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February/March 2009

You drive 75 minutes from Phoenix Tee off by noon

Custom Home Sites In Chaparral Pines Payson, AZ

Fresh air 72

Starting at $25,000 Down

Par 5

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Water in front

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Fountainhead Only Has 4 Lots Left

GO FOR IT Purchase now and receive a one week stay per lot purchase in a beautiful Chaparral Pines luxury home and a complimentary threesome @ the golf course of your choice, The Rim Club or Chaparral Pines. Priority based on closing. No Restrictions. Owner is a registered broker in the state of Arizona.


Fountainhead Realty Advisors 602.468.3900

February March February 2227, E.2009 at 6:30pm Monroe St., Phoenix A perked up fundraiser for the Herberger

Youth Outreach Programs

Theater Center’s

Triple Espresso,

Featuring a special showing of a highly-caffeinated comedy.

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Natasha Matveenkova Allison Siegel Kimberly Agnew Dennis Fernandez Jennifer Dresbach Rob Craer Olivier Beabeau The Arcadian is a free publication distributed locally and supported by our advertisers. Please call if you would like copies placed at your business. TD Publishing, LLC is not responsible for products or services advertised.

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From the editor


reetings Arcadians. I am pleased to offer you the first installment of The Arcadian, a bimonthly publication dedicated to introducing local talent to the community. Each cover will feature a work of art by the issue’s featured artist. The Arcadian exists to support local businesses and to support artists in the area by giving them a quality outlet for their work. Besides art, you can expect a blend of humor, business, fitness, anything other than politics. If you would like to submit any writing or artwork, even a doodle or a sketch that you like, to be considered for publication email: My name is Dan Siegel. Three years ago I opened a personal training studio on 40th St. and Campbell Rd. What a gift to be living and working in Arcadia. I’ve always loved it here, but recently my family and I found out just what a spectacular community Arcadia really is. The gym was doing great, but within nine months of opening I was diagnosed with late stage cancer. I was devastated, but even more daunted by the prospect of leaving behind a wife and two babies. I resolved to get well. I didn’t want to lose my new business either. I was lucky to have recently recruited a likeminded personal trainer, Tony Rice, to work with me at the gym. With his passion for fitness and helping people, his eagerness to learn, and his entrepreneurial spirit, he was the ideal potential business partner. I made the proposal and he accepted, and ran the business well in my absence. Our partnership extends to this publication, with Tony heading the design department. It was a long, hellish battle, but I beat cancer. The first six months of chemo

didn’t work, and I became part of a clinical trial at The City of Hope in Phoenix. The treatments culminated in a stem cell transplant, an amazing procedure which allows the doctors to bring you to the brink of death in order to kill the cancer. Then they literally save your life with stem cells, which engraft back into your bones to create new bone marrow. The procedure required three weeks in the hospital. When I was recovering I got a phone call from a good friend who said, “It’s a second chance at life. Try not to be such a @#!%&* this time.” It was the first time I’d laughed in a while. During the fifteen months of treatments, we relied on help from family and friends, and the support from the community was awesome. I am eternally grateful to the neighbors and families from our daughter’s preschool who stepped up to help us with childcare so my wife could be with me during tests, treatments, and surgeries. Someone anonymously paid for my daughter’s tuition that year. Thank you whoever you are. Tony and some of our clients organized a fundraiser for my family to help us stay afloat while I wasn’t able to work, and many of the contributors were local business owners and people we didn’t even know. The nurses at City of Hope and a group of friends “adopted” us for Christmas, providing gifts for our kids. It’s good to be healthy again, training in the gym, and working on a publication that allows us to give back to the community. I’d also like to volunteer some time at Peak Performance to help any other cancer survivors who want to get back into shape, but don’t know how to get started. Contact me at Editor@ -Dan Siegel

Mimi’s Girls by Jordan Clay

First Ever Limited Edition Prints


earn fascinating details as told by a dear friend, describing her youthful experiences of a rough and tumble mining town in Tonopah, Nevada. These events inspired Jordan Clay to create the Mimi’s Girls collection.

