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Contents Little beasts Evie and Emily live with their dad and some unusual animal friends. One day, Dad says he has a surprise and brings a guest home. Who is this redhead with a neck like a giraffe?

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Find out about these hard autumn fruit.

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New school year

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Time to go to school, Tom!

Play some back-to-school games with Tom and Lili, our two naughty little friends.

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School project

Ariol and Ramono have to do a project. Ariol would like Petula to be in their group but Ramono just wants to make sure he gets a good mark‌

page 57 AdventureBox is a 2010 winner of a Parents’ Choice Silver Award.

Written by M. Montmoulineix Illustrated by M. Allag Read about the author and illustrator at and click on Teachers

Chapter 1

Our godfather, Felix

On days when Dad got home late, it was Felix who came to pick us up from school. Emily and I spotted him from the playground, with his white hair, his big nose and his kind smile. My sister and I had invented a game. We took it in turns to guess what Felix would say to us when he met us at the gate. Most days he said almost exactly the same thing so it was easy! We got two points for every word we didn’t guess right. At the end of the week, the one with the most points lost. 

That afternoon, it was Emily’s turn to play. She nudged me and whispered in my ear, copying Felix’s voice, “Hello, gazelles. I’m collecting you today. Your father will be back late. You know how it is… that man is so dedicated to his work…” As we set off, Felix took our school bags, which suddenly looked like funny little purses when he held them. He said, “Good afternoon, gazelles…” 

Two points… It was a bad start for Emily. Felix went on, “… I’m collecting you today. You father will not be back early… But you know what? He said he has a surprise for you!” We smiled at Felix but said nothing. We were too busy counting points. Emily was not happy. Her score was high. Suddenly, I was in a great mood.

Our dad really did love his work. He was a zoologist. In the word ‘zoologist’ there’s the word zoo, isn’t there? Well, there you go. That’s exactly what Dad did. He worked… in a zoo! He studied the behaviour of wild mammals in captivity. Sometimes he brought back a little animal in a cage, like a monkey or a rodent, so he could carry on studying it at home. But we never kept them very long.

“What’s the surprise, Felix? Is Dad bringing home a monkey? Or a fennec?” Felix raised his eyebrows and said, “I don’t have a clue, Evie. You will find out soon enough.” Then he smiled again. “Come on! Let’s go and make some hot chocolate for tea.” 

Felix was godfather to Emily and me and a good friend to our dad. He used to work at the zoo too. That’s where he and Dad met. Felix used to look after the gazelles. Then he retired, just before our mum fell really ill. So when Dad found himself on his own with two little daughters to look after, Felix came to help take care of us. 10

That’s how Emily and I became Felix’s gazelles. So there were four people in our little family. There was Felix who looked after us, Dad who studied mammals and Emily, my twin sister, and me… and there were also our little beasts… but more about them in a moment.


Chapter 2 Felix tells Emily and Evie that their father has a surprise for them… The twins think he’s bringing an animal back from the zoo.

Our little beasts Dad loved wild animals so he always refused to have the usual type of pets in the house. At first, Emily and I made do with our soft toys and then, as we got bigger, we ended up adopting the little creatures that moved in with us. Our house was old and full of nooks and crannies… perfect for lots of different kinds of little beasts! 12

In the kitchen there was Dozy, a dormouse that lived behind the gas cooker. He was all round and fluffy with a tuft on the end of his tail and two dark circles around his eyes, like a robber’s mask. If we wanted to see him, we had to sit quietly at the table without moving. If we were really quiet, Dozy soon appeared. He was always hungry.

He scuttled over the tiled floor with his fat little tummy. His pointed nose sniffed gently as he searched for tasty crumbs. He nibbled the fruit in the fruit bowl and left his droppings all over the place too. 13

Then there was Little Ghost in the loo. She was a bat that spent all day wrapped in her wings and hanging by her feet.

