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12 COVER STORY: UNRIVALED Join Bay Area in a two-year fight to make Jesus the highest priority in our lives as we grow in surrender, faith and generosity.

8 LEADERSHIP PROFILE: TIM AGNOLUTTO A year into the job, Bay Area Student Ministry’s Outreach and Events Coordinator shares about his testimony and passion for working with younger generations.

6 PAT’S EDITORIAL: BLESSED IN CHRIST Teaching Pastor Pat Linnell unpacks the truth that our good God who desires to bless us has our back no matter the circumstances in life.


10 STEWARDSHIP OF MISSIONS Short Term Missions Coordinator Michele Rollins explains how intentionality and standards of excellence guide Bay Area’s philosophy for sending out effective short term missions teams.

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or many months the Lord, unbeknownst to us, has had us on a journey; a journey deeper into the preeminence of Jesus. In the spring of 2017, we preached through the book of Colossians in a series entitled “Elevate Jesus.” Then in May, as we sought the Lord about what He would have us focus on for Christmas, we felt impressed to do a series called “King.” Once again we set our eyes resolutely on Jesus. When I returned from sabbatical last fall, God was speaking to me about the preeminence of Jesus over our finances, so we walked through a series called Give – Save – Live. I’ve always said that if I had one word to describe Bay Area, my answer would be “Jesus.” We are all about Jesus. We want to know Him, follow Him, obey Him, and become more like Him. Now God is taking us even deeper into supremacy of Jesus over all of life. During the next several weeks, our focus on the preeminence of Jesus goes to new heights as we challenge each other to respond to him. The title of our series comes from a provocative, thought provoking, and uncommon word. We are calling this series, “Unrivaled.” Colossians 1:13-18 is one of the most powerful passages in the Bible regarding the supremacy of Christ. It was a hymn of the early church, already well established by the time Paul penned it. It says that Jesus is our redeemer in whom we have forgiveness of sins. He is our creator, sustainer and the head of the church. Verse 18 concludes:

“that in everything he might be preeminent” ESV “that he himself will come to have first place in everything” NASB “that in everything he might have the supremacy” NIV The title of this series, Unrivaled, was also inspired by a song we love to sing, “What a beautiful name.”

You have no rival, You have no equal Now and forever, Our God reigns Yours is the Kingdom, Yours is the glory Yours is the Name, above all names Jesus is preeminent. He stands above all others in position, prominence and superiority. He, and He alone, is unrivaled. The question before us is not whether Jesus is unrivaled. The question is how will we respond to His preeminence. What does it look like in everyday life for Jesus to be preeminent over all of life? That is the journey God is taking us on in the days ahead, a journey deeper into the preeminence of Jesus. I’m looking forward to journeying together!

Greg St. Cyr Lead Pastor

Greg St. Cyr is the lead pastor at Bay Area Community Church and a monthly contributor to GO&MAKE.



omething to keep in mind about God is that He is a spiritual being with all power, who also longs to give. He desires to freely bless out of His abundant goodness. Maybe you grew up in a religious home where you felt like you had to earn God’s blessings, or maybe you have just thought about God as a mythical sky fairy who will give you goodies from a heavenly vending machine as long as you are a good person. Right off the get-go we learn in the Bible that God blesses people, without people having any chance to earn it. In the narrative that starts the Bible we learn that God created the Universe from nothing, and when the Earth was suitable, He created man from the dust of the ground and woman from the side of the man. He did this on the sixth day. Right after we read “male and female he created them” we read, “And God blessed them.” Before they even got their first job instructions, to make babies and rule over the Earth, they were blessed by God. Before they had the chance to do good, God blessed them. More than that, the following day, God declared a national holiday of chilling out, the Sabbath, a time to be still and rest in God’s goodness. This was all in a time before evil was realized and sin broke our world. So in keeping with His character, we still see God unleashing the fury of blessing on His children today.


So what are these blessings and where do we learn about them? In Paul’s short letter to the Ephesian church he writes to remind them of their true spiritual identity and how that came to be. He then moves on to talk about how to live that identity out in the world. I am going draw our attention to the first of eight (check out the rest for yourself) blessings that open the door to all the rest: Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places – Ephesians 1:3. Paul starts this verse by giving the credit where credit is due – basically saying, “God be blessed, receive honor and glory, because you have done all this blessing that I am about to describe to these people.” He also sets up that these blessings are spiritual ones, working themselves out in the “heavenly places.” Now, you might think that is lame because it’s more fun to talk about material blessings, money, houses, cars and bling, but be reminded that today if it shines, tomorrow it will fade. God might hook you up with lots of material blessings in this life, but those things are not the source of our true satisfaction, because they don’t last and they will get worn out and faded. Material blessings are fleeting; spiritual blessings, however, satisfy because of their eternality, giving them an immeasurable property that toys on this Earth will never have.

