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Contents Zoo lottery

Mr and Mrs Cashin run a zoo. But they are not making enough money, so they buy a lottery machine. At first no-one is interested in buying any tickets. But then Mrs Cashin comes up with a couple of good ideas…

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It’s a dandelion!

Find out about these pretty yellow flowers that turn into funny, fluffy balls.

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Monkey gymnastics

The monkeys are practising their skills. Come and give them a hand!

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All’s well

Ariol and Ramono are on holiday with Ariol’s grandparents. Grandad takes the children to visit his friend Beaky who has a boat.

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Zoo lottery By M. Amelin Illustrated by R. Garrigue

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Chapter 1

Weird zebra!

Mr Cashin was the manager of Cashin Zoo. Mrs Cashin looked after the shop. She sold zoo tickets, gifts, posters, books, games and loads of plastic animals. To earn more money, the couple decided to rent an electronic lottery machine. The day it was delivered, they needed a crane to install it because it was full of coins and weighed a tonne! They even had to make a hole in the shop roof to get it in!

Mrs Cashin clapped her hands and shouted, “We will sell loads of lottery tickets to people who come to visit the zoo. Our cash till will soon be full of lovely money!” “Hee! Hee!” chuckled Mr Cashin. “For every £1 ticket we sell, we will get 70p and the lottery company will get 30p! That’s a great deal!”

The crane left, the hole in the roof was mended and the machine was plugged in. But unfortunately, nobody bought any tickets. The children and parents who visited the zoo preferred to spend their money on sweets and gifts.

Mr Cashin was cross. He said to his wife, “This huge lottery machine takes up so much space… and we are earning NOTHING from it! Let’s get the crane back to take it away. Too bad if we have to make another hole in the roof!”

Mrs Cashin had a better idea. “I will paint zebra stripes on the lottery machine.” “Are you crazy?” cried Mr Cashin. “The lottery company will not be very pleased when it’s time for us to give the machine back.”

Mrs Cashin said, “But we run a zoo, don’t we? So, we have to make the machine fit in with us. If it was in an aquarium, you would paint fish on it. In a jeweller’s shop, you would paint jewellery on it…”

“… and in a zoo, we will paint zebra stripes on it!” said Mr Cashin. “Okay, I understand. Do what you want. I have to go and feed the elephants.” Mrs Cashin bought some paint – a pot of black and a pot of white. Then one afternoon she rolled up her sleeves and turned the lottery machine into a huge zebra!

Mr Cashin complained, “It looks like a zebra that swallowed a house. This machine is even uglier than before.” Mrs Cashin said, “Well, at least the visitors can’t miss it now! What do you think of my idea of turning the flashing lights into eyes?” “Scary!” “You don’t know anything about advertising! Just wait and see.” 10

But unfortunately, the visitors to the zoo still didn’t rush to buy lottery tickets. Only the children showed some interest in the machine‌ They thought it might be a chewing-gum dispenser.


Mr Cashin was still not happy. “Let’s get rid of the machine and sell some King-Kong t-shirts instead.” “I have another idea,” said Mrs Cashin. “Go and fetch me a zebra! We can tie it up by the machine and teach it to put tickets in the slot. Then maybe our customers will copy it and buy some tickets.” So that’s what they did.


Chapter 2 The lottery ticket machine painted like a zebra is still not attracting people so Mrs Cashin decides to put a real zebra next to the machine…

Not so stupid!

The next day, a crowd came into the shop to see the zebra. Mrs Cashin rubbed her hands. But Mr Cashin could not get the zebra to put the tickets into the slot. As soon as he put a ticket in the animal’s teeth, it just gobbled the ticket up! Now it was Mrs Cashin’s turn to be cross. “Your zebra is a total fool!” Then the zebra kicked the machine angrily and it started bleeping and flashing. 13

“It’s your fault!” said Mr Cashin to his wife. “You and your nutty ideas… There are now three dents in the machine and a load of zebra droppings on the floor.” “Choose another animal… not such a stupid one this time!” said his wife. “I don’t know… something a bit more like a human being…” The Cashins had the same idea at exactly the same moment. “A monkey!”

