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May 2013


Discover Africa s Conser'v New KAZA ation Ar ea

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Think soccer, baseball, basketball, and hockey are the only sports around?

Think again!

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12 Hot Topic

Are you ready to stay home alone?

15 Survival Challenge

Test your survival skills and know-how

20 Pack o’ Puzzles 24 Animal of the Month



See if you can solve all five

Travel to the world’s largest animal conservation area

22 24

Create a super Mother’s Day surprise

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Cover Photo: Royalty-free (Dreamstime)

30 Do It Yourself


13-03-18 11:02 AM

Fr om th e ED ITOR Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be stranded on a deserted island? I have! Experience a survival mission on page 15 and learn what three must-have items you should pack in your bag, how to make a shelter, and lots more. After you’ve challenged your survival skills, journey to Africa on page 24 and explore the world’s largest conservation area, KAZA, home to animals like baboons, rhinos, hyenas, and the African wild dog. Then turn to page 28 for this month’s edition of World Watch to learn all about building wells in Africa with the Ryan’s Well Foundation. And don’t miss our poetry contest on page 42 for a chance to win a games prize pack. Have an aMAYzing time reading this issue of OWL! Check out the OWL blog at www.owlkids.com!

Reader Pic Reader Wendy sent in this picture of her dog, Maggie, with OWL Magazine. Apparently Maggie is a fan of OWL and dog biscuits!

Editor, OWL editor@owlkids.com

Poet’s Corner Reader Maeva B sent in a poem dedicated to her mother for Mother’s Day!

My Mom Beautiful , honest, caring, helping, loving. I couldn't imagine life without her. That's My Mom. Awesome job, Maeva!

Maeva and her mom


Illustration: Frefon

Photo: Royalty-free (Dreamstime)

OWL asked: What’s the one thing you would bring with you to a deserted island?

Hyped for Hoops The National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs are a slam dunk in May! Did you know that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played 20 seasons in the NBA and holds the record for most points scored in a career, with 38,387?


37% 30% 18% 12% 3%

Unlimited ice cream supply Notebook and pen My favourite book MP3 player My pillow


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Birthstone Emerald

Apr. 20 – May 20

May 21 – June 21

You like to solve problems.

You are very social.


Happy Birthday



1 OWL Challenge



Lily of the Valley 7

Follow tradition and hang a basket of flowers on your neighbour’s doorknob as a gift.

Iron Man 3

soars into theatres.

Let’s see those toes on



Happy 10 Birthday

No Socks Day.

OWL reader




Photo Month.


Mother’s Day

OWL reader





Visit Your Relatives Day

Star Trek Into Darkness warps into theatres.


Happy 22 Birthday



New from Owlkids

Tennis player

Novak Djokovic


The Calgary International Children’s Fest

Sports are everywhere. woks and rubber all? Think again! From racing …think you know them sports sure sand and golfing on ice, these or unusual, ducks to sailing boats on unique to play. But no matter how aren’t your everyday way fun. the same: having lots of the name of the game stays On your mark, get set…GO!

$13.95 CDN/$12.95

ISBN 978-1-926973-61-6

chickaDEE and OWL Publisher of Chirp,oks.com www.owlkidsbo

Maria Birmingham


me to the

Welco ts! d of spor weird worl basketball Baseball, football, hockey,


SPORTS and The strangest, funniest, the most daringest events from world of athletics and beyond!




Weird Zone: Sports



WeirdZone: SPORT


is today.


Dance Like a Chicken Day

Victoria Day




May showers bring flowers for Tulip Day.

Happy 19 Birthday

Lindsey Shaw

Fly paper airplanes at tinyurl.com/ fly300.

Snap some pics for




May Day is today!


is today.


By Maria Birmingham

By Maria Birmingham

Discover a world of weird, wild, and wacky sports.

3616 9 781926 97 02/10/12 1:22 PM

plays on. WeirdZoneSports_PB.indd



Blueberry Cheesecake Day

Om nom nom… it’s


Hamburger Day.

Celebrate with the recipe below!

29 Stranded

By Jeff Probst and Chris Tebbetts

Go on a wild family adventure that turns into a game of survival.

Memorial Day. OWL


OWL recommends

Americans observe




Mini Blueberry Cheesecakes

You’ll need:

What to do:

• 187.5 mL (¾ cups) graham • 375 mL (1½ cups) cracker crumbs blueberry pie • 15 mL (1 tbsp.) sugar filling • 30 mL (2 tbsp.) • 250 mL (1 cup) unsalted butter, frozen whipped melted topping, thawed • 250 mL (1 cup) • 6 small dessert cream cheese, softened cups or bowls

1. Make the crust by combining the graham cracker crumbs, sugar, and butter in a bowl. 2. Divide the mixture into six portions, and press each portion into the bottom of the cup.

Ask an adult before using the oven.

3. Add a layer of cream cheese to each cup and then a layer of blueberry pie filling. 4. Top with a spoonful of whipped topping. 5. Leave in the fridge to set for at least three hours.

Share this yummy dessert with all your friends!

Photos: ©2012 MVLFFLLC. TM & ©2012 Marvel (Iron Man 3); Zade Rosenthal/©2012 Paramount Pictures (Star Trek Into Darkness); all other photos royalty-free (Dreamstime, iStockphoto) All event and movie release dates were correct at the time of printing.

Mexicans celebrate their heritage on Cinco de Mayo.



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13-03-18 11:16 AM


Photo: ©Greg Epperson/Getty Images

Look out below! This outdoor enthusiast has taken camping to the next level... maybe even the highest level. Rising about 900 m (2952 ft.) from base to summit, El Capitan is a vertical rock formation in California’s Yosemite National Park. It’s also a popular place for brave rock climbers to pitch (or should we say ‘perch’?) their shelters. Talk about a steep sleep!


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13-03-18 11:19 AM



Photo: TM and ©2013 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation


In theatres May 24.

Epic Imagine being shrunk down to the size of a bug and thrown into the middle of a forest where a battle between good and evil is being fought. Well, that’s exactly what happens to Mary Katherine in Epic. Based on the book The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs, Epic follows Mary Katherine, a typical teen, as she attempts to make sense of her new size while trying to stop the evil spider queen Tara from destroying the forest. With the help of some new friends, Mary Katherine may just be able to save this tiny world… and her own. Step inside a small secret universe for a really big adventure this month.


In stores May 21.

All release dates were correct at the time of printing.

Theodore Boone: The Activist

by John Grisham We first met Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer, when he was trying to help solve a scary mystery. Then we saw him use his investigative skills to find his missing friend, April. In the third book, we watched as Theodore was accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Now he is out of the hot seat and back helping others with his legal know-how. And with a new case, Theodore must step up to the plate. Join Theodore as he continues his fight for what’s right.

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Online now.