We get to take part in experiencing God’s immeasurable riches in Christ. So what does it actually mean to be “in Christ?” This is a seriously rich concept that honestly makes my brain hurt a little, so I’ll describe it in a couple of ways: a tree and a marriage. First a tree. Jesus talks about this to His disciples in John’s gospel. His actual words are: “I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.” These words are for His disciples, His followers, His gracebuilt people. He says that He is like a massively awesome trunk, thick and strong, full of nourishment and life. When a person trusts in Jesus it is like they are becoming a branch on that tree, or a branch on that vine. When you look at a massive tree by the water, you are looking at it as a whole, and in the way that the branches are inseparably connected to the trunk, so are we inseparably connected to Jesus. The life support that keeps that branch alive, growing and even bearing fruit is the life supply of Jesus. True spiritual enlightenment is not getting absorbed into a mysterious universe, becoming one with it. True spiritual enlightenment is taking part in the eternal life of Jesus, a real person. Now a marriage. God invented marriage. He took a man and a woman, and by way of their gender complementarity (plumbing) brought them together in a one-flesh relationship. And pictured in marriage is even something of a reunion, since Eve was fashioned from the flesh sample of Adam from back in Genesis 2. When our kids look at me and Kristen, one of the ways they see us is a team, a united front. Marriage is a picture of unity in diversity, not unlike the Trinitarian nature of God. Going a little further, the Bible at times describes the relationship between Jesus and the church, the collection of grace-built people, like that of a bride and a groom. The church has been referred to as the bride of Christ. This is a metaphor, not to be taken in the weird sense that we’ll be marrying Jesus, but in the sense that as a bride and groom forge a unique oneness in marriage, so do we, as people “in Christ.” One incredible reality that comes from being in Christ is the notion that when God looks at the tree, the branches come with it; when He looks at the groom, the bride is right there. So when God the Father looks at Jesus, He sees us, and when He looks at us, He sees Jesus. We are now a packaged deal. All of the heavenly benefits that Jesus has, we share in. All of the blessings that God the Father will ever share with God the Son, we participate in. Being intertwined with Jesus is awe-inspiring, confidence-building and identity-giving. Many people today are having an identity crisis without even knowing it. One of the most common philosophical questions of being a human is: Who am I and where is all this going? Some deep thinkers ask: Are we one big cosmic accident in a universe among an infinite number of universes, that against all mathematical impossibilities happened to gain consciousness and self-awareness, for a fleeting burst of time that is ultimately pointless? Others of us are just thinking: Do these jeans make my butt look big? Both are questions of identity.

And we seek out our identity in all kinds of places, like the esteem and affirmation of our peers, which is why we can get easily depressed if our Facebook posts don’t get a ton of likes. Identity issues are why we want to be famous and get plastic surgeries. We find identity in our sexual orientations, or affinity to certain hobbies or causes. The problem with all of these attempts is that we are allowing other creatures, or ourselves, to define who we are. But if it’s true that we are created beings, wouldn’t it make the most sense to allow our Creator to define us? To tell us who He sees, and embrace that truth as what really defines us?

I can hardly think of a more comforting and secure place to be than in Christ. In Christ means that Jesus, the actual Jesus of history and the Bible, the one who straight-up came back from the dead, the one who was God’s agent in creation, the suffering servant and the conquering king, is inseparably united with you, and He has your back. When a spouse cheats on you and leaves you high and dry: Jesus has your back. When your boss is trying to sabotage your work, and your coworkers think it’s your fault: Jesus has your back. When you are fearful for physical health: Jesus has your back. When your bank account hits the negative: Jesus has your back. When your child is sick and you are helpless: Jesus has your back. When you’re called to swim upstream against the currents of what is politically correct: Jesus has got your back. Even when you blow it big time and turn your back on Him, Jesus still has your back. In this Christ, we friends, are blessed.

Pat Linnell is the teaching pastor at Bay Area Community Church and a monthly contributer to GO&MAKE.



im is a relative newcomer to the Bay Area staff, having joined the Bay Area Student Ministry (BASM) team in April of 2017 as the middle and high school Events and Outreach Coordinator. Tim grew up in a Christian home in Calvert County. Throughout his youth, he attended church regularly and was involved in the youth group in his home church. Although he was baptized at the age of nine, following participation in a summer VBS program, Tim’s walk with the Lord was solidified through his first short term mission trip with his church during high school. (Given that, this provides the perfect opportunity for a shameless plug for what a lifechanging experience a short term mission trip can be!) Back to Tim: following high school, he attended Messiah College, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Communications and Public Relations and his master’s in Business and Leadership. The impact of that first mission trip continued to produce fruit, as Tim participated in a traveling summer ministry team during his time at Messiah - providing summer youth camps with leadership for worship, activities and games at venues throughout the country. Having received his bachelor’s degree, Tim took a position as the assistant director for admissions at Messiah, where he served for about six years. The job afforded him the opportunity to complete his Master’s. During the summers of his graduate work at Messiah, Tim took his camp experience to a camp in Ohio, to actually direct one 8 GO&MAKE A P R I L

of the camps he had previously visited. His six summers there cemented his passion for youth ministry. Tim began looking for a church youth ministry opportunity that would align with his talents, gifts and what he felt God was calling him to do. That April, he connected with Bay Area Community Church and the rest, as they say, is history. In his eleven months here, God has worked through Tim to provide tremendous events and outreach opportunities, not only for the youth of the church, but also for young people throughout the Annapolis area and Anne Arundel County. Some 30 students serve with Tim to provide leadership during events, to reach out to newcomers, and to serve behind the scenes to maximize the opportunities for kids to respond to the Gospel through their participation in student ministry. The key to coordinating events and outreach for students, in Tim’s eyes, is not the logistics. Rather, it is prayerfully and intentionally striking a balance between fun and spiritual purpose in each and every activity. If every encounter is a divine appointment, then it is critical that His divine purpose for those appointments is sought out and facilitated through the functions at BASM. This is what makes Tim’s role as Events and Outreach Coordinator so crucial. Tim’s passion is to simply be used by God to come alongside students and be a part of their spiritual journey, encouraging them in their quest to be passionate, maturing followers of Jesus themselves.

