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TAOPIX™ PHOTOBOOK KEY POINTS “We had to find an innovative and robust product to ensure our

• Built in training assistant and Wizard • Flight check

official launch into the consumer market was backed up by great

• 18 Languages to date

technology. I believe we have achieved this with TAOPIX™

• Feature rich but easy to use at the same time • Powerful, fast, robust, customizable client software • Shopping basket, e-commerce and back-office built-in

and the feedback from customers so far has been excellent.”

• Production management with job tickets and barcodes

Kevin Rogers, Commercial Director, Elanders UK

• No conflict of interest – we do not print photo books • Unique license key so only the master can work with the

Start your own photo book business

print ready files • Auto update – a feature that allows the dynamic delivery of updated templates, styles and content direct to the end user • Local support infrastructure with amazing customer feedback • Print ready output (PDF – single/multiple, TIFF or JPEG) • Customize and build your own installers • Continually-developing photo book platform with full Mac and Windows support • Unlimited branding - business-to-business and business-to-consumer models • 20+ Multiple-country payment gateways • 120 licences sold to date in over 25 countries • Add or publish your product offering or new templates without paying the supplier




With TAOPIX™ no other printer, photo lab or TAOPIX™ licensee can output your client’s file as every TAOPIX™ download is individually customized with a unique license key. This feature enables you to service important house accounts knowing that their print requirements can be fulfilled solely by you and removing the worry of aggressive competition. By building relationships and identifying markets within your existing customer base, TAOPIX™ Photobook provides the tools you need to dramatically increase revenue with minimal investment.

Minimum RAM 1GB (2+Gb Recommended) Minimum 2Gb Hard Disk space in order to store backgrounds, masks, frames and scrapbook items Windows XP, Vista or Server 2003 Mac OS X 10.3.9, 10.4.x, 10.5.x and 10.6.x



Dual/Quad Core Processors (2+ GHz or above 2+ GB RAM) Raid 5 Disk Setup & Storage based on volume of orders Dual Power Supplies Windows 2003 & 2008 Server Standard R1 or R2 – 32 or 64 bit

At TAOPIX™ we understand how important it is to build strong relationships with our customers. We also understand that this can only be achieved by offering exceptional customer service and an exceptional product. Our dedicated quality assurance team ensures our product will never let you down and will always perform. Our excellent support engineers make sure you receive the very best training, installation and postsales support we can offer. And our team of developers will listen to you – many of the features which are part of TAOPIX™ Photobook are there because our customers have asked us to include them. So keep talking to us ...

TAOPIX™ PRODUCTION Minimum RAM 1GB (2Gb Recommended) Minimum 10Gb Hard Disk space Windows XP & Vista and Windows7 Mac OS X 10.4.11 & 10.5.x & 10.6.x

The complete end-to-end software solution

Discover more at

Discover more at FEBRUAR Y 2010

Offices in the United Kingdom (HQ), Japan, Singapore and the US



(866) 622-9034

“We have decades of experience in fine art printing and with a tool like TAOPIX™ we know we have a competitive edge in offering a quality product that others simply can’t.” WHAT IS TAOPIX™ PHOTOBOOK? TAOPIX™ Photobook is a complete, end-to-end photo book platform that contains all the software tools required for a professional photo lab or digital printer to start a photo book business. TAOPIX™ customers have full control over the business model(s) they wish to promote as TAOPIX™ allows user-defined, unlimited branding, product design, templates and pricing; eliminating the need to pay the software manufacturer for additional services. TAOPIX™ Photobook is not just a photo book production solution – the flexibility of the software also allows you to profit from proof books, trader cards, calendars, greeting cards, postcards, posters, photographic prints, T-Shirts, mouse mats and self published books.

WHO BUYS PHOTO BOOKS? The widespread availability of high-speed internet and the massive increase in digital camera use means that anyone who has access to a PC or Mac, an internet connection and digital images is a potential customer so the opportunities are endless! Research into photo merchandise purchasers reveals that approximately 70% of customers are more than likely to return for more products – which means an ever-expanding and loyal customer base for you. It’s also a unique opportunity for you to increase margin by tailoring your product offerings and finishing options.

“it’s important when making a decision to purchase that you buy into the right company as well as their product

Baret Lepejian, A&I co-owner, Hollywood USA

TAOPIX™ DESIGNER TAOPIX™ Designer is the ‘front end’ or shop front that the photo book purchaser launches to begin designing their photo book. It’s important for your new customer to be able to create a photo book easily and quickly – which is why TAOPIX™ Designer allows you to create a fully customized and branded customer interface which can be delivered as a download and/or on disk. With TAOPIX’s™ easy-to-use, drag and drop software, the customer can then create any photo gift product from their Mac or PC anywhere in the world. This flexible interface allows you to turn features on and off per application or product – allowing beginners and professionals alike to confidently produce a memorable keepsake.

TAOPIX™ WEB TAOPIX™ Web provides your customer with a shopping basket facility which consists of a flexible pricing engine with tax,shipping, voucher, discount and per page pricing options. It also allows your customer to choose their preferred method of payment (credit card, account, cheque or PayPal for example). Once payment has been made, TAOPIX™ Web encrypts the customer file and uploads it securely to your server to be delivered to the production workflow as a print-ready PDF, JPEG or TIFF.


– that’s what I did with TAOPIX™” Christian Soeseno Boenarso, Subur Wolter, Indonesia

YOUR OPPORTUNITY TAOPIX™ Photobook provides the ideal tools to target new markets with multiple branding: PROFESSIONAL - High quality model agencies, wedding and commercial photographers, including self-promotion and fine art portfolios

TAOPIX™ Production allows you to organize your orders and manage your business within one application. You receive notification of orders and track their progress using TAOPIX™ Production - from the initial receipt of the customer file and payment confirmation, to printing the final project. Print-ready files are sent to the output device with a full customizable Job Ticket incorporating a barcode for tracking and managing each job. TAOPIX™ Production can even split a complete job requiring multiple output devices and track the production process. TAOPIX™ Production can be linked to a label printer to automate printing delivery labels, while notifying the customer that their project is being shipped at the same time.

“I am very glad that we picked you as our partner because I can see your investment in enhancing the service and functionality of the software.

EDUCATION - Yearbooks, planners, diaries, end of term books, club scrapbooks and calendars CONSUMER - Events, sports clubs, leisure and tourism, directly to consumer via search engine optimization and advertising

I do really appreciate all the help from the TAOPIX™ support team as their response is very fast.” Michael Yik, Manager Asia One, Hong Kong



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