Cartoon Universe Can’t get enough cartoons? Now you can join your favourite Looney Tunes and Scooby-Doo characters online in a cool new 3D animated experience. Cartoon Universe is a safe, browser-based online world that is free and easy to join. Users can create and customize characters, play mini-games, and collect cool outfits and items. Get ready to unlock different levels and rewards by completing tasks, solving mysteries, and much more. Check out www.cartoonuniverse.com to get started.

KIDS SCORE Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Summer Vacation By Tommy Greenwald

In stores May 7.

Kaleb Piper, 9 I absolutely loved this book! 10/10 I love the main character, and his plot to make Camp Rituhbukkee less nerdy is so funny. Kate Burnham, 10 I think this book would be 7/10 good for people who like the Popularity Papers series. I liked it because it showed the true sign of friendship. Avery Maxin, 9 You never know what’s going to happen on the next page of this book. I couldn’t put it down!


Check out owlkids.com for OWL movie reviews and more!

13-03-18 11:23 AM


Outrageous World of and



Princess, Charlie’s snake

Mitsy-Sue, Garth’s dog




Charlie’s twin sister

Alex’s twin brother

THE gang's getting ready to celebrate May day. THIS IS MY FIRST MAY DAY. WHAT'S THE DEAL?

Marvin, Alex’s cat



Charlie’s best friend





The fashion queen






The tough guy Alex’s best friend



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13-03-18 11:30 AM

A Fashionable Formula True d n a e n g a r St Wacky News

Lighten UP

Schoolwork gets stylin’! Last June, a Canadian teen made a real fashion statement when she created a graduation dress out of 75 pages of math homework. Seventeen-year-old Kara Koskowich gathered up her homework and then got busy cutting, sewing, and gluing the pages together to design a dress. She even added a colourful band of sticky notes around the waist to finish off her paper outfit. Give her an A for creativity!

Text: Maria Birmingham Illustrations: Dave Whamond Photos: Spike Malin/Rex Features (Tree-Rex); Jeremy Telford/Rex Features (balloon Hobbit house)

Last August, a British police officer noticed a suspicious bright light shining from behind the hills of an area he was patrolling. He called his colleagues to let them know he might need backup. Then the brave officer went to investigate. That’s when he discovered the source of the glowing light was... the glare of the full Moon. The embarrassed officer called the police station 20 minutes later to explain he wouldn’t need any assistance. Awkward!

Dinosaur Discovered That’s wild! A British man spotted a T. Rex on the side of a country road early last year. But there’s no need to run for cover. It wasn’t a real meat-eating dino on the loose. Spike Malin had stumbled upon an 11 m (36 ft.) tree that looked exactly like a Tyrannosaurus. Nicknamed Tree-Rex, the ash tree was covered in ivy, giving it the look of scaly green skin. Of course, once the tree’s leaves grew in, the leafy dinosaur went the way of the real dinos. Easy come, easy grow.

10 OWL

OWLMay13- 10-11 WZ.indd 10

13-03-18 11:32 AM

B reaking


These news items are hot off the presses. Can you figure out which stories are true and which ones are false?

Home Is Where the Hobbit Is Don’t blow it! An American man named Jeremy Telford is such a big fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy that he spent 40 hours crafting a Hobbit house out of balloons in his living room. Telford, who is a balloon artist, worked about three days to create the inflatable replica using 2,600 balloons. The home featured everything from a fireplace and a chandelier to an armchair and a cabinet. Telford even set up a camera to take a timelapse video of his efforts. Of course, all good things must come to an end. After three days, the artist’s kids were given the okay to dismantle the home. Get popping!

A British man recently made headlines when he took a job as a human scarecrow. TRUE

The South American country Bolivia recently announced it is replacing its stainless-steel coins with ones made from wood. TRUE

OWLMay13- 10-11 WZ.indd 11


In April, scientists discovered an elephantsized diamond in a cave in Norway. TRUE


Last fall, an American man took to the skies in a house attached to a bunch of helium balloons. TRUE


Answers: 1. True 2. False 3. True 4. False 5. True

Time to pay up? A woman in France recently received a cellphone bill that was more than she’d bargained for. In fact, it was $15,000,000,000,000,000 more. (Yes, you read that right. Fifteen quadrillion dollars!) When Solenne San Jose received the extreme bill, she knew it was a mistake, so she contacted the phone company. However, the company insisted she pay up. San Jose kept calling back until she found someone who realized the astronomical amount was a printing error. Her real charges were just under $150. In the end, the company paid the bill as a way of apologizing for the mix-up. That was a close call!


A 13-year-old American girl has invented a lollipop that cures hiccups. TRUE

Sorry, Wrong Number!


OWL 11

13-03-18 11:34 AM

HOUSE RULES Are you ready to stay home alone? Canada doesn’t have a country-wide law that says kids have to be a certain age to stay home alone. The laws vary from province to province, and some even leave the decision entirely up to the parents. But a lot of organizations, like the Canada Safety Council, suggest that 10 is an acceptable age for kids to start staying home on their own for short periods of time. Many of these organizations also offer “Home Alone” courses to help get kids ready. However, not everyone thinks it’s a good idea for kids to stay home alone at this age, even if they have taken a course. Some say that there are too many risks, and that a lot of kids are just not mature enough to handle the responsibility.

This month, three OWL readers debate the question: Should kids be able to stay home alone at age 10?

Ydeensou, ghth.ey’re

Photo: Royalty-free (Dreamstime)


Ten-year-olds e know how to mak d an simple snacks how to entertain ing 9 themselves by read James, r g thei nny DVDs, or usin books, watching fu ctures, and ite stories, draw pi imagination to wr to visit ey also know how Th . ys to r ei th th play wi lls. answer phone ca safe websites and is safe t kids know what os m , 10 of e ag e At th different ey have practised and what is not. Th as fire s in schools, such ill sk al iv rv su of types

OWLMay13- 12-13 HotTopic.indd 12

arned ills, and they’ve le dr ke ua hq rt ea and sa fety, onsibility, internet about social resp They have unication skills. m m co r he ot d an and not to play w ith fire also learned not phone strangers on the to lk ta or t us tr to ving a nd if kids are ha or the internet. A they can or feeling lonely, e, m ho at m le ob pr nts on a h w ith their pare always get in touc cellphone. more chances to Overall, kids need ty so that their abili stay by themselves be n ca rent situations to deal w ith diffe more This makes a kid d. pe lo ve de lly fu arter e creative, and sm independent, mor oblems. when handling pr

2013-03-21 12:10 PM


en I was 10 years Alone” course wh h safer now, and old and I feel muc ion guide to help I have an instruct tr usts me ever me. My mom also urse. I also took since I took the co se, and soon my a babysitting cour Selena, 12 ne” course. ke the “Home Alo ta to g in go is r o can younger brothe mature person wh , le sib on sp re a fine after Overall, if a kid is or she should be he e, on al ft le kids take the be tr usted to be ry important that ve ’s It . se ur co e th strangers, taking th about dealing wi s ill sk y ar ss ce ne ls, avoiding course to learn cooking easy mea d, ai st fir sic ba g t emergency practisin having importan d an , gs in th d ol harmful househ em at all times. numbers with th

N , o too much could go w

rong. There is a lot of responsibility invo lved in staying home alone. Kid s need to know important phone numbers and who to contact in ca se of an Charlotte, 12 emergenc y, to name just a few things. If kids are may not be able not mature, they to handle the resp onsibility while th parents are away. eir In my opinion, no t all kids 10 and older are mature responsible enou or gh. Even if kids ar e very responsible, could still be unsa it fe for them to stay home alone. The could be an emer re gency, and if ther e are no adults arou it’s easier for a ki nd, d to get injured. I think it’s up to the kids and thei r parents to deci But if kids are pe de. rmitted to stay ho me alone, it shou be for more than ld not one or two hours.


