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Dad Dilemma I just made student of the month at my school, but my dad doesn’t seem to care. When I told him, he just nodded and changed the subject. What should I do? Slade, 10

Tell your dad that you want him to pay more attention to your life in school, and that he should be excited!

Ella, 10

Your dad may not realize that you care. I’m sure if you talk to him about it, he’ll get more interested.

Maybe he didn’t hear you.


Tell your dad that this means a lot to you, and that you feel he doesn’t care. If that makes you uncomfortable, tell your mom. She’ll probably do something about it.

Angela, 9

Ariel, 13

I would sit down and show him what you have been doing at school. Just always remember, he loves you.

Josephine, 11

Give YOUR Advice! “I am jealous of a girl in my class. She gets good grades, has lots of friends, and always has the best clothes. I feel so guilty for being jealous, because she’s always so nice to me. I just can’t seem to help myself. What should I do?” Agatha, 12

It’s really hard when adults don’t seem to understand how you feel. Tell him that it’s actually an important matter.

Isabelle, 12

Advice from an expert Maybe your dad doesn’t understand why you were selected as student of the month and what this means to you. You should bring up the topic again and ask him why he dismissed your achievement. Start with something like, “Dad, do you remember the other day when I told you that I won student of the month? You seemed to pass it off. That hurt my feelings. Do you understand why I was selected?” Allow him time to respond. Once he understands how important this is to you, he can share in your sense of pride. Ross Newhook Head of Student Services Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School

Make sure your dad understands that this is important to you.


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“I have a snoring problem. My friends always tease me at sleepovers because the noise keeps them awake. On top of that, my dad and brother make fun of my snoring by imitating what it sounds like. It really hurts my feelings because it’s something that I can’t control. What should I do?” Carlos, 11

Answers to appear in the September 2013 issue!

When you have tough problems and difficult situations to deal with, it helps to talk to someone. Remember you can always contact our friends at Kids Help Phone at 1 800 668 6868 or It’s free and anonymous. You can contact them from anywhere in Canada 24 hours a day to get help from a professional counsellor.

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OWL Ages 9-13 The Entertaining, Informative, Challenging and Inspiring Canadian magazine for Preteens!

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