To learn more visit Dan Siegel

Tony Rice




Homuncules told by William Cadillac Donovan

Evasive maneuvers


recent bear sighting, your very first, resulted in fully nine-tenths of your brain shutting down (because instead of respecting nature, you chased after it to get a closer look) and calls for revisiting several action plans for unplanned encounters. This is because you got lucky. You weren’t really in any danger but you certainly weren’t thinking when you chased after a bear. It wasn’t ‘til the bear turned around to get a better look at you (most likely because this isn’t the norm) that you realized that you had forgotten whether you’re supposed to make eye contact, avoid eye contact, make yourself look bigger, put your left foot in or stop, drop and roll.

To better avoid these moments of brainlock, let’s review some basic situational responses. Bears - Don’t chase them. If you happen upon a bear, don’t make eye contact. Walk away slowly and empty your pockets of all snack foods. If you come between a sow and her cub, try to hold the cub hostage. Mountain lions - They will most likely see you before you see them but if you happen to run into one and it doesn’t immediately attack, make yourself look bigger. In fact, if you’re going to be in lion country, wear heels with a big hat and a tight sweater vest. Vertical stripes on your trousers can also give the impression that you are taller than you actually are.

Terminators - If you happen to be in a dark alley when a terminator appears from the future, simply hand over your clothing and avoid a painful death. Dancers - Never agree to dance unless a dance floor is already packed. If you are asked to dance in a relatively empty establishment, immediately drop to the floor and grab at your Achilles tendon. Learn where your Achilles tendon is - you never know what kind of medical background a dancer may have. Spiders - Shriek loudly. Repeat until the spider has been destroyed. Shoeshine guy - When the shoeshine guy is pointing at your shoes, point to your ear buds in return. Never give the shoeshine guy the finger. In fact, wear your ear buds at all times on city streets and point to them whenever you’re confronted by pollsters, homeless people, proselytizers and people selling stolen iPods. That thing underneath your bed - Acknowledge the monster that lives under your bed and give it a name. Check carefully before getting out of bed. Speak low, loud and clear when calling out the name of the monster underneath your bed to let it know you don’t fear it. The monster under your bed can smell fear and you should assume that it lives underneath your bed because it has bad self-esteem to begin with and is really only gaining respect from you. There are a lot of beds out there that don’t have monsters underneath them. It’s time for your monster to move on, no matter how difficult


The Arcadian

that might seem for a spider who’s roughly the same size as a German Shepherd. Professional athletes - Always make sure to ask for an autograph. Never jeer a professional athlete as even the lowliest bowler will probably make mincemeat out of your soft decrepitude. The person who issued a restraining order against you - While it may not be your fault, understand that the restraining order can send you right back to jail, no matter the coincidence that you just happened to show up at her yoga class. Avoid eye contact and the perception of anything creepy. If you see her pull out a phone, run and hide.

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Sleestaks - Despite their large black bulging eyes, Sleestaks have very poor vision. Also, Sleestaks are notoriously slow. Unbelievably slow. You can outrun a Sleestak. Try to avoid caves in the future. Rabid squirrels - Never try to outrun a rabid squirrel. Trying to outrun a rabid squirrel will trigger the instinct to attack and rabid squirrels are supernaturally fast. If you’re confronted by a rabid squirrel, accept your fate. -William Cadillac Donovan

2:19 PM

5821 N 7th Street l Phoenix, Arizona 85014 602 264-2914 l Fax 602 263-5240

Enlightened Entertainment Group Gifted oracle readers and psychics use their intuitive skills at your party, event, bar, spa, or restaurant.

Contact Jim Ventura for Planning


Health & Fitness

Golf Fitness

By Tony Rice




th tee, legs tired, water right, wind gusting from the left. Lou’s already in your pocket for $20 and you need your best swing now. CAN YOU PERFORM? I hope so, but if you find yourself lying 3 next to that misted red line beside the lake, here is a golf fitness routine to give you the stamina and focus. Sorry Lou, you’re buying the beers next time. This routine alternates two very effective exercises for golf and general fitness, jump rope and plank holds (I will refer to them as plankertons). As you perform these exercises you’ll notice that your muscles will be working together as one cohesive unit. Now, I’ve seen some pretty ugly swings produce good golf shots, (Vern- how do you hit it straight?), but ideally if you can synch your body you can synch your swing. By alternating these exercises 3 times in progressive intervals, fatigue will set in and focus will be of greater importance. Complete this workout 3 times a week and you will have the stamina to hit your best shots when it counts.