You tell us: Should kids be able to stay home alone at age 10?

In December we asked: Do you have more group fun ideas for the holidays?

Photo: Royalty-free (Dreamstime)

Okennlaycourifse.thI toeyokhaa “Hveome

“Play games, exchange poems, or read books together.” — James “You can have a great time without a gift exchange. Meet with your friends and watch movies or play board games.” — Bethany “Instead of exchanging gifts, bake cupcakes together. The person who decorates their cupcake the most creatively gets to eat their cupcake first!” — Caroline “You could go rock climbing or see a movie.” — Paige “Make some crafts together.” — Gina “You could have a scavenger hunt that involves fun but challenging tasks.” — Abbie

YES, they’re old enough. ONLY IF they have taken a course. NO, too much could go wrong.

Send your opinion to: Hot Topic c/o OWL (see address page 39) OR vote at www.owlkids.com. OWL 13

OWLMay13- 12-13 HotTopic.indd 13

2013-03-21 12:11 PM

CLASSROOM OF THE MONTH Ms. Vitti’s class at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School in Toronto, Ontario Cause: Clean Water

been busy collecting Students at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School have developing countries. pennies in order to provide clean water for those in aign, every bag of Through Free The Children’s We Create Change camp for life. The school n perso pennies collected provides clean water to one in Ms. Vitti’s class have has collected a total of 119 bags and the students ! helped contribute a total of 14 bags. Wow, what a team

Email us at Want to be OWL’s Classroom of the Month? y! change@owlkids.com and enter your class toda



ONE CHAIN. ONE PERSON. ONE YEAR OF CLEAN WATER. metowe.com/waterrafiki Me to We store | 223 Carlton Street, Toronto, ON, M5A 2L2 store@metowe.com | Bulk orders: 416-964-8942 ext. 601

OWL_MAY13_WeDayAd.indd 14

100% of proceeds support Free The Children’s Water Initiative to provide permanent access to clean water for 100,000 people.

2013-03-21 12:42 PM


D E T R E S DE ? D N A L S I

You're stranded on a deserted island. Now what? It's time to test your survival skills and learn some tricks to surviving without water, food, and electricity while you wait to be rescued.

Sink and Think Fast!

You are sailing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Boom! A whale tha t’s a little too curious knocks the hul l of your boat. The boat capsizes and it’s going to sink! You have just enough time to gra b three things before you jump into the water. These objects will help you survive until you are rescued.

What do you grab?

Mark the three objects that you choose:

❏ ❏ ❏

Lighter Pen Knife

❏ ❏ ❏

Laces Toothbrush Watch

You jump in the water just in time. The boat disappears under the waves. Luckily, there’s an island not far away. You swim to the beach, rest a bit in the sand, and begin to think about what you must do to survive!

Turn t he page.

OWLMay13- 15-17 Feature.indd 15

13-03-18 12:35 PM



Climb a Mountain WHY? To see if there’s other land nearby and to hopefully see a boat.

YOUR MISSION From the six actions below, choose the five that you need to do to survive and decide which order to do them in.

Find Drinkable Water

Adapted from: Les DĂŠbrouillards, June 2012 Text: Bruno Lamolet Illustration: Frefon Consultant: Olivier Rey

WHY? Without water you will become dehydrated in a couple of days. Eventually your heart rate and breathing will accelerate, and your body temperature will rise. You may even become delirious.

Make a Shelter WHY? This protects you from rain and wind, which can cause hypothermia (a big drop in your base body temperature).

16 OWL

OWLMay13- 15-17 Feature.indd 16

2013-03-21 2:12 PM

Find Food WHY? If you only drink water, you can survive a couple of weeks. But when your body is hungry, it starts to burn fat and muscle for nourishment. Without food, you will lose weight and physical effort will become more difficult.

Make a Distress Signal WHY? This helps rescuers locate you. The faster they find you, the less likely you’ll suffer from hypothermia, dehydration, and hunger.

Make a Fire WHY? If it’s cold, the heat of a fire will warm your body. Without fire to warm you, you will shiver uncontrollably within a few hours. Moving and thinking will become difficult.

Your Plan to Survive Write down which fiv e actions you chose.

1. 2. 3.

Did you choose the five things you’re going to do to survive? Good! You have established a survival plan. Now put it into action. Turn the page to find out how!

4. 5. OWLMay13- 15-17 Feature.indd 17

2013-03-21 2:13 PM



HOW WOULD YOU COPE IN NATURE? Compare your notes to see if you guessed the right order of these steps to survive and find out how to do them.

1. Make a Fire First, collect dead wood. If you brought a lighter, starting a fire will be easy. If not, you will have to learn how to make a fire the hard way! If you can create enough friction between a spindle (stick) and a dry piece of wood, you can make an ember that can be used to create a fire. Once you’ve started your fire, burn twigs first and then gradually add bigger pieces of wood.

2. Find Drinkable Water If there is a stream, you’re in luck! If not, collect rainwater. Some tropical flowering plants, like pineapples, collect water at the base of their leaves. Or look in holes in the rocks. You can also cover a hole in the ground with a large palm leaf to collect water. Do not drink seawater. It is too salty and will harm your body.

3. Build a Shelter Collect long branches from the ground or from trees. If you brought laces, use them to tie the branches together to construct a solid frame. Then create the roof with large palm leaves. If you didn’t bring laces, lean the branches against a big rock and cover them with palm leaves. If you’re lucky, you might find natural shelter, like a cave. But be careful there’s not an animal inside!

18 OWL

OWLMay13- 15-17 Feature.indd 18

13-03-18 12:40 PM

Three Things

4. Find Food On the menu: fish, iguana, and coconut. How appetizing! Make a harpoon by sharpening the end of a branch with a knife. If you don’t have a knife, you’ll have to catch fish with your bare hands. That’s not an easy task! Coconuts are very useful because you can drink the milk inside and eat the meat. The coconut can also be used as an eating bowl or water cup. Remember never to eat fruit that you don’t recognize. Some are beautiful but poisonous.