His heart goes out especially to those kids who are “left out” - perhaps trying out student ministry for the first time. He prays that his team of high school leaders will have selfless, servant hearts to choose to set aside hanging with their friends and welcome new kids, to help them feel loved, accepted and a valuable participant in the life of BASM. Although he’s currently planning for a new facility that is under construction, Tim’s dreams for community-oriented after-school programs and events at the new student center are sky high! Tim’s family includes twin older sisters and a younger brother. When he’s not at Bay Area, he enjoys running, hanging out with friends, and traveling. Tim shared a verse that he feels is especially significant for him, as well as for his ministry: “And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:6). For himself, as well as for each student to whom he ministers and each student with whom he works, Tim rests in the assurance that God is at work in every life, fulfilling His purpose, and bringing each one into conformity with His image, in His timing. Tim is blessed to be able to lock arms with His Savior and join Him in the good work that He is doing in each one of the students who enters BASM’s doors. Tim shared an encouragement for all Ministry Partners, especially the guys, to prayerfully consider volunteering with BASM, to partner with Tim in seeing God do amazing things in our students’ lives.




“SHORT TERM MISSIONS ARE A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY” “Think of how much they could buy if you just sent resources.” Maybe you haven’t heard or thought exactly those words, but if you’ve participated in missions here at Bay Area or in another church or ministry, this sentiment may be familiar. Last year, Bay Area sent over 160 short term missionaries to West Virginia, El Salvador, Poland, Ghana, India, Uganda, South Sudan and Southeast Asia. Together, our extended family at Bay Area raised thousands of dollars and lifted thousands of prayers to send these men, women and children across the country and the world with the good news of Jesus. We recognize that without intentionality there is a danger of short term missions devolving into religious tourism, yet we’re committed to sending short term missionaries and to being missionaries from here to the nations. How do we steward this responsibility well? In short, Bay Area abides by seven nationally-recognized short term missions standards of excellence. A group of missions leaders developed these standards over 20 years ago; they serve as fundamental values for our global ministry. The goal is a “win-winwin” situation – ministry that benefits the host or receiving missionary, the goer and the sending church. Specifically, short term missions should …


A worthwhile short term mission is focused first on God’s glory. We want to act, plan and pray in line with God’s grand redemptive plan for the world

and the model of missions that Jesus set for us – reaching out in wise, biblical and culturally appropriate ways. Our short term missions, like our global partnerships and everything we do at Bay Area, are focused on making passionate, maturing followers of Jesus from here to the nations.


At Bay Area, we send short term missions teams to serve alongside our long-term partners, with whom we build healthy, interdependent, ongoing relationships. We cultivate these relationships throughout the year and send missions teams based primarily on the needs of our partners and hosts. Our global partners spend time at Bay Area, are in community with our senior leadership and work together with us to build a foundation of mutual trust and accountability that spans years and decades.


We develop the activities and plans of each short term missions team with the input and approval of our partners so that the resulting team’s mission benefits the goer, sending church and host and is aligned with long-term strategy. If our teams create more work than gospel momentum for the host, then our plans bear revision and redevelopment. With a mutual plan in place, we can select and train teams to serve in appropriate ways, with humility and servanthood.


To glorify God and steward resources well, we strive for integrity and thoroughness in the way we administer funds, plan travel details and the use of time and skills. This involves policy and procedure, the development of missions opportunities with proper logistics and effective risk management. This is a crucial piece in being prepared while leaving room for the Holy Spirit to work amongst our teams, partners and the people we serve.


cultural experience to share the gospel. Leaders are recommended by others, trained by ministry leaders, and maintain community and accountability with other leaders as they empower and equip their teams. This month, our 2018 leaders are finishing up a multi-week leader cohort focused on building this community and skill base as they begin meeting with their teams.


One reason we require at least three months from joining a team to travel date is to allow adequate time for teams to gain the character, knowledge and skills necessary to serve effectively on the mission field. Trained and qualified leaders equip their teams with biblical teaching and cross-cultural skills appropriate for their specific culture and mission focus while developing the desired and necessary team bonds. Teams work together through a short term missions training manual to help guide their development as a team and as missionaries prepared to serve.


Finally, short term missions teams must include thorough and effective followup or debrief. Our debrief process begins on the field and continues posttrip as leaders help their teams process reverse culture shock, identify what they have learned and apply these lessons to their life for continued growth in Christ. Both hosts and goers evaluate the effectiveness of the short term missions journey to provide clear and honest feedback to address any unresolved issues and grow in efficacy of future endeavors. As we strive to abide by these seven standards, we continue to grow longterm partnerships and improve our ability to bring the gospel to men, women and children around the world through the dedication of our global partners and the service of our short term missions teams. If you’re interested in serving on a short term missions team or supporting our global partners, visit to learn more!