not excessively bending your knees. Rigormortis is never a good thing- Stay loose just like in your golf swing, relax and ALLOW your body to synch, don’t try to force it. Small circles with your hands- Keep your arc consistent. If you flail your arms around you will catch bloody shin-itis. Listen to the rope- On a successful jump you will notice the rope is fairly silent. This is because it is kissing the ground as it passes underneath your feet. If the rope is loud, it is hitting too far out in front of you. This is not good. Not only will you have to jump higher to avoid the flailing rope but you will soon have another case of bloody shin-itis. Have Fun- Everything is better when you have fun.


The Arcadian

By Tony Rice AA, San Diego Golf Academy Certified Personal Trainer-NASM Co-Owner of Peak Performance



Jump Rope


Alignment- As you can see in the picture you are holding yourself off the ground with your forearms and toes. Heels are directly over toes, head over hands, and there should be almost a straight line between shoulders, hips and heels. Hips Up- Do not allow your hips to sag. If you feel pressure in your low back lift your hips toward the sky and tighten your abs. Breathe- Make sure you continue to take deep breaths.(Yes Julie & Karla, I’m talking to you)

Here is my challenge to you. As you settle into your plankerton, think of your most feared shot on the golf course, the three foot putt to win the match, the wedge shot off of a thin lie, the tee shot over water. Visualize and feel yourself in that situation, now see yourself execute it properly. Soak in that feeling of joy and victory. You are now mentally prepared to take on the golf course. Jump rope can be much harder than when we were kids so let’s go over a few tips. Keep good posture- Stand tall, engage the core, and jump using mostly your calves

be conquered, throw them into a circuit and they become a noble beast.Here are some tips.


Plankertons are an excellent core exercise that will strengthen even the mind. When performed by themselves they can

Jump rope Plankertons Jump rope Plankertons Jump rope Plankertons

Begin. Interm. Adva. 30 sec 60s 90 s 15 sec 30s 60s 45 sec 90s 120s 20 sec 40s 75s 60 sec 120s 180s 30 sec 50s 90s

Rest 3-5 minutes then repeat for 2-3 sets

Foot Strength


By Dan Siegel


Mary Bruce

“Be careful even in small matters.� From the Earth Scroll, The Book of Five Rings


hatever sport or activity you are into, you need good feet. Follow these protocols for stronger feet, ankles, and lower legs. You will be more resistant to strains and sprains, you will have greater range of motion and dexterity, and you will have quicker foot speed and reaction time.

Reshape the arch of your foot and your insteps by massaging them, or rolling a golf ball, or a dowel under your foot.

C lasses

Metta Yoga-Tuesdays 11:00AM 3742 E. Indian School Rd. Sway-Weds. 6PM, Sats. 8:30AM 4280 E. Indian School Rd. for workshops, retreats, teacher training, and private yoga.

Stand on one leg. Flex and extend the foot on the raised leg, slowly and deliberately at first, then increase your tempo as the motion begins to feel more smooth. Continue for up to one minute on each foot.


Contemporary on the Camelback Corridor Steps away from everything 4,100 sq ft 4 bed+ office 3.5 bath 2 car garage Shown by appt. only

With your heel on the floor, your foot remains flexed: Flex and extend your toes, slowly at first, then faster.

Balancing on one foot, rotate the other foot in a complete circle about ten times in each direction. Try to smooth out your range of motion and increase the size of the circle. If you need to, hold on to something for balance.. Alternately raise up on your toes and heels for ten or more repetitions to strengthen the lower leg, both front and back.

