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Bay Forest Seniors!

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April 2019

Blue Marlins Swim Team Joy King

Do you want your kids to be excellent swimmers? Have them join the Blue Marlins Swim Team, right in our neighborhood! No swimming experience necessary, but they need to be able to swim across the length of the pool by the end of the first week. No need to attend all practices or meets. ONLINE REGISTRATION for the 2019 summer season is now open on our new web site!

Bay Forest Gourmet

Despite rising costs, we were able to keep the same prices as last year and lowered the price for families with 3 or more swimmers. ($450 max for 3 or more swimmers - register all together to receive the discount) • Age 4 - 14 $160 • Age 15 - 17 $50

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Families that bring in $500 of sponsorship have a free swimmer! If you have sponsors, let us know so we can create a coupon code for you.

Onion Marmalade Toasts with Parmesan

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The online system will give you the option of ordering t-shirts and accepts credit cards. If you would like to pay by cash or check then select 'Pay A Deposit + Pay Balance Manually' at checkout. Payment can be made at our walkup registration or during the first week of practice. We are switching to a new swimsuit this year that we plan on keeping for at least 2 years. The team suit is not required and previous year suits are always accepted. WE ARE IN DESPERATE NEED FOR TRAINED OFFICIALS. If you are able to attend one training class, we really need more stroke and turn judges which are required to run the meet. Mentorship is available.

Important Dates: April 18 May 4 May 6 May 8 May 10 May 11 May 23 May 31 June 1 June 8 June 15 June 22 June 29

Officials training 6:30 - 8 pm Nassau Bay City Hall Walk-up registration at Bay Forest Pool 12 - 4 pm Afternoon practice starts Swimsuit sales 3:30 - 7:30 pm Registration closes Officials Training 12:30 - 2 pm Nassau Bay City Hall Mini Meet at Nassau Bay (10 yrs old and under) Morning practice starts Meet - Brooks Blue Marlins @ Nassau Bay Meet - Seabrook @ Brooks Blue Marlins Meet - El Largo @ Brooks Blue Marlins Meet - Brooks Blue Marlins @ Harbor Tide Meet - Timbercove @ Brooks Blue Marlins


Welcome Spring!

41 years as Top Producing Realtor!


I have buyers INTERESTED in Bay Forest Homes!

4.50%-5.5% COMMISSION*

*Call Edrina for Qualifying for Reduced Rate.


Edrina at work in Bay Forest

15718 Bay Forest Drive . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Listed & Sold 15815 Scenic View Drive. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Listed Sold 15707 Elk Park Lane. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Listed Sold 15718 Scenic View Drive. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...Listed Sold 2006 Aspen River Lane. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Listed Sold 2003 Aspen River Lane. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Listed Sold 15318 Park Estates Lane. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Listed Sold 15218 Poplar Springs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Listed Sold 1903 Meadow Manor Court. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Listed Sold 15923 Meadowside Drive. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...Listed Sold 15215 Poplar Springs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Listed Sold 15307 Brook Arbor Court. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Listed & Sold 2023 Aspen River Lane. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Listed Sold 15506 Bay Forest Drive . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sold 15707 Elk Park Ln. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . List Sold 15718 Bay Forest Dr. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . List 15718 Bay Forest Dr. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sold 15923 Meadowside. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lease 2519 Fairwind Dr . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . List Sold 2118 Woodside . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sold 2043 Park Grand Road. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Leased



Email: ï‚ Office: 281-280-0669 Visit:

Neighborhood News Bay Forest Lifeguards for Summer 2019 Being a lifeguard at the Bay Forest Pool is a great experience. You can live close to work, learn a bunch of new skills and have a fun summer job. We anticipate we will have many of our lifeguards returning for another pool season at Bay Forest. However – we do anticipate the need for some new guards. If you are interested in becoming a Bay Forest life guard contact our community manager at 832-224-6446 (call or text) or at

Pool Rules

The Bay Forest lifeguards pay close attention and think about everyone’s safety. They are trained and certified professionals. The decisions they make are based on keeping people safe while helping folks enjoy the pool. We do not have a long list of pool rules. We rely on the common sense of the patrons and the experience and training of the lifeguards to make the right decisions based on the situation and environment at the time. For example, throwing a ball may be a bad idea when there is a whole bunch of little kids in the pool. It may be just fine with there are fewer patrons in the pool. So we do not have a 'no ball' rule. Here are the basic - must follow rules. 1. No Running 2. No Glass in the pool area. 3. No Pushing or dunking 4. One person on the diving board at a time. 5. No horseplay (Rough or loud play). 6. The lifeguards rules and orders are to be followed at all times. 7. The pool will be closed at the first sound of thunder and remain closed until 30 minutes past the last sound of thunder.

Pool Parties

All pool party reservations will be handled by our Association Manager Isaac Fouty. Please email all requests for pool parties to Isaac at Isaac will then coordinate with our designated Guard managers to insure the proper coverage. As always there are no additional charges for "homeowner" pool parties. Reservation requests can be submitted starting April 1, 2019. Parties may be scheduled during normal pool hours. No more than one party may be scheduled in the afternoon (noon - 4:30 pm), no more than one party may be scheduled in the evening (after 5 pm) Parties should be scheduled seven (7) days in advance, and evening parties may be extended to 10 pm.


Meet or beat any rate. No rate adjustment. No prepayment penalty.

NO CLOSING COST OPTION AVAILABLE2 Save Thousands in Upfront Fees.


No Private Mortgage Insurance. No Down Payment.4 Jumbo Loans Welcome.


No Origination Fee. No Rate Adjustment.