We always left the loo window open at night so that she could go out. But that meant it was often windy and rainy in there. I loved Little Ghost but I was not so keen on feeling cold when I went for a wee at night! 14

Out in the garden there was Jimmy BrightEyes, the toad with big, sad, golden eyes. He moved slowly from one plant pot to another as if he was deep in thought. Finally, in our room there was Silky the spider. She was very beautiful with four pairs of long, elegant legs and eight eyes that we could only see if we held the magnifying glass close to her. Silky lived in a corner of the ceiling. 15

In the evenings, Emily and I put a cup of honey tea on the bedside table. Silky was attracted by the steam rising off it. So she dropped down delicately on her silken thread, which was stronger than steel. She leaned over the edge of the cup as if it was a drinking trough and sipped the tea. Then she carefully cleaned her legs before climbing back up to the ceiling.


Chapter 3 Emily and Evie have adopted some little beasts that live in their house: a dormouse, a bat, a toad and a spider…

Dad’s ‘surprise’

It was eight o’clock in the evening. Emily and I drank some hot chocolate and played ‘Triple Trumps’ with Felix. Felix lived in a small apartment not far from our house. But he spent most evenings with us. “Are you staying for dinner, Felix? Please…” “Well, maybe… but if I do, it will only be to keep you two gazelles happy!” 17

Just then we heard the front door opening and Dad’s voice shouting, “Hello, girlies!” Emily and I hurried out into the corridor, burning with curiosity. Dad stood in the doorway with three big pizza boxes in his arms. Beside him was a woman with a long neck and masses of red hair. Unfortunately she was neither a giraffe nor a lioness.


“Girls,” said Dad. “This is Marion. I have already told you about Marion, do you remember? She has just started working at the zoo.” Emily and I shook our heads… Then Dad said, “Marion is going to spend the weekend with us.” “Oh yeah?” said Emily. I pointed at the pizzas and said, “Is that the surprise, then?” 19

Meanwhile, Felix came out of the sitting room. He put on his coat, said, “Hello” to Dad and exchanged a few words with Marion. I said in a disappointed voice, “Is Felix going? But… he said he might have dinner with us…” Dad said to Felix, “Why don’t you stay and eat with us? There’s enough pizza here to feed an army.” “No, no!” said Felix. “You know me… I have got a wild boar roasting on the spit at home.”


Only Marion laughed at the joke. Emily and I were not in the mood for jokes. “Hey, Felix, are you coming tomorrow?” “We will see, gazelles, we will see.” He winked at us and smiled… then he was gone. “Aaaw!” cried Emily. “Why did Felix go? This is his second home! He’s our Felix!”

“Felix does what he wants,” said Dad. “And he is not our Felix. He’s too wild to belong to anyone!” 21

Emily went on, “Well, anyway, he’s part of our family! I don’t see why he should go just because we have guests…” “Not guests, one guest,” said Dad. “And Felix is also very shy, you know that.” Marion stood next to Dad and didn’t say a word. She had been smiling but now she was beginning to look slightly worried.


Emily looked at me. We didn’t need to speak to understand each other. We were fine at home with Dad, Felix and our animal friends. If Marion had to go so that Felix would come back, then that was no problem. Our little beasts Silky, Jimmy Bright-Eyes, Dozy and Little Ghost would help us! 23

Chapter 4 Awful surprise! Dad brings a guest home. The girls are furious and plan to use the little beasts to get rid of the intruder‌

The plot takes shape

Emily slowly began laying the table while Dad, who was all chirpy, heated the pizzas with Marion. I pretended I needed the loo and went to check that Little Ghost had not gone out yet. No. Our bat was still there. She was awake, though, and beginning to fidget as it was already getting dark outside. 24

I quickly shut the window in the loo to stop her going out. “Sorry, Little Ghost, but we need you tonight. Please be as scary as possible.”

Then I unscrewed the bulb in the ceiling lamp so that there would be no light in the loo. I heard Dad calling us for dinner. “It’s ready, girls!” But I pretended not to hear and went to find Emily out in the garden. She was searching desperately in all the plant pots. 25

“I can’t find Jimmy Bright-Eyes!” she said in a panic. “Girls!” shouted Dad again. Suddenly, we spotted a flash of goldengreen. It was Jimmy Bright-Eyes. He was sitting quietly in the lemon-tree pot. I stroked his soft, cold back with my finger. Emily said, “Come on, Evie! We can come back and get him in a while.”