The three most useful objects are the knife, the lighter, and the laces. How many of the three objects did you bring?

All 3: Way to go! You are well equipped to survive. 1 or 2: You’ll make it, but it might take a lot of effort. 0: You should hope that rescue comes quickly!

5. Make a Distress Signal Now you can make a distress signal so that rescuers can find you easily. For planes, the international sign for distress is a V. Trace a big one in the sand or make two branches into a V. You can also trace the letters “SOS,” the international Morse code distress signal. This is how SOS is written in Morse code:

···———··· Three dots stand for S, three dashes stand for O, and the last three dots are the final S!

6. Climb the Mountain Conserve Energy!

When you eat and sleep less than normal, your body uses reserves. Do not waste effort on risky or unnecessary things for survival. Save your energy

and do not take risks like climbing mountains. If you get injured and are unable to walk for a few days, you won’t be able to find food and water.

Just for Fun! Write a survival island story and send it to owl@owlkids.com.

OWL 19

OWLMay13- 15-17 Feature.indd 19

13-03-18 12:46 PM

PACK O’ PUZZLES Can you map out the solutions to all five puzzles? Answers page 40.

PICK A PATH a orPath Which path Pick (A, B, C, D) leads to the

TOUGH TIME All of the times on these watches are wrong. One watch is 3 minutes off, another is 14 minutes off, and the third is 20 minutes off. Can you figure out what the real time is?

centre of the maze?



20 OWL

OWLMay13- 20-21 Puzzles.indd 20

13-03-18 12:52 PM


Place the numbers below in the circles so that each line adds up to 15. You can only use each number once.

How many times can you find the word “tree” in the grid below? Look up, down, across, diagonally, and backwards.

Summing It Up

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9

5 Going in Circles TREETREETE RETETTEERT EEERTREEER ETREEEEREE E R RRead R T Ethe E R clues TE and fill in the words. EEEETREEEE The last letter of each word is the first RETEETEERT letter of the next word. We’ve done the TREEREERER fi rst one for you. ETREEEERTE TEERTREETE













Photos: Royalty-free (Dreamstime)


Illustrations: Caroline Versteeg

CLUES: 1. You pitch this on a campsite 2. Common reptile 3. North, south, _ _ _ _, and west 4. You’ll need this after a swim 5. Bloodsucker 6. Popular activity that involves walking on trails 7. Non-poisonous snake found in North America 8. The Rocky Mountains are also called “The _ _ _ _ _ _ _” 9. Forested wetland 10. Algonquin Provincial _ _ _ _



OWL 21

OWLMay13- 20-21 Puzzles.indd 21

13-03-18 1:00 PM

What Would you Rather Do? Answer the hilarious questions below, then ask your friends and family, too!

Would you rather sleep in a tent with a bullfrog OR a tree fort with a screech-owl? Would you rather eat baked beans every day for a year OR never eat your favourite food again? Would you rather compete on Survivor OR The Amazing Race? Would you rather bungee-jump off a cliff OR kayak through extremely wild waters? Would you rather walk barefoot through a forest OR swim across a slimy river?

Illustrations: Clayton Hanmer

Would you rather be able to breathe under water OR communicate with animals? Would you rather be stranded on an island with your best friend OR the cast of The Hunger Games? Would you rather wear hiking boots on your hands for a day OR gardening gloves on your feet? Would you rather go canoeing in a river full of piranhas OR crocodiles?

22 OWL

OWLMay13- 22 CTON_WYR.indd 22

Would you rather be unable to cut your hair OR your toenails?

2013-03-21 12:19 PM



Fill in both grids so that each row, column, and mini-grid contains the numbers one through six. Answers page 40.

32 4 3 EASY 5 1 1 1 3 1 63 36 14 6 4 3 1 5 3 3 5 6 3 5 5 6 2

4 5 6


2 6 2 6 5HARD 3 52 3 2 5 5 6 6 4 5 4 5 5 1 52 1 2 3 5 3 5 OWL 23

OWLMay13- 23 Puzzle_Sudoku.indd 23

2013-03-21 12:20 PM

L A M I N A G N I Z A M A CONSERVATION feeling a little safer these The animals in Africa may be ation of the world’s largest days, thanks to the official cre ning five African countries, an Sp . rch Ma t las a are on ati conserv ntier Conservation Area the Kavango Zambezi Transfro kind. Read on to learn more (KAZA TFCA) is the first of its wildlife, and how the about the conservation area, its together to protect it. African countries are working


MAMMALS Rhino Buffalo Leopard


The KAZA TFCA is home to pretty much all of Africa’s famous animals, including the elephant, leopard, rhino, buffalo, and lion. In fact, the conservation area has the largest African elephant population on the continent! The 250,000 elephants of the KAZA TCFA can be found mostly in northern Botswana and western Zimbabwe. Other rare or endangered wildlife species living in the area include cheetahs, black rhinos, African wild dogs, and honey badgers (which are not as sweet as their name suggests).









WHAT: The Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA TFCA) bia, and WHERE: Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zam Zimbabwe in Africa ately SIZE: Almost the size of Italy at approxim mi.) sq. 800 287,000 sq. km (110, ies, 128 HOME TO: 197 mammal species, 601 bird spec ies spec reptile species, and 50 amphibian tats GOAL: To protect the animals and their habi

24 OWL

OWLMay13- 24-25 AOM.indd 24

13-03-18 1:03 PM


Black-backed Barbet

Kafue National Park

There are 12 Important Bird Areas (IBAs), key sites for bird conservation, in the KAZA TFCA. One of them is Kafue National Park in Zambia. You can find about 491 bird species there, and many of them you’ve probably never heard of before! There’s the African Finfoot, Black-backed Barbet, and Spotted Creeper, to name just a few. Overall, there are about 601 known bird species in the KAZA TFCA. Of those, 524 are African Finfoot known to breed within the area. That’s a lot of baby birds!


Thick-tailed Gecko


Spotted Creeper

Kalahari Desert Region


Most of the reptiles and amphibians are found along the upper Zambezi River or in the Kalahari Desert. The Nile crocodile is the biggest in the bunch, growing up to 6 m (20 ft.) and 680 kg (1,500 lb.), but there are approximately 127 other reptile species in the area. Some are small and relatively harmless, like the Thick-tailed gecko at just 13 cm (5 in.) in length. Others are a little more dangerous, like the venomous puff adder. You can also find about 50 different species of amphibians in the KAZA TFCA, including the African bullfrog, Bubbling Kassina, and Square-marked toad.

Puff Adder

African Bullfrog


1 Joint law enforcement policies to stop illegal wildlife trade and poaching. 2 Removal of fences between the countries’ borders to allow animals, such as the African elephant, to roam and migrate freely. 3 Sharing of money and other resources to protect the landscape, including forests, rivers, and wetlands.