APPLY TODAY AT JSCFCU.ORG 1Must provide a loan estimate with a lock rate from competing lender that is dated and received within three calendar days from locking a rate with JSC FCU.We may beat the competing rate up to one-eighth of a percent.Third party closing fees will apply. The rate we offer cannot be 1 % below par rate for that day. The terms of the competing loan must be identical to JSC FCU’s loan. For example, a 30 year fixed rate mortgage is not identical to a 30 year fixed mortgage that includes discount points. Other eligibility for this offer includes a credit score of 680 or greater, debt-to-income ratio not to exceed 43% and loan-to-value ratio not to exceed 95%. Other credit and income qualifications will apply. Minimum refinance amount of $75,000. Other conditions will apply if you are financing a cash out mortgage with JSC Federal Credit Union: the rate will vary, the minimum refinance amount is $150,000 with a maximum loan to-value ratio of 80%. This offer excludes beachfront homes. Real estate promotions cannot be combined. Please contact a JSC FCU representative for more details. JSC FCU has a right to cancel or change this promotion at any time. 2The total amount paid by JSC FCU and the seller cannot exceed 3% of the total amount financed based on a 95% LTV. By accepting the no closing cost option, the rate will be 0.50% higher than if you choose to pay for closing cost. There will be a 2% prepayment penalty on the unpaid principal balance if the loan is paid in full within the first two years of the loan. JSC FCU also provides an option without a pre-payment penalty. Certain credit and income qualifications may apply. Investment properties, Jumbo Loans and mortgage refinances are not eligible for this offer. Down payment and recurring costs are still required to be paid upfront. 3By accepting the 100% financing with no PMI, the rate will be 0.50% higher than if decided not to accept this promotion. Eligibility includes a credit score of 700 or greater for non-Jumbo Loans, 760 or greater for Jumbo Loans, debt-to-income ratio not to exceed 43% and loan-to-value ratio not to exceed 100%. Other credit and income qualifications will apply. Only purchases and refinances of primary residence are eligible for this promotion. 4Down payment may be required based on sales price or appraisal.

Bay Forest News ~ April 2019


Neighborhood News Bay Forest Gourmet Group The Bay Forest Gourmet Group met in small groups for dinner on March 30. The theme was “Dinner at the Tower Eiffel”. The menu included Onion Marmalade Toasts, Coq au Vin, and Grand Mariner Soufflé. The Gourmet Group will be hosting it’s final large party before the Summer Break on May 4. We would like to invite prospective new members to join us for this Hawaiian themed party. Please contact Anita Burns 713-349-3185 or if you are interested in joining us.

Onion Marmalade Toasts with Parmesan Onion Marmalade Makes about 24 toasts ¼ cup canola or other vegetable oil 2 large red onions, halved and thinly sliced ¼ cup honey ½ cup balsamic vinegar 2 dashes ground cinnamon Salt 1 baguette 2-ounce wedge Parmesan cheese, cut into shavings with a vegetable peeler To make the onion marmalade, in a large skillet, heat the canola oil over medium-high heat until it shimmers. Add the onions and sauté for about 5 minutes, or until soft. Add the honey and cook, stirring often, for about 10 minutes, or until the liquid from the onions has evaporated. Add the vinegar and cinnamon and cook, stirring often, for 3-4 minutes, or until the mixture has reduced and thickened to the consistency of a marmalade. Season with salt. Remove from heat and let cool completely. Use immediately, or cover and refrigerate for up to 3 days. Bring to room temperature before serving.


CROWDER Funeral Homes Serving the entire

Clear Lake Area Specializing in Pre-Planned Funeral Arrangements

281-280-9000 111 E. Medical Center Blvd., Webster

Preheat the oven to 375˚F. Cut the baguette into ¼ inch thick slices. You should have about 24 slices. Arrange the slices on a rimmed baking sheet and toast in the oven for 5-7 minutes, or until they begin to brown on the first side. Turn the toasts over and continue to bake for 3-4 minutes longer, or until golden on both sides. Remove from the oven and let cool to room temperature. The toasts can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 2 days. Arrange the toasts on a large platter. Top each toast with a dollop of marmalade and a few shavings of Parmesan. Serve immediately. Shown here along side of Lieberman’s pumpkin and chipotle corn chowder. Source: Great Gatherings – Star Chefs Entertain at Home; Dave Lieberman’s Drop-in Dinner

Bay Forest News ~ April 2019


Neighborhood News

Cynthia T. Flanagan, dds

Crime Watch:

Stay up-to-date with your neighbors on the community website

CRIME REPORT – March 2019

General Dentistry

Preventive Care • Periodontal Therapy

Cosmetic Dentistry

Offense Type



Burglary Habitation Burglary Motor Vehicle Burglary Motor Vehicle Burglary Motor Vehicle Theft Burglary Building Burglary Motor Vehicle Burglary Habitation Criminal Mischief (Auto) Burglary Motor Vehicle Burglary Motor Vehicle Criminal Mischief (Auto) Auto Theft Burglary Motor Vehicle Theft Theft Burglary Habitation Burglary Building

14300 Arborcrest 2500 Bay Area 2700 Bay Area 1200 Clear Lake City 2300 Clear Lake City 3300 Clear Lake City 13500 Country Green 2100 Country Ridge 300 Cyberonics 2400 Falcon Pass 15100 Greenleaf 14400 Harvest Ridge 900 Knotty Elmwood 14300 Little Willow Walk 2000 Mabry Mill 4500 Prince Pine Trl 16500 Tiffany 14500 Village Evergreen

Residence/House Comm. Parking Lot Hotel/Motel Parking Parking Lot Gas Station Barber/Beauty Shops Driveway Garage/Carport Apt. Parking Lot Comm. Parking Lot Residence/House Residence/House Driveway Residence/House Residence/House Residence/House Apartment Parks/Recreation

Porcelain Veneers • Dental Crowns Invisalign Clear Braces • Teeth Whitening 2625 Bay Area Blvd | Suite 580 Houston, Texas 77058 281.488.6900 W W W. F L A N A G A N S M I L E S . C O M

This includes:

Bay Forest, Middlebrook, Northfork, Brook Forest, Bay Oaks And Bay Knoll This Data Is Not The Official Crime Statistics For The Houston Police Department. This Data Is Being Provided Prior To The Release Of The Department's Official Monthly Uniform Crime.

Congratulating our Bay Forest 2019 Graduating Seniors

Remember the pages of all the Bay Forest high school and college graduating seniors that were featured in the June 2018 Bay Forest News? If you are a Bay Forest graduating senior this May, now is the time to send your info for the June 2019 issue! We would like to recognize and congratulate all of our Bay Forest high school and college graduating seniors in the June issue of the Bay Forest News. This has become an annual Bay Forest tradition. Please send the following information to Marita Moran at 1. Name 2. Your school and degree granted 3. Post-graduation plans such as: the college you will be attending, where you will be working, which branch of the armed services you will be joining, graduate school plans, travel plans, etc. 4. If you want to mention anything about honors or scholarships received, please do. This is your chance to shine. 5. We would love for you to also send a picture. If you have any questions, please email me at the above address. May I be the first to congratulate you on your upcoming achievement! ~Marita Moran



Limit one per couple BAY FOREST NEWS APRIL 2019 Located on Clear Lake City Blvd. East of Hwy. 3 and I45S. ABE’S CAJUN MARKET AND CAFÉ 1080 Clear Lake City Blvd. • Houston, Texas 77062

281.480.ABES ( 2 2 3 7 ) For more info call or visit us online:

Bay Forest News ~ April 2019


Neighboorhood News Bay Forest Mommies’ Club

The Bay Forest Mommies’ Club is a good way to meet other parents of children in the neighborhood. The Club has become a wonderful networking tool for sharing parenting information and other informative types of tips. We plan activities for kids as well as moms. Please join us. Contact Sandra Espinosa at if you would like to have some more information about becoming involved with this great group of moms.

