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Volume 28, Number 5

June/July 2014

Letter from the Editor to my Bay Forest Neighbors After you read this letter, if you would like to see new sidewalk shade trees planted on Manor Square and Lake Lodge (between the places where the mature trees were cut down) to replace those trees, please email Marita Moran at (If you are reading this online, you can click on this email address). In the April issue of the Bay Forest News, Dan Pias, President of our BFCA, wrote in his article, “Sadly, we have been advised that the Bradford Pear trees located along the perimeter of the pool park have reached the end of their natural life cycle and will continue to pose a safety issue with falling and breaking branches. We will be working closely with TFH to remove them.” In that same issue, I wrote, “It was my recommendation that they (the trees) be trimmed and shaped to solve the safety problem. But they (the BFCA Board) opted to have them all removed.” There was no mention of the tree removal in the May BFCA article. However, the trees were mulched and a crew spent hours trimming them, so the logical thing to assume was that the Board had changed their mind. Unfortunately, that was not the case and all 20 mature shade trees were cut down right before the hottest six months of the year. The trees had been on a sprinkler system all of their lives and never suffered drought. They were not insect infested. Nor were they disease ridden. They were healthy trees for their age and would have provided shade for at least a few years to come. They were not dropping limbs of their own accord, as the Board believed. The limbs were being taken off by trucks which were going too fast and were too close to the trees. The lower limbs should have been trimmed by order of our Board, but that order never came. Our 20 wonderful shade trees have been cut down for reasons based on facts about pear trees in general and not on the facts about these pear trees, that could have saved their lives for a few more years. They had not “reached the end of their natural life cycle.” And they did not “pose a safety issue with falling and breaking branches,” as long as the Board would keep those lower limbs cut off. (PEAR TREES continued on page 3)



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CONGRATULATIONS to all the Bay Forest Graduates!

Neighborhood News (PEAR TREES continued from page 1)

Here is a very short story to make my point: Once there was a man who was an expert on elephants. He knew everything there was to know about elephants from A to Z. So he hired a native to accompany him on his trip through the jungle in search of the real thing. The native did not know everything there was to know about elephants. But he did know everything there was to know about the elephants that lived near him in the jungle. The expert searched for a long time for elephants, but could find none. Finally, the native brought him directly to the place he knew his elephants would be at that time of day. The expert knew about elephants in general, but the native knew about the elephants who were his neighbors in the jungle. Such was the case with our 20 large shade trees. The expert that advised the Board that the trees had “reached the end of their natural life cycle and will continue to pose a safety issue with falling and breaking branches,” knew a lot about trees in general, but he did not know a lot about OUR 20 trees on Manor Square and Lake Lodge. The real experts in this case were the people who have lived across the street from them all of these years. We knew the limbs were being “truck trimmed.” We would often hear a truck approaching at a fast speed, then we would hear the WHACK! and the limb would fall to the ground and then we would go out and drag it to the sidewalk. We knew what was causing perfectly healthy trees to lose perfectly healthy limbs. So I would like to make a request to our Board: Anytime you are going to take a vote during one of your regularly scheduled meetings, on a topic that might benefit from the input of Bay Forest residents, please announce it in the Bay Forest News, or even send out an e-Alert, asking that any interested residents are welcome to share their thoughts prior to the vote. Now that you have read this letter, if you would like to see new sidewalk shade trees planted on Manor Square and Lake Lodge (between the places where the mature trees were cut down) to replace those trees, please email Marita Moran at Many thanks for bearing with me on this. ~Marita Moran

Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014


Bay Forest Community Association News Monthly Board of Directors Meetings

Meetings of the BFCA Board of Directors are held on the third Monday of each month, January through November, at 6:00 p.m. Meetings are open to all Bay Forest homeowners and held at the Clear Lake Presbyterian Church, 1511 El Dorado Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77062. We welcome your ideas, input and comments.




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May 2014 Board Meeting

A regular meeting of the Bay Forest Community Association (BFCA) Board of Directors was convened on May 19, 2014, at the Clear Lake Presbyterian Church. Board members in attendance included Tom Camp, Barbara McCollum, and Dan Pias. Also participating in the meeting was Community Manager Jared Simmons. There were no other Bay Forest residents in attendance. For more information, including contact information for board members and other community volunteer, go to www. To contact the Bay Forest Community Manager, email or call 832.224.6446. The mailing address for the Bay Forest Community Association is 15715 Lake Lodge Drive, Houston, Texas 77062. Dan Pias, President BFCA

Forty Trees Planted In Bay Forest Common Areas During May, as discussed extensively at the 2012 and 2013 annual meetings of the community, Bay Forest moved forward with its plan to "reforest" our neighborhood. Following several years of losing trees to hurricanes, drought, insect infestation, and age, forty new trees were planted. Upon the advice of our tree expert, arborist Barry Ward of the non-profit Trees For Houston, some new and different species of trees were planted in the Bay Forest pool park (34 total trees) and the larger of the Hillside Falls pocket parks (six trees). All of them were grown out in 15 gallon buckets and included only native species – Live Oaks, Red Oaks, Burr Oaks, Loblolly Pines, Mexican Plums and Redbuds. The latter two varieties are blooming varieties and are located along Manor Square and Lake Lodge near the pool and tennis courts. These will eventually grow in and provide springtime color along the edges of the park. (BFCA continued on page 5)

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Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014


Neighborhood News (BFCA continued from page 4)

All the trees were donated by Trees For Houston. We had them professionally planted and staked and have made arrangements for keeping them watered…not too little and not too much – several times a week. If you’d like to help keep these new trees adequately watered during our ongoing dry spell, please let us know so that we don’t overwater and drown them. All the trees were planted far enough from streets to avoid being hazards to passing vehicles and from sidewalks to avoid damaging the sidewalks. In addition, those that will ultimately grow into large trees are located in areas with ample open space to accommodate symmetrical development as they grow straight toward the light. Smaller, understory trees – those that can tolerate diffused light and still grow into healthy, well-shaped trees – were planted in areas below the existing higher canopy.

More New Mail boxes On the Horizon

Two more new community mailbox sets are set to be installed in the next several weeks. We can’t tell you exactly when yet, because we are still coordinating with the US Post Office and contractors. This will make 7 new sets of matching mailboxes as we work to replace all 29 mailbox locations. This project has been a long time in coming, and we are pleased with the results.

Summertime Fun – Pool, Swim Team, July 4!!

Yes, the warm (okay, hot!) weather is finally here. That means the Bay Forest Community Pool is open. Once CCISD schools are out for the summer, the pool will be open six days a week – Tuesday through Friday from noon ‘til 8:00 pm and SaturdaysSundays from 9:00 am ‘til 9:00 pm. In addition, the Blue Marlins Swim Team is practicing every weekday. Bay Forest and the Blue Marlins will host a swim meet on Saturday, June 14, 2014. We will have lots of guests and cars in our neighborhood that day. Come on over and see these youngsters compete.

July 4th Annual Bike Parade and Pool Festivities

The Fourth of July is just around the corner. The Bay Forest twenty–plus year tradition of celebrating this holiday continues in 2014. Come over for the early morning bike parade followed by a cookout and games in the pool! Once again this year we will have prizes for the best decorated bike or trike. We will start at 8:30 am with the tire pump to insure all tires are ready to go, at 9:00 am the little Kiddo parade will start on the ½ mile route, at 9:20 am the big Kid / Adult parade will begin on the 1 ½ mile route. Come out and help celebrate our Nation’s birthday.

