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January 5-11, 2017 • BAY AREA REPORTER • 11

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legendary but the riots fuck with small businesses. Even if no physical damage, interruption of foot traffic is enough to stress business. Flipping a coin ... the Raiders will stay. Jobs are important, but seasonal jobs do not truly impact the unemployment rate in East Oakland. Balancing the needs of the community with capitalism is Nenna Joiner Shaun Haines Louise "Lou" Fischer of importance to the future. I do believe both the capitalist interAttorney General nominee Jeff Sesloose with the facts. From U.S. Senests and needs of people can be sions’ track record for LGBT rights ators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala achieved. makes Anita Bryant look like “just Harris holding us down in the BeltOakland will get its first Equinox a beauty queen from Florida.” way, and Governor Jerry Brown health club. Abortion rights: Roe v. Wade with soon-to-be state Attorney Nenna Joiner does not need to be overturned General Xavier Becerra, plus state Oakland storeowner and to decimate abortion rights at the Senate President Kevin de Leon (DDemocratic Party activist state level. The GOP Congress will Los Angeles) and Assembly Speaker cut federal funding to Planned Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood) Hello 2017, you will be beautiful, Parenthood. etching “progressive” full of challenges and opportunities. The environment: into a new version of The adage, “what doesn’t kill you Farewell to Obama’s states’ rights, to gay state will make you stronger” comes to legacy of combatting Senators Ricardo Lara mind. 2016 was the year of villainy, climate change. Trump’s (D-Bell Gardens) and 2017 will be the year of heroines and appointment of climate Scott Wiener advancing heroes. There is a war coming and change denier Scott LGBTQI issues in Sacwe need your super powers to proPruitt to head the Enramento and nationally, tect what we hold dear. You never vironmental Protection and courageous young imagined yourself to be a hero for Agency makes Richard leaders from Richmond liberty and justice, but I guarantee Nixon (who started the with RYSE Executive Dithat you will become one and soon. EPA) look like “the envi- Valerie Cuevas rector Kimberly Aceves Hillary Clinton lost the Electoral ronment president.” keeping us all honest to College but she won the popular Voting rights: Sessions ensure the voices of our vote, outstandingly. This changes is not going to protect voting rights. most vulnerable are heard. the game and moves the United The economy: The GOP will pass Valerie Cuevas States closer to joining the rest of massive tax cuts for the rich, run up West Contra Costa Unified School the civilized world in recognizing the deficit, and Wall Street will go Board Member the leadership of women to lead us back to being unregulated and the through the struggles ahead. economy will melt down. We might On January 31, 1989, the Golden We may see an African-American make it to 2018 before this happens Gate Bridge was shut down by female chair of the California Dem(so start saving now). Stop AIDS Now or Else, with Mike ocratic Party – Kimberly Ellis. We Foreign policy: We have a secreShriver and Waiyde Palmer. There may also see an African-American tary of state that has no idea how to was no Ryan White CARE Act, and male chair of the Democratic Nado this job; there will be no foreign AZT was the only approved antirettional Committee – Keith Ellison. policy. roviral drug – it was a very dark and California shall not secede from There is hope – Democrats will desperate time. the union. unite and work to elect more govBefore that, in 1986 during the Future generations depend on you ernors and flip a few house seats Reagan era, Terry Beswick with to do your part. You will stand for in 2018. For my final prediction Citizens for Medical Justice was truth and help to protect our freefor 2017, people will channel Peter being arrested at the San Francisco doms and the vulnerable. Be strong, Finch in “Network” and yell “I’m as federal building. Congress was conbecause the lives of the innocent are mad as hell, and I’m not going to sidering mandatory HIV testing of in danger. Your participation, sacritake this anymore!” and this will be applicants for the Peace Corps and fices, bravery and our ability to unite the catalyst for change. Jobs Corps, which would disproagainst evil are required – there’s just Louise “Lou” Fischer portionately affect poor and innertoo much at stake. We must win. Co-Chair, Alice B. Toklas LGBT city people of color. Progressive and moderate camps Democratic Club “We definitely lost that battle. will still butt heads. However, there But we had to take a stand, and who will be more collaboration as we On January 20, President-elect knows? Maybe it had some effect join forces to ensure our survival. Trump takes office and California on policymakers considering even We will mobilize to secure our returns to the spotlight as that most broader testing. But it had a huge rights and privileges. “progressive” state where we settled effect on me,” Beswick told me. Believe me, I know you are ready questions over the encompassing “That’s the way direct action protest to show that special power of yours. intent of equal protection clauses a works. You just do what you can, Your power to: call out injustice, long time ago. and if you have no voice and all you volunteer to build stronger comSame-sex marriage? K-12 public have to fight with is your body, then munity, and donate to important education regardless of citizenship? you put your body on the line.” causes because you understand Health coverage for pre-existing conToday, with the incoming Trump how important those resources are ditions? Yes to all! administration, San Franciscans to those we love. Most importantly, Whether protecting the will stay true to hisyour power to vote and inspire othenvironment or banning tory and fight. We’ll ers to work hard to ensure we idenassault weapons, Califorturn to Shriver, Palmer, tify new Democratic candidates we nians are well-practiced and Beswick, along will respect and trust to lead. champions of meaningful with Laura Thomas, We will defeat Trump and the progressive public policy. Kate Kendell, Cecelia tyranny of his Red & White Army And despite the national Chung, Lito Sandoval, of hate, racism, bigotry, homophoelection results, we are and others for mentorbia, xenophobia, sexism, and ready to lead in 2017. ship in 2017. obstructionism. No surprise then that We’ll see an incredShaun Haines San Francisco Board ible amount of comFounder and President President London Breed munity organizing in San Francisco Black Community introduced, and the San Gary McCoy 2017 from: Thea MatMatters Francisco Board of Superthews and Queer Black visors passed, a resolution Lives Matter; more local Happy 2017 San Francisco; Donin response to the election of Trump activism from folks like Shaun Osald Trump is president. Half the that reaffirms my tremendous honor burn (who most recently crowdcountry is discontented enough to and great sense of responsibility as funded tents for the homeless) and believe that a clueless, tyrannical, an out, publicly-elected leader at this Jimmy Ryan (Burrito Project SF); narcissistic, reality TV demagogue moment in time. more community organizing in is qualified to run this country. One verse of that resolution must the Tenderloin from residents like I predict that chartered Demobe our North Star in 2017: “CaliCurtis Bradford (Tenderloin Peocratic clubs’ memberships will swell fornia is the sixth largest economy ple’s Congress, and TL Votes); and with people who said, “What the in the world. The Bay Area is the increased advocacy for homeless heck just happened?” and recognize innovation capital of the country. youth from people like Zak Franet the need to organize for civil rights We will not be bullied by threats to (Homeless Youth Policy and Adviand social justice. revoke our federal funding, nor will sory Committee). There are no elections in San we sacrifice our values or members We’ll all do our part and fight like Francisco, so my predictions are naof our community for your dollar.” our life depends on it – because it tionally focused. Look for a powerful varsity team likely will. LGBT rights: Marriage is safe (for of national, state, and local playGary McCoy now) but workplace protections ers to lead California’s high-stakes Homeless advocate and and anti-discrimination laws can dance with those who play fast and Democratic Party activistt be overturned by executive order.

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January 5, 2017 Edition of the Bay Area Reporter  

The undisputed newspaper of record for the San Francisco Bay Area LGBT community and the oldest continuously-published gay newspaper in the...

January 5, 2017 Edition of the Bay Area Reporter  

The undisputed newspaper of record for the San Francisco Bay Area LGBT community and the oldest continuously-published gay newspaper in the...