Second Sundays at the Swings

Wouldn’t it be nice to get to know more people in our neighborhood? Let’s all gather at the Swings in the Willow Shores Park at 2:00 pm on the Second Sunday of the month. Bring a snack to share, your own beverage, and maybe a chair. All are welcome, so if you’ve got kids, bring ‘em! If not, come anyway! For more information, contact Anita Burns at

Bay Forest Tennis

Bay Forest Men’s Tennis League plays on Wednesday evenings. “A” league contact: Greg Blackburn at 281-480-8280 “B” league contact: Russ Hall at 281-687-1195.

B ay Forest Tennis

Bay Forest Women’s Tennis League plays on Monday evenings. Contact Pam Doty at or 281-286-7471.

Scouts BSA Troops 595 and 596 Troops 595 and 596 in the Clear Lake area of Houston meet (almost) every Wednesday at St. Bernadette Catholic Church from 7 to 8:30 pm. Click here to learn more information about

our local Scouts BSA Program!

                   

                                                         

                               

Sign up for the flag subscription in one of two ways: 1) Print the form above and mail a check to the address on the form. 2) Pay for the subscription electronically: Look for the Flag Subscription tab, fill out an electronic sign up form, and submit payment via paypal.

Bay Forest News ~ April 2019


Bay Forest Yard of the Month The Bay Forest Yard of the Month for April is a real treat. Congratulations to Douglas and Margaret Berti at 15711 Elk Park for creating a yard to watch. This yard has recently been completely redone, and we can hardly wait to see it in a few years when the plants have had a chance to mature. I hope you will take

a few minutes and drive by this yard to see it in person, but just in case you can’t, here’s a few pictures for you to enjoy. Don't forget to nominate a Yard for Yard of the Month. Send the address in an email to

Bay Forest News ~ April 2019


Community News Protecting your Pet from Heartworms!

Residential & Commercial

What exactly is Heartworm Disease?

Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal condition in dog. It is transmitted through infected mosquito bites. Dogs of all ages are susceptible to infection. Different signs range from no sign at all to persistent cough, fatigue, fainting, and weight loss. After a bite from an infected mosquito, heartworm larvae migrate through the tissue. once in the tissue, the heartworm life cycle begins with the presence of infected larvae. Left untreated, larvae can grow into adult worms in just over 6 months. Once larvae arrive in the heart and lungs, they can cause damage as early as 70 days. Heartworm disease is usually detected with a blood test at your Veterinarian office. Treatment is expensive for the owner, and a painful, prolonged ordeal for the dog.

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281-480-9900 Flea Season is Here!

Heartworm prevention is exponentially cheaper than treatment. As we’ve talked about before, cats are also at risk for heartworm disease and there is no treatment available for cats. It is just at important for our feline friends to be a on a monthly heartworm preventative as it is for dogs.

Diane Kuecker, D.V.M Katherine Richardson, D.V.M

That’s why both the Companion Animal Parasite Council and the American Heartworm Society recommends year-round treatment with a broad-spectrum parasite control product without interruption, regardless of where you live.

“The severity of heartworm incidence as shown in this map is based on the average number of cases per reporting clinic. Some remote regions of the United States lack veterinary clinics, therefore we have no reported cases from these areas.” There are several different products available to prevent heartworms on the market. Here at TLC Animal Hospital, we carry ProHeart6, Trifexis, and MilbeGuard for dogs. We carry Revolution Plus for cats. We also offer Heartgard Plus and Revolution through our online pharmacy. Before starting any preventative, talk with your veterinarian about your pet’s past and current health, including: general health, any issues with vaccines or medications, changes in behavior, allergies, current medications, supplements, or special diets. This information is crucial to picking out the right preventative for your pet. Don’t forget about flea and tick prevention! Not all heartworm preventatives contain medications for those pesky parasites. Visit


for more info!

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14870 Space Center Blvd. • Suite L Houston, TX 77062

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RUGMASTERS Carpet & Floors

Hundreds of Floors for every Lifestyle! REMNANTS



Laminate & Hardwood Flooring Ceramic & Porcelain Tile

All Major Brands, Styles & Colors SERVICE - QUALITY - VALUE

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25 Years Same Owner and Location Fourth Generation Flooring Specialist Bay Forest News ~ April 2019


GardenLine Tips

by Randy Lemmon

Ed Keeley

740 KTRH

(NMLS 1550994)

Randy's Lawn Fertilization Schedule For southern grasses including: St. Augustine, Bermuda and Zoysia

• FERTILIZE - four times a year: Late February-Early March - apply a simple 15-5-10 for an early green-up. Most companies that make slow-release fertilizers also make a non slow-release 15-5-10 that provides for a quick two-week green up before we get to the heart of the fertilizer schedule. WARNING: Some people will be tempted to use a weed-andfeed at this time, but if you've been following the GardenLine herbicide schedule, there should never be a need. However, spot weed-and-feed treatments are recommended for those with turfonly landscapes or landscapes that have been established for many years. Most weed-and-feeds contain Atrizine which burns roots of young trees and shrubs. Late March-Early April - apply slow-release 3-1-2 ratio fertilizers. Recommended formulations: 19-4-10 Nitro Phos Super Turff 18-4-6 Fertilome Southwest Greenmaker 18-0-6 Fertilome's Zero Phosphate Formula 15-5-10 Southwest Fertilizer Premium Gold 20-0-10 Bonide Premium Lawn Food Late June-Early July - apply slow-release 3-1-2 ratio fertilizers. (recommended formulations 19-5-9, 19-4-10, 18-4-6, 15-5-10.) October-November - apply winterizer formulas for winter hardiness. Ratios vary, but make sure they are "winter" or "fall" formulas designed for southern grasses. (examples: 18-6-12, 8-12-16, 10-5-14) Will make lawns winter-hardy. June-September - if turfgrass looks yellow (chlorosis) or necrotic, use an application of either granular or liquid iron. Once a year should be enough.

• FUNGICIDE - two times a year: July-September - Gray Leaf Spot is a blotchy spot on the grass blade leafs. (mostly on St. Augustine lawns) Use fungicides with active ingredients like Daconil, Consan or Banner. September-October - To control the dreaded Brownpatch fungal disease (symmetrical brown circles in the grass) you must prevent it from coming up with a systemic lawn fungicide with Bayleton, Terrachlor, Banner or Benomyl.

