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Connecting Over Sold-Out Jasmine Rice Generations to Come

Reflections on God’s Extravagant Generosity


We’re a family, you and us. We have a lot that makes us unique and different, but also a lot that brings us together - things we have in common. One of those things is Bay Area and the ways God has worked in and through us. His mission to reach people and change the world is lived out by YOU. It’s messy and sometimes hard, but it all tells the beautiful story of God’s redemptive plan to save the world at work in the lives of His people. Without your hand in all of this, Bay Area would not be able to play a part in that plan by making passionate, maturing followers of Jesus from here to the nations. This issue tells the story of how God has worked in and through the lives of people (like you) in our Bay Area family to change the world, specifically through this last year. If you’re maybe reading this as someone who is new to Bay Area, we hope you can begin to see yourself in the stories within this issue, and ultimately, that you might be encouraged to join us in what God has called us to. In other words, come help change the world!

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EDITOR Abbie Hoekstra

Barry Willhite Bill Plenge Bill Smith Chris Heacock Don Wiley Greg St. Cyr Horacio Tablada John Taylor Ken Gilmore Kyle Sponaugle Merrill Hoekstra Peter Godfrey Rich Heath Roger Ishii Steve Youtsey Stu Cooper Tom Dalpini

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elcome Home! Those two words are always encouraging. Whether returning from travel, university studies or deployment, there is nothing better than a homecoming!

Perhaps COVID has disconnected you from community. Welcome home!

At Bay Area we are celebrating homecoming. So welcome home to a new ministry year.

First, remember that God is our Father and the church is our spiritual family. Just as our earthly father celebrates when his children are active with the family, so our heavenly Father rejoices when we are engaged with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We were made for spiritual relationships. It is not His will that His children would live in spiritual isolation.

Things have certainly changed over the last 18 months. A newly elected president, a pandemic that refuses to go away, racial tensions, vaccination debates, political disagreements, earthquakes, Taliban, border issues, countries struggling economically; to name a few. Aren’t you thankful that God never changes? Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And His Great Commission remains unwavering. On page 14 I’ll share with you some of the faith stretching things God has for us this year. But for now, I simply want to say, Welcome Home! Perhaps you’ve been watching online with your family and are just now returning in person. Welcome home! Maybe it’s been 18 months since you’ve served. Welcome home!

Let me give you two reasons why it’s good to be home.

And second, we will not grow to be all God designed us to be apart from relationships within the body of Christ. We need the encouragement of others, a place to authentically share our burdens, accountability for growth, biblical teaching, prayer and challenges to step out in faith. In this issue of GO&MAKE you will read about how God has faithfully used Bay Area during this challenging season. And you’ll be encouraged as you read about where we are going this year and our core values. But more important than any of that, we want to say to you: Welcome Home!

From here to the nations,




Greg St. Cyr is the lead pastor at Bay Area Community Church and a regular contributor to GO&MAKE.


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Brand new Chapter A Day podcast Launched extended Sunday discussion with our MDWK DEVO Connected in the word through Virtual Bible Studies


I find there are various ways this daily dosage of the Word can occur. Using an analogy of eating a meal, the initial step is to make reading the Word a daily priority (1 Tim 4:13). I heard a missionary say that his practice was “no Bible, no coffee.” I do not have that exact

A second way to intake a daily dosage of the Word is by studying it. In 2 Timothy 2:15 Paul instructed Timothy to “be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth” (NKJ). The word “rightly dividing” is orthotomeo, which means “cutting straight, without deviation.” It was used as a figure of speech for “cutting a straight road or a cloth.” In regard to the message of truth, it means “correctly handling” or conveying the Word without deviation. This requires spending time in the biblical text. This accurate and deeper study of the Word leads us to being “capable and equipped for every good work” (2 Tim 3:17). The Word of God helps us discern the “ideas and thoughts of the heart” (Heb 4:12), which deepens our relationship with Jesus. A deeper dive into the Scriptures takes time, which requires personal discipline and knowledge of hermeneutic tools (biblical interpretation). These have helped me interpret the meaning the author intended to





Initially, babies grow by drinking milk. In a similar way, new believers should have a regular dosage of the “pure milk of the Word” to begin growing (1 Pet 2:2). As a new believer, I spent time reading and studying the Scriptures. Memorization of many great passages became a way to further meditate on it. Reading and studying became a norm in my Christian journey as I matured in Christ. As part of Bay Area, it’s great to see the Chapter A Day reading guide and how it is helping believers to move from “milk” to “solid food,” so that we would be able to recognize “the difference between right and wrong” (Heb 5:13-14). So how do we grow?

practice, but I do make it a priority to read “a chapter a day” prior to starting my day. This is similar to an appetizer in our dinner analogy.


rowing is part of the human condition. As cute as babies are, people expect to see them grow into mature adults. It is the same in our spiritual life. We should be growing. A key part of growing in our relationship with Jesus is the regular intake of the Word of God. Just like we take vitamins and eat healthy foods, a daily dose of the Word should be part of our regular intake for our growing in grace and becoming more like Jesus.