Mr Cashin went off to fetch a creature from the monkey house. He came back in a filthy state with a sad, ugly animal. 14

“What on earth is that hairy lump?” shrieked Mrs Cashin. Her husband grinned. “This is Maurice, the oldest and best behaved baboon in the zoo. He has no teeth left so he thinks twice before biting anyone or anything.” “He looks as stupid as the zebra to me,” muttered Mrs Cashin. “On the contrary, Maurice is very intelligent. Just do the banana test on him and you will see. He loves eating bananas but he will not eat rotten ones. He hits me on the head with them! Watch this…” 15

Mr Cashin handed a rotten banana to his wife. She gave it to the baboon who examined it carefully then crushed it on Mr Cashin’s head.

“Did you see that?” he shouted happily. “Brilliant! Right, I will see what I can do to clean up this baboon. First, let’s deal with his fleas.” Mrs Cashin fetched a flea spray and sprayed the toxic chemical all over Maurice. The baboon proved his intelligence again by closing his eyes and holding his nose. The fleas died instantly and fell off him in truckloads. 16

The Cashins could not breathe from the fumes. They had to go outside to get some fresh air. When they came back in, the baboon had not moved an inch. “There we go!” said Mrs Cashin. “Now all he needs is a bit of a brush.” She picked Maurice up under his arms and put him on the seat by the cash till. Mrs Cashin had been a hairdresser in her younger days and if you know how to sort out shaggy human hair, you also know how to sort out shaggy baboon hair… 17

After three hours of hard work shampooing, curling, straightening, trimming, thickening, gelling and blow-drying, Maurice was unrecognisable. “I have never seen such a handsome baboon!” cried Mr Cashin, clapping his hands. “He looks brand new. You are a wizard, my dear!” “Hang on, I will just give him a little centre parting. I will find him some shorts too, so he looks even smarter.” 18

Then they led the baboon over to the machine. “Cute little baboony!” said Mr Cashin. “Look, Muzzy, hold the ticket in your pawpaw. Then pop it in the slottyslot. There!” Mr Cashin pushed the ticket into the slot. “Zig zoooig zig!” went the machine, swallowing the ticket. The huge zebra eyes flashed furiously and a message appeared on the screen.

sorry… You didn’t win this time! Try your luck again to win 10 million pounds!!!! Insert your ticket.


“Ugh! Ugh!” went the baboon, holding out his hand. Mr Cashin searched in his pockets and found another old ticket. He gave it to the baboon who put it in the slot all on his own. “Wow! You are a quick learner, Maurice!” The same message came up on the screen. 20

“Look how smart Maurice is,” said Mr Cashin. “He’s looking in the place where the money would come out! He can’t read but he knows that he has not won!” Mrs Cashin said, “Give him a banana, make him sit down and go and look after your other animals. I will take care of the customers. I think we made a good choice with Maurice!”


Chapter 3 Mr Cashin tries a baboon instead of a zebra. Maurice learns to put a ticket in the slot to show customers what to do.

Ching-ching! The news travelled like lightning. A baboon was playing the lottery in the zoo shop. As soon as the zoo opened, people rushed in. Mrs Cashin welcomed them. “Come in! Come in! Come and see Maurice the marvel!� 22

The well-behaved, polite-looking baboon sat next to the zebra machine. Mrs Cashin gave him a wad of tickets. The baboon slipped them into the slot one after the other and made a face when he didn’t win. The crowd in the shop laughed at his funny expressions. “What a cute baboon! He looks like a great, big, soft toy!” said one person. “He smells good and he’s really clean!” “He’s certainly well behaved!” 23

A long queue formed by the counter. Mrs Cashin could hardly keep up. More and more customers wanted to buy tickets. Maurice stood back and watched as grownups and children tried their luck. But nobody won… except a little boy who got three pound coins. “I want to give a coin to the nice baboon!” he shouted as his mother dragged him towards the door. 24

His mum wagged her finger at him. “Give money to a baboon? We can’t waste money on animals!” “I won the money so I can do what I want!” “May I remind you that it was ME who bought the ticket!” said his mother. “With MY money! I don’t mind if you give him 10p.” “30p!” said her son. “20p,” agreed his mother.


The little boy held out a coin to the happy baboon. “That’s so sweet!” said Mr Cashin who had just come back from feeding the ostriches.

The other customers thought this was funny. The children all wanted a ticket instead of an ice-cream cone. The baboon sat next to the machine with his hand held out, hoping for another 20p coin. He pulled back his lips, showing what was left of his teeth. “What can I say?” said Mr Cashin. “Maurice is a quick learner.” 26

After a while, a little girl won five pounds. Then an old lady and a boy won three pounds each. Every time, the baboon got 20p. Mrs Cashin was run off her feet and her husband had to help her sell tickets. It was all going extremely well!


