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8 • BAY AREA REPORTER • January 5-11, 2017


It won’t all be bad tidings in 2017, say these LGBT politicos by Matthew S. Bajko


earing for the worst from the Trumpocalypse? Well, there will be some bright spots in the political world during 2017, so predicts the septet of LGBT politicos who

participated in the Political Notebook’s annual tradition for the first column of the new year. This mark’s the 10th installment of the yearly feature, and unsurprisingly, what may come from the administration of President-elect Donald Trump was foremost in many of the respondents’ minds. But a host of local issues and upcoming races for public office in two years, as there are no local elections in 2017, also caught their attention. Looking back at the predictions for 2016, just one person saw Trump being the Republican Party’s nominee, though even they thought Democrat Hillary Clinton would be taking her oath of office come January 20. Several correctly called the wins by Scott Wiener and Kamala Harris to their state and U.S. senate seats, respectively. Check back next January to find out how foretelling this year’s prognosticators turned out.

2017 predictions

I believe that in 2017, given the fact that we are having no elections, it will be gearing up for the battles in 2018. My predictions are as follows. Conor Johnston will be appointed in the District 8 seat on the San

Francisco Board of Supervisors, and Rafael Mandelman will gear up to run against him in 2018. London Breed will be reelected board president, and will move in a more progressive direction. Issues with single-room occupancy hotels as they relate to the transgender community may come up. Tenants rights legislation that Jordan Gwendolyn Troy Bodnar will be simultaneously supported Davis by some moderates and opposed by some progressives will make even-numbered seats on the Board the stage. of Supervisors in 2018; progressives No politicians will come to Trans will focus on keeping District 6 in March. their hands and picking up both San Francisco Mayor District 8 and District 10. District 2 Ed Lee will be pressured and District 4 will remain in modinto actually funding free erate hands, and therefore, progresCity College. sives will punt on both of them. Cash bail will be elimiSenator Wiener will be the one nated, thus meaning less to stymie progressive change in jail population, thus the state Legislature, and he will be meaning more ability to protested. plug holes in the budget. President Trump will become Funding for homelessness such a disaster that even more modand transit will come up again, and erate pro-development supervisors there will be a debate about using the will be turned off by gentrification sales tax versus a more progressive of majority black or brown areas. tax to fund it. U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (DU.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein will California) will get confrontational announce her retirement at the end with Trump’s Republicans and of the term; a wildcard would be Mirightfully so. Congressman Bernie chelle Obama running for her seat. Sanders (I-Vermont) will be louder There will be gearing up for the than ever and will be one of the

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Major Sponsors

major voices against the Trump administration. Calls for single-payer health care in California will heat up, eventually to end up on the ballot in 2018. The city’s progressive faction will have to reckon with certain ableist undercurrents. Most of all, there will be a lot more protests and a lot more left unity as we confront the racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, classist and ableist men in the White House. Jordan Gwendolyn Davis Transgender rights activist At the national level, I predict that the LGBT community will realize that President-elect Trump is not the enemy and that he will continue to be our advocate. Voters who thought he would destroy this country will thank him for his policies that keep Americans employed and create more jobs here at home. I also predict that he will not start a new world war, as many of my Democrat friends will have you believe. 2017 will also see many LGBT organizations wanting to work with Log Cabin Republicans since we are best able and prepared to work with the president-elect. In California, I predict that Gavin Newsom’s campaign for governor will start to unravel as more qualified and honest Democrats step up to the plate. Although Republican Mayor Kevin Faulconer of San Diego has stated he will complete the second term that he was easily re-elected to in June, I predict he will decide to run and will win the governorship in 2018. Mayor Faulconer is a strong ally of our community. Voters of San Francisco have sent a message to the Board of Supervisors by electing moderates who will work with the mayor and for the voters who elected them. They are elected to represent us, not themselves. We will also see less of a tax-and-spend board and more of one that will be a better steward of our money by cutting costs and eliminating wasteful spending and programs. Troy Bodnar President, Log Cabin Republicans of San Francisco Fire safety, fire department inspections, and permits will skyrocket in Oakland. Thirty-six lives were lost in the December 2 Ghost Ship fire and this unfortunate event will lead to landlords looking closer at insurance coverage of tenants and use of space. The perception of Oakland took a big hit on a national level rightfully so. Rental affordability will be the main issue again for 2017. Oakland has yet to bring jobs to the city that can help people afford rising rental costs and/or costs associated with moving. This imbalance can be helped, but not alleviated, by the city encouraging small business development. Opening a business can take just as much time, or less, as looking for a Job. Maybe someone wants to sell ‘Music CDs.’ For example, in East Oakland, the unemployment rate is rather high (+30 percent). Oakland lacks a workforce that could quickly shift to different job categories as our current situation demands. Commercial property will have a larger role for 2017. Large-scale residential projects are urged to have commercial space thus attracting businesses that need only tenant improvements. With major construction downtown, it breaks the economic rhythm of the business. This issue could open up small livework enclaves in Oakland to spread businesses throughout the city. Oakland protests/riots are See page 11 >>

January 5, 2017 Edition of the Bay Area Reporter  

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