Photography by Michael Woodall

Call Suzanne 602-956-4646

The Arcadian


Featured Artist

Walky Talky

The Faces of Natasha


ook at some of the artist’s paintings and you might think she is a gentle spirit. Look at some others and you’ll see deep contemplation, or a tortured seriousness, or someone vibrant and whimsical like the paintings on these pages. Of course Natasha Matveenkova is all of these things, and more. The reality is that she not only expresses herself through art, but like many prolific artists, Natasha actually recreates herself through it. Indeed the last time I saw her she had undergone an identity transformation that made me feel like I was meeting her for the first time. Her Russian accent and her practical sensibility remain, but her energy and appearance, along with the paintings she is currently producing,

Red Wine


The Arcadian

suggest yet another side to Natasha, a harder, edgier side. Natasha is from Novosibirsk, the capital of Siberia. She moved to Phoenix on her birthday in 2005 and has recently become an American citizen. I had thought Siberia was all dreariness and permafrost, but southern Siberia is lush and hilly, informing her warm, appealing series of landscape paintings. Natasha is industrious, driven by a passion to create. When I first met her a few years ago, she was driving a sporty hatchback with thirty-three paintings of various sizes fitted in the back. Anyone for Tetris? She has since traded in for a larger vehicle. Inspired by small details in everyday objects that stimulate her imagination,

Natasha Matveenkova

Tea Time

Natasha possesses a unique approach and style which allows her to create art that is experienced by more than the eyes alone. She has an insatiable curiosity and love for experimentation, using layers of brilliant color and unconventional textures, as well as tools as unlikely as a screwdriver, to make paintings that are dynamic and alive. Natasha’s work transitions from abstract to figurative styles and back again, demonstrating her multidimensional talents and interests. She is already adept in the use of a variety of mediums to capture an eclectic array of subject matter. If I were a betting man, and if there were art bookies, I would wager that Natasha will continue to explore in many different

creative directions. She has said the smiles she witnesses as people view and touch her art is her biggest reward for all the hard work. Natasha has shown in a variety of galleries, exhibits, and events nationwide. Many have sold out. Enchanting viewers with her thought provoking originality, Natasha Matveenkova continues to distinguish herself as a true talent as her art finds its way into numerous collection.

Visit Natasha’s website to see more, and for gallery information.

Pajama Cat

Modern Times

Natasha has shown in a variety of galleries, exhibits and events worldwide. Many have sold out. The Arcadian


Say Cheese

Think of what is right and true. Practice and cultivate the science. Become acquainted with the arts. June

Know the principles of the crafts. -From The Earth Scroll The Book of Five Rings

The Game We Play

Almost Served

Afternoon Coffee

The Arcadian




Local Profile


By Dan Siegel

William Franklin - Personal Trainer

first met Will in 2002, when we were working as personal trainers at the same gym. I noticed his philosophies and approach to fitness were practical and unique, and his clients got good results. I began asking him questions between training sessions. All the trainers at that gym, me included, became better trainers for having worked with him. Will is part of a new breed of health professionals commonly referred to as “fitness geeks,” whose teachings are built on a solid foundation of science, and a skepticism for traditional methods. Some of his qualities are more rare and harder to teach. His facility for

Lesser Associates LLC “Lesser Means More”

Larry Lesser, P.R.

480.991.5830 Fax 480.991.4437


Property Management • Sales • Leasing

observational assessment, for instance, allows Will to ask the right questions, and prescribe the right exercises and stretches to his clients.“Sessions themselves,” Will explains, “focus on your nervous system’s control of your joints and muscles. We correct imbalances in your muscles, improving your stabilization strength, and connective tissue integrity. By focusing initially on these areas, we head off potential injuries before they can manifest. Those looking to add muscle will find that my approach allows them to undertake the appropriate training necessary minus the aches, pains and setbacks so often encountered with traditional approaches.” Will left training to complete his doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. Fortunately for us, Will has returned to training at Peak Performance, and is available to work with clients while he prepares for his board exams. His credentials are too many to list. Call him at 480.232.1760

AZ STUDS Carpentry & Remodeling INC. Building and remodeling in Arcadia for over 15 years Bonded/Insured 480.421.0111 ROC Lic. #145413 Commercial and Residential 14

The Arcadian

Opportunity Knocks


his financial crisis is worse, and more complex than the crashes of recent history: the Technology Bubble in 2002; the Savings and Loan fiasco in 1990 –’91; even Black Monday, the crash of ’87. So here’s the good news: credit is tight, and confidence is low, so stocks are cheap. Also, after every other market crash, the economy has recovered, with the stock market soaring beyond its previous high point. No one can claim to know where the market bottom is (or was), but stocks are undervalued right now. This is the first time in over 50 years that the dividend yield on stocks is higher than the yield on treasury bonds. Typically, the stock market will stage its comeback well before the end of a recession, so it’s a good time to get into the game. According to Warren Buffet, when it comes to taking advantage of market conditions, “If you wait for the robins, spring will be over.”