Crime Watch:

Stay up-to-date with your neighbors on the community website

CRIME REPORT – April 2014

Theft 3500 Almond Creek Investigation (Burglary And Theft) 2900 Bay Area Theft 3900 Canyon Bluff Misc. Criminal Mischief 15700 Cavendish Criminal Mischief 15700 Cavendish Investigation (Burglary And Theft) 2300 Central Park Burglary Motor Vehicle 1400 Chestnut Springs Theft 2400 Clear Lake City Unauthorized Use Of Motor Vehicle 14500 Cobre Valley Burglary Habitation 15100 Coral Oak Burglary Habitation 1900 Greenwood Oaks Burglary Habitation 1900 Greenwood Oaks Theft 16200 Longvale Criminal Mischief 1700 Mabry Mill Burglary Motor Vehicle 1400 New Cedars Criminal Mischief 14600 Oak Chase Burglary Habitation 15500 Park Estates Burglary Motor Vehicle 15800 Sylvan Lake Burglary Motor Vehicle 14100 Tallow Point Burglary Habitation 14300 Walnut Bridge Burglary Habitation 14600 Windy Ridge

Residence/House High School Business Residence/House Residence/House Park/Greenspace Residence/House Grocery/Supermarket Residence/House Residence/House Residence/House Residence/House Residence/House Residence/House Driveway Residence/House Residence/House Driveway Residence/House Residence/House Residence/House

Includes: Bay Forest, Middlebrook, Northfork, Brook Forest, Bay Oaks and Bay Knoll This data is not the official crime statistics for the Houston Police Department. This data is being provided prior to the release of the Department's Official Monthly Uniform Crime.

Bay Forest Annual

Independence Day Bike Parade When: Friday, July 4th 8:30 am -- Get Ready... Celebration begins! Where: Bay Forest Pool & Park Who:

The young and young at heart

Decorate your rides and yourselves! Prizes will be given for the best decorated bike in each parade. The Mommies’ Club will be providing snacks and cool drinks for everyone. Bring your pool gear and make a day of it with friends and family at the pool! Small Loop for Younger Children and Larger Loop for Older Youth Page 6 for more details

Decorate your rides and yourselves! Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014


Neighborhood News Bay Forest Mommies’ Club Plan to attend the 4th of July Bike Parade and show your spirit by decorating your bike. There should be more information about that event in this issue of the Bay Forest News. The Mommies’ Club will provide support for this event in the form of ice cold lemonade and snacks for after the parade for all those who attend. Also, if you are on our e-mail distribution list, look for details on the annual Pool Party and Ice Cream Social to be held in July. Again, if you are interested in more information about any event please join our e-mail distribution list by contacting Joy King at the following e-mail: By joining the e-mail distribution list, you will be among the first to hear about every opportunity to do fun things that occur during the summer. Sometimes there are impromptu swim gatherings, movie events, or trips to Kemah and/or Galveston with the kids. You are welcome to join us for any event. Hope to see you this summer!

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Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014


Bay Forest Yard of the Month Wow! As usual, you Bay Forest homeowners have made the Yard of the Month selection a very difficult job. But that's the kind of problem we love to have, and it means two gorgeous yards for you to look at this month! Thank you all for working so hard on your yards. Remember, if you know of a house that you feel deserves to be yard of the month, please send an e-mail with that address to We're always sure to take an extra look at all nominations, so please, “Keep 'em coming!�

The Bay Forest Yard of the Month on the North side of Bay Forest belongs to Marie and Ted Mackenzie at 15215 Poplar Springs. Marie and Ted meticulously tend and prune their very creative front landscape. Their neat and trim front yard sports carefully trimmed Juniper topiaries, Boxwood pillows, Pittosporum bushes and a few varieties of Palm. Two graceful Magnolia trees arch over the base of the front walk and make a perfect frame for the two beds just on the other side of the sidewalk. The red pavers echo the red brick of the house, and retain the soil in this sloping yard. The pavers are repeated closer to the house where lots of flowers are planted. Cheerful Petunias circle the trees, while bright Begonias dance with dramatic Flame Acanthus and red Firecracker plants.

(YARD OF THE MONTH continued on page 8)

Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014


Bay Forest Yard of the Month Our Bay Forest Yard of the Month winner on the South side of Bay Forest is Julie Briley who lovingly tends her garden at 2034 Park Grand. Her calm and cool yard is like an English garden right here in Houston. A statue of St. Anthony watches over the birds that love her deep beds, which are filled with Geraniums, Petunias, Phlox, Roses, Loropetalum, and many other beauties that are currently green. The dry-fit retaining wall has been planted with moss which peeps out gently from between the stones. The courtyard near her front door is overflowing with potted plants, mostly Begonia, Rose, and Petunia. A glance up the driveway will give a glimpse into the plant-filled, shady oasis that is Julie's back yard. I forgot to ask her the name of the large green plant with the oversized green leaves at the corner of her garage, and it was too late to call when I wrote this, so if you recognize this plant, please send an email with the name to

As always, we appreciate all your comments, especially your nominations for Yard of the Month. If you know of a yard that you feel deserves to be Yard of the Month please send the address to

Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014



Tuesday - Friday Saturday & Sunday

Noon - 8:00 pm 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

August 30September 1

Saturday, Sunday & Monday (Labor Day)

9:00 am - 9:00 pm

The pool is Closed on Mondays, except Labor Day, Sept 1.

Pool Parties

Our community pool is a great place for Bay Forest residents to host small group parties for birthdays, for sports teams, for church groups, etc. Parties may be scheduled during regular hours and on Mondays. No more than one party may be scheduled in the afternoon (noon to 4:30 pm); no more than one party may be scheduled in the evening (after 5:00 pm). Parties should be scheduled seven (7) days in advance. There are two options for having a pool party.

Small Parties



Homeowners hosting parties with up to and including twenty five (25) participants may be scheduled during regular hours and may extend until 10:00 pm. Additional lifeguards may or may not be needed to maintain an overall lifeguard to patron ratio of 1:25 during a party scheduled during regular hours. Based on the number of expected party participants and Sweetwater’s experience with typical pool patronage during the time a party is scheduled, additional lifeguards may be deemed needed and supplied. The Bay Forest Community Association will pay for any additional guards needed during regular hours.

24/7 EMERGENCY REPAIR Est. 1952 ~ Celebrating 60 Years!

Large Parties

Homeowners hosting parties with more than twenty five (25) participants or desiring exclusive use of the pool may schedule parties on Monday in the afternoons (noon until 4:30 pm) or in the evenings (5:00 pm until 10:00 pm). Sweetwater shall supply sufficient lifeguards for each party, determined to maintain an overall lifeguard to patron ratio of 1:25. The homeowner is responsible for paying Sweetwater an hourly rate of $10 for each required lifeguard (minimum of two). There is no fee for using the pool. The hourly rate will include any set up and cleanup activities. Party reservations will officially open April 1, 2014. To schedule a party please email the Pool Party Coordinator at: parties@, or phone 281-300-6077 or Fax: 281988-8503. Reservation requests will be conducted online and confirmed by the Sweetwater Pools Party Coordinator on or after this date. This information and much more can be found on our Bay Forest Community website,


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Home of the Mighty Blue Marlins!

