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en I was 10 years Alone” course wh h safer now, and old and I feel muc ion guide to help I have an instruct tr usts me ever me. My mom also urse. I also took since I took the co se, and soon my a babysitting cour Selena, 12 ne” course. ke the “Home Alo ta to g in go is r o can younger brothe mature person wh , le sib on sp re a fine after Overall, if a kid is or she should be he e, on al ft le kids take the be tr usted to be ry important that ve ’s It . se ur co e th strangers, taking th about dealing wi s ill sk y ar ss ce ne ls, avoiding course to learn cooking easy mea d, ai st fir sic ba g t emergency practisin having importan d an , gs in th d ol harmful househ em at all times. numbers with th

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rong. There is a lot of responsibility invo lved in staying home alone. Kid s need to know important phone numbers and who to contact in ca se of an Charlotte, 12 emergenc y, to name just a few things. If kids are may not be able not mature, they to handle the resp onsibility while th parents are away. eir In my opinion, no t all kids 10 and older are mature responsible enou or gh. Even if kids ar e very responsible, could still be unsa it fe for them to stay home alone. The could be an emer re gency, and if ther e are no adults arou it’s easier for a ki nd, d to get injured. I think it’s up to the kids and thei r parents to deci But if kids are pe de. rmitted to stay ho me alone, it shou be for more than ld not one or two hours.


You tell us: Should kids be able to stay home alone at age 10?

In December we asked: Do you have more group fun ideas for the holidays?

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“Play games, exchange poems, or read books together.” — James “You can have a great time without a gift exchange. Meet with your friends and watch movies or play board games.” — Bethany “Instead of exchanging gifts, bake cupcakes together. The person who decorates their cupcake the most creatively gets to eat their cupcake first!” — Caroline “You could go rock climbing or see a movie.” — Paige “Make some crafts together.” — Gina “You could have a scavenger hunt that involves fun but challenging tasks.” — Abbie

YES, they’re old enough. ONLY IF they have taken a course. NO, too much could go wrong.

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OWL May 2013  

OWL Ages 9-13 The Entertaining, Informative, Challenging and Inspiring Canadian magazine for Preteens!

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