OWLMay13- 24-25 AOM.indd 25

To find out more about the world’s largest conservation area, the KAZA TFCA, visit www.kavangozambezi.org.

Photos: Kim Sullivan/SplashdownDirect/Rex Features (lion); Michael Flaherty (Black-backed Barbet); PREMAPHOTOS/ NPL/Minden Pictures (Thick-tailed gecko); Ignacio Yufera/ FLPA/Minden Pictures (African Finfoot); Sumeet Moghe Creative Commons (Spotted Creeper); ©The Africa Image Library/Alamy (African bullfrog); Levent Songur (crocodile); all other photos royalty-free (Dreamstime) Consultant: Marco Festa-Bianchet, University of Sherbrooke

Here are three ways that the five countries of KAZA (Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe) have joined forces to help protect animal populations.

OWL 25

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Photos: © Ben Nelms/Reuters (red shirt); Paul Crock/AFP/Getty Images (blue skirt); all other images royalty-free (Dreamstime) lllustrations: Claude Bordeleau

KO! Just three months shy of her fifteenth birthday, Lydia Ko became the youngest champion ever of ladies pro golf. In August 2012, she wowed the world again, winning the CN Canadian Women’s Open. What makes this New Zealander the girl wonder of golf? Check out the science behind her game. By Keltie Thomas

DOESN’T PLAY HEAD GAMES Lydia doesn’t psych herself out by overthinking her shots, and that’s key to her success. Overthinking can be dangerous in golf, because it leads to second-guessing. Then a golfer’s confidence crumbles, her muscles tense up, and she can’t swing with her usual muscle control. So Lydia doesn’t think about what she’s done or what’s to come. She focuses on what she is doing in the present moment. This allows her to play to the best of her ability, making shot after shot.

26 OWL

OWLMay13- 26-27 ScienceUpClose.indd 26

2013-03-21 12:25 PM

HER SWING HAS ZING The power to drive the ball comes from the speed of a player’s swing. The faster the swing, the more power it transfers to the ball and the farther the ball can travel. What makes Lydia stand out from the crowd on the green is her swing. She swings a golf club with perfect tempo, or speed of motion, and precision. When golf pros swing, the clubhead (top of club) can reach speeds of more than 160 km/h (100 mph). But depending on the shot, not just any speed will do. Say, for example, the clubhead goes 177 km/h (110 mph) rather than 178 km/h (111 mph). The ball could roll off the green instead of landing near the hole. What’s more, if the clubhead wriggles ever so slightly on the downswing, the ball can fly as much as 27 m (89 ft.) off course and travel a much shorter distance.

Dimple Direction Ever notice that a golf ball has a ton of dimples? In the early days of golf, when balls were made from the dried gum of a tree, players noticed that the more scuffed and beat up the ball got, the better it flew through air. Soon balls were made with rough and then dimpled surfaces. Studies later showed that when air flows over a smooth ball, it forms a swirling current around the ball. This current is called a “drag” and it slows the ball down. Who knew dimples could zap a drag?

AWESOME ABILITY Lydia is a natural-born golfer. Even though a golf swing lasts less than a second, it requires thousands of muscle movements that many golfers, including pros, spend hours practising and trying to perfect. But according to coach Guy Wilson, Lydia’s swing has hardly changed since she was nine years old. That’s not all. “She’s got the ability to square the clubface up like no one,” Wilson told The New York Times. “It’s pretty freaky, and really, really early you could see it.” The more square, or level, the clubface is when it strikes the ball, the straighter the shot will be. Even though it doesn’t sound like much, a difference of half a degree can cause the ball to hook left or slice right by as much as 18 m (59 ft.)!

GIGGLES GALORE Ha, ha, ha! Hee, hee, hee! Unlike most players, Lydia skips across the green, jokes around with her caddie, and gets the giggles regularly. The girl wonder of golf even laughs at her bad shots! So what’s the big deal? According to scientists, the muscle movements that make the sound “ha, ha, ha” trigger the brain to release endorphins, chemicals that make us feel good. The more we laugh, the more comfortable and free we feel. Laughing also reduces the chemicals we release under stress and blasts away built-up tension in the mind and body. So laughing can help Lydia cope with the pressure of competing, or being the youngest competitor, just like it lets her play the game for fun. OWL 27

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The Quest for Clean Water In 1998, at the age of six, Ryan Hreljac learned that there were people in Africa who didn’t have access to clean water. From that day onwards, he decided to do something about it.

Photos: Courtesy of Ryan’s Well Foundation

Ryan’s Stor y Ryan first learned about the need for clean, safe water in Grade 1. After listening to his teacher tell his class about kids in Africa without access to clean water, Ryan was motivated to help. Ryan made presentations to schools, churches, the local Rotary Club, and community groups to raise awareness and money to build a well. His class said, “We’ll help you,” and held a fundraiser. Then the class down the hall got involved... and eventually the whole school did too. The local paper did a story about Ryan’s initiative, and as the news of his efforts spread, people were touched and sent money to help. In 1999, Ryan’s first well, which is still in operation today, was built at Angolo Primary School in Uganda, Africa. That same year, Ryan’s teacher arranged for his students to become pen pals with the class at Angolo. Ryan and a boy named Jimmy Akana wrote letters to each other before meeting in person during Ryan’s first trip to Uganda in 2000. The boys became good friends. In 2001, the Ryan’s Well Foundation was formed. Twelveyear-old Jimmy came to Canada on a visitor’s visa and lived with Ryan’s family. Eventually he obtained refugee status and became a permanent member of the Hreljac family. Jimmy is now a Canadian citizen and lives in Canada. He helps spread the word about the Ryan’s Well Foundation. Since the foundation started, Ryan’s team has helped build over 720 wells and 910 latrines (toilets), bringing safe water and improved sanitation to over 760,500 people.

Here’s a snapshot of Ryan’s journey through the years. 1.

Ryan during his first visit to Uganda in 2000.


Ryan walking to Angolo Primary School.


Ryan and Jimmy meeting for the first time at the Angolo Primary School’s well in Uganda in 2000.


Ryan and Jimmy sharing their story in the Netherlands in 2005.


Ryan with local kids in Angolo.


Ryan returns to Angolo in 2006.


The Ryan’s Well Foundation team at Angolo in 2007.


Ryan and Jimmy give thanks in 2011.


Ryan speaking at a conference in 2012.

10. Ryan and Ryan’s Well Foundation Director Jane Baird at the CTV Amazing People Gala in 2012.

“It just wasn’t fair to me that other kids spent their entire days walking miles upon miles for dirty water. Once I thought that I could do something about it, I just decided to act. I didn’t think of it as changing the world but rather trying to make the world a little more fair.” – Ryan

28 OWL

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OBAL CAUSES LOCAL TO GLOBAL CAUSES LOCA “It’s really your attitude that makes the difference. I try to stay positive. I remind myself that although these may be small steps, if you keep at it and never give up, the impact of your steps will grow year after year.” – Ryan



4 3



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May means Mother’s Day! It’s the time of year when you remind your mom, or someone else special, why you’re such a great pair. Here are 10 ways to channel your creative side into a thank-you that’s super special.