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card or Financing Available Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014


Brooks Blue Marlins Swim Team Meet our Blue Marlin Coaching Staff We are so excited to begin the year with enthusiastic swimmers and a few new names on our coaching staff. In fact, many are previous Blue Marlin alumni returning as coaches this year! Sara Varisco - Head Coach Ryan Craig Mackenzie Shannon MacArthur Elizabeth Selmarten MaryHelen Fouty Lauren Nutt Hrisa Katsigiannis Andrea Riojas Emily Varisco

Meet Schedule:

June 14th Meet #4 Timber Cover Dolphins @ Middlebrook June 21st Meet #5 El Lago Dorados @ El Lago June 28th-30th Champ Meet Series @ Texas City (TBA) All team information is posted on our website Families will be able to check practice status, swim meet details, purchase marlins spirit gear, and even note their volunteer preferences for swim meets. (Remember we cannot guarantee volunteer selections, but sincere efforts are made to do so.) \

Beginning on Monday, June 9th, all practices will shift to a morning schedule during June. 8 & Under 8:30-9:30 am 9 & 10 7:30-8:30 am 11& up 7:30-9:30 am

Brook Forest Pool Brook Forest Pool Bay Forest Pool (2hr practice)

1st Swim Meet of the season against the Nassau Bay Nauticats What a great first meet the Blue Marlin swimmers had against the Nauticats, held in Nassau Bay. Unfortunately we couldn’t pull it out in the end (361 NB to 311 BM). We were outnumbered 2:1, as it was a very busy weekend for many Blue Marlin families who were not able to participate over the weekend. However, for those swimmers who were at the meet . . . . way to go!! Everyone had successful races, from our first time swimmers, to our seasoned Blue Marlins, and some who even made their champ times this weekend. It was exciting to see the generous parent participation, not to mention the many smiles as they watched their children swim. The success of Blue Marlins depends upon the participation of parents and families working various shifts like: timing, ribbon area, stroke and turn judging. This cooperation makes our team successful! Thank you parents and thank you coaches!

Go Blue Marlins! Ivan J. Dominguez, president Brooks Blue Marlins 2013 Cell: (713) 339-0835

Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014


Neighborhood News Bay Forest Gourmet Club

Our final stop on our wine tour was to the Pacific Northwest, with visits to Oregon and Washington. Oregon is a world-class wine region with more than 540 wineries producing 72 varieties of grapes, most notably the Willamette Valley known for its Pinot noirs. And while most people think of Washington for its apples, Washington ranks second in wine production in the U.S., behind only California. The menu included Lemon, Cauliflower and Garlic Hummus, Alaskan Crab Cake with Red Bell Pepper Sauce, Oregon Stuffed Mushrooms, Sesame Chicken Kebobs, Pacific Chili Salmon with Mango Cucumber Salsa, Sonoma Hazelnut Rice, Asian Snow-Pea Salad, and Tomatoes Florentine. For dessert, we had Washington Apple Cake with Caramel Sauce and Bourbon Whipped Cream Chocolate Mousse Cake. Here is the recipe for the Chicken Kabobs and a picture of the tablescape.

Sesame Chicken Kabobs 3 Tbsp. oil 1 Tbsp. sesame oil 2 Tbsp. soy sauce 4 large chicken breasts filets, cubed into 1½ -2” pieces 2 Tbsp. honey 8 green onions cut 2” long pieces 1 Tbsp. fresh grated ginger 1 Tbsp. toasted sesame seeds, see HINT 1. Soak 12-12” wooden skewers in water to prevent scorching. To make the marinade, whisk together oil, soy sauce, honey, ginger and sesame oil. Place the chicken and the marinade in a plastic bag and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Thread three pieces of chicken with a green onion piece in-between each chicken piece onto the skewers. 2. Place the skewers on a hot, lightly oiled barbeque flat plate or grill and baste with the marinade. Cook for 4 minutes on each side, or until the chicken is cooked through. Sprinkle with the sesame seeds. *HINT: To toast sesame seeds: place in a dry pan and shake over moderate heat until golden. Source: The Complete Barbeque Cookbook Serves: 4



Lisa Maxwell-Malik, O.D. Therapeutic Optometrist

Russell J. Malik, O.D. Therapeutic Optometrist

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(3937) Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014


Eric Santen

Emily H. Chen

Emily is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley School of Law, where she was Editor-inChief, Berkeley Technology Law Journal and a member of the Asian Pacific American Law Student Association. Emily is the recipient of the Kirkland & Ellis Diversity Fellowship and the Richard Linn American Inn of Court Mark T. Banner Scholarship. Beginning Fall 2014: patent litigation associate, Latham & Watkins LLP, Menlo Park, CA. 2015-2016: Law Clerk to the Hon. Rodney Gilstrap, District Judge, United States District Court, Eastern District of Texas, Marshall, TX.

Megan Rasmussen

Megan Rasmussen will graduate Summa Cum Laude from CLHS. Megan has been involved in HS and club volleyball, NHS, HOSA, and has volunteered at UBC the past 4 years. Megan will attend and play volleyball for Yale University in the fall. She is the daughter of Jerry and Karel Rasmussen.

Eric Santen will be graduating Summa Cum Laude from Clear Lake High School in June 2014. Eric was on the Clear Lake High Track and Field team for four years, the basketball team for three years and in the orchestra for two years. He is a member of the National Honor Society, the National Science Honor Society and is a Superintendent Scholar. He is also an active member of the Food Bank Club and volunteers at the Houston Food Bank. Eric is ranked in the top 5% of his graduating class. After graduation, Eric will be majoring in Mechanical Engineering at either Texas A&M University or at the University of Texas, Austin.

Christina Santen

Christina Santen is graduating from Texas A&M University, College Station in May 2014. She is graduating Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. degree in Allied Health. She will be attending graduate school pursuing a Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant studies beginning in July. While at Texas A&M, Christina was a Freshman FISH camp counselor for 3 years, a Freshman Leadership Organization mentor and a member of COSGA (Conference on Student Government Association). In addition, Christina has been a violinist in the Texas A&M University Orchestra for four years. She is a member of the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society and was the recipient of the Howdy Club Scholarship.

Brooke Chapman

Brooke Chapman graduated in May after three years at Texas A&M Galveston with a degree in Maritime Administration. After graduation, Brooke will be working for Kirby Inland Marine.

Mackenzie Clayton

Mackenzie Clayton is graduating Summa Cum Laude from Clear Lake High School, is a National Merit Finalist, is a Four-Year Superintendent Scholar and is a member of the National, Math, Science and French Honors Societies. She is a four year varsity swimmer, played on the varsity water polo team in 9th grade, and ran on the Track and Cross Country teams 10th -12th grade. Mackenzie will be attending the University of Texas at Austin in the fall where she is a recipient of an Engineering Honors scholarship and will study Bio-medical Engineering.

Steven Wild

Steven Wild is graduating Magna Cum Laude from Clear Lake High School and will be attending the University of Oklahoma in Norman, majoring in Chemical Engineering. He has been accepted into the Honors College, named an “Award of Excellence Scholar”, and been awarded a Freshman Engineering Scholarship.

Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014


2014 Lauryn Hanley

Lauryn Hanley will attend the University of Texas at Austin to major in Film Production. She will graduate Cum Laude from CLHS; Superintendent's Scholar for 2 years; drill instructor for the CLHS marching band drumline and member of the highest level band, Wind Ensemble, for 4 years; National Honor Society member for 4 years; yearbook editor; received the Gold Award from the Girl Scouts of America.

Mason Schmidt

Mason Schmidt will graduate Magna Cum Laude from Clear Lake High School. He plans to continue his education at Texas A&M Galveston and pursue a degree in Maritime. Mason is going to enjoy some R and R in Maui before looking for summer work.