Bay Area places a high value and responsibility on short term missions team leaders, who are charged with discipling a team through a crossA P R I L GO&MAKE 11




by Greg St. Cyr


y life was greatly impacted by Bill Bright, a godly visionary used mightily by the Lord. One of his quotes that I have in my study is: “There is nothing too big for us to attempt for the glory of God. If our hearts and motives are pure, if what we do is according to the Word of God, He hears and is able to do more than we ask or even think. … If we ever plan to do anything for Christ and His kingdom, we must do it now. We cannot be casual or indifferent about our task.” For many months the elders of the church have been seeking the Lord about what He would have us attempt for the glory of God over the next two years. We feel an urgency to act now without casualness or indifference. The Lord is calling us to engage in a fight for the supremacy of Christ over our lives. It’s a fight against the temptations to control our lives, to stay in our comfort zones, to maximize our security. As followers of Jesus, will we step into the ring, lace up our gloves and fight to make Him the highest priority in our lives? As a church, we embrace the earliest creed: Jesus is Lord. He, and He alone, is unrivaled. He is second to none, better than all, incomparable, unsurpassed – He has no equal. Colossians 1:18 tells us, “He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in everything He might be preeminent.” Our response to the Unrivaled One, Jesus, is to stay in the fight by surrendering fully to Him, stepping out in faith, and growing in generosity. ABSOLUTE SURRENDER GREAT FAITH EXTRAVAGANT GENEROSITY These are traits Jesus embodied. And these are the same qualities in which He is challenging us to grow.


UNRIVALED VISION When I was a university student, I remember praying that the gospel would reach out to the 2.4 billion people on the planet. Today, our world is made up of over 7.6 billion people. Of that sea of humanity, over 3 billion have not heard the good news of Jesus. In Anne Arundel and Talbot counties alone, 470,000 do not know Jesus as personal Savior and Lord. As a church, we are compelled by the words of Jesus to “go and make disciples of all nations.” The truth is that each of us could live in any area of the world, during any time period. Yet God in His providence has brought us together, drawn us to Himself and led us to the same church. We believe He has placed each of us in this unique season at Bay Area to have a specific impact. God has been faithful. He has matured and grown us as a family of believers. And He has much more for us as a church to do. The time is now – time to step into the ring and continue the fight to make the unrivaled One preeminent. He is calling us to take our surrender, faith and generosity to new levels. Over the next two years, we’re embarking on a faith-stretching initiative called Unrivaled. Unrivaled is our partnership with God’s Spirit to attempt something big for the glory of God. Unrivaled involves three primary areas of focus. First, we want to continue to see God work mightily through our current ministries. What are the ministries that you love at Bay Area? Perhaps it’s the student or children’s ministry. Maybe it’s your Missional Community, Women’s Ministry, our weekend gatherings, emphasis on global missions, our marriage ministry, prayer ministry or

the opportunities to serve. Whatever it is, we want to continue to believe God to grow and work mightily through all our current ministries. Next is our unwavering resolve to invest in children and students. In October of 2016, we launched The Descendants Project, our commitment to enlarge our student ministry and children’s spaces. As the construction continues, this vision is becoming a reality! Through the faithful giving of many households, over $2.6M has been given toward this dream. Unrivaled continues our commitment to fund this project that will impact thousands of children and students in the days ahead. And finally, we are asking God for much more. We believe He wants to expand His kingdom in even greater ways through us. This vision of expanded impact involves launching two to three new campuses, equipping more pastoral residents, increasing our giving to local and global partnerships, improving our traffic flow issues, launching a Saturday evening gathering in Annapolis, relocating to a larger gathering space in Easton, and much more. We believe that this vision is from God, and we are trusting Him to bring it about for His glory. Our hope is to draw our church family’s gaze upon the unrivaled glory of Jesus. Flowing out of a renewed vision of who Jesus is, we will challenge each other to surrender afresh, respond in faith, and take the next step of generosity. The result will be God using Bay Area to mightily further the mission He has for us as a church over the next 24 months. We are praying for 100 percent engagement – that every single person at Bay Area would engage the fight

for surrender, faith and generosity by asking what it means to put God first. That’s our primary goal. Our secondary goal is threefold: First, we want to continue our commitment to making disciples through our ongoing ministries. Our current combined annual budget for Annapolis and Easton is $5.5 million. Over two years, continuing all that we currently do will cost $11 million. The second area is our children and students. Unrivaled reflects our ongoing commitment to investing in children and students through the expansion of our new student and children’s ministry spaces in the amount of $3 million. The third area of investment is the expanded impact God has for us. We’re asking God to provide $2.5 million to expand our impact from Annapolis and Easton to around the world. We are asking God to provide a total of $16.5 million throughout this two-year leg of our journey of generosity called Unrivaled. God is going to do amazing things, greater than we could ask or imagine, in the days ahead! $16.5 million is a big faith goal. Yet we know that God is faithful. He owns it all, and calls us to respond in faith as He leads. I close by reminding us that we don’t fight alone. God wants to do a powerful work in each of us. He wants us to fully surrender and trust the unrivaled One by making Him preeminent in our lives. We know that the bond of control, misplaced trust and security keeps us in the safe zone. Yet we as a church want to see God glorified by stretching and using us mightily to advance His kingdom.