“ ...we do not expect to eat once per week and expect to live a healthy life.” convey from the passage. This deeper study is similar to eating the main meal. The third way to intake a daily dosage of the Word is memorizing and meditating on the Scriptures. In Psalm 119:11, the psalmist says to “hide” God’s Word in our hearts for the purpose of helping us to not “sin against” God. The “meditation” of our hearts should be pleasing in His sight (Ps 119:15). This is the dessert part of the meal where we can savor and enjoy God’s presence. Even though I’ve been a believer since 1981, I continue to grow my relationship with Jesus. By spending time with Him in His Word and prayer, my relationship has deepened and grown, and it has given me wisdom and strength for each day. I have found that just like we do not expect to eat once per week and expect to live a healthy life, we cannot just be fed from the Word on Sunday mornings alone. I encourage you to be men and women of the Word who finds your spiritual strength and development through daily reading, studying, memorizing and meditating on the Word. The more you do it, the more you will crave spending time with Jesus.

Horacio Tablada is an elder at Bay Area Community Church and a regular contributor to GO&MAKE


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grew up in California, but I attended college in Pennsylvania. I’ve always been an independent person, but this was a whole new level of separation. I was three thousand miles away. I was in a different time zone. The act of “going home” was incredibly complicated, including rides to airports, long and expensive flights, and jet lag. The saving grace was that flying home meant In-n-Out Burger. But this is not about my love of food (That story would never get approved anyway….). We had a few short breaks over the school year, usually never more than four or 8 GO&MAKE FA L L 2 02 1

five days. They were all too short to justify flying back to California, so I ended up spending breaks with my friends and their families. Thanksgiving ended up being one of those short breaks. Except with added weirdness because I couldn’t just invite myself over to people’s houses for Thanksgiving. That’s an intimate, familycentric holiday. But every year, a friend would extend an invite to what is arguably the best meal of the year (sorry to bring up food again). There was no real reason to welcome me into their family, I was just a “friend from college” with nowhere to go. I was always a little embarrassed to be at



a friend’s house for Thanksgiving. I was incredibly thankful for their generosity and hospitality, but it felt like I was intruding on traditions and comfort. Of course, that was not the case. My friends would generously invite me, knowing that they were helping me out. They would spend the car ride raving about the incredible home-cooked meal waiting for us. They would introduce me to their siblings and parents, who in turn introduced me to the hallways with embarrassing childhood photos. We’d drive around town, and they’d point out their old high school or another landmark of their lives. My friends would glow with



Togetherat Odenton

pride as they showed off the different parts of their lives. Everyone welcomed me without hesitation, and many even invited me to come back the following year. By my junior year of college, I had too many invitations at every break. There is no room to be timid when you have multiple families asking you to come over for Thanksgiving. Invitation is a funny thing. Being invited to join something, like a family dinner, makes you feel important and loved, and I think we all know that. But it’s not just about being invited. Invitation is for the “inviter” as well. When we invite people into our families, our churches, or really anything, we begin to value that thing more. At the heart of the Odenton campus is invitation. It’s what has grounded their culture and sustained them through two years of change and uncertainty. And while the “look” of church has changed a few times for the Odenton family, “method” of church has been the same. When Odenton first launched, attendance grew steadily because

families invited families to the gatherings. People were plugged into First and Next Step, and began serving at gatherings and joining missional communities. Students invited their friends to BASM. When COVID stopped the world and Arundel High School was shut down, they gathered in whatever form they could think of while following county guidelines. Jason invited people to prayer and worship gatherings in his backyard so they could gather outdoors in groups of ten or less. Bryan Patrick started a Virtual Connect Group and invited people who were new and wanted to get connected in community. Currently, Odenton meets on Sunday evenings at a different school, with a different set up. And despite yet another change to the “look” of church for Odenton, families continue to invite other families to gatherings. Growth measured in numbers has been slow, but growth measured by connection has been tremendous. And that’s because the Odenton family knows that there’s something more important and valuable

After more than a year, Odenton will meet Sunday mornings starting 9/26

I see in the Odenton family the same thing I saw in my friends in college. The more they invited neighbors and friends to come attend a gathering, the deeper they valued their Odenton family. And that kept them afloat through the unexpected and seemingly constant changes in form and size. In early Spring last year, Jason and his team were searching for a temporary location to meet on Sunday morning on Easter Day. As the date approached and they couldn’t decide between

two spaces, one person told Jason, “We don’t care when or where we meet, we will be there!” Another morning, way back in the Fall of 2019, Jason walked over to the volunteer dropping off the trailer at Arundel High School at 5 a.m. Jason thanked the guy for getting up so early and driving over, and the volunteer lovingly responded, “I’m not doing this for you!” Even from the very start of Odenton, the team of staff and volunteers had a clear mission. It wasn’t about “putting on” church. It wasn’t about regular check-ins during COVID. The mission was always to grow deeper in relationship with Jesus by gathering together and serving the communities and families of Odenton by inviting them in.


Launched 8-week Connect Groups

than what church looks like. They haven’t spent the last two years inviting their neighbors to simply watch a giant screen or join another Zoom call. They were inviting people to gather together in worship and community so that we could grow in our relationships with Jesus.


Outdoor Prayer & Worship Nights across all campuses

“ Growth measured in numbers has been slow, but growth measured by connection has been tremendous.”

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Generat to Come



ver the past year, Jesus has made such an impact in the lives of our children, students and families at Bay Area. Through COVID and doing ministry at home,

10 GO&MAKE FA L L 2 02 1

200 Advent boxes that over 600 people participated in Summer Kids Night Out


Over 75 students and leaders attended both Big Beach Weekend and Victory Jam

With kids and teens building a relationship with Jesus and multiple baptisms happening, there are so many reasons to celebrate.