Dinner was gloomy. Dad tried to chat but he didn’t have much success. He knew we were sulking but he pretended not to notice. So the four of us sat in silence at the table, Dad and Marion on one side and Emily and I on the other. Strangely, Marion seemed less ill at ease than when she first arrived. She gazed around the room and suddenly asked, “Don’t you have any animals here? It’s a pity. It’s such a big house!” 27

Dad cleared his throat and said, “No, we don’t have animals… We don’t want them!” That made me even more cross with Dad. Marion said, “When I was little, I had two cats. We were always together. They lay on my books when I was studying, on my knees when I was reading and on my bed when I was sleeping…”


Emily asked, “What were your cats called?” “The mother was called Brownie. Her son was called Biscuit because he was brown and white like chocolate creams…” “Well, we have a lodger in our room,” said Emily. “Every evening, Evie and I invite her down for a cup of herbal tea. Do you want to see her?” Emily asked in a very sweet voice. Then she took Marion by the hand and led her towards… the trap!


Chapter 5 The girls have set their traps. Marion starts talking about animals so Emily asks her if she wants to see Silky…

The traps are set

When Marion saw Silky coming down her thread and leaning over the edge of the cup, she shrieked… but not in the way Emily and I had imagined. Marion took her glasses out of her pocket and grabbed the magnifying glass on the table to take a closer look at Silky. She was no longer interested in us. “Unbelievable! What a magnificent specimen! Yes, you are a lovely girl!” Silky seemed to enjoy the attention. She stayed on the cup and didn’t run away. 30

Marion suddenly put down the magnifying glass and took off her glasses. “Have you tried giving her other drinks?” “Er… no…” “Pity. It would be interesting to know which drink she prefers… and to study her behaviour after she has had a drink…” Marion leaned towards Silky again. “Hey, Miss Spider, how about a little cup of coffee at night? Maybe that would give you the energy you need to catch all the mosquitoes in the house…”


Suddenly, we heard Dad swearing at the other end of the corridor. A moment later, he came into our room, rubbing his head.

“You could have told me the light bulb in the loo was not working, young ladies… And who closed the window? Little Ghost could not get out. She was furious and hit me on the head with her wings. “Little Ghost?” asked Marion. “That’s our bat,” said Emily. 32

“Yes, and she lives in the loo,” said Dad. “A bat? In the loo? Brilliant!” “Well, I’m afraid that at night, the rain comes in and it can be very cold in there,” said Dad. “Oh, that’s no problem for me,” said Marion. “I never get up in the night. I sleep like a log…” That last remark suddenly reminded Dad of the time.


“Emily and Evie, do you know what time it is? Time for bed! It’s late.” Emily looked at me. We didn’t need to speak to understand each other. We agreed in silence. Little Ghost and Silky were out of the game. But we still had two trump cards to play: Dozy and Jimmy Bright-Eyes…


We headed for the bathroom to brush our teeth and then we dashed down the dark corridor to the garden to get Jimmy Bright-Eyes.

Emily kept watch while I put our toad on the bed cover at the end of Dad’s big bed. We would soon see if Marion slept like a log with Jimmy Bright-Eyes jumping on her face or walking up her arm‌ 35

Chapter 6 The first two traps don’t work. But Emily and Evie are counting on Jimmy Bright-Eyes to scare Marion…

A lesson from Marion

The next day, I got up at eight o’clock. I had slept like a dormouse in winter, or a bat in the daytime. Nothing had disturbed my sleep. So I needed to find out if Jimmy Bright-Eyes had done his job. I shook Emily. I wanted to find out what had happened. We headed for Dad’s room in our pyjamas and bare feet so we would not make any noise. 36

But as we walked past the kitchen, we stopped in our tracks. Marion was in there in a dressing-gown, lying on the tiled floor and feeding little bits of cheese to the dormouse. He was taking them… out of her hand! Emily gasped, “I don’t believe it! She has tamed our Dozy!” When he heard us, Dozy stopped eating and looked worried. Then he quickly picked up a last mouthful and scuttled back under the cupboard.