1 ic Make a com of e n based on o te your favouri f memories o ou y g somethin r. did togethe

This is especially good for h stories wit to s fun thing draw...

itchen was essy the k m w o h e k li ... Mother’s d to make ie tr u o y n whe ear. fast last y Day break

On small pieces of paper, write out at least 50 reasons why you love your mom, like “You take care of me when I'm sick” and “You taught me big words like ‘unacceptable,’ ‘behaviour,’ and ‘symphony.’” Put them inside a box, jar, or other container you can decorate. She can keep it someplace special and go back to it throughout the year.



Write a short story about you and your mom on some imaginary adventure. You could be space wizards or unicorn pirates. You could even make it a choose her own adventure!

Cut out a p hoto of your mom’s favo urite celebri ty (Ryan Gosli ng? Sandra Bullock? Yo da?). Add it to a photo o f your mom so it looks li ke they are hanging ou t. Put them in a homemade or unused fr ame.

8 Do you like to make videos? Why not edit the family videos to make a new story featuring you and your mom? You can add sound and special effects to make it silly and hilarious, or “sillarious.”

Text and Illustration: Brian McLachlan



e Make a board gam based on memorable ily, moments with your fam e at like “Get stung by a be tting ge rn cottage. Miss a tu trip! ice.” Or “Family road . Miss Are we there yet? No es tak it a turn because soooo long.”



Write a poem. If you know ’em, you might try an acrostic, a haiku, or a limerick to show your mom that she’s the bomb!


Real flowers can fade quickly. With construction paper, scissors, and glue, you can make some that will last for years. You can even make up new flowers, like threelips, laughodil, dandytigers, and chrysanthe-moms.

Does she love to do the crossword? Make your mom her own special puzzle with clues designed just for her. Try: “Our favourite meal to cook together: Pizza!” or “Where we first met: Hospital.”



on Make a bunch of coup for that can be redeemed lly has ua us m things your mo do. to u trouble getting yo ding They can include unloa g her to the dishwasher, askin watch n ca pick a movie you r win at together, or letting he a video game.

30 OWL

OWLMay13- 30 DIY_MothersDay.indd 30

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r hunt through Go on a scavenge e pages and find this issue. Flip th ures. each of these pict







Background image: Royalty-free (Dreamstime)


OWLMay13- 31 Find Me.indd 31


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VEXING VILLAGE Max Finder, Grade 7 detective, here. We were on a class field trip to Swift Brook Pioneer Village, and our guide, Bev Bryce, was finishing up the tour at the old schoolhouse. nice dunce cap, gordon!

okay, everyone. time to head over to the picnic tables for lunch.

looks like goofing off in class is a timeless activity. check out gordon and his friends.

Gordon Barnes is new at our school and a bit of a class clown. We were surprised to see him leaving with the dunce cap. hey, gordon! forgetting something?

oh, right! i was just about to put it back.

Gordon put the dunce cap back and left for lunch. We tried to do the same but didn‛t get very far.

Lance Reeves was the older brother of our classmate Felix. He seemed really eager to talk to us.

lance! what are YOU doing here? and why are you dressed like that?

Text: Craig Battle

Colour: Jim Charalampidis


i'm working here to raise money for college, but someone stole my velocipede!

i’m sorry. your… what?

32 OWL

OWLMay13- 32-35 Max.indd 32

13-03-18 1:59 PM

I was standing with the velocipede by the post office, waiting for tour groups to come through. That’s when I heard a deep voice behind the building calling my name.

velocipede, max. it was one of the first bicycles ever, and it’s my job to demonstrate it. i lost it once before, and bev said if i lost it again, she would have to fire me, so i need your help.

hey, lance!

how’d it go missing?

i went to check it out, but no one was around. when i got back to the front of the post office, a tour group had passed by and the velocipede was gone.

none! my friend maggie wood works in the blacksmith shop as an apprentice, and she helped me find it last time. i need to find her, but if bev sees me without the velocipede, i’m toast!

by the sounds of it, that was our tour group. but we were at the back and i didn’t see anything.

don’t worry, lance. you hide out and we’ll do some sleuthing while our class is at lunch.

me neither. do you have any idea who might’ve stolen it?

i think i have a solution for that…

but we’ll stick out like sore thumbs! if anyone from the staff sees us walking around on our own, they’ll send us back to the tour group.

OWL 33

OWLMay13- 32-35 Max.indd 33

13-03-18 1:59 PM

Even though this had “bad idea” written all over it, Alison and I put on some spare costumes. But blending in was only part of our problem. We still had to figure out who to talk to… and fast.

As we set out to find Lance’s friend Maggie at the blacksmith shop, we discovered we weren’t the only ones in disguise.

looks like the coast is clear, max. where to?

excuse me, sir. can you tell me where we can find maggie? at your service! since we’re going to need a lucky horseshoe to solve this case, let's start at the place where we can get one.

Most blacksmith apprentices in the 1800s were boys, so Maggie dressed up like one and spoke in a deep voice to play her part. She was shocked when we told her about the velocipede.

velocipedes were called boneshakers because it hurt to ride them. lance says the pedals always catch on the cuffs of his pants. maybe he hid the velocipede so he wouldn’t have to ride it anymore.

lance lost it again?! i’m beginning to think he wants to lose what do that thing! you mean?

Maggie had an interesting theory about Lance, but Alison and I had some theories of our own. We’d seen Gordon almost walk off with the dunce cap earlier. Could he have taken the velocipede, too?

psst! gordon!

yeah, it’s us, gordon. we don’t have time to explain. what do you know about a stolen velocipede… er, bike?

max? alison? is that you?

34 OWL

OWLMay13- 32-35 Max.indd 34

13-03-18 1:59 PM

Before we could ask a follow-up question, we were called into action on another job. Just not our job…

don't blame me! i saw an old-timey bike today when we were walking past the post office. some guy in costume grabbed it and rode away.

hey! what are you doing here? we need two villagers to run a butter-churning demonstration for the twindale school group. let’s go!

uh, we’re, uh… yes, ma’am.

Getting caught by Bev wasn’t part of the plan, but it gave me a chance to talk to her. Luckily, Alison knew a lot about churning butter.

sorry we were late, bev. we stopped to say hi to lance. lance? he’s on velocipede duty. he better not have lost that bike again or i'll have to give the job to his friend.

this, um, thing here is called a churn. and you use it to, um, churn milk into butter.