Since reopening Children’s Ministry in April, we’ve welcomed over 70 new families in Annapolis and Odenton, and Student Ministry has seen over 30

new students. We’ve loved getting to know our families and students - new and old - and being reunited after a year online. During our Kid’s Night Out summer event we had over 50 kids hear the gospel with 39 leaders assisting during the event. Each child experienced five different environments where they learned that God has created everything, and

specifically, that He created them! We are so grateful to our leaders who serve at our events, prep during the week, and lead on Sundays because they are investing in the generations to come. Children’s Ministry reopened their Sunday gathering while still continuing to partner with families in discipling their kids. What a joyful reunion it has been to gather families and leaders on Sundays and celebrate what God has done in the lives of kids during COVID. Looking

forward to the fall, we are thrilled to bring together families for intentional events to make memories and learn about Jesus. We can’t wait to host a fall Parent Dedication and offer opportunities for families to learn and grow together in their faith this Christmas. In Student Ministry, 38 students and leaders went to Big Beach Weekend this



to returning in person to worship together, this year has been a unique experience that we will remember forever.



ations e


summer to Harvey Cedars, New Jersey. God is working in Bay Area’s youngest through our faithful leaders and exciting events. Student Ministry has welcomed new staff and leaders to develop an intentional worship environment that teens can enter into while learning about Jesus. This year our youth has heard the gospel and developed ways to share it with their friends and communities in both Odenton and Annapolis. BASM is looking forward to Middle School Fall Fest, Friday Night Hangs and Amplify this fall. Just like Jesus loves His children, Bay Area values the next generation. Hearing stories of our preschoolers telling friends in the neighborhood their scripture verse for the week, our elementary kids worshiping Jesus each Sunday, and our students being able to disciple their peers as they returned back to school, shows us how God continues to shine through our youngest at Bay Area. Allowing children and students to discover and grow in their faith paves the way for the generations to come. By making it a priority to disciple from an early age and partner with families, we are able to invest in kids and students becoming passionate, maturing followers of Jesus from here to the nations. We can’t wait to see what God has planned for this upcoming year, and we are excited to invest in the lives of your kids!

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“As I was preparing to leave for Lebanon with a Bay Area shortterm mission team last fall, several obstacles erupted in my path the week prior to departing. The most significant obstacle that tore at my maternal instincts was that my oldest son Drew had broken his leg and the surgery required for the injury was to be scheduled for the day after my departure for Lebanon. Up to this point, it had already been an internal struggle for me

12 GO&MAKE FA L L 2 02 1

ime and time again we are shown that as followers of Jesus, our lives and the paths we are set upon require more than we are able to give in our own strength. When we find ourselves in such places, we are presented with the opportunity to take a seemingly crazy step of faith and intentionally choose to move ahead in spite of doubt or fear.

At Bay Area we value and aim to foster this kind of life: one that is marked by having great faith and being relentless in mission.

to hold fast to the Lord’s clear prompting to go to Lebanon, and to trust that He would take care of my husband and my four children at home while I was on the other side of the globe for almost two weeks. When we learned of Drew’s surgery, my first response was that I couldn’t go to Lebanon. The thought of being across the globe during his surgery and recovery was almost unfathomable.

spoke to me through the words of Luke:

However, as I came before the Lord and listened, He

When I reflect on the stories and people I’ve witnessed display such things, the first person that comes to my mind is Lynn Gerdal. In November of 2020 I traveled with Lynn

“He said to another man, ‘Follow me.’ .... Still another said, ‘I will follow you, Lord, but first let me go and say goodbye to my family.’ Jesus replied, ‘No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.’” (Luke 9:59, 61-62) As these words initially sound harsh, the Lord gently reassured me that if I would trust my family

and a team of women to Lebanon on a shortterm mission trip, and throughout my time there I learned more about Lynn’s story and the challenges she faced to get there. Recently our team reunited and I found out Lynn will be going back to Lebanon in January 2022, this time leading a team of women. In her own words, this is her story.

to Him and follow Him where He was leading me, that He would take care of my family - I had only to follow. I took a step of faith to surrender everything at home into God’s hands, including my son’s surgery and recovery. In His faithfulness, the Lord sustained my family at home in my absence and provided a tender opportunity for my husband and son to connect during his recovery, which would

not have been possible if I was the caregiver during that time. During my time in Lebanon, I experienced a t ra n s f o r m a t i o n a l week serving in the Syrian refugee camps in Tyre. Working with the women and children in the refugee camps was both heart-wrenchingly painful and exceedingly hopeful. As we led Vacation Bible Study with the kids each morning we witnessed the heavy burdens they carry as displaced children, but we also watched these children, who were all Muslim, grasp and identify with the message of the cross. On the last

felt His love at a depth that I may never fully grasp.”