Marion turned round and smiled happily at us. “He’s very curious and so cute, isn’t he?” “He’s our dormouse,” said Emily. “His name is Dozy. But… he has never eaten out of our hands like that.” “It’s easy,” said Marion. “I will show you. Lie down on the ground, like me.” We dived under the table while Marion laid out some bits of cheese between us and the cupboard.


“And now, hold your breath. We must not move a muscle!� The three of us lay absolutely still in silence. One of my toes was itching like mad. Suddenly, a little pointed nose poked out from under the kitchen cabinet. Dozy stood up on his back legs, put his nose in the air and sniffed, as if he was checking the weather.


Then he began nibbling the bits of cheese until he got to my hand. He stepped onto my open palm and nibbled the bit of cheese I was holding. Then he cleaned his whiskers and headed towards Emily. “What are you doing down there on the ground?� cried Dad, suddenly appearing at the kitchen door. In a flash, Dozy was gone. Emily stood up. She was furious.


“Daaaad!” she shouted. “You frightened Dozy… just as he was about to eat out of my hand!” “Dozy? Well, I don’t know about Dozy,” said Dad. “But would you mind telling me what Jimmy Bright-Eyes was doing on my bed? I suppose he got there all on his own?” Dad opened his hands and put Jimmy on the table. Marion stood up. “Wow, what a beautiful toad!”


Chapter 7 The last trap does not work… But the twins don’t care. They are too busy taming Dozy with Marion.

A new lodger

In the end, Marion stayed with us all weekend. We spent loads of time with her, looking after our little beasts. We made a swimming pool for Jimmy Bright-Eyes in the lemon-tree pot. We discovered that Silky loved hot chocolate. Also, Dozy came back and ate right out of Emily’s hand. 42

That evening we wanted Felix to come over for dinner. Dad called him up to invite him. He had to insist. He said, “Felix, the gazelles want to see you, and I want to see you, too. I also want you to meet Marion properly. If you don’t come round for dinner, I will never speak to you again.” “Okay, okay,” replied Felix. “If that’s the way it is…” “Yeah,” said Dad. “That’s the way it is!”


Then he hung up. Felix was coming! Marion suggested, “Girls, if you like, we could cook something together.” Marion made us chefs’ hats out of white paper and aprons out of drying-up cloths. Then we had a sword fight with wooden spoons. We laughed and laughed. Dad took a photo of us.


The meal was really good. Dad seemed blissfully happy and Felix told lots of jokes as he usually did when he felt relaxed. It was great being at home with Dad, Felix, our animal friends‌ and Marion! Suddenly Marion took a deep breath. She was about to say something to Emily and me but at that moment, she looked more scared of us than she had been of Silky. 45

She moved the salad bowl around nervously. Then she leaned towards us and said, “Girls! I have something to ask you.” “Yes, Marion?” “I was wondering if you would mind if I came back here next weekend…”

Dad cleared his throat. Felix looked into his wine glass. I looked at Emily and Emily looked at me. We didn’t need to speak to understand each other. We agreed in silence. 46

Just as we were about to reply, the expression on Marion’s face changed. She pointed at the salad bowl. We all leaned in together over the bowl… Inside there was a big slug crawling happily over a lettuce leaf. “I was just wondering,” said Marion in a serious voice, “Is that another one of your little friends?” The End




Acorns are the fruit of oak trees. You will see them on the ground in autumn wherever there are oaks. The cup is made of tough little scales. It protects the seed while it grows.

The cup often stays attached to the tree when the acorn falls.


The seed case is smooth and hard. To start with, it’s green. Then it turns brown as it ripens.

The edge of an oak leaf is wavy. We call this kind of leaf lobed.

In autumn, the leaves change colour and then fall off the tree. The acorns fall too. Do you know what happens to them?

Š Pablo Gal-N/Cela/A ge/Eyedea.