Wyatt Anthony Griffis

Wyatt is graduating with Honors from Lutheran South Academy. Wyatt will be attending Baylor University as part of the University Scholars Honors Program. Wyatt received the President's Gold Scholarship, the Invitation to Excellence Scholarship, and the Carr P. Collins Scholarship for Leadership and Service. While at LSA, Wyatt lettered in golf, soccer, track and basketball. In 2014, he was part of the TAPPS 4A State Final Four Basketball Championship. Wyatt is Vice-President of the Engineering Club, is a member of National Honor Society, was awarded the Bausch and Lomb Science Award, and awarded Principal's Honor Roll for all four years of high school. Wyatt is an Eagle Scout with Troop 848 and received the National Medal of Merit from the Boy Scouts of America Court of Honor. Wyatt is a confirmed member of St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church and a leader in the youth group. Wyatt has lived in Bay Forest his entire life.

Brad Sullivan

Brad Sullivan plans to attend Texas A&M University (College Station) to study Engineering. He is a Magna Cum Laude graduate under the Distinguished Degree Plan. Brad was a CCISD Superintendent's Scholar, and an AP Scholar with Honors. Brad earned a gold medal on the National Latin Exam all 4 years of high school, and received Latin Pentathlon Summa Cum Laude honors at the Junior Classical League Regional competition this year. He also received 4 medals at the state level in the Texas State German Contest this year: two first place, one second place, and one third place medal. Brad is a member of the National Honor Society, and was a CLHS Varsity swimmer during his sophomore and junior years. Brad also attended the STEP Forward Engineering Camp at U of H, where his team won a 3rd place trophy in the roller coaster design challenge. Brad attended the Hugh O'Brien Leadership Conference, and has been active in several service activities: he volunteers at the Houston Food Bank, he has helped several Eagle Scouts with their projects, he has participated in neighborhood work days at the Bay Forest Community park and pool, and he has volunteered at the Falcon Pass Elementary Winter Carnival. Brad was a member of the Blue Marlins swim team for 11 years, and is a PADI Certified SCUBA diver. Brad is a runner, a cyclist, and a member of the Ultimate Frisbee intramural team.

Elizabeth Selmarten

Elizabeth Selmarten is graduating from Clear Lake High School. She has been a member of the CLHS Varsity Swim and Water Polo Teams, President of German Club, Vice President of Interact, served on the newspaper staff and was a member of DECA. She will be attending the University Of Alabama where she will be majoring in public relations. She will be a member of the Honors College and on the staff of Mosiac, the Honors College magazine. Elizabeth is the recipient of the St. Clare of Assisi Knights of Columbus Scholarship and The University of Alabama UA Scholar Scholarship.

Claire Harrigan

Claire Harrigan is graduating Summa Cum Laude from CLHS and is a Girl Scout Gold Award recipient. Claire will be studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. She is a life-long resident of Bay Forest.

Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014


2014 Kelly Jackson

Kelly Jackson graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She plans to attend UTMB Graduate School to work on a Masters of Occupational Therapy.

Richard Cao

Richard Cao is graduating from Clear Lake High School. He has been a member of the Clear Lake High School Orchestra playing cello for 4 years. He was Texas All State Cello in 2013. All-State is the highest honor a Texas music student can receive. Also he and other 3 students won 1st Place in the Business Professionals of America Annual Software Engineering Project in May 2014. Richard will attend UT Austin, majoring in Electrical Engineering.

Mark Moran

Sydney Wilson

Sydney is graduating Cum Laude from CLHS as a member of the Distinguished Achievement Program. Sydney was a CLHS Falcon Flair and served as Secretary. She is going to Texas A&M, Galveston in the Fall, then heading to College Station. She is majoring in Business - Marketing.

Maria Nosrat

Maria Nosrat is graduating from Clear Lake High School this June. She is attending Baylor University this fall and majoring in fashion merchandising. In high school, she participated in Orchestra and Girl Scouts where she received her Gold Award.

Jenna Hickey

Jenna Hickey, daughter of Chris and Alyson, is graduating from CLHS. She will be attending Texas A&M in the fall to study Engineering. Jenna is active in Girl Scout Troop 1155 and received her Gold Award this year. She was the starting catcher for the CLHS Junior Varsity Softball Team for three years.

Mark Moran graduated in May from the University of Houston College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics with a double major in Geophysics and Geology and a minor in Math. Mark has also earned a Business Degree from the Wake Forest University Calloway School of Business and Accountancy. After six weeks in Montana with his Geology class, Mark will pursue a career in the oil and gas industry.

Mark Moran and Mother, Marita Moran, Bay Forest News Editor

Congratulations to this Amazing Group of CLHS Grads! I am so excited for this group of students! They are an amazing class: 1 out of every 19 kids in this group of 544 kids was a National Merit semi-finalist (28) or finalist (26 of the 28), and either 36 or 38 of this group earned their Eagle Scout (Boy Scouts) or Gold Award (Girl Scouts). Lots of other accomplishments, but these two really impressed me! Good luck to each of the members of the class of 2014! ~Carey Sullivan

Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014


Letter to the Editor and my Bay Forest Neighbors We all love our dogs but no one likes to have their newly planted landscaped beds tromped on by our neighbor's leashed dog. Please be considerate of others and the hard work they expended to get the desired look that your dog just can’t pass up! As a reminder, please pick up after your dog and dispose of properly. Happy walking!

~Karen Kahrs

GardenLine Tips

by Randy Lemmon

740 KTRH

I want to see more of these this summer!

I would like to see a number of wonderful plants make a grand comeback in Houston-area landscapes. Many of them are native plants that were lost to this area in big numbers thanks to Hurricane Ike and the intense freezes of January 2010, February 2011, and March 2014. And here's a basic bit of advice when chosing your planting media: rose soil! I've written previously in these weekly tips, on my Facebook page, and in all my books about building perfect beds using rose soil, and there are a myriad of perfectly blended ones out there. Go to any nursery, garden center or hardware store and ask what kind of rose soil they have. If they look at you like you're speaking gibberish, try another place. My suggestions below are not the only ones, of course, but let's focus on bringing some of these old standards back to life. Natal Plum - Prior to Hurricane Ike, Natal plums were found all over the Galveston area. Around 30 years ago, you could find them all over Houston, too. Unfortunately they were not properly cared for and only planted in boring hedgerows. I would like to see natal plums start appearing again in all kinds of oversized pottery. They look like an Indian hawthorn, so they don't get too big. But their beautiful, star-shaped white flowers smell great, and they produce an amazing edible fruit. They normally need full sun. Silver Cassia - This plant is not a Texas native, but it comes from Australia so it should handle our weather. It looks a lot like a Dusty Miller with smaller leaves, however this is an evergreen. It has silvergreen leaves, covered with a sort of grey hair. It can work in both filtered light and shade. And while it can be damaged by frosts, they would have to be killers like the kind we had in February 2011. (GARDENLINE continued on page 17)

Edrina Fitting and the Ladybug Realtors give back to Bay Forest and support our children from elementary school through high school! Recently awarded the

Texas PTA Honorary Life Long Membership Award 1. Director of Committee: Bay Forest Yard of the Month 2. Chair person: Bay Forest Traffic and Speed Control Committee 3. Sponsor: Bay Forest Spring Crawfish Boil 4. Sponsor: Bay Forest Oktoberfest 5. Co-Sponsor: Bay Forest July 4th Bike Parade 6. Sponsor: Many of the Bay Forest Mommies’ Club Activities, such as the Easter Egg Hunt, Summer Ice Cream Social at the Pool and the Halloween Fall Festival 7. Sponsor: Bay Forest News 8. Sponsor: Space Center Intermediate School Band 9. Sponsor: Space Center Intermediate School Academic Recognition 10. Sponsor: CLHS Band 11. Sponsor: CLHS Girls Golf 12. Sponsor: CLHS Baseball 13. Sponsor: CLHS Project Graduation 14. Sponsor: CLHS Quarterback Club 15. Sponsor: Falcon Pass Elementary School PTA 16. Sponsor: Falcon Pass Winter Wonderland 17. Platinum Sponsor: St. Clare of Assisi Elementary School 2005-2006 18. Maintains a list of sub-contractors for Bay Forest homeowners to hire for needed repairs and replacements

Edrina is the #1 agent with clients and customers and has career sales of over $300 million.