“...she identified with Jesus in His pain and

day, my 11-year-old friend Fatima, drew a picture for me of Jesus carrying the cross along with a heart. As she explained that what He did was “good,” she identified with Jesus in His pain and felt His love at a depth that I may never fully grasp. With the women in the camp, I presented a film in Arabic and a discussion to raise awareness about trafficking, as displaced women and children are some of the most at-risk groups for trafficking and exploitation. In this, I also shared the story of Jesus and the women at the well, focusing on the message of how

much Jesus loves and values women, which is unfortunately not a common message in the Islamic world. Additionally, I had the privilege to support my teammate who, as an artist, led the women in a time of processing grief and trauma through art. This was a sacred and holy time of entering into the pain and loss that these women have experienced from the war in Syria - loss of their homes and country, loss of family members through death, separation and false imprisonments, and bodily injuries, just to name a few. One young woman painted a picture of her two young sons, ages 8 and 10, who she explained had been in Egypt for the past six years with her mom after being separated during the war and had not seen since. Her grief was palpable. As painful as it was to hear the stories, in their words I also heard of their love for God and the seeds of the gospel being sowed in their hearts. After the powerful encounters with the Lord I witnessed during the two weeks in Lebanon, I knew He was asking me to return. Now, as I prepare to return to Lebanon this winter to lead a team from the Bay Area Women’s

Provided meals and snacks to kids at the Eastport Community Center

I anticipate that once again before I embark on this short term mission trip, there will be loyalties that compete with my devotion to Jesus and my resolve to follow Him. However, I know that wherever the Lord is asking me to follow Him, He will care for all those I love and, as Charles Spurgeon says, multiply His love for my family, as well as for the Syrian women and children in Tyre. Just as the Father did with Jesus, He gives to me so that I may give it away.”


In-person and virtual SOULS: Reaching A Volatile World with Ed Stetzer

“...when Jesus took the loaves, it was not only to multiply, but also to dispose of them. They were distributed by Christ. He did not believe in multiplication, unless it was attended by division. Christ’s additions mean subtraction; and Christ’s subtractions mean additions... He gives that we may give away… If you have received the truth of Christ, tell it out!” (Spurgeon, Charles. A Sermon (No. 2216), August 9, 1891)


Sent STM teams to Lebanon, West Virgina, Kenya and Belize

Ministry, I am focusing on these words of Charles Spurgeon, referring to when Jesus multiplied the meager fish and the loaves that the young boy offered to Him:

FA L L 2 02 1 GO&MAKE 13

p l e H e Com


e h t e g an

14 GO&MAKE FA L L 2 02 1



E G S T. C



! d l r o W

n the evening of December 31, 1977, my life was forever changed. A believer for only six months, I found myself at a conference sponsored by Cru. A small, pudgy man of 5’8” took the stage to give a message entitled, “Come help change the world.” His name: Bill Bright. My life has never recovered from his words: “Today I lay before you the greatest challenge ever given to mankind by the greatest person who has ever lived. No matter how wealthy, famous, brilliant, or powerful you may be, you will never give yourself to any cause that can compare with this life-changing, even world-changing, call of God. No matter how many honors, awards, or achievements may be placed in your hands, nothing can even begin to compare with this command of our Lord Jesus Christ to help take His message of love and forgiveness to every person in every community, in every city, in every country of the world and make disciples of all nations.” At that moment, I said “yes” to come help change the world. There is a longing in every human heart to make a

difference in our world. Deep inside we know the world is not right. Our desire to change things for better moves us to pursue causes. For some it is animal rights, the environment, racial justice, education, poverty, clean water, upholding the constitution, and a thousand others. It is into this milieu of causes that Jesus issues the greatest challenge of all. The challenge commonly referred to as the Great Commission: “Go and make disciples of all the nations.” Matthew 28:19 There is no greater or more worthwhile cause to give your one and only life to than helping to fulfill the Great Commission. Nothing compares. Nothing. Here are three reasons why.

FA L L 2 02 1 GO&MAKE 15

Highlights 2021 YEAR BOOK

The gospel is THE solution to every problem! “Really?”, you say. “Yes, really!” Take Afghanistan, peace is found only in the Prince of Peace, Jesus. Know Jesus and know peace. No Jesus and no peace. Consider the political landscape. The gospel empowers us to love, build friendships, listen, and seek God’s solutions.

“ How? How will God use us to change the world?” How about racism? The gospel obliterates all forms of discrimination. And poverty? The gospel demands we lay down our lives for others and meet the needs of the poor. What about COVID, cancer and sickness? The gospel embraces a God who can heal in this life or give strength to walk through the valley of sickness into His presence.

People are lost without Christ! Larry King once asked Billy Graham if Jesus was the only way to God. Dr. Graham

16 GO&MAKE FA L L 2 02 1

Reached people across the world with our special broadcast experience at both Christmas and Easter Formed Bay Area’s new Biblical Justice Committee Launched Easton Campus as Eastpoint Church

responded, “It’s the only way I know.” Why did he respond that way? Because Billy Graham believed wholeheartedly in the Bible. “The Bible says…” was his frequent saying. And the Bible is clear on this issue that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life; that salvation is found in no other name in heaven or on earth; and that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation.

Jesus said, “Go!” In every Gospel and in the book of Acts, Jesus uttered the command to “go.” In Matthew, He tells us to “Go and make disciples of all the nations.” In Mark, Jesus says, “Go and preach the gospel to all creation.” Luke records His words to go to “the remotest part of the earth.” We are left with only one conclusion: It is God’s will for us to give ourselves to the Great Commission. Listen to the words of my hero, John Mott: “To have a Savior who alone can save from the guilt and power of sin imposes an obligation of the most serious character. If all people need the gospel, if Christ commanded us to preach the gospel to every creature, it is unquestionably our duty to strive to give all people in our generation an opportunity to hear the gospel.”

