all I wanted was to bring people together to consolidate animal-welfare efforts on Roatan. Roatan. I took the lead not because I needed the work but because I had the time, the business experience and the love of the animals to get the job done. I have been extremely apprehensive about fund raising up to now, now, because I wanted to register as an NGO first. The funds that we have received have been meager but have all been meticulously accounted for. for. Our accounts are available to be scrutinized by anyone who may ask. It is my earnest wish that RHS continue to positively affect the lives of animals on Roatan. Roatan. To To do this, we need people on our board who can work together for a common goal, leav ing aside personal agendas. If any one reading this feels they can make a sustainable difference to the lives of animals on Roatan Roatan and would like to give their time and talents to RHS, RHS, please email me: Thank you, Susan Bodor Changing “Hungry and Hurting” to “Healthy and Happy”

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Bay Islands VOICE July 2013 issue