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For the love of the forest With a ranger through the Bavarian Forest National Park



Folk festivals with flair How Bavaria celebrates tradition, customs and summer

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Bavaria, the federal state in the south-east of Germany, is a tourist region featuring wonderful cultural cities, high mountains and clear bathing lakes. But that’s not all: Bavaria is traditionally different, as illustrated by the stories in this magazine. Take a tour through the fascinating state of Bavaria – be inspired by ancient customs and wine festivals, at the Viktulienmarkt in Munich or on tours through the Bavarian Forest. There are also plenty of tips for walks, cycle routes, city trips, events and culinary excursions. The editorial team of Bavaria Magazine wishes you happy reading!

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Fly to Memmingen in southwest Bavaria – the Gateway to Bavaria and the Alps. With Ryanair you can get from London/Stansted (up to six flights a week) and Edinburgh (two weekly flights) comfortable to Germanys most popular tourism region the Allgäu. The well-known Neuschwan­ stein Castle in Fuessen and beautiful Bavarian Alps spots like Oberstdorf are nearby. Don’t miss a visit of Bavarias Captial Munich, just 100 km away from Memmingen Airport. Varios bus transfers, rental car stations, taxi and train services are available.

With ranger Kristin Biebl in the Bavarian Forest National Park


Bavarian Moments Viktualienmarkt in Munich, activity holiday in the Allgäu, festivals in Franconia


Customs & Festivals Passion Play, Kocherlball, Night of Music in Passau


City experiences The best city experiences in Franconia



The Prize

Bavaria celebrates some unique festivals, such as the Kocherlball in Munich

A hand-crafted stoneware tankard with Bavarian lion, which can be engraved if wished for a personalised touch. Simply enter before 30/09/2019 for a chance to win a hand-crafted stoneware tankard and a mixture of different beers, ranging from traditional through to craft beers from the Riedenburger Brauhaus. Register here: www.bavaria. by/competition-beer;



Rothenburg ob der Tauber





Stroll through some fascinating cultural cities – here, for example, Bamberg

Bavarian Forest Through the National Park in Eastern Bavaria


Activity holidays Cycling, walking, enjoying the Alpine road


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Grainau Obermaiselstein



ALLGÄU/ Oberaudorf BAVARIAN SWABIA Ammergauer Alps






Alpenwelt Karwendel

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B a v a r i a n M o m e nt s

Delicious street food MUNICH The Viktualien­

markt in the Bavarian capital Munich lies just a hop, skip and a jump from the popular Marien­ platz with the New Town Hall and the Mariensäule monument. Theo Lindinger and Dominik Klier recently took over a stall there that has been selling potatoes for the last 60 years. Known as “Caspar Plautz”, it is still selling potatoes but has added a great range of street food dishes, many of them vegetarian.

VIKTUAL IENMA RK T Munich’s most famous market is the perfect place for a wander and the chance to buy regional and international food and drink. A number of Bavarian delicacies can be found there, such as Leberkässemmel (meatloaf rolls), Brezn (pretzels) and Obazda (a cheese delicacy), as well as a traditional Biergarten. Open every day except Sundays and public holidays.


Bavarian Moments Splendid natural scenery, wonderful cities, friendly hosts, festivals, customs, cuisine – Bavaria is a place of great diversity and home to many interesting people We introduce you to more Bavarians here:

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B a v a r i a n M o m e nt s

Holidays in the great outdoors OBERMAISELSTEIN Simply

idyllic: the landscape of the Allgäu Alps in the south-west of Bavaria is a wonderful destination for walking, cycling and mountain biking. Visitors who get out and about in the area around Ober­ maiselstein may well come across Armin Kling. He is a traditional local farmer who is determined to preserve his native village – so that locals and guests alike feel at home there. The whole Kling family is part of this enterprise. They rent out comfortable holiday apartments on the farm in Obermaiselstein.

THR O UG H TH E LO CHBACH TAL VAL LEY This valley near Obermaiselstein offers plenty of scope for hiking and mountain biking. The trails lead past various huts where you can stop and enjoy a hearty snack (picture).


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B a v a r i a n M o m e nt s

Celebrating fine wine SOMMERACH The people

of Bavaria love their traditions, and visitors are cordially invited to come and join the fun. Wine plays an important role in many of the events in Franconia - such as here in the village of Sommerach on the River Main: Every year in July, against the village’s historic backdrop, the winemakers celebrate their wines, the summer and life itself. To accom­ p­any the fine wines, they serve Franconian special­ ities such as Schäufele (pork shoulder). Later there is dancing around the village well.