Nobody else won for the rest of the day, except for one young man. Five minutes before the shop closed, he won three pounds. The baboon got his fifth 20p piece. He jingled his money in his big, rough hands. Mrs Cashin shouted, “Closing now, ladies and gentlemen!” She pushed everyone out and hurried to her cash till. “Ching-ching!” it sang out as she opened it. Mrs Cashin’s eyes almost popped out on stalks. The drawer was full to bursting with money!


Chapter 4 Maurice is a great success. Everyone wants to try the lottery. The cash till is full… and the people who win even give some coins to the baboon.

Maurice’s turn

Mr Cashin patted Maurice on the head, being careful not to mess up his parting. “Nice work, Maurice. Come on, I will take you back to your enclosure. You can have an extra banana.” But the baboon didn’t want to go. “We are closed, Maurice!” yelled Mrs Cashin. “Here!” shouted Mr Cashin. “Have a banana!” 29

But the baboon let the banana splat onto the floor without even looking at it. “Don’t you want the banana, Maurice?” said Mr Cashin in a disappointed voice. “Forget that!” said his wife impatiently. “You sort him out. I will count the money in the till. It has never been this full!” 30

At that moment, the baboon went over to the counter and held up his five coins. “What do you want?” said Mrs Cashin. The baboon pointed to the lottery tickets. “Maurice is unbelievably intelligent for a baboon!” said Mr Cashin, tearing off a ticket.


Mrs Cashin choked, “You are not going to sell him a ticket, are you?” “And why ever not?” “Because he’s a BABOON! We can’t sell tickets to BABOONS… or to any other animals for that matter!!!” “Maurice can pay so I will sell him one. It’s as simple as that!” replied Mr Cashin, taking the five coins. “Do you think he actually knows that five times 20p is a pound?”


The baboon smiled at Mr Cashin. Then he leapt over to the lottery machine and slipped his ticket in the slot. “Zig zoooig zig!” The machine began to rumble. Its lights flashed red and a buzzer sounded. Mrs Cashin dived behind the counter. “Help! What’s happening?” “Sounds like it’s breaking down,” said her husband. “It must have a screw loose!”



Chapter 5 Maurice buys a lottery ticket with the money he earns. He puts it in the machine, which seems to be breaking down…

Tidal wave of cash

The machine lit up in a blaze of light. It looked like a Christmas tree! All its buzzers and sirens were wailing. It shook like 36 washing machines gone mad. The baboon’s eyes were glued to the screen where a message said: BRAVO! YOU HAVE WON 10 MILLION POUNDS! 35

Then £1 coins began gushing out into the shop. “Heeeeeeek! Heeeeeeek! Heeeeeeeek!” cried the terrified baboon. “What’s happening now?” said Mrs Cashin, still hiding behind the counter. “It’s… it’s Maurice,” said her husband. “He has just won the big prize!” “What?”


Mrs Cashin stood up and bumped her head on the counter. “Ouch!” She held her head in her hands and watched the flood of coins shooting out of the machine. “Quick! Quick!” she said to her husband. “Fetch a bucket!”

Maurice was about to jump into her arms but she pushed him out of the way and waded into the flood of coins. 37

Mrs Cashin shouted for joy and rolled around in the coins, throwing them up in the air. The machine carried on spewing out money. “We have worked all our lives for peanuts and the first ticket we sell to a stupid baboon is the winning ticket! But the money is ours! Ours! Ours! Ha, ha, ha!�

Ten million pounds in coins makes a huge pile of money! Mr Cashin rushed to join his wife. The coins were now up to their knees. 38

Maurice clung to the counter, looking shocked. The coins moved through the shop like a tidal wave. The Cashins floated on their backs and let themselves be carried along by the flood of coins. “Gulp! I’m swimming in happiness, gulp!” said Mrs Cashin. “Well, I’m beginning to get out of breath,” replied her husband.


The Cashins were not so young any more and they became tired quickly. They got pulled under… once, twice… Then the third time, Mrs Cashin didn’t come back up. “Are you under there, my dear?” called her husband anxiously. His wife still didn’t reappear. Even when you are rich, you can’t hold your breath for that long. Mr Cashin was really worried now. He looked all around…


“Maurice! Maurice! Throw me a buoy!” “Honk?” said Maurice, who didn’t understand. Anyway, there were no buoys anywhere near. The coin level was going up and up. It had nearly reached the shop ceiling. As Maurice was a monkey, he could hang from the neon lights and watch the disaster from there.

