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January 5-11, 2017 • BAY AREA REPORTER • 33

Unwrapped packages

Raw And Rough


Hear his butt tat talkin’ to ya? Fuck Ace Era, indeed.

Oh, glee! What a Christmas present Dylan James has for Ace Era.

by John F. Karr

The building’s been sold, and the holdings are being dispersed who knows where, since there doesn’t seem to be an organization willing or able to accept such a vast array of goods. The Institute came from a San Francisco era of freewheeling sexuality. And the city’s certainly been shorn of that. I can’t help but wonder how many, or more likely how few, porn performers voted in the last election. And I wonder whether I’ll ever be able to watch Colby Keller unhindered by my knowledge of his support for Mr. Trump. Lust for Colby the performer lingers on, but liking Colby the person has become fraught. Nowadays, we expect our performers to conform to our politics. Used to be easier to harbor a personal dislike for someone, while still appreciating their artistry. Can I compartmentalize, separating Colby the Sexy from Colby the Stupid? I’m sorry I have to. Oh, sure, I’ll check out his new videos, but I feel distanced. I have a similar problem with Ryan Rose. I unfortunately read several of his posted tweets and comments. The fellow’s illiterate. I wish he’d open his mouth only when putting a dick in it, and not his foot. Yet, perhaps it’s my fault, not his. I really should refrain from reading the epistles of pornstars. I like to suck the marrow out of most bones I meet. But here’s a bone I’d like to pick. Why are porn performers always called models? These guys aren’t modeling anything, unless it’s cock. But you never hear them say, “Hello, I’m a Cock Model.” No, they’re performers. They’re performing having a relationship, they’re performing having fun, they’re performing being aroused.


ince I really haven’t seen all that much (or as much as I’d like to), I won’t do Best or Worst lists for last year. But I’ll tell you what I’ll miss, what I’ve liked, and what my prick’s getting me up to. I’ll most grievously miss the Bush Street video store that was the last shop in town that rented gay porn. And I’ll miss a much more important organization, The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. You’ve probably never heard it. The Institute kept a really low profile, housed in a nondescript building on Franklin Street, and during its four decades wasn’t open to the public. But students came from around the globe, to the only place in the world that offered Master’s and Doctor’s degrees in Sexology. And what a resource center it was, its humungous warehouse crammed with everything related to sex.

Henry Licett has the most bountiful bulge of the year. Quel knob!


A fave scene of 2016 is the hushed, taut pairing of Killian James and JP Dubois in Sexperiment.

It’s not like they need to join Actors Equity, or anything. Nonetheless, they’re performers. Some things I liked last year: the documentary about Chuck Holmes and the Falcon empire, Seed Money; the graciously re-issued Wakefield Poole movie, Take One; and the amazing photo collection, Bob Mizer 1,000 Model Directory. And right now? Who’s keeping me warm during the cold winter nights? I’m currently shedding my seed for Sergeant Miles. He’s been around so long he’s gone from boy to man, and it was the latter that finally got my attention, at LucasEntertainment. Of course, Tegan Zayne, at Raging Stallion. Then there’s small, trés butch and erstwhile str8 top Adam Bryant. And his bottom doppleganger, Jake Davis. What about the Frenchman, Bulrog? This darkly handsome and richly furred stud was a music producer and singer now taking a detour to the top of the Daddy charts. He’s started out at LucasEnt, but I’d expect local studios will snarl and claw to get him.


Devin Franco (right) is happy ‘bout his pappy, the hot ‘n hairy Bulrog.

But the guy I’m getting the biggest blast outta is Ace Era. Love the name, love the Fuck Me tattoo on his butt cheeks, love his thick hair and fine face, and love his gung-ho, happy way of being a mighty sexy bottom. My most recent favorite scene stars Killian James topping JP Dubois in the generally excellent NakedSword feature, Sexperiment (whoa, Rocco Steele gettin’ gritty with JD Phoenix!). Although the movie’s four stories are traditional tropes, director mr. Pam experiments with different styles for each. Her lighting is keyed to a scene’s temperature, and her takes are unusually long, making things about as beautiful and real as it gets. The mood for James and Dubois is hushed, taut. The unadorned room they’re in is hardly bigger than the bed they’re on, but they’re way outside its earthly boundaries. We find Dubois face down in a pillow, with his ass in the air. While one of James’ hands inserts the joystick of an anal probe in Dubois’ ass, the other is milking the dude’s flesh joystick. Then James sucks Dubois’ cock while making him rock his rump down on a fat butt plug. James sure has mastered the art of butt pluggery. Watch them as they pour into each other, kissing and sucking during dildo play, and on through a fuck that’s both dreamy and rollicking. The scene ends with Dubois downing a most desirable load.

O, lucky man, to receive the Royal Jelly of Killian James. Since it’s never too late to bump into some bulge, I’m glad to gift you with Henry Licett’s. He’s been around for awhile, but I’ve only recently found him. He describes himself as an actor and a singer, but he seems to be a stripper, and a wildly uninhibited cock performer (a la Poetry of the Penis). He’s a major show off, with a major piece to show off. It’s a real landmark boner, with the biggest globe

I’ve ever seen atop a rod. It’s round as a round as an apple, as Gertrude Stein once said (while orating on a completely different topic). Search the ‘net, and you’ll find all the nudes. Seeing the big thing is informative, but I find the bulge shots are more rewarding. It’s the imagination that goes into seeing the obscure. It’s so immersive. Remember to find Karrnal in the first issue of each month. Here’s hoping you have a year full of opulent phallustry.t

January 5, 2017 Edition of the Bay Area Reporter  

The undisputed newspaper of record for the San Francisco Bay Area LGBT community and the oldest continuously-published gay newspaper in the...

January 5, 2017 Edition of the Bay Area Reporter  

The undisputed newspaper of record for the San Francisco Bay Area LGBT community and the oldest continuously-published gay newspaper in the...