W E I N RE I CH S OM M E RACH Here the local winemakers present their wines. Their wine shop has even been awarded the “German Architectural Award for Wine”.


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P leas u re & C u lt u re Johannisburg Castle in Aschaffenburg

Picturesque Rothenburg  ROTHENBURG OB DER TAUBER 

The world-famous city in the region of Franconia has dedicated the next three years to the theme “Rothenburg ob der Tauber as landscape garden”.

Pleasure & Culture

A beautiful backdrop Experience cultural and culinary diversity in historic places: from fairy-tale castles, vineyards and traditional breweries

In medieval times, Rothenburg was one of the most powerful cities in Bavaria. Many painters, poets, com­ p­osers and architects were inspired by this place of half-timbered houses, magnificent Renaissance facades and narrow streets. From 2019 to 2021 the city is paying homage to these great minds under the motto “Picturesque Rothenburg: Rothenburg ob der Tauber as landscape garden”. The themed period starts with a conference will be followed by guided tours, concerts, special packages and exhibitions e.g. „Rothenburg ob der Tauber – British Perspectives“.


World-famous cultural treasures

lifeline, links the beer region of Franconia with its wine region, and cultural highlights such as Wagner’s city of Bayreuth with Bamberg, built over seven hills. It flows through Schweinfurt with its world-famous Spitzweg collection and through Aschaffenburg. In Franconia, culture and nature are never far apart – as illustrated by the Baroque city of Eichstätt in the heart of the Nature Park Altmühltal, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year,

 FRANCONIA  Bamberg Old Town and the Residenz in Würzburg, the Margravial Opera House in Bayreuth and the Upper Germanic-Rhaetian Limes – Franconia is home to some important UNESCO World Heritage Sites. And many other cultural highlights too.

A whole string of world-famous sights lie on the Romantic Road, for example, which runs through rich and varied natural scenery and past historic cities such as Würzburg, Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Dinkelsbühl. You can also discover a number of Franconian cultural treasures along the Castle Road, lined with over 70 castles, palaces and ancient ruins. This holiday route passes through Ansbach, Nuremberg, Lauf an der Pegnitz, Bamberg, Coburg, Kronach, Kulmbach and Bayreuth, among others. And the River Main, Franconia’s


Nuremberg’s Weinstadel and the water tower. Right: The Margravial Opera House in Bayreuth

A walk with new perspectives: The tower path leads directly along the well-preserved city walls.

Plönlein in Rothenburg

Very Christmassy indeed Children often ask wide-eyed whether Santa Claus lives here. After all, the “Käthe Wohlfahrt’s Christmas Village“ in Rothenburg ob der Tauber radiates a festive atmosphere all the year round. In its narrow streets, visitors will find a Christmas pyramid almost five metres in height, a giant nutcracker and a sparkling glass bauble cellar. Many of the Christmas decorations we know and love today have their origins in Germany, including Advent calendars, Christmas pyramids and glass Christmas tree baubles. When Germany’s Prince Albert married England’s Queen Victoria, he introduced the royal family in Windsor Castle to the familiar German tradition of decorating the Christmas tree – and the tradition soon spread throughout the whole of England.

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P leas u re & C u lt u re

Join the dance …  MUNICH  If you want to enjoy the

traditional Kocherlball in the English Garden in Munich on 21 July, you need to get up bright and early. The ball starts at six o’clock in the morning. Live music and folk dancing carries on until ten o’clock, and every­one is welcome to join in.

With lots of music  PASSAU  The streets and stages of Passau, CITY OF THREE RIVERS, in Eastern

Bavaria, regularly form the backdrop for some great events. Theatre or music – there’s the right space here for every cultural event. One highlight of 2019 is the 800-year-old “Castle Anniversary” of Veste Oberhaus. For the “Night of Music” on 1 June, the entire Altstadt district of Passau becomes a stage – from the inner courtyard of the town hall to the old town school. And the “Brückenfest” festival on 7 and 8 June probably boasts the most unusual party location: the weekend-long celebrations are held on the Prinz Luitpold Bridge (right).