At Bay Area, we embrace Jesus’s challenge to come help change the world. And we want you to lock arms with us TODAY and in the days ahead to help change the world. How? How will God use us to change the world? It starts with thinking His thoughts and believing Him for great things. In the words of William Carey, we want to “Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God.” As we pray for God to do great things, we know that… …the vision for Bay Area must come from God, …our service for God,



…and the work can only be done by God through us. This vision is the outworking of our mission to make passionate maturing followers of Jesus from here to the nations. It is a vision to change the world by advancing the gospel of Jesus. So what does that look like? Three simple words capture how God is inviting us to change the world: you – neighbors – nations.

YOU s r o b h g i e n nations You.

God loves you and has a unique plan for you. That plan involves the gospel advancing in “you.” The way to change the world is not through some complex, grandiose plan but simply by becoming more and more like Jesus. By loving and serving your family and friends. By ordering your day with the priorities of Jesus. Through doing your job “in the name of Jesus.” By spending time in prayer, community, and the Word. Through using your resources like Jesus would if He were you. In order to become more like Jesus, all of us need help. This is where the church comes in. Gatherings, missional communities, serving opportunities, women’s and men’s, children and student’s, prayer, marriage, and care network – all ministries designed with one overarching goal for “you” to become more like Jesus. One of my core convictions is: “The quality and impact of my life is determined by the depth of my relationship with Jesus.” To the extent that God reaches us, to that extent He will use us to help change the world. Which leads us to the second aspect of our vision…

Neighbors. It is no accident that you are part of your unique family, live in your specific neighborhood, have the coworkers you do or the friends who share your hobby. God has divinely chosen them for you to love, serve, and witness to. All around us are people who do not know Jesus as Savior. Our vision is that each of us would live like a missionary and see ourselves changing the world one life at a time. Through strategic partnerships such as the Annapolis Pregnancy Clinic, Hope For All, Lighthouse Shelter, the many ministries reaching midshipmen and more, the gospel is advancing! As a church, God is leading us to pursue ways to serve the under-resourced living in Section 8 housing, the growing Hispanic population, and those struggling with issues that flow from poverty. We are actively pursuing launching more campuses and planting more churches locally as God raises up leaders and resources. Through Sent Network, we continue to make large investments to help plant churches throughout the midAtlantic region and beyond.

Nations. From here to the nations. That’s Bay Area. We desire that every person on the planet would have the chance to say “yes” to Jesus. That means reaching unreached people groups in India, planting churches in Poland, educating children and training pastors in South Sudan, equipping pastors in Russia, advancing the gospel among youth in Ghana and the Dominican Republic, serving the poor in Uganda and Belize. You can be

personally involved through going on a mission trip this year to a country like Poland, India, or Ghana, through fervently praying for our global partners, and by giving sacrificially. Jesus is building His church and using you in eleven global regions to change the world. Do you feel it? A burgeoning desire within you to make a difference in the world. A longing to be part of the greatest cause of all. There is a fresh wave of God’s Spirit blowing over the water of Bay Area Community Church. It’s a wave of grace and power. It’s a wave that requires surrender and faith.

“ There is a fresh wave of God’s Spirit blowing over the water of Bay Area Community Church.” It’s a wave that requires each of us to step out in faith. God is on the move. Let me say to you with every ounce of conviction within me. No matter how famous or popular, how wealthy or powerful, no matter how great you might become in the eyes of others, there is nothing that you will ever be privileged to do that compares with helping to change the world for Christ. Don’t let another day go by. I invite you to join with us and say “yes” to the challenge I embraced almost 44 years ago: Come Help Change The World!

FA L L 2 02 1 GO&MAKE 17

If you were at the Annapolis Campus on a Sunday in late July when we celebrated Mike Boyle’s baptism, you got to see a small picture of the grand story that God is weaving at Bay Area - through Mike’s life and the lives of others like him taking steps of faith, both big and small, as we follow Jesus together. I watched Mike’s baptism from the tech booth along with the rest of the production

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team, and I’m pretty sure we cheered louder than nearly anyone else in the auditorium - at least I did. That’s because we know Mike. He’s one of ours - a friend and a teammate who, the following Sunday, served as a camera operator so that other people could encounter King Jesus like he has. And we know Mike’s story - how he’s lived through the loss of a wife and a girlfriend in the past decade, how he’s weathered this pandemic while juggling the loneliness of a widower, and the challenges of serving as executor to his girlfriend’s estate. Amidst his grief and the pandemic, Mike found a kayaking group in Heritage Harbor where he could meet people - and he soon met


o you remember when you really started walking with Jesus not going to church or reading the Bible or giving intellectual assent to who Jesus says He is, but actually following Him step by step on this journey of faith?




Steps of Great Faith M


“I feel like people are looking out for me as much as they’re looking out for themselves.”

Sent 3 teams to Hope For All during our Summer of Hope

Darlene. If anyone in the auditorium cheered louder than I did that Sunday morning, it might have been her. I’ve actually never met Darlene, but I know from Mike that she’s a good friend - patient, confident in her faith, and exuding a peace that didn’t match the hard circumstances she had walked through herself. So when Mike felt an urge to go to church last year for Christmas, he asked Darlene and she invited him to watch Bay Area online. She also pointed Mike to a sermon series from Pat Linnell entitled “Jenny’s Questions,” where Pat had answered some common questions from those exploring faith. Mike felt like he “had been struck by lightning.” He had known there was something missing in his life and now he had an answer - and a name, Jesus.

force in my life over the last six months.”