Mortgage Loan Originator

Amistad Home Loans (NMLS 675053)

Please contact me for mortgage questions and to get a pre-qualification for the purchase of your next home!

2101 Crawford St. Suite 108 Houston, TX 77004 Mobile (713) 766-4484 Office (832) 305-5229

• HERBICIDE - three times a year: (Pre-Emergent controls to prevent weeds)

Late October-Early November - Use two (2) different pre-emergent herbicides, to prevent the weeds that we experience in February and March. First is a pre-emergent with Portrait or Gallery for broadleaf weeds like clover. Second, use a preemergent with Amaze, Betasan, Balan or Treflan for grassy weeds like poa anna or annual bluegrass. There is also Barricade, Dimension or Pendimethlin as a 2-in-1 control. February-March - Use the pre-emergent controls for grassy weeds again, to prevent such weeds as Crabgrass, Goosegrass and Dallisgrass from popping up late in the spring and summer. Again, use the grassy pre-emergent like Amaze, Betasan, Balan or Treflan. There is also Barricade, Dimension or Pendimethlin as a 2-in-1 control. May-Early June - One more application of a grassy pre-emergent like Amaze, Betasan, Balan, or Treflan will keep fall weeds from invading from August on. There is also Barricade, Dimensionbased or Pendimethlin as a 2-in-1 control.

• INSECTICIDES It is our belief on GardenLine, as a way to be kind to the environment, that you do not put down insecticides unless you know you have a problem. However, be prepared during the hot summer months — July through September — to attack chinch bug damage. This will show up as irregular shaped spots in the lawn along the concrete. Any liquid insecticide, like Permethrin or Cypermethrin, will treat the spot well. Then apply a granular insecticide like Deltamethrin or granular Permethrin in a broadcast applicator throughout the rest of the yard. CLICK HERE for a one-page fertilization schedule

you can keep on your refrigerator.

Randy Lemmon is the host of the GardenLine radio program on Newsradio 740 KTRH. Randy has been doing GardenLine in one capacity or another since December of 1995, for all three of the now Clear Channel AM stations - KTRH, KPRC & KBME. When Randy took over GardenLine, he replaced long-time Houston radio veteran and GardenLine originator, Bill Zak. For those who remember that far back, GardenLine was a weekly radio staple on KTRH from 10 a.m. to Noon Mondays through Fridays - along with a Saturday show as well. Now GardenLine is heard exclusively on Newsradio 740 KTRH.

Bay Forest News ~ April 2019


Community News El Dorado Widening to Start in the Fall Construction of the $5.5 million El Dorado project, a joint effort with Harris County that will widen and improve the road from Clear Lake City Boulevard to south of Horsepen Bayou, is scheduled to begin in the fall and be completed in spring 2021, capital improvements director Michael Ereti told an audience of about 80 residents and lawmakers at Johnson Space Center. The city is planning to complete more than 50 rehabilitation projects that will focus on pavement and drainage in the Clear Lake/Ellington area within a year, Ereti and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner told the gathering. Ereti said there was a plan for 2,119 capital improvement projects for District E, which includes Clear Lake and Kingwood and has 223,953 residents. Those projects include the construction of 1,620 lane miles of streets, 460 miles of drains and ditches, 19 parks, 12 fire stations, four medical facilities, two police stations and two other community-based projects, he said. District E Councilman Dave Martin spoke about flooding and infrastructure problems in his district and how he has worked to improve those areas over the last six years. “You can ask people to rebuild homes. You can get businesses to come back to the community. But if we can’t get the flooding under control, then what’s the point?” he said. Ereti referred to a $3.2 million repaving of Martinville Road completed last summer in Pasadena from Richey Street to Kolb Road. The city’s chief recovery officer, Stephen Costello, spoke about the Texas Infrastructure Resilience Fund, which focuses on projects to prepare the city and state for future hurricanes and natural disasters.

Laura O’Bert

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Laura stays current on market conditions and property values and will help you with your price analysis process.

Laura O’Bert Real Estate Agent


Turner spoke about the $2.5 billion bond to combat flooding over the next 20 years, which was approved by voters in August.

Laura will present all offers to you and will objectively negotiate offers on your behalf.


The total funding from Senate Bill 500 would amount to $1.65 billion to be divided into use for public assistance, hazard mitigation and other purposes.

The bond will cost taxpayers 2 to 3 cents per $100 of home value. It will also provide local matching money for funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.


Laura will manage all the communications and showings for your home.

Laura has access to a network of other real estate professionals with prospective buyers.

He urged residents to contact state representatives to support proposed senate bills 7 and 500, which would initiate and activate the fund.

“I intend to hold true to the project represented to the voters,” he said.

Call Direct! 281.389.0148


Laura will help you stage your home so it presents well to prosepective buyers. Let Laura answer your questions about which home improvements add the most value to your home.



Visit Online! Keller Williams Realty 950 Corbindale Rd, Suite 100, Houston 77024 Equal Housing Opportunity. If you have a brokerage relationship with another agency, this is not intended as a solicitation. All information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Bay Forest News ~ April 2019


School News

CCISD NEWS for all your school news!



Lisa Maxwell-Malik, O.D. Therapeutic Optometrist

Russell J. Malik, O.D. Therapeutic Optometrist

Considering School Funding NOW

The Texas House and Senate are in the budgeting process, and are deciding the financial fates of public schools for the next two years. Check Texas PTA's Take Action page regularly to find out about issues of the day, and to find out when key bills are up for a vote.

Family Eye Care Pediatric Optometry Contact Lenses Sports Vision Complete Optical Services

2409 Falcon Pass Drive Suite 180 Conveniently located between Walgreens and Falcon Pass Elementary


(3937) (SCHOOL NEWS continued on page 12)

Bay Forest News ~ April 2019


What a week here at Lake! Last weekend our kids competed in a number of competitions and excelled! UIL Academic competitions had a huge Falcon showing with 21 competitors now moving on Region competition. Camille Villar earned a first place in Ready Writing for the second year in a row. Six Falcons competed in the State Science Fair and four of them will now move on to Nationals. Kumaran Selva took a coveted Gold and Best in Fair with his project – Microlens-enhanced flexible gallium arsenide microcell array for low-cost, roof-top photovoltaics for automobiles. Our H.O.S.A. students competed at State and earned a 1st place with their anti-smoking message video project in the Public Service Announcement category. Ahmad Ashan, Aryaman Ravi and Min Thu Ta will now compete at the National level this summer. In athletics, our State finalist wrestler Mykala Mata competed in the NHSCA National Wrestling Tournament and with her fourth place finish, earned the title of NHSCA All-America. And late this week our Choir program performed at UIL and earned Superior marks in Concert and Excellence in Sight Reading. Tennis also competed in their District Tournament late this week and both the boys and girls teams came home District Champions. Congratulations to all the kids that are representing Clear Lake High School with Pride, Integrity and Honor. Life is better at the Lake!