Join in with the customs A merry dance in the early morning, a historical drama full of passion and a Madonna said to perform miracles – Bavaria loves its stories and traditions and invites guests to join in with them

THEATRE WITH TRADITION The Oberammergau Passion Play is famous throughout the world, and the play known as “DIE PEST” (The Plague) has also become a tradition. The play has been performed one year before the Passion since 1933. For the first time in 2019, TIP: actors from the Passion Play ensemIn Oberammergau ble are taking to the stage to tell the visitors can story of Kaspar Schisler – in 1632 the discover beautiful day labourer entered the town aside facades adorned from the plague guards to his family in with old frescoes. Oberammergau and thus brought the plague into the village. 2019 dates: 28/29 June, 12/13/19/20 July, 2/3 August. Guided tours of the Passion Theatre offer fascinating glimpses behind the scenes.



Built on the water: The Danube, Inn and Ilz rivers all come together in Passau

ON FOOT INTO BAVARIA’S HEART  ALTÖTTING  Ever since two healing miracles were performed in


the year 1489, every year thousands of pilgrims make their way on foot to the Bavarian national shrine. They come to the Kapellplatz with its Chapel of Mercy. Opposite the miraculous image of the “Black Madonna of Altötting”, the hearts of Bavarian rulers rest in urns, including that of the famous “Fairytale King”, Ludwig II. Today, increasing numbers of people are fascinated by more than just the traditional pilgrimage. Modern forms of the pilgrim’s journey include bicycles and motorbikes. For holiday makers travelling by car, a five-day tour of the two religious centres in Upper Bavaria is a popular option. The circular route links Oberammergau, famous for its Passion Play, with Altötting.

GRAINAU Good for body and soul: Surrounded by trees and with views up to the Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain, the Hotel am Badersee near Garmisch-Partenkirchen boasts an idyllic location. In each of the 135 rooms, all furnished with lots of wood, guests feel a sense of well-being from the moment they arrive. The Landhaus Spa, complete with massages and sauna facilities, is the ideal place to relax. The in-house Restaurant Werdenfels with views of the Zugspitze serves both Bavarian and international cuisine – most of which is made from regional products. With its beautiful setting in the heart of nature, the hotel is the perfect base for walking, mountain biking or climbing tours in the Wetterstein Mountains.

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B a v a r i a n M o ments

For the love of the forest EASTERN BAVARIA Explore

ancient woodland: the Bavarian Forest National Park has more than 500 km of marked trails, providing a wealth of experiences for nature lovers. The best way to get to know this special protected area is on a guided tour, such as those led by ranger Kristin Biebl. She has known the Bavarian Forest since she was a child, and can tell you a great deal about it. Her motto is: “Nature needs space in which to evolve.”

JACO B ’ S LA D D ER TO THE SU MMIT A beautiful view awaits visitors to the Lusen. Because of the many granite boulders there are very few trees to block the view. Visitors can walk up to the summit on the so-called Jacob’s Ladder.


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N AT U R E & A C T I V I T Y

Cycling dreams in the Chiemgau Alps  RUHPOLDING  Three of Bavaria’s warmest lakes – Weitsee, Mittersee and Lödensee – lie close together near Ruhpolding in Upper Bavaria. The Röthelmoosrunde circuit in the Chiemgau, a mountain bike tour which starts and finishes in Ruhpolding, takes you past the lakes and over the high moor of the Röthelmoos-Alm. The route offers some exciting ascents and descents.

through its streets. The Sudelfeldstraße offers pure driving pleasure, and on the home straight towards Lake Königssee you come across the traditional town of Reit im Winkl.

Cycling is the perfect solution for sporty types If you prefer to travel using your own muscle power and enjoy being active in the fresh air, then it’s time to get on your bike. Running more or less parallel to the German Alpine Road, the Lake Constance – Lake Königssee Cycle Trail is 418 kilometres long. The route takes you through fairy-tale landscapes and offers fantastic panoramic views of the Bavarian Alps as you climb almost 4000 metres in total.

The Bavarian Alps in constant view: Travelling along the German Alpine Road

The German Alpine Road and the Lake Constance – Lake Königssee Cycle Trail

Magical places along the way offer the chance for a welcome rest: for example, to visit an exhibition or a museum. A picnic by the side of one of the lakes is also a real treat, preferably including a dip in the refreshing waters. Once you reach your destination of Schönau on Lake Königssee, you naturally have to travel by electric boat to the pilgrimage church of St. Bartholomew’s and experience the famous Lake Königssee echo, which rebounds off a high rock wall. There are also plenty of options for those who choose the more comfortable version and allow a tour operator to organise their accommodation and transport their luggage.