Darlene answered his questions and nurtured his faith, and Mike started to attend gatherings, read the Bible, learn about Jesus, and grow in his love for Him. He made attending church a priority, became more charitable, and felt comfortable talking about church in front of nonbelievers. He now sees the days and years he has left as strategic to serve others, and has started serving at the food bank, Meals on Wheels and Bay Area.

And Bay Area’s been a big part of that. That’s you - YOU have been a part of Mike’s journey of faith. You’ve helped him feel welcome, loved. “I have felt more love and caring from the people I have met here than anywhere else in my life. I said, ‘I want to be a part of that.’ I feel like people are looking out for me as much as they’re looking out for themselves. People here really believe the second commandment to love your neighbor.”

In his own words, “Jesus slowly became a dominant

Mike isn’t the only person who took steps of faith in this

Mike didn’t have some Damascus Road conversion experience - he just kept taking steps of faith, going out of his comfort zone to read the Bible, to attend First Step, to start serving with the production team, to get baptized, to become a Ministry Partner. And in each of those, Jesus met him with friends, with satisfaction,


365 participants in Serve Your Neighbor Challenge


250 participants in Pause & Pray

story - Darlene did as well as she built a friendship with Mike and shared her faith at the right time. You can define love as “seeking the highest good of the other person,” and Darlene showed her love - and Jesus’ love - in the way that she looked out for Mike’s best interests; she prayed for him; she encouraged his faith. That’s what we’re about at Bay Area - whether you’re a Mike or a Darlene or

“ You have been a part of Mike’s journey of faith.” with peace, with love and compassion. Mike’s family has seen the change in him - he’s less critical, more generous, more relaxed, more prayerful.

somewhere in between. We want to challenge each other to take big faith steps in order to grow spiritually so that the gospel will go forward - so that people who don’t yet know the peace and friendship of Jesus can encounter him. Ultimately, this story isn’t about Mike at all - or Darlene, or me, cheering from the tech booth on a Sunday morning. This story is about God - how He works and moves in our lives and invites us to respond to Him so that we - and others - can grow. What is God inviting you to say “yes” to today? I hope you’ll take that step of faith on this grand adventure of following Jesus.

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Connecting Over Sold-Out Jasmine Rice asmine rice. That’s about all I can think about while writing this article, in part due to having a brief conversation about what this was even supposed to be about with my good friend Abbie. No, this is not a cooking article because the jasmine rice in question is, in fact, frozen. As we chatted about what this was supposed to look like, we got onto the topic of where you find connection in your daily life. For us, it’s over deeply important things like griping about Trader Joe’s frozen jasmine rice, which decided to leave shelves for about three weeks this summer. For you, it might be at


45 new Ministry Partners


72 new families since reopening Children’s Ministry 193 people stopped by guest central or texted ‘new’

a Capitals game, sitting alongside fellow fans and cheering on your team together. Or at the dog park, laughing with someone about the ridiculous things your dogs just did. What is it about connecting with others that sparks something inside of us and makes us want more? The answer is simple. God’s design for us is to be connected to each other because deep connections are a sign of a growing relationship with Jesus. And we have one central location that we can find rooted and meaningful relationships: right here in the church. Connecting at Bay Area goes so much further than Sunday gatherings. Don’t get me wrong – attending on Sunday is important and where we get a clear path of how to live out our faith. But church is not just for instruction. Outside of the gatherings is where you can find community outreach, long-term discipleship groups and F ROZE N J AS M IN E RI CE

“ Connecting at Bay Area goes so much further than Sunday gatherings.”

Bible studies. It’s where you can learn about your spiritual gifts and what it means to serve. Each of these offer a unique way to come alongside others and challenge each other to take steps of great faith in order to grow spiritually. For Rusty Youngman, who has been Ushering for almost 13 years, his serving role has given him the opportunity to be mentored by those around him. When asked about how serving has benefited him personally, he said, “I can see the face of Jesus in so many folks. I have grown in wisdom, faith, love and devotion to my Lord. And I still have a long way to go.”

years, said their experience has led them to “see everyone that comes through the doors and hopefully share a kind word and show the love of Jesus.” For them, and the rest of our Connect team, serving on a Sunday puts them into contact with over 500 people every week, allowing them to not only connect to the body, but for the body to recognize a friendly and familiar face and feel more connected in turn. For Kim and Mike Abramo, serving on the Usher team has allowed them to “form a small community that helps Bay Area to feel more homey.” To them, their relationships feel like family. This is just a small picture of what is

I’m lucky enough to serve alongside Rusty and the rest of the Connect team, whose presence on Sunday mornings you have probably encountered. I was blessed to be asked to write this article as it allowed me to get a peek into some of the unique experiences our teams have by stepping out in faith and serving. Glenda and Mark Paxton, greeters who have been serving for a combined 24




happening all over the church as we jump in with both feet, trust God’s picture for our lives, and form deeper connections with others. There are many places in Scripture where we are reminded of the importance of being in relationship with one another, however I always come back to 1 Corinthians 12:12-26. Paul reminds us that while the body has many members, we are one body in Christ. Each member plays a key role in the body and we never function more correctly than when we live that out in our daily lives. I think the bottom line is this - when we connect and grow in our relationships with others, we’re growing in relationship with Him.




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hen you think of the word extravagant, what comes to mind? Something over the top, or completely out of the norm? Perhaps you think of an incredible gift you received, or the nicest dinner you’ve ever attended. Merriam-Webster begins to define extravagant as “exceeding the limits of reason.” What a picture of the cross! God’s sacrifice of

His only Son is totally beyond our comprehension. Jesus’ death exceeds the limitations of our ability to reason or understand. The cross is also the ultimate portrait of generosity. 2 Corinthians 8:9 says “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you by his poverty might become rich.” Jesus became poor so that He could give everything.