Graduation Parent Meeting

April 30, 2019 6-7 pm in the Commons Graduation is only 45 days away for CLHS seniors, and the final parent meeting of the year is scheduled for April 30th. Project Graduation has entered the critical and hectic time in which we need all hands-on deck to deliver a fun and safe 2019 Project Graduation event at Dave & Busters for our seniors. Project Graduation is a TEAM effort in the truest sense where the sum of the whole team efforts is greater than the sum of the individual parts. Any and all help and support are welcome. Find out how you can help here.

Shop at Kendra Scott 6-8 p.m. using this flyer. Dine at Salata 11 a.m.- 9 p.m. using this flyer.

Attention Seniors Who Attended Brookwood Elementary Senior Reunion May 17th 2:45-4:00 p.m. Join us in the BWE Library for refreshments and to reminisce about the "good old" days" when you were a Brookwood Bear, with your friends and teachers from our school. Please park in the front parking lot or on the side streets, making sure to not block the car line lanes or the bus lanes.A few parent volunteers are needed to serve refreshments. Contact Bekky Kinsey for more information or to volunteer.

High School Parents Still Make a Difference

Please enjoy the attached Parent Pointers document with some fresh ideas on maintaining a great relationship with your son or daughter. April Parent Calendar.pdf “People with a good sense of humor have a better sense of life.”

Questions about GPA, Dual Credit, Online Courses, Credit by Exam? Check out Episode 6 of CCISD's Car Rider Line Podcast! The CCISD Office of Communications is producing informative podcasts on a wide range of topics. This week's episode "Preparing for High School and Beyond" answers questions about alternatives ways to get high school credit, what colleges are looking for, how the GPA/class ranking system work, and more.

Final Exam Exemptions Spring 2019 Exemption Policy Did you know that Juniors, Seniors, AP students can be exempt from final exams if they meet certain grade/attendance criteria? See the policy here!

Click here for details. (SCHOOL NEWS continued on page 13)

Bay Forest News ~ April 2019


School News Message from the CLHS PTSA President:

Proudly Serving Our Community

Since 1982!



The program at March 28th PTSA meeting was "What you need to know: our teens and fighting through the smoke screen." Our speaker was Brittany Taylor, a Prevention Specialist with the Bay Area Council of Drugs and Alcohol (BACODA). Her office is at Clear Path High School, CCISD's alternative high school. She deals with CCISD students with drug problems on a daily basis. Here are a few of her key points: As the perceived risk of certain drugs go down, use by teens goes up. Teens are increasingly thinking that e-cigarettes and marijuana are safe. The drugs of choice in our area high schools, including CLHS, are vaping and concentrated marijuana extracts. How many are vaping? Nationwide, just over 20% of high school students are vaping. This number has risen sharply in the last year. "It's just water vapor" What teens think is "just water vapor" from e-cigarettes is actually an aerosol containing nicotine, cancer causing chemicals, ultra-fine particles and flavoring that cause severe lung diseases like popcorn lung, along with heavy metals such as nickel, tin and lead. E-cigarettes are not regulated, so product labeling is not reliable. Users are breathing these substances in and also breathing them out to people nearby. "Marijuana is safe" While some consider marijuana safe, it affects brain development in youth and has been shown to drop IQ points, to cause addiction in one out of six teen users, to impair memory and muscle control, to triple risk of heart attack, and to reduce judgement ("I'm fine to drive"). "What is dabbing?" Marijuana extracts, AKA dabbing, is a purified form of marijuana that is three to five times more potent than regular marijuana, which is considerably more potent than the marijuana in the 80's and 90's. Highly flammable butane gas is used to extract THC from the marijuana plant. It's also called Wax, Budder, Shatter, Dab. Dabbing is using a marijuana vaporizer to heat the drug and vaporize it using steam instead of smoke. Butane Hash Oil can be "smoked" in an e-cigarette. "I can smell it if someone is smoking dope." The flavorings/ scents used in e-cigarette devices covers the smell of marijuana fairly effectively. "You only go to jail if you're a dealer." Marijuana possession of 4 oz. or less can lead to a sentence of up to one year, and a fine of up to $4,000. If you are caught with drugs, all of the paraphernalia is counted in the weight to measure how much you possess. Example: if you have marijuana brownies, the pan they're cooked in is considered paraphernalia and can quickly add up to felony charges. A person's driver's license is automatically suspended on conviction of a drug offense. Falsifying a drug test can lead to 6 months in jail. For more information from the Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol, see Useful links for parents and educators and Links for teens and youth. Kelli Glenn, 2018-2019 CLHS PTSA President (SCHOOL NEWS continued on page 14)


16 SEER Cother System 99 Year Compressor Warranty. 10 Year Labor Warranty Free Estimates on Equipment

Loren, Dee & Tiffany Cother Family Owned & Operated

Check Us Out: TACLA-001220C Insured For Your Protection References Upon Request


“Expert Service at Fair Prices”

We Honor ALL Manufacturer Warranties


Accepting New Patients

Dr. John Cottingham provides ongoing, comprehensive care right in your neighborhood! Dr. Cottingham has been practicing in the area for more than a decade. As a graduate of Clear Creek High School, he chose to practice medicine in the same community he grew up in and loves. Dr. Cottingham's passion for preventive care and wellness leads him to approach medicine in a more natural way.

1930 El Dorado Blvd • Houston TX 77062

281.488.0082 Additional locations and hours available.

Bay Forest News ~ April 2019


Clear Lake High School Boys Varsity Soccer Team DISTRICT CHAMPIONS 2019 Special Congratulations to our 2 Bay Forest Residents!