A few minutes later, our demonstration was done and we were ready to head out. But we were too late. The next students were already in the building and they were from a little school called Central Meadows.

thanks, lance, but that’s not exactly true. it wasn’t lost. it was stolen!

and we know who stole it.

hey guys, look! it's max and alison!

you’re students?!

don’t blame them, bev! they only dressed up like that so they could help me find the velocipede i lost.

Do you know who stole the velocipede? All the clues are here. Turn to page 41 for the solution.

Watch for the Case of the report card crisis next month in owl!

Can’t get enough “Max”? Check out the Collected Casebooks at www.owlkids.com/store

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13-03-18 2:00 PM

t u I t o Ab Crush Confusion I have a crush on a boy my friend likes. She’s liked him a lot longer than I have, and I don’t want my friend to be mad, but I really want to tell this boy how I feel. What should I do? Jordana, 14

O WL readers sh are ad v i c e

If your friend is a good friend, she will understand that you like him, too.


Don’t risk losing a friendship over a boy!

Jo, 11

Advice from a celebrity Just tell her that you have a crush on him, too. She should accept this if she’s really your friend.

Tell your friend that you have a crush on this boy. Then ask if she’d be okay with you telling him.

Write your friend a letter about it.

Tell your friend that you like the same boy. Then maybe you can work something out.

Santana, 11

Calla, 11

Try talking to your friend first. That way, she won’t feel like you’re going behind her back.

Talia, 14


Sophie, 10

Your friend might not be interested anymore. Talk to the boy.


Hi Jordana, Good friends are hard to find. Letting a boy get in between that would be silly. There are lots of guys out there, and he’s probably a crush that will fade away. However, if after a little while the butterflies are still flying and you’re still stumbling over your words when you see him, try having an honest conversation with your friend before you talk to him. If the friendship is strong, she should understand. Jessica Tyler Actor, Degrassi: The Next Generation

36 OWL

OWLMay13- 36-37 TAI.indd 36

13-03-18 2:01 PM

Dad Dilemma I just made student of the month at my school, but my dad doesn’t seem to care. When I told him, he just nodded and changed the subject. What should I do? Slade, 10

Tell your dad that you want him to pay more attention to your life in school, and that he should be excited!

Ella, 10

Your dad may not realize that you care. I’m sure if you talk to him about it, he’ll get more interested.

Maybe he didn’t hear you.


Tell your dad that this means a lot to you, and that you feel he doesn’t care. If that makes you uncomfortable, tell your mom. She’ll probably do something about it.

Angela, 9

Ariel, 13

I would sit down and show him what you have been doing at school. Just always remember, he loves you.

Josephine, 11

Give YOUR Advice! “I am jealous of a girl in my class. She gets good grades, has lots of friends, and always has the best clothes. I feel so guilty for being jealous, because she’s always so nice to me. I just can’t seem to help myself. What should I do?” Agatha, 12

It’s really hard when adults don’t seem to understand how you feel. Tell him that it’s actually an important matter.

Isabelle, 12

Advice from an expert Maybe your dad doesn’t understand why you were selected as student of the month and what this means to you. You should bring up the topic again and ask him why he dismissed your achievement. Start with something like, “Dad, do you remember the other day when I told you that I won student of the month? You seemed to pass it off. That hurt my feelings. Do you understand why I was selected?” Allow him time to respond. Once he understands how important this is to you, he can share in your sense of pride. Ross Newhook Head of Student Services Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School

Make sure your dad understands that this is important to you.


Email your advice to owl@owlkids.com.

“I have a snoring problem. My friends always tease me at sleepovers because the noise keeps them awake. On top of that, my dad and brother make fun of my snoring by imitating what it sounds like. It really hurts my feelings because it’s something that I can’t control. What should I do?” Carlos, 11

Answers to appear in the September 2013 issue!

When you have tough problems and difficult situations to deal with, it helps to talk to someone. Remember you can always contact our friends at Kids Help Phone at 1 800 668 6868 or www.kidshelpphone.ca. It’s free and anonymous. You can contact them from anywhere in Canada 24 hours a day to get help from a professional counsellor.

OWL 37

OWLMay13- 36-37 TAI.indd 37

13-03-18 2:01 PM

-> Last

What type of flower do frogs keep at home? Abigail Ducie, 9


What If…

walking sent a shudder through the world?


Find me somewhere in this issue.

Silly Sketch What is this?

Why did the lady put wheels on her rocking chair? Because she wanted to rock and roll.

So he could make a clean getaway.

What does a snail say when it’s riding on a turtle’s back?

Maddy, 12

Dominique Kurtz, 10

P It’s a hiker with a big backpack.

They are both in the middle of water.

Why did the robber take a bath?

What can cows drive?

I was playing in my grandma’s front yard with a friend. All of a sudden, giant bananas came walking down the street. My friend and I ran inside and watched them out the front window.


Brittany, 12

Kelli, 10

Crazy Dream


What do the letter “T” and an island have in common?

What did the gum say to the shoe? “Get off me!”

Brain Buster


Send us your jokes, brain busters, embarrassing moments, crazy dreams, What If… ideas, and silly sketches to Last Laugh (address page 39). Look for them in an upcoming issue.

Embarrassing Moment I was at the park with my sister and friends. I bent down to tie my shoe, but then my pants ripped! I was so embarrassed, I felt like my face was on fire! Noelle, 11

38 OWL

OWLMay13- 38-39 LL.indd 38

13-03-18 2:03 PM

Fill in the speech balloons, cut out or photocopy this page, and send it to us c/o Last Laugh. We’ll print our favourites in an upcoming issue. Photo: Rex Features

Who spends the most time in the bathroom? A plumber!

What do you get when you cross an elephant with a fish? Juliana Jarmoszko Swimming trunks.

If someone is


(say: lo-KWAY-shus) he or she is: a) very colourful b) very small c) very talkative c) very talkative

If you see these clues, you may want to bring an umbrella.

“8, 9, 10. Yep, they’re all there.”

Bear: “Sit-ups are harder than I thought.” Andrew Langford, 10 Bear: “Head and shoulders, knees and… Let’s just stick with knees.” M. Noles Bear: “Can someone help me? I’m kind of stuck.” Max Mezo, 11 Bear: “I think I ate too much salmon because I can't get up.” Nethan Grant

Predict a rainstor m

Josie Nicholson

Bear: “Why would I paint my toenails that colour?” Hannah Repetski, 10

Photo: ©Doug Lindstrand/Glow images

Word Power

OWL readers were bear-y imaginative with December’s Photo Fun!

Bear: “Does anybody know the bear slide?” Madi Lessard Bear: “These gymnastics classes aren’t paying off.” Justin Gelinas, 12 Bear: “I should stick to hibernating.” Megan, 10 Bear: “Look at me! I can touch my toes. Ow!” Alex Karagiannia, 9 Bear: “I should have got a doormat for the cave.” Lance Wagner Bear: “Oh no! Can someone give me a paw?” Olivia Bence, 11

The weather vane on top of your house spins around twice.