Jesus’ death is the greatest example of extravagance and generosity in history, yet all throughout history God’s extravagant generosity has been on display toward us. Each of us who has walked with Jesus for any length of time can list the ways He has faithfully provided for us, sometimes beyond what we could ask or imagine. This past year and a half has been challenging, if not simply heartbreaking





Reflections on God’s Extravagant Generosity

“ Even with a financial deficit, it’s been an incredible year.” at times, but God has been absolutely faithful to Bay Area Community Church. Despite a steep decline in attendance, through the giving of our church family He has provided for every ministry, missionary and outreach. In 2021, we’ve been able to welcome our long-awaited new teaching and missions pastors, come alongside new global missions partners in Kenya, invest in new church plants, serve the community, and so much more. Even with a financial deficit, it’s been an incredible year. So many have continued through difficult times to give as the Lord leads, some stretching to new levels of generosity. When I think of faithful generosity in our church, many people come to mind. Two of them are a couple

named Brian and Ana. A part of the Bay Area family for over 27 years, Brian admits he and Ana don’t always feel joy when it comes time to write their offering check. If they’re honest, they feel fear and worry as questions like “should this be invested?” or “should I wait until I have more?” float through their mind. But Brian takes the Bible’s instruction to give seriously, and says he’s never once been sorry that he gave or found himself in a situation where he needed the money. In fact, he shared that the more they give, the less they seem to need the money! Yet more importantly, he said that the more they give, the more joy and happiness they experience – not necessarily when writing a check, but when observing all of the fruit. When he thinks of community outreach initiatives, people being fed in Kenya, his children eagerly wanting to attend Kids At Bay Area and Student Ministry –

Check out this year's financials on the table of contents page

All of us can experience this joy because all of us are called to give. Like Brian and Ana, we’re all on a journey of generosity. And as we grow, many of us will be called to extravagant generosity. What next step is God asking you to take along your journey of generosity? Maybe He’s asking you to start somewhere by giving something. Maybe you’ve been on this journey for a while, and the Spirit is nudging you toward the next level, perhaps even to extravagant generosity. God may place a number or calling on your heart that seems to exceed the limits of reason. But when He does, you can be sure He will be faithful to provide.


Implemented new ways to connect digitally via our new app, website and original music

“When you see the impact [your giving] has – when you meet people from South Sudan and hear them talk about how our tithes mean so much to them, and when you see churches in India that are built through tithes, that makes you very joyful,” Brian said.


Support new Global Partners in Lebanon and Kenya

that’s where joy comes in.

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Missions Prayer Want to pray with others for our global partners? Join us every second and fourth Sunday of the month. The new time is 10:15 - 11:15 a.m. to align with the updated gathering times. Email Joan for more information.


Give Share and show the love of God by being part of what He is doing around the world! Participate by helping SEND a Short Term Missionary. Check out the places Bay Area is serving this year at the link below and see where God is prompting you to be involved.





DivorceCare Mondays, September 13 December 13, 7 - 8:30 p.m. via Zoom ALL CAMPUSES This is a place of support for those experiencing the pain of separation or divorce. Trained facilitators who have experienced divorce themselves provide sound advice and helpful insights on managing emotions and divorce-related stresses. For more information contact Melody Hinkle.


Care Giver Support Group Thursdays, September 16 December 16, 6:45-9 p.m. via Zoom ALL CAMPUSES

Go Fall missions team registration is now open! Check out our teams headed to Appalachia, Lebanon, Poland and Uganda. To learn more and register, head to our website.

This group provides those experiencing the loss of a loved one with resources and a community to come alongside you in support. Learn more and register on the website.




Care Coaching Gifts For Children ALL CAMPUSES Every year we have the opportunity to bless children in West Virginia with Christmas gifts. Our goal is to bless 400 kids this year. Signups will start on Sunday, November 7!

Stay up to date and learn more about Community Outreach opportunities on our website: bayareacc.org/outreach

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If you are walking through a challenging season of life and would like someone to come alongside you, consider reaching out to a Care Coach to walk with you for a season. To learn more, email Kammi McGinty.



Young Singles Bible Study (Ages 22-35) Mondays, 6:30-8:15 p.m. starting September 27 Study: “How Much More” by Lisa Harper

How Much More by Lisa Harper Wednesdays, 9:30 a.m. September 22-November 17

Behold Your God Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30 a.m. starting September 22 (hybrid study) There are in-person and Zoom options available for this study.



Fall Bible Studies

Middle School Fall Fest September 25 ALL CAMPUSES Middle Schoolers are invited to join us for a one day Fall Fest at Camp Wabanna! This event will feature teaching, worship, community group, giant swing, kayaking, hanging out with friends and two meals (lunch and dinner). Registration cost is $60. Email Lauren Gibeault for more information.


High School Fall Retreat November 12-14 ALL CAMPUSES High school students are invited to join us for our annual fall retreat at Black Rock Retreat in Quarryville, PA. Email Lauren Gibeault for more information.


Friday Night Hangs Bible Study Workshop One day, October 2 This workshop will provide an introduction to hermeneutics and homiletics.