Shoon Lida # 55 Rhett Rojas-GK *Victor Perez-GK Nirmit Rongala *Lenin Hannon *Chandra Fincke *Nico Napolitano *Matt Hernandez *Cristian Reyes Fadi Abusada *Marvin Menjivar *Joey Abusada Tom Saunders *Andy Villalba *Julian Gomez *Shahaz Modi Marvin Martinez Waleed Zaman *Ryan Ochoa *Tristin Robinson *Erlin Garcia *Luis Valerio *Daniel Magallon Sam Prochazka *Scott Reeder *Robert Burridge Shoon Iida Isaac Leija-GK

#0 #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #15 #16 #17 #18 #20 #21 #22 #23 #24 #26 #34 #51 #55 #99

Scott Reeder # 34

CLHS Boys Soccer Website • More Photos!


*Thomas Anderson *John Chaka Jered Shriver John Mills

(SCHOOL NEWS continued on page 15)

manager manager Coach Asst Coach

CONGRATS TO ALL SENIORS! Bay Forest News ~ April 2019


School News Lake Latin Club Competes at State

The Lake Latin Club competed in the State Competition April 5 - 6 at Anderson High School in Austin. They made CLHS proud! See results here.


Painting and Remodeling RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL

Service you can Depend on & Trust! GENERAL CONTRACTOR Erick Bedini, Owner

Free Estimates • Interior Exterior •

Counter Tops Painting Texture Framing Drywall Cabinets Faux Painting Flooring

Painting Siding Roofing Decking Concrete Power Wash

Insured & Bonded

281-339-1554 Service Offers:

Fast Response Quality Work Reasonable Rates PTSA Volunteer Opportunities!

• Tree Care Experts • Tree Removal • Tree Pruning • Tree Cutting and Trimming • Tree Stump Removal • Emergency Tree Services • Lot Clearing • Concrete Removal • House Demolition • Haul Offs • Commercial Tree Work

(409) 351-5313 Click here to find out what's available (SCHOOL NEWS continued on page 16) Bay Forest News ~ April 2019


School News Falcon Pass Elementary School News GO VOYAGERS!

Falcon Pass Kindergarten Registration

Stop in between 8:30 - 11:30 am April 29 through May 3

Falcon Pass has been named a Leader in Me Lighthouse School! Dear Voyager Families, I am excited to share that, at SPIRIT DAY this morning, we announced Falcon Pass has been named a Leader in Me Lighthouse School! We now join the other 428 schools around the world with this distinction and are the second school in all of Houston and its surrounding area. What an accomplishment! When we began this journey 3 years ago my one commitment was that, if we were going down this path for our students then, we were going to do it right. Our students, staff, PTA and community surpassed what we expected and the path for our school will forever be altered in a new direction of student empowerment and leadership. A HUGE thank you to our visionary staff, the Clear Creek Education Foundation, campus PTA, community partners and Clear Creek ISD leadership for giving us the opportunity to pursue the Leader in Me. As part of our celebration, students are encouraged to share their ideas of how we can commemorate this accomplishment as a school in the coming months. We will be accepting student suggestions in the campus Leader in Me suggestion box through next Wednesday when our student lighthouse team will synergize to come to a final decision. An order form will also be coming home with the opportunity to purchase FPE Lighthouse School shirts should you choose. LEAD ON & Congratulations Voyagers!!

2411 Falcon Pass • Houston, TX 77062

Monica Giuffre, principal “Leader in Me® is a whole-school transformation model and process developed in partnership with educators that empowers students with the leadership and life skills they need to thrive in the 21st century.” (SCHOOL NEWS continued on page 17)

Bay Forest News ~ April 2019


School News Space Center Intermediate PTA News

TREE SERVICE We are really needing donations to make the 8th Grade Dance a success. We haven’t received the response we were hoping for, thus far. Please consider making a donation for this memorable night. If you know a local business owner who supports our CCISD schools, please pass along the attached flyer. Thank you! For your convenience, click this online link

(281) 482-3511 Email: Serving the Clear Lake Area for over 25 Years! Certified Arborist

• Fully Insured • Free Estimates

No. TX-4230A

Dr. Cindy N. Berthelot, M.D. is a board certified dermatologist treating patients in the greater Houston community. She distinguishes her practice by keeping up to date with the latest dermatological and cosmetic trends. Through her clinical practice, Dr. Berthelot provides scientifically proven treatments in the field of skin health in a highly personal environment. Dr. Berthelot is passionate about cancer research, therapy, and prevention.

Cindy Berthelot, MD

Houston Institute of Dermatology 2565 Bay Area Blvd • Houston, TX 77058 Phone 281.480.7272 Fax 281.480.7273 Bay Forest News ~ April 2019


Clear Lake City-County

Freeman Branch Library 16616 Diana Lane, Houston, Texas 77062 (281) 488.1906 •

April 18 – Library CLOSED – Good Friday Crafts-To-Go

Adults - Stop by the upstairs Reference Desk, to pick up a Crafts-To-Go kit. This free kit will include all materials necessary as well as instructions. In March, we’re decorating clips. This project will be available to adult patrons while supplies last. 1 craft kit/adult present. The Friends of Freeman Library (Freeman Bookstore) provide the materials for this Maker program.

Photo Restoration - Epson Scanner

Tuesday, April 23 at 3:30 PM 2nd Floor Computer Lab Come learn how you can restore and digitize old photos and film using our Epson Perfection Scanner in the Jocelyn H. Lee Digital Media Lab. The Digital Media Lab Orientation is not a prerequisite for this course, but patrons will still need to have taken it to reserve time with equipment in the Lab. Registration is encouraged, but walk-ins are welcomed if there are still spaces available. All children under the age of 16 will require an adult to be present with them. Please contact the library to register.

Green Thumb Lecture Series: Soils and Composting

Thursday, April 25 at 6:30 PM 2nd Floor Computer Lab The Texas AgriLife Extension Service and the Harris County Master Gardeners are pleased to offer the Green Thumb Gardening Series of lectures at the Freeman Library from January to October of 2019. Lectures will be held on the third Thursday of every month on a variety of topics. These Lectures are FREE.

Photo Restoration - Photoshop

Friday, April 26 at 3:30 PM 2nd Floor Computer Lab Come learn how you can use Adobe Photoshop to digitally restore and repair old and damaged photos. We will go over some of the tools available in Photoshop and how to apply them to photo restoration. No prior knowledge of Photoshop is needed, but patrons should have basic computer navigation skills. Recommended ages: 13+. Registration is encouraged, but walkins are welcomed if there are still spaces available. Please contact the library to register.

Demo Series – JH Lee Innovation Lab Open House April 26 – Please come and check out all the cool items and

tools housed in the Jocelyn H. Lee Innovation Lab, maker of the Friday Film Series door prizes. This free event requires no registration. (LIBRARY NEWS continued on page 19)

Children's Programs & Activities: Baby Butterflies

Mondays at 11:15 AM First Floor Children’s Activity Space Storytime recommended for babies that are walking independently up to 2 years old. This class focuses on early literacy skills through age appropriate stories, songs and rhymes. Tickets are required. They are free and available starting 30 minutes before the program begins at the Children’s Information Desk. Due to space limitations, each child may be accompanied by only one adult. Limited to 40.

