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SOLUTION The Case of the Vexing Village Who stole the velocipede?

Maggie. She was next in line for Lance’s job and stole the bicycle so he’d get fired. in


• Maggie said the pedals of the velocipede were always catching on Lance’s pants, which explains why the left cuff of his pants was ripped. Max noticed that the left cuff of Maggie’s pants was ripped in the same way, which means that she recently rode the bike. • Even though Gordon saw “some guy” riding the velocipede away, that didn’t eliminate Maggie. She was dressed as a boy at the blacksmith shop and simply wore her costume while thieving. • Alison noticed three tire tracks on the floor of the blacksmith’s shop. Two were for a wagon that was sitting in the shop, and one was unaccounted for. It was from the velocipede. • Max said Maggie spoke in a deep voice to play her part as a

blacksmith’s apprentice. That explains why the distracting voice Lance heard was a deep one. • Maggie said Lance might’ve stolen the velocipede to get out of riding it, but Max and Alison knew that didn’t make any sense. If he lost it, he was going to get fired and then he wouldn’t have a job or money for college. That’s definitely not what he wanted. • Max noticed that the cuffs of Gordon’s pants weren’t ripped. That means he never rode the bike. Conclusion

When Max and Alison presented their evidence, Bev marched over to the blacksmith shop and found both Maggie and the velocipede. Maggie apologized and got put on probation—she even had to agree to clean out the horse stables for a month. Guess you could say the blacksmith’s apprentice was “branded” a thief. Thanks for solving another Max Finder Mystery!




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OWL Ages 9-13 The Entertaining, Informative, Challenging and Inspiring Canadian magazine for Preteens!

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