My prayer is that ever y single one of us will join the fight. On behalf of the elders, I’m asking you to pray about how God would have you give generously in order to make an impactful financial commitment toward the vision He has given Bay Area. We’re not stepping into the ring alone. We’re lacing up to fight for surrender, faith and generosity alongside the One who is preeminent, incomparable – Unrivaled.


a new single from


A Call to Pray For The Unrivavled Initiative rom April 8 through May 6, our church family will embark on Unrivaled. Unrivaled is a vision that has been birthed out of intentional prayer. It flows out of God’s desire to see Bay Area multiply and advance the gospel. We recognize that whenever we elevate the supremacy of Jesus, there will be

A FOUR-WEEK PRAYER GUIDE FOR UNRIVALED April 8: Revelation 5:12 Jesus, the fact that we can acknowledge You as the Worthy Lamb who was slain testifies to the grace You have extended to us. We know we do not merit anything but wrath, yet You have granted us favor through the finished work on the cross. Help us grasp the fullness of that reality so that we reverently join in the praise of the heavenly host and confess You are worthy to receive power, wealth, wisdom, strength, honor, glory and praise!

April 9: Revelation 5:9-10 Jesus, we praise You alone as the Lamb of God who was slain. With Your blood You purchased people from every tribe, tongue and nation to be Yours. This qualifies You to open the scroll of judgment. Thank You that we do not have to fear judgment, because You have redeemed us for Yourself. Let that thought infuse our hearts and prompt us to offer ourselves to You to be sanctified to serve our God!


spiritual attack. We also believe that fruit comes out of an abiding relationship with Jesus, and by asking in His name (John 15:7). Therefore, we are calling on each of us to boldly and persistently pray throughout the four weeks of Unrivaled. Will you join us in praying that the Lord will change us so we as a church are free to respond to His vision?

Below is a resource to help guide you in prayer. It includes a Scripture to ponder and a short prayer to catalyze your prayer time. Simply ponder the Scripture each day and pray as the Spirit leads. We thank you in advance for praying for Unrivaled. May you experience the blessing of deeper intimacy with the Lord as you answer His call to pray!

April 10: Revelation 5:13-14

April 14: Philippians 2:12-16a

Lord, our hearts erupt with praise as we ponder this scene in heaven. You created us to worship! Empower us to live with a constant attitude of worship, seeing that all we think, say and do can be an act of reverent worship of our matchless Lord and Savior.

Lord we want to shine Your light into the dark recesses of our culture. Grow our desire to obey You as we work out our salvation so that we can become blameless and pure, holding firmly to the word of life.

April 11: Philippians 2:1-4 Lord, it is a privilege to be united with You and to find comfort in Your love. Unite Your people in love, that we might be like-minded and humbly seek the interest of others above our own.

April 12: Philippians 2:5-8 We can never fully comprehend the fullness of Your love that compelled You to step out of heaven to die for us. Let our hearts desire to follow Your example, taking on the nature of a servant and being willing to die to our desires so we can freely do Your will.

April 13: Philippians 2:9-11 Jesus, we praise You as the Lord over all. Cleanse our hearts so we might exalt You to the highest place and worship You as You deserve.

April 15: Mark 11:22-24 Thank You Father for the gift of prayer. Grow us in faith, so we pray with belief and see mountains of opposition crumble before us.

April 16: Zechariah 4:6-10 It is nothing for You, Lord, to level a mountain. Equip us by faith, through prayer to be Spirit-led so we might see Your power on display and bless Your name.

April 17: James 1:2-4 Father, give us Your perspective on trials and challenges. Enable us to see them as opportunities to grow in our faith, trusting You to use them to mature us.

April 18: 2 Timothy 1:7-14

April 24: Psalm 34:1-10

April 30: Luke 12:13-21

Lord, You have given us a spirit of boldness that is rooted in our confidence that our faith is sealed in Jesus. Increase our awareness that Your salvation is a call to pursue holiness and enable us to turn from sin, so we might be sanctified.

Lord, You call us to taste and see that You are good. Let our faces radiate Your glory as proof that we have done just that and seen Your goodness in Your perfect provision.

Lord, You see into the hidden depths of our hearts. We ask You to search our hearts and expose any wrong motives that limit our generosity so that we repent and release all we have to You.

April 25: Matthew 6:25-30

May 1: Luke 6:38

As we consider the birds of the air and the flowers of the field, enable us God to trust You each day to provide for our practical needs. Grow our hearts in gratitude as we exercise faith and experience Your faithfulness.

Thank You for Your richness toward us, God. Move us to respond with the same measure of generosity we have experienced from You.

April 19: Philippians 1:27-30 Jesus, keep us firmly committed to conduct worthy of the Gospel. Deliver us from fear of those who oppose the truth and enable us to stand firm, knowing that suffering for Your sake is a privilege.

April 20: Revelation 17:12-14 When we are oppressed, Jesus, turn our minds to the truth that none can oppose You, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Enable us to be boldly confident that we will see victory when we cling to You.

April 21: Revelation 12:11; Matthew 16:24-27 Jesus, bring us to the realization that our greatest call and privilege is to die to self, so we might take up our cross and follow You. Establish us in bold faith to lay down our lives just to find life in You.

April 26: Matthew 6:33-34 Father, compel us by faith to seek the King and the Kingdom of Heaven first and above all else, so we are released from worry to focus on Your agenda.

April 27: Philippians 4:19-20 God, we ask You to grow us in the confidence that You are good and will meet all of our needs through the glory that pours from Jesus.