Edrina DIRECT: 281-798-6400 Office: 281-280-0669 Sue Fitting: 832-488-6106 • 281-280-0669 Proud Sponsor of the

WWW.HAR.COM/EDRINAFITTING Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014


Dwarf Majesty Palm - This is normally considered an indoor palm, but if cared for properly and not forced to withstand temperatures below 32 for more than an hour or two, it can be the ultimate palm for outdoor living spaces. Just remember to give it mostly filtered light or shade. It won't grow very tall — I think at maturity it reaches no more than 6-8 feet. Tri-Colored Stromanthe Think of this as ginger with flair — because of the cream, pink, red and green striations in the leaves. It won't grow as tall as a regular ginger, but it will give you much better color. It can work in filtered light to mostly shade, and really sets off anything green or yellow-green in the same planter. Mexican Mint Marigold This is a Texas native that can seemingly handle cold and heat, and it's usually covered with awesome yellow flowers from summer through fall. It's also by far one of the most drought-tolerant plants you can incorporate in any landscape or container garden. You can also cook with it, and it has one of the best aromas around: it smells like licorice. Artemisia – Speaking of wonderful yellow-flowering plants, there may be nothing like an artemisia. Even without blooms the artemisia looks similar to Texas sage with its unique silver-grey leaves. You may also know it as wormwood, and it was once on Galveston Island in mass plantings. So, let's try bringing it back. And if you're looking for something other than aloe vera to plant in containers and use medicinally, this could be the next best thing. It contains thujone, which has been known for centuries to treat poor circulation and rheumatism. Texas Lantana - This is one of the best Texas natives, and it can handle extreme heat and bounce back from any winter. Texas lantana has three colors, yellow, orange and red. Some have a sort of peach, pink and yellow combo. Just avoid the all-yellow ones for outdoor living areas. Others to consider: Peach Blossom Oleander, Jatrophas, Turk's Cap, Muhly Grass Read more:

Buying or selling your home is a complex transaction involving your single most valuable asset. You need an expert who knows how to represent you and protect your best interests. When you choose Ginger to represent you and your property, you get the full resources and support of the entire Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and Gary Greene team. We are focused on more than selling houses. Our goal is to make your real estate transaction a rewarding experience and become your real estate company for life.

Ginger Pampolina realtor® GRI, CNS, CBS

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Clear Lake

Termite & Pest Control We’re in your neighborhood, Clear Lake! We stand behind our work! Just ask your neighbor...

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(281) 480-3433 Please Ask For:

Vince Eklund

PHOTOS: Natal plum by Forest & Kim Starr; Silver cassia by Stan Shebs; Dwarf majesty palm by Paul Smith; Tri-colored stromanthe by University of Florida.

Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014


School News Falcon Pass Elementary School News

PTA BOARD 2014-2015

GO VOYAGERS! On behalf of the Falcon Pass Elementary PTA, I would like to take this opportunity and thank the residents of Bay Forest for their energy and support this year. These contributions of time, talent and resources help shape Falcon Pass into the GREAT school that we all know and have come to expect. Thank you for your part in expanding the educational experience of each and every Falcon Pass student!! Sadly, my time as PTA President has come to an end. It has been my privilege serving as PTA President the past two years. Bay Forest resident, Kelli Glenn, will be taking over next year as PTA President at Falcon Pass. Best of luck to Kelli! I hope everyone’s summer is a safe one filled with lots of adventure! Carrie Quigley FPE PTA President 2013-2014

Welcome New PTA Board! At the final 2014 FPE PTA Meeting of the school year, awards were given out to some hard-working members as well as the Installation of newly elected board members/officers. Introducing our new PTA President, Kelli Glenn

Young FPE Students Prepare for their Future

Falcon Pass Elementary explored future career opportunities at their annual Career Day. Parents and community members shared their job experiences and the importance of life-long learning with students. (SCHOOL NEWS continued on page 19)

Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014


School News



(SCHOOL NEWS continued on page 20)

Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014




CROWDER Funeral Homes Serving the entire

Clear Lake Area Specializing in Pre-Planned Funeral Arrangements

281-280-9000 111 E. Medical Center Blvd., Webster

Cynthia T. Flanagan, dds General Dentistry

Preventive Care • Periodontal Therapy

Cosmetic Dentistry

Porcelain Veneers • Dental Crowns Invisalign Clear Braces • Teeth Whitening 2625 Bay Area Blvd | Suite 580 Houston, Texas 77058 281.488.6900 W W W. F L A N A G A N S M I L E S . C O M

RUGMASTERS Carpet & Floors

Hundreds of Floors for every Lifestyle! REMNANTS



Laminate & Hardwood Flooring Ceramic & Porcelain Tile

All Major Brands, Styles & Colors SERVICE - QUALITY - VALUE

281-326-1724 4903 Nasa Parkway

25 Years Same Owner and Location Fourth Generation Flooring Specialist (SCHOOL NEWS continued on page 21)

Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014


CLHS Groundbreaking Ceremony

The Clear Lake High School Groundbreaking Ceremony was held on Saturday, May 17 - a picture perfect day! The cheer team and falcon mascot were on hand to kick off the festivities.

Following the outdoor program there were building tours, displays of vintage class photos, food and beverages offered in the commons, commemorative t-shirt sales, and photo area, plus past issues of The Talon were available as souvenirs. Thanks to all who came out to celebrate this new chapter in the history of Clear Lake High School - Once a Falcon, Always a Falcon!

Student Council Presidents Meghan Brinton and Parker Rezai welcomed the crowd of almost 200 students, parents, alumni, faculty and guests. The JROTC presented the colors and a choir ensemble sang the school song.

For the very latest on the Clear Lake High School rebuild and to view a design animation, photos and project updates click here.

CCISD Superintendent Dr. Greg Smith, CCISD Board President Ann Hammond and Principal Debra Dixon offered remarks to celebrate this momentous occasion. And alumni Mary Lou Johnson, Class of '73 and Greg Countie, Class of '79 shared their CLHS memories.

Student Council Recognized for Outstanding Work

The program was brought to a close with a performance by the Fabulous Falcon Flairs.