Doors and windows are hard to open.

Leaves on trees flip over.

Spiders leave their webs.

Grass is dry in the morning.

OUR ADDRESS Put it in the mail! Write to us at: OWL 10 Lower Spadina Ave., Suite 400 Toronto, ON, Canada M5V 2Z2 website: www.owlkids.com email: owl@owlkids.com OWL 39

OWLMay13- 38-39 LL.indd 39

13-03-18 2:03 PM

Reply All


OWL Readers Write

OWL readers RULE!

“Your magazine is my favourite to read! The Alex and Charlie comics are so funny.” Hannah Shaw


“Dear OWL, I love coming home to my new issue of OWL each month. I kick back, relax, and start reading! ” Joe Fitzgerald, 11

In the December issue, OWL asked you to vote for the movie awards. We've tallied up the results and the awards go to...

“Hi OWL, Whenever I have a free second I find myself reading your magazine. Now I’m thinking about subscribing to it each month!”

Best Hero: Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games Most Action: The Avengers

Noah Schroepfer

Best Villain: Pitch, Rise of the Guardians Most Laughs: Hotel Transylvania Best Actor: Martin Freeman, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Best Movie: The Hunger Games

WINNERS These three winners receive a Hobbit prize pack!

40 OWL

OWLMay13- 40-41 Hoot.indd 40

Holly McCool, 10

“Dear OWL, I have a suggestion for your magazine. Maybe you should have a section where kids can post one of their embarrassing moments.” Emma, 11 From the Editor:

“Hi Emma. Good idea. We always include one embarrassing moment in Last Laugh, so make sure you send us yours!”

Answers Pack O’ Puzzles, page 20 Pick a Path Pick a Path B

Tree Times Tree 25



Summing It Up Summing It Up

5 2 6 4 3 1 2 1 3 6 4 5 3 6 2 1 5 4

1 6 4 3 5 2

3 2 5 1 4 6

4 5 6 2 1 3

2 5 3 4 6 1

5 2 4 3 1 6

1 6 2 5 4 3

3 4 6 1 2 5

Sudoku Times Two, page 23 Easy Hard 5 2 6 4 3 1 2 1 3 6 4 5 3 6 2 1 5 4

Congratulations to:

Joshua Meier, 9 Kari Peltonen, 11 Juliana Jarmoszko, 12

“Hey OWL, I love your magazine. I love Talk About It and the contests. I wish there was a new issue every week!”

1 6 4 3 5 2

3 2 5 1 4 6

4 5 6 2 1 3

6 1 5 2 3 4

4 3 1 6 5 2

2 6 4 5 1 3

Tough Time The real time is 12:15 Going in Circles 1. tent 2. turtle 3. east 4. towel 5. leech 6. hiking 7. garter 8. Rockies 9. swamp 10. Park

5 1 3 2 6 4 Find Me, page 31 3 5 1 4 2 6 A. 1 page 26 4 2page 5 B. 6 3 5 4 2D. page 9 6 3page 5 1 15 C. 1 4 2 3 5 E. page6 24 F. page 11 G. page 29 H. page 14

2013-03-21 12:26 PM

Max Finder

SOLUTION The Case of the Vexing Village Who stole the velocipede?

Maggie. She was next in line for Lance’s job and stole the bicycle so he’d get fired. in


• Maggie said the pedals of the velocipede were always catching on Lance’s pants, which explains why the left cuff of his pants was ripped. Max noticed that the left cuff of Maggie’s pants was ripped in the same way, which means that she recently rode the bike. • Even though Gordon saw “some guy” riding the velocipede away, that didn’t eliminate Maggie. She was dressed as a boy at the blacksmith shop and simply wore her costume while thieving. • Alison noticed three tire tracks on the floor of the blacksmith’s shop. Two were for a wagon that was sitting in the shop, and one was unaccounted for. It was from the velocipede. • Max said Maggie spoke in a deep voice to play her part as a

blacksmith’s apprentice. That explains why the distracting voice Lance heard was a deep one. • Maggie said Lance might’ve stolen the velocipede to get out of riding it, but Max and Alison knew that didn’t make any sense. If he lost it, he was going to get fired and then he wouldn’t have a job or money for college. That’s definitely not what he wanted. • Max noticed that the cuffs of Gordon’s pants weren’t ripped. That means he never rode the bike. Conclusion

When Max and Alison presented their evidence, Bev marched over to the blacksmith shop and found both Maggie and the velocipede. Maggie apologized and got put on probation—she even had to agree to clean out the horse stables for a month. Guess you could say the blacksmith’s apprentice was “branded” a thief. Thanks for solving another Max Finder Mystery!




Meet a dancer, a drummer, a songwriter, and more!

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Learn about the science of sound waves.

AGES 6 to 9

Chirp, chickaDEE and OWL are published by Owlkids, a division of Bayard Canada, with the aim of making children interested in the world around them. Vol. 38, No. 4 May 2013 OWL (ISSN 0382-6627) is published

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.. . e h t p r o f u r o e t p a p p e o n t t e It’s tim

Play with Poetry Contest Write a rockin’ rhyme using words from the crossword for a chance to win!

How to Play

1. Solve the crossword puzzle. rds 2. Use ten of the wo l na igi or to create an r poem that’s unde 100 words long. ! 3. Send in your entry

1 2

6 5 8


Photo: Royalty-free (Dreamstime)



ACROSS 2. To take a tumble 3. Members-only group 5. Paid before crossing a bridge 6. Hide-and- ____ 7. Instrument that you beat 9. Round dish 11. Sounds like “Achoo!” 12. “No pain, no ___” DOWN 1. Caught with a mitt 3. Bread______ 4. Soft wind 5. You take a bath in it 8. Wet type of weather 10. A drip or a trickle




will receive a prize pack of games, including JENGA Boom, TWISTER Rave SKIP-IT, MONOPOLY Hotels, BOP IT! and WORDS WITH FRIENDS Classic. Prizes courtesy of Hasbro.

Photocopy this entry form as many times as you need.




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Province/State: )

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Contest deadline: June 30, 2013 Send your entry to:

Crossword Poetry Contest c/o OWL (address page 39). OR email us at owl@owlkids.com Entrants must be between 8 and 14 years old as of the deadline. Judges will look for originality from all eligible entries. Entries must be accompanied by a parent’s signature. OWL retains the right to use winning contest entries for promotional purposes. Employees of Bayard Canada, Hasbro, and their families may not enter. Contest is subject to federal, provincial, and local laws. Void where prohibited. Full contest rules and regulations can be seen at www.owlkids.com/contests.

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OWL May 2013  

OWL Ages 9-13 The Entertaining, Informative, Challenging and Inspiring Canadian magazine for Preteens!

OWL May 2013  

OWL Ages 9-13 The Entertaining, Informative, Challenging and Inspiring Canadian magazine for Preteens!

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