April 28: Hebrews 11:24-28

April 22: John 6:1-12

Lord, grant us faith to look beyond this life and forsake worldly pleasures so that we might offer all we have to be used by God to advance His redemptive plan.

Jesus, create in us the heart of a child that expects our Father to care for us. Make us willing to abandon our need to control our resources and release them back to You.

April 29: 2 Corinthians 9:6-8

April 23: 1 Kings 17:8-16 Lord, enable us to know the promises of God and believe them so that we move from fear to faith and take bold steps of obedience, no matter how radical the call. Give us faith to trust You to supply our needs!

Father, You have lavished us with Your grace. Move our hearts to respond with radical generosity, willingly and cheerfully giving back to You.

May 2: Matthew 25:35-45 Jesus, we would count it an honor to serve You if You were present in the flesh. Help us remember that whatever we do to serve another is a service to You.

May 3: Hebrews 13:15-16 Jesus, prompt us to recall that sharing with others is a sacrifice that pleases You.

May 4: Psalm 112:1-6 Lord, we ask You to foster in us a healthy fear of You, so we experience Your goodness in response to Your generous and just dealings.

May 5: 2 Corinthians 5:6-9 Jesus, we long for You and want You to be the center of all we do, the motive of every thought and deed.

May 6: Colossians 3:1-2 Lord, mold out thoughts so they are consumed with You. Move our hearts to be captivated by Your love. Free us to be the church You have purposed us to be in every area or our lives. A P R I L GO&MAKE 17

We would love to have you pick at least three Sundays this summer to serve in any of our Children’s Ministry environments: Tidal Pool • birth - age 2 Coral Reef • ages 3-5 Submarine Canyon • kindergarten - fifth-grade sign up online at 18 GO&MAKE A P R I L

SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY: THE BIG ISSUES A Learning Community taught by Executive Pastor Ed Kelley April 22 - June 3, 2018

M EMO RY L OSS, A G I NG & CAR E G IV E R S SU PPORT S E M I NAR April 15, 1-3 p.m.

Join us for a stigma-free seminar for people with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairments or other forms of Dementia to help their spouses, family and/or caregivers.


HAPPENINGS OUR MISSION Making passionate, maturing followers of Jesus from here to the nations

OUR VISION There are five things we desire for every follower of Jesus who calls Bay Area home to do:


YOUR FIRST STEP New to Bay Area or want to get involved? Join us at First Step, a fun, one-hour gathering where you’ll learn about who we are, what we believe, and what your next steps are to get plugged into community and serving at Bay Area! Coffee, snacks and KidCare are provided. Take your first step at Bay Area by signing up today to attend one of the gatherings: Sunday, April 29 at 9:20 a.m., Sunday, April 29 at 11:20 a.m., or Tuesday, May 1 at 7 p.m. in the Bay Café classroom. Register: For those who have already completed First Step, our next Second Step gathering is Sunday, June 3 from 12:30-4 p.m. Register: membership

BAPTISM WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE BAPTIZED? For more information, contact: • K-5th: • 6-12th: • Adults: 20 GO&MAKE A P R I L

Sometimes life hands us struggles: loss of a loved one, serious illness, parenting difficulties, divorce, addiction and other challenges. These difficult circumstances can cause us to isolate, yet God never intended that we walk through them alone. The Care Network is a free, confidential, Jesus-centered ministry for those seeking assistance. We provide hope and healing through a variety of resources both inside and outside the walls of Bay Area. Info:

MEMORY LOSS, AGING & CAREGIVERS SUPPORT SEMINAR Sunday, 4/15, 1-3 p.m. in The Deep Blue Room A stigma-free seminar for people with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairments or other forms of Dementia, to help their spouses, family and/or caregivers. Speaker: Chloe Jackson, Community Relations Coordinator, John Hopkins; The Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC). This seminar is free and lunch is provided. Register:

GRIEFSHARE SUPPORT GROUP Thursdays through 5/10, 6:45-9 p.m. (join at any time) There can be a deep, prolonged impact caused by the death of a spouse, child, family member or close friend. The griever often needs ongoing support and encouragement. This support group meets weekly to help those grieving by providing a safe place to walk through this time. Register:

DIVORCECARE SUPPORT GROUP Mondays through 4/23, 6:45-9 p.m. (join at any time) Are you separated, in the process of a divorce or already divorced? This can be one of the most difficult times in life and we want to provide help. DivorceCare is a weekly support group led by facilitators who have experienced divorce and rebuilt their lives. The group will feature practical information, biblical teaching and encouragement. Register:

PREMARITAL MENTORING The premarital mentoring team is

looking for couples to come alongside engaged couples. If you are married 10+ years and have a passion for helping couples start their marriages in a Jesus-honoring way email

TEMPORARY HOUSING FOR PREMARITAL COUPLES We believe strongly that the best way to honor God before marriage is to remain pure and live separately. We’re looking for folks who have temporary space in their homes that could be used in order to fulfill this desire. Info:

ENGAGED? We want to partner with you as you establish a strong, Jesus-centered life. Through premarital mentoring you’ll be paired with trained marriage mentors who will equip you with the tools and resources you’ll need to succeed in marriage. Info: premarital.ministry@

MARRIAGE MINISTRY TEAM VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Our Marriage Ministry events team seeks to encourage and equip couples. If you have a passion to help strengthen marriages and have been married for 10+ years, come be a part of this ministry. Learn more at

EMPLOYMENT KIDCARE TEAM MEMBERS Our KidCare team has a need for adults who have a heart for kids. We provide KidCare for all ministries and various events year-round. Want to join our team of paid workers? Email KidCare Coordinator Dax at dax.