Congratulations to the Clear Lake High School Student Council for being recognized by the Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC) with the Community Service Award and has earned the "Outstanding Student Council" distinction. (SCHOOL NEWS continued on page 22)

Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014


School News Digital Textbooks Add Up to Huge Savings for CCISD By the fall of 2015, every student in the Clear Creek Independent School District in grades 3 – 12 will have their own tablet computer. This 1:1 initiative called “Latitude 2 Learn” opens a new world of learning opportunities for students. It also enables CCISD to move towards digital textbooks, at a savings for the 2014-2015 school year of $4 Million. The District adopted textbooks and online subscriptions for elementary math and science for grades 6-12. Online subscriptions were also purchased for elementary science. If a textbook was purchased for every student the total cost would have been $6.6 Million. By purchasing digital textbooks and classroom sets of textbooks, the cost was $2.6 Million. “The instructional resource adoption committee felt it was important to select resources that worked well with our tablets,” explained Debbie Phillips, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction. “Fortunately, publishers are recognizing this need and we are very pleased with the quality of the materials we selected. We promised parents that we would lighten the load of our students’ backpacks and going digital when possible will help accomplish that.” Next fall, CCISD will deploy 11,000 more tablets bringing the total number of devices at work with students and staff to 23,000. The District is also planning more textbook adoptions next year for high school math, K-12 social studies as well as resources for languages other than English. With the ability to buy fewer textbooks and invest in online subscriptions to access the same materials, the savings could add up to millions more. Students can easily access digital textbooks through the CCISD4ME portal created by the CCISD Technology Department. The initial purchase of the tablet computers was funded through the passage of the May 2013 Bond which totaled $367 Million and included $17 for tablet computers. Teachers are taking advantage of professional learning opportunities during the summer and throughout the school year to learn how to best integrate technology into the classroom.

Lake students win big at Intel ISEF! This year, more than 7 million high school students from around the globe participated in 435 Intel-affiliated regional and local science fairs in about 70 countries, regions and territories. The top winners from these fairs resulted in 1,784 ISEF Finalists who attended the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Los Angeles during the week of May 11-16. CLHS had a great showing at the award ceremony with all four students from CLHS placing at the Awards ceremony winning Grand Awards!

Lake Reflections Entry Receives National Recognition Nearly 300,000 students from across the country, and in American schools overseas, participate annually in the National PTA's Reflections program. Submissions are reviewed by experts in the visual, literary and performing arts. Judges look for personal interpretations on the program theme that best exemplify creativity and technical skill. Texas PTA sent 30 entries to National-level judging, among those was an entry submitted by Clear Lake's Richard Wu. Judging results have recently been released by National PTA and Texas students did not disappoint! Texas PTA is proud to congratulate Richard Wu for his High School Literature entry, Super Billy Learns to Fly, receiving an Award of Excellence from National PTA. The National Reflections celebration will be held in Austin, on June 20 during the National PTA Annual Convention. Congratulation Richard on a job well done!

Freshman Kavita Selva is Magnetic!

Congratulations to 9th grader Kavita Selva! She traveled to Washington D.C. over Memorial Day weekend to display her 2013 Google Science Fair project at the White House! Here is the summary posted on the White House website: "After reading a story in National Geographic about the global shortage of metals and elements used in magnets -- called "rare earths" -- and how important magnets are to objects like motors and wind turbines, Kavita Selva, 14, set out to design a strong magnet that contains little or no rare materials. She used superconductor tape, a strip of metal tape coated with superconductor material to develop a strong magnet containing just a small amount of rareearths. Kavita has already published some of her results with a professor at the University of Houston and earned a place as finalist in the 2013 Google Science Fair." You can see her interview with Bill Nye (the science guy) and Kari Byron (Myth Busters) Watch the video - Kavita's segment comes on at 17:00 to 21:30

Get a Head Start on Next Year's EXTRA CREDIT SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT!!! Yes, you can get a head start on doing extra credit for next year! You can start today, next week, or during the summer; you pick the time! To get started: submit your CCISD Topic Selection Approval Form to the CLHS science fair coach, Ms. Brenda Pinchbeck for initial approval prior to completing the SRC paperwork. The form can be delivered or emailed to Terri Berry, CCISD Secondary Science Coordinator, at the Education Support Center, 2425 East Main, League City. Information and forms are posted online... Click here and have fun!

Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014


Clear Lake City-County

Freeman Branch Library 16616 Diana Lane, Houston, Texas 77062 (281) 488.1906 •

Artist Day Celebration at Freeman!

Join us on Saturday, June 28th at the Clear Lake City – County Freeman Branch Library as we kick off our 50th Year of Service Celebration. Our Fine Arts Day will feature artists such as Janie Lacroix, Richard Williams, and Sabine Stromeyer. Come and learn how these artists got their inspiration to create their masterpieces on permanent display at the library. Dancers from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and local musicians will be performing. Many hands-on activity and crafts will be available for children to explore the many types of art. All are invited for a fun filled day of fine arts. Mark your calendar and come celebrate with us! Please contact the Clear Lake City-County Freeman Branch Library at 281-488-1906 for more information.

Summer Reading Program June Events for Adults

Join the Adult Summer Reading Program, now through August 9th. Register online for the program. Participate in the library’s incentives to win cool prizes!


Evenings at 7:00 pm (now through 30th) Join us for presentation and demonstration by Creator Space.


with SCORE Houston-Tuesdays & WednesdaysGet the help you need to grow your business. Meet with SCORE Counselors to develop your business plan, discuss low cost marketing programs, review financials, discuss a new idea or tackle a business problem. Counselors can guide you towards creating your own plan. Schedule your appointment by calling the library at 281 488 1906 or go online at


Precinct2gether Program proudly announce the TGIF Senior Trips for people 50 years of age or more on day trips in July, August, and September. Seniors are invited on a day trip to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH) on Thursday, July 10, 2014. While this TGIF Senior Trip is free, registration is required. Registration for the MFAH trip opens on June 11th at 10:00 AM.


Friday Mornings staring at 10:15 at the Community Room June 27th- 1953 Alfred Hitchcock film starring Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint.

ONGOING BOOKCLUBS, WRITER’S CLUB June 14th and 28th at 10:00 am – Clear Lake Area Writers (CLAW) June 25th at 7:30 pm – Hofstetter Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Club June 26th at 7:00 pm – Great Books Book Club (LIBRARY NEWS continued on page 24)

Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014



June 24th at 10:00 am– Freeman Needlecrafters Group meets at the Conference Room

TRIVIA EXPRESS FILM – Module # 7 U.S. National Parks. Film viewing for the Trivia Express module in the Teen Zone. Contact the library for the exact titles. Audience will earn Trivia Express Flair stickers for attending. June 9th showing at 6:15 pm will be a 1959 Alfred Hitchcock film which features Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, and Mount Rushmore National Park. COMPUTER CLASSES are offered at Freeman Library. Classes are offered on a variety of topics including computer basics, MS Office Suite, Internet, and Email and are conducted by Technology Training Assistant. See our Events Calendar for a list of all computer classes this month. Find us at or call us at 281 488 1906. Summer, Fizz, Boom Read @ Freeman Library! June Events for Children

Join the Children’s Summer Reading Program, now through August 9. Register online for the program. Read or listen to 10 books or for 500 minutes and log your reading. After ten books or 500 minutes of reading have been completed, each child will earn a certificate and a book (while supplies last). Don’t stop there! Continue to read, attend free library programs, and enjoy books for the rest of the summer. Toddler Time at 11:15 Mondays, June 16th, 23rd, 30th Chess Club at 6:30 Mondays, June 16th, 23rd, 30th Toddler Time 10:15 & 11:15 Tuesdays, June 17th, 24th Preschool Story time 1:30 Tuesdays, June 17th, 24th Book Babies 10:15 & 11:15 Wednesdays, June 11th, 18th, 25th Preschool Story time 1:30 Wednesday, June 11th, 18th, 25th Afternoon Activities Thursdays June 12th, 19th & 26th THURSDAY AFTERNOON ACTIVITIES @ 2:30 & 3:30 pm. Tickets are free. Space is Limited. Tickets are available 30 minutes prior to programs. • June 12th Drummer Mark Shelton treats students to high energy expert playing on several members of the percussion family. Mark will discuss the history of percussion. Instruments include Marimba, Snare Drum, Spoons, Hammered Dulcimer, Doumbec, and Hang. Lots of sound! Lots of variety! Lots of FUN! (Grades K-5)! Recommended for children 5 years and older. • June19th Geebo the Clown will amaze you with magic, bubbles and adorable animals! Recommended for children 4 years and older. • June 26th Jungle Jim will bring bugs and other animals. See and learn all about bugs and their fascinating lives! Recommended for children 5 years and older.