Baby Caterpillars

Wednesdays at 10:15 AM and 11:15 AM First Floor Children’s Activity Space Recommended for newborns, crawlers and those walking with assistance along with a caregiver. This class includes age appropriate stories, rhymes, bounces and songs that are a foundation for reading. Children will also develop sensory, fine motor and social skills through playtime. Tickets are required. They are free and available starting 30 minutes before the program begins at the Children’s Information Desk. Due to space limitations, each child may be accompanied by only one adult. Limited to 40.

Maker Mondays

Mondays at 4:30 PM First Floor Children’s Activity Space Recommended for children 5-12 years old. These programs are designed to engage children in creative Maker activities including Straws and Connectors, Marble Runs, Legos, and Crafts. Tickets are required. They are free and available starting 30 minutes before the program begins at the Children’s Information Desk. Due to space limitations, each child may be accompanied by only one adult. Limited to 24.

Preschool Storytime

Mondays at 10:15 AM & Wednesdays at 1:30 PM First Floor Children’s Activity Space Recommended for children 3 to 5 years old. This program is designed for children who are ready to sit and listen to stories in addition to enjoying songs, fingerplays and action rhymes. Tickets are required. They are free and available starting 30 minutes before the program begins at the Children’s Information Desk. Due to space limitations, each child may be accompanied by only one adult. Limited to 60.

Toddler Time

Tuesday at 10:15 AM and 11:15 AM First Floor Children’s Activity Space Recommended for children 18 months to 3 years and their parents or caregivers. This program features books, songs, finger plays, music and movement. Tickets are required. They are free and available starting 30 minutes before the program begins at the Children’s Information Desk. Due to space limitations, each child may be accompanied by only one adult. Limited to 60.

Freeman Branch Library Catalog Bay Forest News ~ April 2019


Toddlers in Motion

Friday, April 26 at 10:15 AM First Floor Children’s Activity Space Recommended for children 18 months to 3 years and their caregivers. This program focuses on learning through movement and includes free play with age appropriate toys that emphasize creativity and movement. Tickets are required. They are free and available starting 30 minutes before the program begins at the Children’s Information Desk. Due to space limitations, each child may be accompanied by only one adult. Limited to 60.


Wednesdays at 4:30 PM First Floor Children’s Activity Space Recommended for children 8 to 12 years old. These programs are designed to engage children in STEAM activities and change on a monthly basis. Tickets are required. They are free and available starting 30 minutes before the program begins at the Children’s Information Desk. Due to space limitations, each child may be accompanied by only one adult.

Teen Movie Monday!

Monday, April 29 and May 6, 13 at 4:30 PM Second Floor Teen Zone Start the beginning of your week by watching a great movie and enjoying snacks!

Gamers Unite! Electronic Edition

Thursday, April 25 and May 2, 9 at 4:30 PM Second Floor Teen Zone Join us in the Zone for video games. Have a favorite game? Feel free to bring it with you to share.

Teen Craft: Perler Bead Creations

Monday, April 22 at 4:30 PM Second Floor Teen Zone Come learn how to make fun, simple designs from Perler beads! Participants will make a small craft they can take home with them. Warning: hot iron will be used by library staff during this craft.

Let’s Learn! to Make Videogames

Saturday, April 27 at 10:30 AM Second Floor Computer Lab Do you enjoy playing videogames? Ever thought of trying to make them? This month we'll be trying out GameMaker Studio, a cross-platform game engine that can help designers make more advanced games.

Teen Craft: Button Maker

Wednesday, May 1 at 4:30 PM Second Floor Teen Zone Come to the Zone and create a custom button... or several! Materials and supplies will be provided for making crafts to take with you. Materials provided by the Friends of Freeman Library.

Culinary Creations: Tortilla Pizza

Thursday, May 16 at 4:30 PM Second Floor Teen Zone Each month we'll be trying out a new food item! This month we'll be making pizzas using tortillas as our crusts.

Bay Forest News ~ April 2019


Armand Bayou Nature Center 8500 Bay Area Blvd • 281-474-2551

Party for the Planet – May 4, 2019 • 6-10 pm ABNC's Fundraising Dinner and Auction Celebration

World Migratory Bird Day – April 28, 2019 Protect Birds: Be the Solution to Plastic Pollution

Environment for the Americas coordinates WMBD in North and South America to increase awareness and promote the conservation of migratory birds that we share across borders. It is a celebration of one of the most important and spectacular events in the life of a migratory bird – its journey between breeding and non-breeding grounds. The program was created by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center to focus public attention on the need for action to conserve birds and their habitats.

Armand Bayou Nature Center will host a full day celebration dedicated to World Migratory Bird Day, featuring 3 Events for you to choose from. Fun-filled Family Event 12 pm to 4 pm

Join us as we welcome our partners for this event: American Bird Conservation, Houston Zoo, Plastic Pollution Prevention Partnership, US Fish and Wildlife, Wildbirds Unlimited, Native Plant Society- Clear Lake Chapter, and Texas Master Naturalist- Galveston Bay Chapter.

Guided Morning Birding Hike 7 am to 9 am

This is prime migratory season in Texas, one never knows what we will find.

Behind The Scenes at the Rookery 9:30 am to 11:30 am

This is a rare opportunity to see our herons, egrets, ibis, spoonbills, and anhingas as they congregate to reproduce.

We invite you to enjoy a catered dinner, music, dancing, charitable auctions, and games. Click below to reserve your seat or table. Individual seats $175; tables begin at $2,500. Sponsorship or items for our silent and live auctions also accepted. Tickets/Donations

TEEN JOB DIRECTORY The Bay Forest News is looking for teenagers to refill the job list. Take a look at the categories below and let us know if you'd like to be added!