CHILDREN’S MINISTRY LARGE GROUP COORDINATOR 29 hours per week. The large group coordinator will oversee our largegroup weekend experience for preschool- and elementary-age kids in Children’s Ministry. This energetic person will have a heart for worship and imparting that passion to our children. We are seeking a highcapacity, creative leader who will train up volunteer worship leaders and on-stage actors for our main weekend message, understanding how to engage

children through worship with hand motions, acting techniques and skits.

CHILDREN’S MINISTRY ASSISTANT Part-time position; assists with the implementation of our vision and strategy in Children’s Ministry as it pertains to parents, volunteers, potential volunteers and children of our Children’s Ministry environments at Bay Area. This person will work with the Children’s Coordinators to ensure all details are covered for Sunday mornings and other events.

CHILDREN’S MINISTRY PRESCHOOL COORDINATOR 29 hours per week. The Preschool Coordinator will oversee our preschool weekend experience for babies through age five in our Children’s Ministry. This driven, detail oriented person will prepare environments for leaders and children. Also, they will oversee preschool curriculum for small and large groups to make biblical truths come to life for our youngest at Bay Area. For more info and to apply:

WOMEN’S MINISTRY THE WELL The Quest (Beth Moore) Wednesdays 5/2-6/6, 9:30-11:30 a.m. There is no quest without questions. A question is an invitation to vulnerability, to intimacy. The Quest is a challenge to accept the invitation. Learn to dig into the Word, respond to the questions of God, and bring your questions before Him. We will track our quest by journaling in this study. Purchase your book “The Quest” from or Info:

Boundaries (Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend) Wednesdays, 6/4-25, 9:30-11:30 a.m. Join us for a four-week study of the Boundaries book. We will learn that by setting appropriate limits, we can improve the quality of our relationships in every area of life: marriage, family, friendships, church and the workplace. Order the expanded and updated Boundaries book online. You will not need the Workbook or Participants Guide.


Seamless (Angie Smith) Mondays, 4/16-6/4, 6:30-8 p.m. In this study we will understand how the Bible fits together as a whole from Genesis to Revelation. A dive into all the main stories will give you insights into how God weaves the story of Jesus from beginning to end as we look at Creation, the Fall, the chosen Israelites, the role of the Prophets, the life of Jesus and the birth of the church. It’s a fast-paced overview for everyone who wants to know their Bible. Order your Seamless book at Info: Register for these studies at More studies for summer will be posted as they become available. Follow us on Instagram (@BaccTheWell), Facebook (Bay Area Community Church Women’s Ministry) or online ( annapolis/women) for updated information.

FELLOWSHIP CRUISE TO BERMUDA August 25, 2018 Don’t miss this five-night cruise from Baltimore to Bermuda on Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas. Balcony rooms book up first. $250 deposit needed. Special guest Easton Worship Leader Rachel Pletts will perform a concert for us on the ship. Excursions and other group activities available. Invite your spouse, daughter, mom or friend to share this special trip with us. Learn more at Info: Lynn at

WOMEN OF LEGACY (55+) Monday, 4/9, 10:30 a.m. - noon Our guest, Meredith Battan, will share her insights about discipling women to inspire and equip us.

Monday, 4/23, 10:30 a.m. - noon Today we will bring one of the stories from our Legacy Journey and share it with our group. Info: Cedulie Sanchez at

QUILTS FOR KIDS Saturday, 4/21, 10 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. in The Docks Join us as we make quilts for kids

together. Bring your sewing machine and we will provide the quilting fabrics. Bring your lunch to eat together. Info:

MOMS IN TOUCH PRAYER GROUP Join other Bay Area moms to pray for college-aged children on Wednesday mornings 8:15-9:15 a.m. in the Prayer Room. Contact Karen to confirm the meeting schedule before coming. Info:

LEARNING COMMUNITIES Learning Communities are designed to strengthen your Biblical knowledge, character and/or ministry skills.

LOVE & RESPECT Sundays, 4/15-5/20, 11:20 a.m. in Dock B The LOVE She Most Desires; The RESPECT He Desperately Needs. These two words surface in social research and the Bible (Ephesians 5:33) as the two key ingredients for a successful marriage. Join us in this Marriage Learning Community to learn more about how these two words, love and respect, impact you individually and as a couple.

SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY: THE BIG ISSUES Sundays, 4/22-6/3, 9:20 a.m. in Dock A This class taught by Executive Pastor Ed Kelley will address some of the standard issues of our time in Systematics: Calvinism versus Arminianism, Once Saved Always Saved, Lordship, Salvation, Covenantalism versus Dispensationalism, the nature of God, the nature of Jesus and the nature of the Spirit. This class is for those who want to think, engage in dialogue, and explore controversial issues in an academic way. Each class will be selfcontained. Register: learningcommunities

MISSIONAL COMMUNITY Being connected with others helps us grow in our love for God, for each other, and for our neighbor. You can find out more about Missional Communities at missionalcommunities. A P R I L GO&MAKE 21


MEN’S FELLOWSHIP MEN’S MORNING BIBLE STUDY Tuesdays, 6-7:30 a.m. in room 236 Info:

MEN’S EVENING BIBLE STUDIES Sundays, 6-8 p.m. in room 235 This study is geared toward helping men draw closer to Jesus while discussing and discovering God’s answers for the challenges men face at home, work and in society. Info:

Thursdays, 7-9 p.m. in room 235 Join Bay Area men to spend time in the Word and prayer, for fellowship and discussion, and for discipleship. Info:


Join us for The Line: God ‘N Grits, a men’s monthly breakfast on Saturday, April 21, from 8-9:30 a.m. in the Auditorium. The Line is an opportunity for men of Bay Area to gather around good food and conversation, and maybe walk out with more than just a full stomach and a few laughs. Register today at Info: 22 GO&MAKE A P R I L

CHILDREN’S MINISTRY WAVE RIDERS PLAY GROUP Tuesday, 4/10, and Wednesday, 4/25 Come check out this family play and support group with fun activities, book clubs and socials that offers a space for parents to share knowledge, resources and experiences. Info: waveriderplaygroup

SPRING PARENT DEDICATION Saturday, 4/14, 3-4 p.m. Have you committed as parents to raise your children for Jesus? Unlike a child dedication, this special ceremony marks your dedication as parents to instilling Godly character in your children. You have been entrusted with the precious gift of your child’s life, and our Children’s Ministry is here to partner with you as you embark on this discipleship journey as parents. Info: courtney.gregory@bayareacc. org

DIVE 45 BOWLING Friday, 5/18 7-9 p.m. Fourth- and fifth-graders are invited to go bowling at Severna Park Lanes. Space is limited. Pizza and drinks will be provided. Snacks can be purchased at an additional cost. Cost: $15 Register:

NATIVITY WORKSHOP “CHRISTMAS IN APRIL” NATIVITY WORKSHOP Saturday, 4/21, 9:30 a.m. 1:30 p.m. Make your own nativity scene as a way to celebrate Jesus this Christmas. All materials, snacks and pizza will be supplied. Experienced coaches will be on hand to guide assembly. Cost: $50. Info:

COLLEGE MINISTRY YOUNG ADULT MISSIONAL COMMUNITY (AGES 18-25) Tuesdays, 7-9 p.m. Missional Communities are a great opportunity for people to connect in community where they are loving God, serving others and growing spiritually together. Info:

FINANCIALS Annapolis Campus Operating Budget As of March 25, 2018 New Fiscal Year Began 9/1/17

ANNAPOLIS CAMPUS Fiscal Year Giving Goal

$ 5,185,000

YTD Received YTD Goal YTD Actual vs. Goal

$ 3,067,116 $ 3,092,117 $ (25,001)

EASTON CAMPUS Fiscal Year Giving Goal



YTD Received YTD Goal YTD Actual vs. Goal

$ $ $

149,608 107,885 41,723


$3,152,767 (as of 3/31/18) For weekly financial updates, go to Please indicate any designated gifts on the memo line of your check or use the drop-down box online to select your desired giving fund. How Can I Participate In The Descendants Project? Envelopes are available at the 3D model in the lobby. Gifts also can be made online at Please designate “The Descendatns Project” in the memo of checks. For gifts other than cash, email How Can I Continue To Support Bay Area’s Building Funds? GIVING METHODS eCheck: Go to to give online through your checking account through a one-time or recurring donation on My Bay Area. Personal Check: Write “Building Fund” on the memo line and drop it in the offering basket on Sunday or mail the check to Bay Area (884 Chesterfield Road, Annapolis, MD 21401). Bank Check: Process through your bank’s Bill Pay service online for a bank check to be sent to Bay Area. Be sure to note “Building Fund” on the memo line.

STUDENT MINISTRY AMPLIFY Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Amplify is our mid-week middle and high school gathering where students can grow deeper in their walk with God in a fun environment through group discipleship. Amplify features games, worship, teaching and gender/ grade-specific Community Groups. Optional dinner at 6 p.m. Info:

MIDDLE SCHOOL CLUB678 Friday, 4/13, 7-9 p.m. Friday, 5/11, 7-9 p.m. Club678 is our monthly middle school hangout night during the school year. It’s a free, high-energy evening full of activities, games and prizes. Info:

BASM ALL-NIGHTER 4/27-28, 8 p.m. - 7 a.m.

Students in grades 6-12 are invited to join us for our annual all-nighter. Registration will open on March 18. The cost will be $80. Info:


Victory Jam 2018 is coming up and the cost is $375. Students must submit a $150 non-refundable deposit to secure their place. The remaining balance of $225 will be due between 4/15 and 5/20. Info:


Take the next step in your walk with Jesus and share God’s love in one of 10 locations worldwide. Fill out the GO Form:


Interested in sending others through prayer or giving? Give: stmgive. Prayer info: michele.rollins@

PRAYER MINISTRY Our Prayer Ministry comprises individuals dedicated to praying for all aspects of Bay Area: gatherings, pastors, missions and more. Individuals are also available to pray after each gathering (front-right of Chapel stage). Info:

EVE RY ONE A MISS ION connect in community serve like Jesus worship together share the gospel go on a mission trip





Go & Make Issue #55 (April 2018)  
Go & Make Issue #55 (April 2018)