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January 5-11, 2017 • BAY AREA REPORTER • 29

CAFE Lauren Lindley

Serving up a variety of wines in Amador.

The county’s topology and geology lead to its straddling two distinct appellations –California Shenandoah Valley and Fiddletown– providing opportunity for fascinating comparisons: Shenandoah Valley zins from the northeast of the county tend to be full-bodied and earthy, combining dark plummy body with notes of forest flavor including cedar and clove. Fiddletown’s finest, grown to the west of the valley at higher elevations, reveal a tinge more acidity and bright cherry fruit tones. “For Come Out to Amador,” says Gorman, “We’re going to highlight some of these unique aspects. It’s going to be very in-depth and oneon-one with makers and providers. We’re not having any events that are just tastings. Everything’s going to include a lot of perspective.” Gorman explains that the local wineries and restaurants who have collaborated on this first-of-a-kind event are “basically presenting this all at cost. We want people who have never been here to end up telling friends, ‘They’re doing some cool stuff up there’ and sending more visitors our way. “Our gay community is small, but growing. I have to admit, I had a little trepidation when I first moved to this small rural area. But from the very beginning, I feel like we’ve been embraced with open arms. And I’m an outgoing person. I’ve made myself pretty present here.” Last May, Gorman and his partner got married in the wine town. “A lot of our guests were gay and had never been here before,” says Gorman. “They told me they felt incredibly welcome. When they went wine tasting in the days before and after, people working in the tasting rooms would ask where they were from and what brought them to town. When they said they were here for a

Barrels of wine at Scott Harvey Wines.

wedding, they’d regularly hear, ‘Oh! You’re here for Jack and Kyle!’” Eventually, Gorman says, “some of the business people in town who I most admire asked how I thought we might get more gay people up





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here. We view this as a steppingstone event for Amador.”t For tickets, directions and further details, see

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January 5, 2017 Edition of the Bay Area Reporter  

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