6/12, 6/19 and 6/26 Gamers Unite! at 2:30 pm Calling all teen gamers! 6/12 and 6/26 will feature electronic gaming – video, online, PC or app-based gaming. 6/19 will feature tabletop gaming – board games, cards, chess, dominoes and more. 6/16 Make It! Monday: Bracelets at 2:30 pm 6/18 Art Through the Ages: Abstract Expressionism at 2:30 pm 6/25 Freeman Teens Read Book Club at 2:30 pm 6/30 Make It! Monday: Engineering Challenge at 2:30 pm We have the supplies and the challenge. You bring your ingenuity. Will your design be the winner?


Rachel Bentley Abbey Cain Lauren Jones Paul Shaffer Brad Sullivan Sarah Yarbrough Clare Zandy

2/94 12/93 5/98 8/94 10/95 9/93 11/98

281-286-3831 281-480-8189 (h) 832-477-0135 (c) 281-823-7076 (h) 832-683-3733 (c) 281-486-7088 281-480-5309 281-286-4465 281-286-0426 (h) 281-904-7677 (c)


Laura Allan 6/92 Rachel Dudash 5/92 Alexandra Hunt-Riley 11/94 Alice Wang 7/92 Alexis Wendes 2/94

281-990-8791 281-286-3672 281-961-5192 281-282-0639 281-486-0637

Alexandra Hunt-Riley 11/94 Alex Lauzon 5/99 Michelle O’Bert 7/94 Alberto Quinones 8/96 Alexis Wendes 2/94 Jack Wendes 3/98 Alex Woerner 8/96

281-961-5192 — Pet Sitting 281-218-0064 — Pet Sitting 281-480-4833 — Pet Sitting 832-228-2507 — Pet Sitting 281-486-0637 — Pet Sitting 281-486-0367 — Pet Sitting 281-486-6960 — Pet Sitting


Abbey Cain Richard Cao Alice Wang


12/93 281-480-8189 (h) 832-477-0135 (c) 1/97 281-480-2033 (h) 7/92 281-282-0639

SPANISH TUTOR (Elementary to High School)

Hugo Hernandez, Jr. 9/91 281-323-9722


Alice Wang

7/92 281-282-0639

Robert Lauzon Alberto Quinones Alberto Quinones

POWER WASHING 7/96 281-218-0064 8/96 832-228-2507

LAWN MOWING 8/96 832-228-2507


Victor Ungar

6/00 281-486-7776

Join the Teen Summer Reading Program, running now through August 9. Register online for the program. Read or listen to 5 books or for 600 minutes and log your reading. Stop by or call the Library for more information on prizes and the end-of-thesummer Top Readers’ Party.

The Bay Forest News will run ads for our Bay Forest teenagers free of charge. Please send your ad including your name, birth date, and telephone number to:

6/11 How’s That Work? Ice Experiments at 2:30 pm Cool off your afternoon with a variety of ice-based experiments.

Call 281-660-4965 and ask for Marita if you have any questions.


Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014


Armand Bayou Nature Center 8500 Bay Area Blvd • 281-474-2551

Register NOW for EcoCamp! The Citizen’s BEST of BAY AREA Winner “Best Kid’s Camp” EcoCamp, a day camp for 4 to 13 year olds, provides unique oportunities for kids to explore the wonders of our Natural World through indoor and outdoor activities from story telling and crafts, to trail hikes and wildlife encounters, to canoeing and fishing. 10-13 year olds will have the unique experience of "Seining" in Armand Bayou. All camp sessions afford the opportunity to fish and canoe. Participants will not only learn about the environment and connect with nature, but will get plenty of exercise too! All camp sessions are designed by educators and feature small group sizes. Camp fee is per half-day session. Each EcoCamp session is a week long and is available June thru August. Campers can sign up for either AM, PM or Full Day. A supervised lunch break is provided for campers who sign up fo both AM and PM sessions. (Note: Lunch is not provided.) Register online and pay with Credit Card or PayPal. Before Care and After Care is available for an additional fee. This is to be paid when child is dopped off or picked up. If think you may require this service plaase add a note in the comment section of the registration form. (Before: 7:30-8:30; After 3:305:00) Register online or call 281-474-2551 ext13/14.

Since 1982 We’ve Successfully Satisfied Our Customers With Over 120,000 Service Calls!


Financing Available Low Monthly Payments


EcoCamp is partially underwritten by Union Pacific who wants everyone to get outside and enjoy nature!


Summer 2014 EcoCamp Sessions Click here for more info!

Camps Sessions:

Jun 9-13 Jun 16-20 Jun 23-27 Jul 7-11 Jul 14-18 Jul 21-25 Jul 28-1 Aug 4-8

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8


Camps for kids: 4 - 6 Years Old: • • • •

• ATTIC INSULATION 10 Years Parts and Labor Available

Hop, Slither & Crawl Flying Friends Bugs, Slugs & Beyond Habitat Explorers

Free Estimates on Equipment Check Us Out: TACLA-001220C

7 - 9 Years Old • • • •

Camp H2O Journey into the Past Earth Superheroes Digging into the Deep

10 - 13 Years Old • • • •

To The Pond & Beyond! EcoOdyssey Water Watchers Exploring Extravaganza

Tiffany, Loren & Dee Cother Family Owned & Operated

Insured For Your Protection References Upon Request


“Expert Service at Fair Prices”

We Honor ALL Manufacturer Warranties


Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014


Iditarod is specially designed Small GroupTraining Trainingtoto meet meet all all fitness fitness levels. youyou a solution to achieving Iditarod is specially designed for for Small Group levels. We Weare arehere heretotogive give a solution to achieving sustainable fitness by providing affordable, effective and enjoyable training in a private setting with specialized equipment that enhances sustainable fitness by providing affordable, effective and enjoyable training in a private setting with specialized equipment that enhances the value of every workout. In the small group training sessions, every participant benefits from having direct access to a certified personal the value of every workout. In the small group training sessions, every participant benefits from having direct access to a certified personal trainer who personalizes their workouts and meal plans while providing motivation and ensuring optimal form. Additionally, we offer Pilates trainer who personalizes their workouts and meal plans while providing motivation and ensuring optimal form. Additionally, we offer Pilates Reformer Classes and Aerial Yoga Classes; as well as “Specialty” Fitness Classes such as Indoor Cycling, Barre Fitness, CrossCore WOD, MMA Reformer Classes and Aerial Yoga ®Classes; as well as “Specialty” Fitness Classes such as Indoor Cycling, Barre Fitness, CrossCore WOD, MMA Tread & Lift, Rower Circuit, TRX & much more! We welcome and train participants of all fitness levels, from the true beginner to the elite athlete. ® Tread & Lift, Rower Circuit, TRX & much more! We welcome and train participants of all fitness levels, from the true beginner to the elite athlete. Iditarod’s small group training and “Specialty” fitness classes push us harder than we would push on our own, and build a sense of community

small group training and classes push us harder thanlooking we would pushweight, on ourgain own, and build sense of improve community Iditarod’s and commitment that help us set“Specialty” goals andfitness stick with them. Whether you’re to lose muscle, builda strength, and commitment that help us set goals and stick with them. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle, build strength, improve flexibility, reduce stress, live a healthier lifestyle, or just have fun, Iditarod’s small group training flexibility, reduce stress, live a healthier lifestyle, or just have fun, Iditarod’s small group training sessions, specialized fitness classes and team of elite trainers, instructors and nutritionists will help sessions, specialized fitness classes team ofjust elite trainers, instructors and nutritionists will help you meet and exceed your fitnessand goals. You have to show up! you meet and exceed your fitness goals. You just have to show up!