Veins stop the leaf crumpling up. They also contain little tubes which sap travels through. This is what feeds the tree.


From little acorns…

The seed wakes up. A little root grows out of it and pushes down into the ground.

© Denis Bringard/Bios.

Acorn seeds sleep all winter long. Slowly, their hard case breaks open. Then in spring…

Then a stem grows upwards. 50

© Laurent Bessol/CNature.

© Denis Bringard/Bios.

Finally, some leaves grow. It’s a baby oak tree!

There are different types of oaks. You can recognize them from the shape of their leaves.



Br éa


oli b


Sessile oaks are common across Europe.

Did you know?

e ur

t Na




s es



Holm oaks keep their hard, prickly leaves all year round.


Em m







500 years

Oaks don’t stop growing. They can live for 500 years.

Concept and text: E. Chanut. Illustration: R. Saillard. Colours: C. Gauthier.

The leaves of North American northern red oaks have spiky lobes. They go very red in autumn.



Created by J. Cohen, E. Reberg, C. Viansson-PontĂŠ. Story: J. Cohen. Illustrations: B. Despres. Colours: R. Chaurand.

Time to go to school, Tom!

Fill in the grid so that the numbers 1 to 6 appear just once in each row, column and box. 53

Answers: top line is 3, 5, 4, 6, 2, 1.


What’s Tom saying? In the grid, cross out all the parts of the words from the list. Then write the letters left over in the correct boxes.









































I have lost

Answer: Tom says, “I have lost MY SCHOOL BAG.”


Put the red words in the right order.

Don’t first angry you. I of your be bag. make wanted I surprise decorated and Tom you to good on the feel day school school!

I want to know


y N um erac More k! ! n r fu ewo is such ho m More lessons, more exercises… I want to be a champion!

Creator of original characters: J. Cohen. Concept: A. Almeras. Illustrations: B. Despres. Colours: V. Pechard.

1. What’s Lili saying?

2. Which details don’t belong to the picture above?


Answers: 1. Lili says, “Don’t be angry Tom. I decorated your school bag. I wanted to surprise you and make 1you feel good on theTooth first day school!” 2. The fourth littleEiderdown picture from the left. Answers: Snoozie, 2 Sweet 1st, of 3 Duke of Cat Nap, 4 King

Frid ay 24th September is FSC Frid ay, for more information go to: ® FSC AC All Rights ReservedFSC-SECR-0068

Look out for the FSC tick tree logo when shoppin g for wood and paper products. By choosin g FSC products, you are supporting responsible man agement of the world’s fore sts. FSC fore sts are man aged with care for the environ ment, and wildlife and the people who live work in them.

Three great prizes to be won!


An FSC Goody bag for 1 st prize: Muji chess set for 2nd prize: Muji reversi game set for 3rd prize: Muji tambourine

WHAT TO D Use the le af O alphabet to work out wha t the message Send your an swer by 15 th sa ys. Bayard, 1st fl October to: oor, 2 King st Don’t forg et re et , Pe terborou gh, to write your PE1 1LT, UK . na me and ad dress and th e

na me of your m ag azin e.

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Terms and Con Bayard Presse ditions: Entry into this compet and others pro at random on the fessionally ass ition implies acceptance of of stated prizes draw date. Winners will be ociated with the magazine andthese rules and conditions. Open to all rea notified within their immediate No correspondenbeing unavailable, Bayard Pre der 28 ce will be entere sse reserves the days of the competition. The families. The prizes are as s, other than employees of stated and will d into. right to prizes e-mails from Bay be awarde ard Presse and One entry per competition persubstitute the prize for one are subject to availability. In carefully selecte of the unlikely eve d hou equ seh al value. No old. In ent d partners. Win nt ners’ names ma ering this competition the cash alternative is available. entrant is agreei y be published in a future issu e of the magaz ng to receive ine.


Text: E. Guibert

Drawings: M. Boutavant

School project Petula, do you want to be in my group for the tree project? Who else is in your group?


Well, there’s me, and Ramono.