Margie Alford Sophia Brown Izzy Hunt-Riley Hanna Schlegel Laurel Sullivan Clare Zandy

12/01 8/01 11/01 10/02 2/03 11/98

281-546-9684 Red Cross Certified 281-678-2134 281-770-6088 832-646-1542 Red Cross Certified 281-480-5309 Red Cross Certified 281-286-0426 (h) 281-904-7677 (c)


Margie Alford 12/01 281-546-9684 Red Cross Certified Lindsay Ierubino 6/02 281/468-1953 Red Cross Certified Theresa McNulty 11/00 623-337-6670 Bennett Ungar 6/02 713-876-9550 *Mother's Helper/Sitter Alex Lauzon Jack Wendes Drew Golla Will Golla


5/99 281-218-0064 — Pet Sitting 3/98 281-486-0367 — Pet Sitting

LAWN MOWING 1/98 713-998-5900 12/00 281-889-3410





The Bay Forest News will run ads for our Bay Forest teenagers free of charge. Please send your ad including your name, birth date, and telephone number to: TEENS - THE BAY FOREST NEWS 15822 MANOR SQUARE, HOUSTON, TX 77062

Call 281-660-4965 and ask for Marita if you have any questions.

Bay Forest News ~ April 2019


Bay Forest Contacts OFFICERS - Bay Forest Community Association President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Director

Dan Pias Dennis Fouty Barbara McCollum Judy Doggett Adam Dimmick

713-562-5444 281-488-0123 713-819-1001

COMMITTEES - Bay Forest Community Association

ARC Dan Pias 713-562-5444 281-488-0123 ACLC/Super Neighborhood Barbara McCollum and Adam Dimmick Board Financial Committee Barbara McCollum, Adam Dimmick and Dennis Fouty Common Open Areas Dan Pias 713-562-5444 Tennis (Board Oversight) Judy Doggett 713-819-1001 Tennis - Kids Bruce Reistle 832-533-1493 Tennis - Womens Carol Rush 832-630-0350 Tennis - Mens A Greg Blackburn 281-743-3802 Tennis - Mens B Doug McCann 713-824-5283 Tennis - Mens C LiMin Chang 281-483-6906 Pool Judy Doggett 713-819-1001 Social Committee Barbara McCollum 281-488-0123 Parks/COA Dan Pias 713-562-5444 Yard of the Month Judy Doggett 713-819-1001 Parking/Traffic Committee Barbara McCollum 281-488-0123 Trash Service Oversight Dan Pias 713-562-5444 Long Range Planning Dennis Fouty Realtor Advisory Board Dennis Fouty Fence Replacement Com. Dennis Fouty Community Relations Management Oversight Dan Pias 713-562-5444 Crime/Community Watch Judy Doggett 713-819-1001 Website Oversight Dennis Fouty Nominating Committee Barbara McCollum and Adam Dimmick

ORGANIZATIONS Garden Club Gourmet Club Mommies’ Club Blue Marlins

Katy Lednicky 281-488-5655 Alex Valenti Sandra Espinosa Blue Marlins Hotline 832-247-5035


The Bay Forest Community Association can be contacted at: 832-224-6446 15715 Lake Lodge Drive, Houston, Texas 77062 AmeriWaste 281-331-8400 City of Houston Information (neighborhood protection, solid waste, addresses to public buildings, etc.) 3-1-1 Officer Richard Buitron HPD Liaison / 2855 Bay Area Blvd. 77058 281-218-3900 Report Suspicious Activity • Non-Emergency # 713-884-3131 Poison Control 281-766-4403 Albert Thomas Post Office Frances Nix-Davis 281-488-8315

To Report a Streetlight that is Out... CenterPoint Energy maintains streetlights throughout our electric service territory in and around Houston. Go to the link below to report a streetlight outage. You will be asked to provide: • • • •

pole number for the non-functioning lights you want to report contact information (in case more info is needed to locate a streetlight) an e-mail address (if you want feedback regarding your repair request) the number of streetlights you would like to report

Visit CenterPoint Energy’s webpage for reporting streetlights out: or Report general power outages by calling 713-207-2222 or 1-800-332-7143

Leash Law

Dogs and cats may not “run at large” in Houston. “Running at large” means going on public or private property without the owner or another person having direct physical control of the animal.  An animal on a leash is considered to be under direct physical control of a person.“Running at large” may result in impoundment of the animal or in the issuance of one or more citations. For more info visit Houston Leash Law.

Bay Forest News sends a Special Thanks to KROGER for donating the plastic bags for our newsletters!

CLEAR CREEK SCHOOLS SERVING BAY FOREST Falcon Pass Elementary 281-284-6200 Fax: 281-286-2914 Office Hours: 7:45 am to 3:45 pm School Hours: 8:15 am to 3:15 am

Clear Lake High School 281-284-1900 Fax: 281-284-1905 Office Hours: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm School Hours: 7:20 am to 2:30 pm

Space Center Intermediate 281-284-3300 Fax: 281-284-3305 8 am to 4 pm


Marita Moran (281) 660-4965 e-mail: 850 households Marita Moran (281) 660-4965 Cindy Carmine KrispGraphix (832) 372-5127,

EDITORIAL NOTES Contributions to this paper are welcome; articles, letters to the editor, complaints, compliments, etc. Please submit your copy to Marita Moran via email at by the 20th of the month. Although all contributions are welcome, we cannot guarantee to print everything that is submitted. The editor reserves the right to edit copy where required. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR PRINTED REFLECT THE OPIN­ I ONS OF THE AUTHORS ONLY, AND NOT THOSE OF THE BAY FOREST NEWS OR ANY OF ITS STAFF. TO BE PUB­L ISHED, LETTERS TO THE EDITOR MUST INCLUDE A NAME AND PHONE NUMBER— THE EDITORS RESERVE THE RIGHT TO OMIT THE NAME AT THE WRITER’S REQUEST. PERSONAL AD POLICY There is no charge for a Bay Forest resident to place a Personal Ad in the Bay Forest News. Please email the information that is to appear in the ad to

Houston Department of Health and Human Services

There is no charge for a Bay Forest teen to adver­tise in the Teen Job Directory. Get your ad to Marita Moran at by the 20th of the month. COMMERCIAL AD POLICY Ad Sizes Business Card 1/4 page 1/2 page Full page Inserts

Cost $ 25.00 $ 40.00 $ 75.00 $ 150.00 $ 60.00 (you print 200 inserts)

5% discount offered if you pay, in advance, for 3 months of advertising space. 10% discount offered if you pay, in advance, for 6 months of advertising space. 15% discount offered if you pay, in advance, for 10 months of advertising space. NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION INSERT FEES Organizations based within the Bay Forest Community will be charged $25.00 for inserts—all other non-profit organi­za­tions will be charged $35.00 for inserts. THE BAY FOREST NEWS IS ISSUED THE 1ST WEEK OF EVERY MONTH, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE JUNE/ JULY AND THE DECEMBER/JANUARY ISSUES (10 ISSUES PER YEAR).



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Bay Forest News, April 2019  

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Bay Forest News, April 2019  

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