Long-distance touring

Famous cultural monuments, crystal-clear lakes, traditional places: Both the German Alpine Road and the Lake Constance – Lake Königssee Cycle Trail link Lindau at Lake Constance and Schönau at Lake Königssee and take in many sights in the region along the way

Information about the route, the sights and possible accommodation plus brochure orders can be found at,

 BAVARIAN ALPS  Breathtaking mountain panoramas alternate

with flowering alpine pastures, while blue lakes glitter in the sunshine. The oldest holiday route in Germany runs for around 450 kilometres between Lake Constance and Lake Königssee. On the way the many highlights of the region offer perfect rest stops – it is not for nothing that it is also known as the Route of Bavarian Originals. Both bikers and car enthusiasts love this route, if only for the pleasure of the road itself. The landscape, culture and history can all be soaked up as an intensive experience.

Munich Munich

German Alpine Road

Lake Constance - Lake Königssee Cycle Trail German Alpine Road

Lake Constance - Lake Königssee Cycle Trail

To Neuschwanstein Castle and up to the Zugspitze It runs through the Allgäu past Bad Hindelang and the Oberjoch Pass to Pfronten with the highest castle ruins in Germany and onwards to Füssen with the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. Oberammergau offers great authenticity with its frescoes. In Garmisch-Partenkirchen it’s well worth taking a trip up the Zugspitze Mountain to enjoy panoramic views from Germany’s high­ est peak. The historic old town of Bad Tölz invites you to saunter


TIP: Cycling tours in Bavaria Whether you prefer a leisurely e-bike tour, an endurance racing bike circuit or a trip on a mountain bike into the Alpine terrain – more information about cycling holidays in Bavaria can be found at




D Friedrichshafen Lake Constance

The fresh-air version: the 418 kilometres of the Lake Constance – Lake Königssee Cycle Trail





Lindau Zurich

at Lake Constance


Bad Hindelang

Bad Tölz



Traunstein Tr Prien Prien Neubeuern Neubeuern Bernau Bernau Bad Feilnbach Bad Feilnbach Bad Tölz

Bad Kohlgrub


Oy Mittelberg


Lake Constance

Pfronten Start/Finish Füssen

Start/Finish Zurich


Bad Kohlgrub

Oy Mittelberg


Nesselwang Lake

Immenstadt am See Pfronten

Bad Hindelang at Lake ConstanceGarmisch-Partenkirchen






Aschau Bad Reichenhall i. Chiemgau

Murnau i. Chiemgau Kochel am See

Lake Reit im Winkl





at Lake Königssee


Lake Königssee



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lakes, and every so often views of the River Isar: the Karwendel Mountains offer a rich variety of walking routes – from a gentle stroll to summit ascents. For example, the hiking trails around Krün have a bit of everything. One tour leads through the narrow Hüttlebachklamm to a viewpoint on the Schwarzkopf. After the descent you can walk along the banks of the Isar to the Auhütte. The nature trail to Isarstausee with its educational panels and activity stations is perfect for families.

Look out! Here you can find inspiration for holidays in Bavaria, stories about people that are traditionally different – and all the latest tips and events

Distant views guaranteed: Up to the Schwarzkopf near Krün



scent of fresh hay, the sound of cow bells, fine cheese and cosy huts – in summer most of life happens in the mountain pastures around the climatic spa resort of Oberaudorf. The village lies in the foothills of the Alps between Wildbarren, Brünnstein and Kranzhorn and is also known as the “pearl of the Inntal” due to its idyllic situation. TIP: There are any number The mountain of hiking and mountain tours – walkers, hikers, walking mountaineers and clim- school in Oberbers all have plenty of audorf offers choice here. You can of- courses ten travel part of the way in walking in a cable car or chair lift. knowledge


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Magazine "Bavaria - traditionally different" 2019, Cob.  

Bavaria, the federal state in the south-east of Germany, is a tourist region featuring wonderful cultural cities, high mountains and clear b...

Magazine "Bavaria - traditionally different" 2019, Cob.  

Bavaria, the federal state in the south-east of Germany, is a tourist region featuring wonderful cultural cities, high mountains and clear b...