Whatever your stage in life, here are some keys to successful investing: Diversify. Most investors should consider mutual funds and ETFs instead of trying to pick individual securities. Allocate (stocks, bonds, and cash) your assets according to your own goals and risk tolerance. Day trading is gambling, not investing. Investing is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Keep fees, expenses, and taxes at a minimum. -Richard Siegel Richard Siegel is a founding partner of Siegel/Yocum Asset Management, LLC in Scottsdale and can be reached at 480634-1915 or


Favorite Breakfasts Nearby



avorite Steak and Eggs - The Breakfast Club. A tender, little filet mignon in mushroom sauce with spinach, and a generous portion of eggs, are accompanied by the lovely “Potatoes O’Brien,” big wedges of freshly cut melon and pineapple, good coffee, good toast… the perfect meal.

whipped cream, it is delicious of course, but it’s hard to find a mocha that isn’t yummy. Mama Java’s wins because it does the trick with it‘s big-time caffeine jolt. Mama Java’s is not just a to-go joint, it’s a legitimately cool coffee house. Kick back and check out the artwork. Good people-watching too.

Favorite Omelet - The Jersey Girl Omelet at La Grande Orange. Pastrami, cabbage, and fingerling potato omelet, with a dollop of sour cream. Sounds weird? Tastes good. Substitute turkey for pastrami. It’s great both ways. Eat it - it’s good for you.



“The Wolf Pack” at Over Easy. Picture a crispy rectangle of hash browns layered with eggs your way, cheese of your choosing, and bacon, all topped off with another rectangle of crispy hash browns and you’ve just pictured the Wolf Pack. Brilliant! Why didn’t you think of that? Probably not the healthiest dish, but I’m getting it anyway.

Celebrating 16 years in Arcadia

Favorite Egg Sandwich - We have a tie between Bertha’s Café and Acacia Café. Bertha’s sandwich is a square meal with baked eggs, choice of meat, roasted tomato, and (get this), arugula and pesto. Greens on an egg sandwich? Why not? And pesto makes everything better. The Acacia Café sandwich you will love is a classic egg, sausage, and Swiss on a croissant. It’s dense, delicious, and easy to eat in the car. I had one on the way to the golf course a few weeks ago and I shot a pretty good round. Coincidence? I think not. Favorite Mocha - Mama Java. Order a large mocha and it is served in a soup bowl-sized mug with a triple shot of espresso. Artfully prepared with chocolate syrup drizzled over a serious layer of


General Medicine Physicals Sports Injuries Lab Testing B12 Shots Insurance Accepted


Voted best water in Phoenix

Come visit my mom and me at the water store!

5-gallon refill only $2.50 Hawaiian shave ice Bagged ice for parties

The Apple Pancake at The Original Pancake House. It’s equal parts dessert and breakfast, and it’s the size of a throw pillow. It’s awesome. It’s a force to be reckoned with. You deserve it, but don’t eat the whole thing. Four thumbs up for brunch at The Royal Palms. **If you would like your favorite breakfast to be considered for the next issue of The Arcadian, email