Our Healthy Cooking Classes will guide you on how to best capture the flavor and retain the

nutrients in foodsClasses without adding amounts of fat or salt.the Don’t miss out these!! Our Healthy Cooking will guideexcessive you on how to best capture flavor andon retain the

nutrients in foods without adding excessive amounts of fat or salt. Don’t miss out on these!! We guarantee you will have the workout of your life, the encouragement to keep it up and maybe even meet a new group of friends to last a lifetime! You’ll be able to work with our trainers to customize a program designed around progressions and variety and then build your own weekly We guarantee you using will have the workout of booking. your life, the encouragement to keep it up and maybe even meet a new group of friends to last a class schedule our convenient, online

lifetime! You’ll be able to work with our trainers to customize a program designed around progressions and variety and then build your own weekly class schedule using our convenient, online booking.

Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014


Fun Fitness • Motivation Nutrition Fun Fitness • Motivation Nutrition *w/Summer Active Camps Ages 6-15

Ages 6-15

Choreographed Dance Fitness Choreographed Dance Fitness Ages 4-14

Ages 4-14

“Proudly serving thethe Bay Area “Proudly serving Bay for overArea 30 years!” for over 30 years!”

Enroll TODAY…Limited Spaces Available! Pre-Enroll TODAY…Limited Spaces Available!

2500 Falcon Pass • Houston, TX 77062 • 2500 Falcon Pass • Houston, TX 77062 • Bay Forest News ~ June/July 2014


Bay Forest Contacts OFFICERS - Bay Forest Community Association President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Director

Dan Pias Gene Fisseler Barbara McCollum John Haas Tom Camp

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COMMITTEES - Bay Forest Community Association

ARC Dan Pias 713-562-5444 ACLC Barbara McCollum 281-488-0123 Tennis - Mens Greg Blackburn H: 281-480-8280 C: 281-743-3802 Tennis - Womens Pam Doty 281-286-7471 Pool Tom Camp 832-493-5328 Tennis John Hass Social Committee John Haas COA/Parks Dan Pias 713-562-5444 Yard of the Month John Haas Parking/Traffic Committee Gene Fisseler 832-377-1222 Trash Service Oversight Gene Fisseler 832-377-1222 Long Range Planning Gene Fisseler 832-377-1222 Realtor Advisory Board Dan Pias 713-562-5444 Community Relations Gene Fisseler 832-377-1222 Management Oversight Dan Pias 713-562-5444 Crime/Community Watch Gene Fisseler Water Resources Gene Fisseler 832-377-1222 Website Oversight Dan Pias 713-562-5444 Nominating Committee Barbara McCollum and John Haas 281-488-0123

ORGANIZATIONS Garden Club Gourmet Club Mommies’ Club Blue Marlins

Katy Lednicky 281-488-5655 Alex Valenti Joy King 281-486-1834 Blue Marlins Hotline 832-247-5035


The Bay Forest Community Association can be contacted at: 832.224.6446 15715 Lake Lodge Drive, Houston, Texas 77062 AmeriWaste 281-331-8400 City of Houston Information (neighborhood protection, solid waste, addresses to public buildings, etc.) 3-1-1 Officer Richard Buitron HPD Liaison / 2855 Bay Area Blvd. 77058 281-218-3900 Report Suspicious Activity • Non-Emergency # 713-884-3131 Poison Control 281-766-4403 Albert Thomas Post Office Frances Nix-Davis 281-488-8315

To Report a Streetlight that is Out... CenterPoint Energy maintains streetlights throughout our electric service territory in and around Houston. Go to the link below to report a streetlight outage. You will be asked to provide: • pole number for the non-functioning lights you want to report • contact information (in case more info is needed to locate a streetlight) • an e-mail address (if you want feedback regarding your repair request) • the number of streetlights you would like to report Visit CenterPoint Energy’s webpage for reporting streetlights out: residential/reportastreetlightoutage/ Report general power outages by calling 713-207-2222 or 1-800-332-7143

Leash Law

Dogs and cats may not “run at large” in Houston. “Running at large” means going on public or private property without the owner or another person having direct physical control of the animal.  An animal on a leash is considered to be under direct physical control of a person.“Running at large” may result in impoundment of the animal or in the issuance of one or more citations. For more info visit

Bay Forest News sends a Special Thanks to KROGER for donating the plastic bags for our newsletters!

CLEAR CREEK SCHOOLS SERVING BAY FOREST Falcon Pass Elementary Clear Lake High School 281-284-6200 Fax: 281-286-2914 Office Hours: 7:45 am to 3:45 pm School Hours: 8:15 am to 3:15 am

Houston Department of Health and Human Services

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Space Center Intermediate

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Marita Moran (281) 660-4965 e-mail: Ramona Pias Marita Moran (281) 660-4965 Rosie Pieri (281) 480-7314 Elizabeth Lauzon Marita Moran (281) 660-4965 Cindy Carmine KrispGraphix (832) 372-5127, 850 households MI Printing (281) 486-9884

EDITORIAL NOTES Contributions to this paper are welcome; articles, letters to the editor, complaints, compliments, etc. Please submit your copy—typed, if possible, to Marita Moran at 15822 Manor Square by the 20th of the month. Although all contributions are welcome, we cannot guarantee to print everything that is submitted. The editor reserves the right to edit copy where required. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR PRINTED REFLECT THE OPIN­IONS OF THE AUTHORS ONLY, AND NOT THOSE OF THE BAY FOREST NEWS OR ANY OF ITS STAFF. TO BE PUB­LISHED, LETTERS TO THE EDITOR MUST INCLUDE A NAME AND PHONE NUMBER— THE EDITORS RESERVE THE RIGHT TO OMIT THE NAME AT THE WRITER’S REQUEST.

PERSONAL AD POLICY There is no charge for a Bay Forest resident to place a Personal Ad in the Bay Forest News. Please email the information that is to appear in the ad to There is no charge for a Bay Forest teen to adver­tise in the Teen Job Directory. Get your ad to Marita Moran at by the 20th of the month. COMMERCIAL AD POLICY Ad Sizes Business Card 1/4 page 1/2 page Full page Inserts

Cost $ 25.00 $ 40.00 $ 75.00 $ 150.00 $ 60.00 (you print 200 inserts)

5% discount offered if you pay, in advance, for 3 months of advertising space. 10% discount offered if you pay, in advance, for 6 months of advertising space. 15% discount offered if you pay, in advance, for 10 months of advertising space. NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION INSERT FEES Organizations based within the Bay Forest Community will be charged $25.00 for inserts—all other non-profit organi­za­tions will be charged $35.00 for inserts. THE BAY FOREST NEWS IS ISSUED THE 1ST WEEK OF EVERY MONTH, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE JUNE/ JULY AND THE DECEMBER/JANUARY ISSUES (10 ISSUES PER YEAR).



Bay Forest News June/July 2014  

June/July 2014 Newsletter of the Bay Forest Community Association, Houston Texas

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