Learn more and register for these studies at bayareacc.org/women Keep an eye on the website for other fall events, including book clubs, prayer opportunities, support groups for woman facing unplanned pregnancies. Stay connected to Women’s Ministry by following us on Facebook and Instagram at @bayareacc_women.

Monthly, 7-8:30 p.m. (MS) & 9-10:30 p.m. (HS) ANNAPOLIS CAMPUS From dance parties, to paintball nights, to open mic nights- you won’t want to miss out on any of these amazing hangs! This is the perfect event to invite your friends, too! This is a two part eventmiddle school from 7-8:30 p.m. and high school from 9-10:30 p.m. Save The Dates: October 8, November 5, December 3, January 7, March 4, April 1, May 6.

Fall Hangs September 18, October 22, December 10 ODENTON CAMPUS This fall we are having three hangouts for middle and high school students hosted by families in the community. To learn more, sign up for the BASM Odenton weekly email at bayareacc.org/ odenton-students.

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ALL CAMPUSES Middle and high school students are invited to join us for The Big Halloween Party! Middle school will meet 6:30-8:30 p.m. and high school will meet from 9-11 p.m. This is a free event and requires no registration. Learn more online: bayareacc.org/annapolis-students

More events and information can be found on our websites: bayareacc.org/odenton-students bayareacc.org/annapolis-students



Marriage Time Out: God’s Word, the Marriage Play Book


October 29, 6:30-8:30 p.m. (MS) & 9-11 p.m. (HS)

Sundays, October 3 from 10:45-11:45 a.m. in Room 237 ANNAPOLIS CAMPUS In this Marriage Time Out we will look at God’s Word as the play book for marriage and discuss how following The Play Book helps us win at marriage.

Marriage Time Out: Growing Together in Faith Sunday, November 21 from 10:45-11:45 a.m. in Room 237 ANNAPOLIS CAMPUS In this Marriage Time Out, we will explore the role that faith has in our marriage and discuss practical ways we can grow individually and together to be sure we are securely anchored in Jesus, and equipped to remain tethered to Him through the many seasons of marriage we experience.

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Marriage Study: The 7 Rings of Marriage Sundays, October 7-November 14 from 10:15-11:45 in Dock B ANNAPOLIS CAMPUS This will help couples see the big picture and allow them to begin with the end in mind – “until death do us part.” It will not only outline the 7 Rings of Marriage but provide practical biblical insight and activities to equip couples in all stages of marriage.

ENGAGED OR SERIOUSLY DATING We want to partner with you as you establish a strong Jesus-centered life together. Through premarital mentoring, you will be paired with trained marriage mentors who will equip you with the tools and resources you will need to succeed in marriage. Info: premarital.ministry@bayareacc.org

To learn more and register for any of these events, visit our website: bayareacc.org/ carenetwork



The Big Halloween Party

First Step If you are new or looking to get connected at Bay Area, join us for First Step. You’ll get a chance to learn about our mission, vision and how to get plugged in during this season. Find more details and sign up on our website.

ANNAPOLIS CAMPUS First Sunday of the Month, 10 a.m. in Room 237 ODENTON CAMPUS Second Sunday of the Month, 10:45 a.m. at the Arundel High School Cafeteria bayareacc.org/nextsteps

Interested in becoming a Ministry Partner and joining Bay Area in our mission to make passionate, maturing followers of Jesus from here to the nations?


Human Resources Administrator Part-time (up to 25 hours/week) ANNAPOLIS CAMPUS This position includes administration of the hiring and onboarding process, maintenance and updating of compensation agreements, job descriptions and pay bands for all employees. The HR Administrator processes payroll on bi-weekly basis including maintaining timekeeping records for hourly employees and proper deductions and compensation. The HR Administrator is also responsible for processing and managing all benefits enrollment/changes and renewals as well as conducting reference and background checks, maintaining personnel records and other duties as assigned.

Creative/Social Producer - Student Ministry




Ministry Partner Orientation

Annapolis Campus Pastor Administrative Assistant Part-time (up to 20 hours/week) ANNAPOLIS CAMPUS This position will assist and support the Annapolis Campus Pastor administratively, improving their overall functionality and efficiency of their role. See the job description for more details.

Children’s Ministry Assistant Part-time (up to 29 hours/week) ANNAPOLIS CAMPUS The Children’s Ministry Assistant assists the Preschool and Elementary Coordinators with prep for weekend gatherings and Children’s Ministry events.

Connecting Coordinator Part-time (up to 20 hours/week) ODENTON CAMPUS The Odenton Connecting Coordinator will build, train and lead the weekend experience teams in providing a warm and welcoming environment for our Sunday guests. This continues during the week by maintaining a high quality, multi-touch guest follow-up program to foster strong community from their first visit through assimilation into a Missional Community.

Campus Student Ministry Coordinator

Full-time (salaried,exempt)

Part-time (Up to 25 hours/week)



This role is responsible for conceptualizing and creating meaningful art to help BACC and Bay Area Student Ministry (BASM) reach people for Jesus. Bay Area believes that a critical part of its mission is to raise up the next generation of young people to be fully contributing partners in the mission of the local church.

The primary responsibilities of this position include overseeing all operational aspects of student ministry including gatherings, events for middle and high school students, communications and meeting with students.

Full job descriptions and how to apply for these jobs and others can be found on our website at bayareacc.org/jobs. FA L L 2 02 1 GO&MAKE 27




9 AND 10:45 AM ODENTON: 9:30 AM


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