602-553-8419 SW Corner of 40th St. and Camelback

The Arcadian



Herberger Theater A Raisin In The Sun Presented by Arizona Theatre Company -Center Stage Feb 05, 09 - Feb 22, 09 A gripping and explosive tale of one family living and learning together on the South Side of Chicago in the 1950s. A Raisin in the Sun was the first authentic voice of an African American playwright to hit the Broadway stage. In this award-winning drama, the Younger family searches for a way to grab their piece of the dream, even in the face of prejudice and discrimination. Since the play’s premiere exactly 50 years ago, Lorraine Hansberry’s towering masterpiece has moved audiences and broken down barriers wherever it has played. “The play that changed American theatre forever…a seething interplay of past and present, of wisdom and passion.” – The New York Times Soiree de Cafe - a fundraiser for the Herberger Theater Center benefiting the Herberger’s Youth Outreach Programs -Stage West Feb 07, 2009 A perked up fundraiser for the Herberger Theater Center’s Youth Outreach Programs, featuring a special showing of TRIPLE ESPRESSO, a highly caffeinated comedy presented by Actors Theatre. - Cocktail reception, coffee lounge, cigar parlor, music & raffle. Proceeds benefit the Herberger Theater Center’s Youth Outreach Programs and assist us in maintaining and expanding these important collaborations. Gooney Bird Presented by Stageworks -Stage West Feb 13, 09 - Feb 21, 09 It’s a boring, long day at school. The kids don’t want to be there. But suddenly, the classroom door bursts open and there - wearing pajamas and cowboy boots stands red-headed Gooney Bird Greene! With her outrageous outfits and outlandish stories, Gooney mesmerizes the class with her adventures of traveling around the world on a flying carpet, leading a symphony orchestra while driving through town, and finding her precious diamond earrings in an exotic palace. By sparking their imaginations, Goonie shows the students that their lives are as unique as hers, as they cast themselves as the heroes in their own tales of discovery. Downtown Comedy Shootout Presented by Hope Christian Church Center Stage Feb 25, 09 Join comedians Thor Ramsey and Bone Hampton for a hilarous night of pure comedy.


The Arcadian

Center Dance Ensemble’s 20th AnniversaryGreat Moments Presented by Center Dance Ensemble Stage West Feb 26, 09 - Mar 01, 09 CDE Artistic Director Frances Smith Cohen pays tribute to three of the artistic geniuses of the 20th century: Martha Graham, Igor Stravinsky and Pablo Picasso, in a program of new choreography. A living, moving piece of art, celebrating the spirit of creativity in all of its forms. Ticket prices for each show: $24 for adults, $20 for seniors and $12 for students. Rabbit Hole Presented by Actors Theatre -Stage West Mar 06, 09 - Mar 22, 09 WINNER OF THE 2007 PULITZER PRIZE Written with poignant humor and finely-observed detail, Rabbit Hole was one of last season’s most acclaimed plays. Becca and Howie have everything a family could want, until a life-shattering accident turns their world upside down and leaves the couple drifting perilously apart. Coping with the distractions of her reckless sister and their opinionated mother, Becca takes solace in an unlikely friendship that may help lead her back from the darkest of places. Note: Mature themes and adult content. Seussical, The Musical Presented by Valley Youth Theatre -Center Stage Mar 06, 09 - Mar 22, 09 Join the Cat in the Hat for this fantastical, magical, musical extravaganza! Based on the beloved characters and stories of Dr. Seuss, Seussical the Musical follows the adventures of Horton, an elephant who one day hears voices coming from a speck of dust. All of your favorite Seuss characters come to life, including Gertrude McFuzz, Lazy Mayzie and all of the Whos of Whoville. Produced by Valley Youth Theatre, home of Jordin Sparks, Max Crumm, Chelsea Staub and many more rising stars! A Bad Friend Presented by iTheatre Collaborative Performance Outreach Theater Mar 13, 09 - Mar 28, 09 By Jules Feiffer. Set in Brooklyn during the 1950s, A BAD FRIEND brings us into the household of Shelly and Naomi Wallach.This middle-aged couple are fervently opposed to McCarthyism, anti-Semitism and exploitation of the working class and