Oh, no thanks! Ramono is a pain. Anyway, I’m already doing the glacier project with Mothbella and Shabilly.

Good news! Bizzbilla is doing the project with us. ?


He said you asked for me, Ariol? So here I am!


Hey, Ariol!

Timberwolf and Bouncer wanted me in their group but I said no. They only want me because I’m clever and they want a good mark without doing any work. They are just mean.

We want you because we are your friends. Isn’t that right, Ariol?

Yes, I know Ariol is kind.

If you want, Ariol, we can go to the library tomorrow afternoon. We can do some research on the computer and look at books.


But YOU are always making fun of me, Ramono. Well, I’m not being nasty. It’s just a joke. I don’t think

it’s funny.

We are going to get a gooood mark, We are going to get a gooood mark! Just shut up,!


The next day, at the library.

Hi, Bizbilla. Hello, Ariol. You came without Ramono. Good move! We will get more work done.

Peek-a-boo! Guess who? ?


Idiot! You put finger marks on my glasses! Better than a poke in the eye!

This computer is free. Ariol, sit beside me and take notes. What shall I do?

Ariol can go and look at books! Oh nooo!

Ariol is staying with me!

You go and look for some books over there. See what you can find.

Aw no! I prefer the computer!

Why am I not on the glacier project with Petula? Why is life so unfair? Leave us to work, Ramono!

All right! Okay, okay‌


Ramono is so clingy! Yeah, he can be.

I already looked up stuff about trees on the interpet. I can tell you all about them. Great.

The best thing would be to get out of here.

Really? Yes, because there are trees outside.


And it’s spring too. So the trees have buds. That means the leaves are beginning to grow and they look pretty. Really? Come on, let’s go!

But… er… What about Ramono?

Look what I found!

ARIOL! Forget about Ramono!

A Thunderhorse encyclopaedia! Where was it? Over there. This library is cool!


Bizzbilla, you carry on with the project. We won’t disturb you. Wow! Look, Ramono. A picture of Thunderhorse when he was little!


And that’s Emperor Morodan as a baby! Ha! Ha! Ha! He’s ugly! Where is Bizzbilla?

Where has she gone? I don’t know!



Bizzbilla? Bizzbiiiiilla!

Hey! Be quiet, children! You are in a library, not the school playground. But we have lost our friend! A little fly with big glasses.

How could she just leave without telling us? Who’s going to do the project now? Come on, let’s find her.

I just saw her go out. She didn’t look very happy. Were you horrid to her? No, no.

We are friends.

Bizzbiiiiilla! Where are you?


Maybe she’s hiding. No, I don’t think so. She must have gone home.

Oh no!

Anyway, we don’t need her to say what trees are like. They are tall with a brown trunk, roots at the bottom and branches at the top with green leaves all over.

You are right.

So, shall we go back in and look at the Thunderhorse Encyclopaedia?

Colours: R. Chaurand.

Sure! That’s one book I love!



In your next issue Professional spooks


Seena Spook’s parents are professional ghosts who stop old buildings being restored by haunting them. But when Seena goes to work with them one day, she finds out that some people are not scared of ghosts...

Plant roots

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146 AdventureBox

N. 146

MINI QUIZ 1. The girl telling the story is:

2. Felix calls the girls ‘gazelles’ because:

B Marion

have long B they legs

C Evie

have brown C they hair

3. The girls’ father is:

4. Dozy is:

A a zoologist

A a toad

B a vet

B a dormouse

C a zoo keeper

C a bat

5. Acorns are:

6. Ramono wants Bizzbilla to help on the project so that:

A hard fruit

A Petula is not in their group

B flowers

B they will get a good mark

C trees

C they can study glaciers

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AdventureBox was great… now I’m ready for

Little beasts

used to look after A he gazelles at the zoo

A Emily

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AdventureBox 146  

For children from 6 to 9 years old. A magazine introducing the pleasure of independent reading! Every month, enjoy: - a 44-page illustrated...

AdventureBox 146  

For children from 6 to 9 years old. A magazine introducing the pleasure of independent reading! Every month, enjoy: - a 44-page illustrated...