passionately committed to the Rosenbergs, civil rights and Stalin. Their independent-minded teenage daughter, Rose, squirms under the weight of her parents’ oppressive Marxist principles. “Maybe I’m only a liberal,” Rose says, which provokes a stern lecture from her mother; and as the antagonism between the rigidly ideological Shelly and her questioning, rebellious daughter grows, it becomes increasingly clear that politics is personal and that developing your own beliefs comes at a price. Tickets are $16 Arizona Young Artists’ Competition A Herberger Theater Center Youth Outreach Program -Stage West Mar 24, 09 - Mar 28, 09 The Arizona Young Artists’ Competition provides an opportunity to showcase the diverse and emerging talent of young Arizona artists. This competition introduces them to the auditioning process and provides an opportunity for them to interact with highly-regarded arts professionals. Three preliminary competition days include a day for acting, a day for singing and a day for dance. Finalists in each of the three performances will compete on Saturday, March 28th for a $1,000 top prize for each category. $10 for adults and $5 for students King Henry V Presented by Arizona Theatre Company Center Stage Mar 26, 09 - Mar 29, 09 Young, restless and ambitious, Henry V inherits a troubled crown and seeks to secure his position at home by launching a hasty invasion of France. The charismatic warrior King’s aggressive pursuit of the French crown earns him iconic status, uniting England and France and briefly banishing the civil strife that will long outlive him. This Shakespearean epic expertly balances the thrilling heroics of battle with the painful and complex reactions of men who are sometimes unsure of the justice of their cause. KING HENRY V is a rousing, fascinating story about the power of courage and the price of glory. Tickets $35 to $68 Herberger Theater Center 222 E. Monroe Phoenix AZ, 85004 For more info please visit

If you would like your schedule of events posted in The Arcadian, please Email

Business Directory Health & Fitness


Peak Performance Personal Training 4512 N. 40th St. Phoenix 480.332.3960

Lisa G 2337 N. 7th St. Phx www.lisa g

Fit Health Care and Walk-In Clinic 4312 N 7th Ave. Phoeinx 602.279.5049

Mama Java’s Coffee House 3619 E. Indian School Rd. Phx 85018 602.840.5282

Ann’s Lifestyle Fitness Ann Gosselin


Kinetic Energy Performance Enhancement for Sport and Life Will Franklin 480.232.1760 Sway - A Movement Studio 4280 E. Indian School Rd. #108 Phx 602.840.7929 Phoenician Health Group 3244 E. Indian School Rd. Phx 85018 602.955.9170

Bertha’s Café 2916 N. 40th St. Phx 85018


Thank You For Making Us Best In Phoenix!


Real Estate Jennifer Dresbach, Residential Sales 602.561.4180

Investments Siegel & Yocum Asset Management 480.634.1915

•Pastas • Hot Subs •Cold Subs • Salads •Famous Wings •Italian Desserts

Rustic Sage Healing Haven 7050 E. 5th Ave. Scotts 85251

Design & Builders Lux Design Build 1323 E. McDowell Rd. Phx 85006 602.840.2428 On Site Landscape Construction 6125 E. Indian School Rd. #2010 Scotts. 85251 480.429.8885 Seiss Construction Inc. Luxury custom homes and remodels 602.703.7062

Let us cater your next party WE DELIVER FAST!

602-508-0444 SW Corner of Indian School & 40th St.

To place an ad call 480.332.3960

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Pick up only. Must present coupon. Exp. 3-30-09


“There is good and bad in everything.” From The Earth Scroll, The Book of Five Rings I’ve heard it is pollution that gives us such beautiful sunsets and sunrises in winter.

Is that true?

1 2

From which roads were these photographs taken? Email your answers to win free personal training This page is sponsored by


The Arcadian

First three correct responses to each photograph win a $110 gift certificate to Peak Performance Personal Training at 40th St. and Campbell, redeemable for two 45-minute personal training sessions. Please specify photo one(top) or two(bottom).

Was your resolution to get into shape?

JOIN US Community Athletic Training For Women at Peak Performance combines weightlifting with cardio in a highly effective thirty-minute workout.

Flexible Arrival • Drop in between 1:00 and 3:00 for your 30-minute workout • Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday • $15 per class or $110 monthly unlimited

Peak Performance Personal Training 4512 N. 40th St. #303 480.332.3960

Enter for a chance to win $1,000!

Discovering outstanding talent in acting, modern dance and voice

Aspiring performing artists between the ages of 16 - 20 are invited to enter the tenth annual Arizona Young Artists’ Competition at the Herberger Theater Center on March 28, 2009 at 7pm. Four finalists in the categories of acting, modern dance and voice will be selected by qualified judges from preliminary auditions held March 24 - 26. A $1,000 cash prize will be awarded in each discipline.

For official entry forms and information, visit Judd Herberger

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