“Muzzy! Help! Do something! Blubb… glubb… blubb…” gurgled Mr Cashin, disappearing under the coins himself. 41

Maurice swung from one neon light to the next, all the way across the shop. Then he jumped onto the security bar that opened the safety exit doors. The flood of coins spilled outside carrying everything with it: the two-metre high pretend ice-cream cone, the shop’s advertising signs and Maurice, who got swept away by the flood of coins.


“Honk!” he cried. When the baboon could stand up, he ran to look for the Cashins who were still buried. He found a bald head first. “Argh! Splutter!” said Mr Cashin, spitting out pound coins. “Muzzy! My Muzzy! You saved my life. Where’s my wife?” “Huk! Huk!” said Maurice, pointing to a foot sticking up a few metres away. 46


Mr Cashin hurried over. He grabbed the foot and pulled. He held Mrs Cashin upside down and shook her while Maurice gently slapped her face to wake her up.

“Aargh! Am I dead?” she asked. “Am I in heaven?” “No, my dear! You are alive and kicking! Maurice saved us both. You owe him your life and so do I. I told you he was intelligent. Do you believe me now? What would we have done with this fortune if we had been dead? Eh? Tell me that!” 44

Mrs Cashin began weeping. “Nothing, my dear. We would have done nothing with it.” Mr Cashin gave her a hug. “We are safe now. But we must reward Muzzy. This fortune belongs to him. He’s the one who should benefit from it.” Mrs Cashin cried even harder.



In the end, the Cashins retired and so did Maurice. They bought a tropical island for the baboon near Tahiti. He became the richest baboon in the world. But Maurice didn’t want to leave his friends behind, so the Cashins had to take all the zoo animals with them in a huge cargo plane. A large part of Maurice’s money went to pay for it. But then, when you care about others, money is not important, is it? 46

Since then, Maurice, the Cashins and all the animals have lived among the coconut trees, relaxing and enjoying the wonderful weather. Every day, Mr and Mrs Cashin say to themselves, “This is the life!� If Maurice and his friends could talk, they would probably say the same thing!




It’s a dandelion!

Dandelion flowers ripen into furry balls. If you blow on them‌

This ball is made up of hundreds of fruits.


When the fruits are ripe, they fall off easily.

They are very light and the wind can carry them far away.

Dandelion fruits have tufts of fine hairs that act like a parachute and help the fruits travel through the air. Let’s take a closer look! 49

Pretty parachute

This part is like a parachute. It’s called the pappus.

This thicker part contains a small seed.

Each seed will grow into a new dandelion plant with flowers that will turn into fluffy fruit balls. 50

Did you know?

Each dandelion flower is a mass of tiny flowers. Here’s one we cut in half. These hairs will become the pappus. Each petal is a small flower.

These little teeth help the fruit to stick to things. The seeds can even grow on a wall!

Dandelion… funny name!

It comes from the French name, dent-de-lion which means lion’s teeth – like the shape of dandelion leaves.

Text: E. Chanut. Illustration: R. Saillard. Photos: © Gérard Blondeau.

This will turn into a seed.



Concept: N. Mattet. Illustrations: G. Decaux.

1 6


5 2 3


5 2 1 5 6 3


Fill in the grid so that in each row, column and box, the numbers 1 to 6 appear just once.


Answers: top line is 1, 3, 4, 6, 5, 2.

What is the gymnast doing?

Cross out the words in the grid. The letters left over spell the name of the piece of equipment the gymnast is using.













He's on the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . Answer: pommel horse.



Answer: It’s number four. 1–B, 2–E, 3–A, 5–C, 6–D. Answers: 1 Snoozie, 2 Sweet Tooth 1st, 3 Duke of Cat Nap, 4 King Eiderdown


A 5


Concept: A. Alméras. Illustrations: Manu Boisteau.


4 2


Who has lost their shadow?

ic 10 fantast s WWF prize ! to be won

ip with

in partnersh

WWF is one of the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organisations, with almost 5 million supporters and a global network active in over 100 countries. WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the earth’s natural environment and 1st prize: a WWF tiger to build a future in which humans live in harmony adoption pack (includes with nature, by conserving the world’s biological a cuddly toy tiger + diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural updates about your tiger resources is sustainable, and promoting the reduction 3 times a year + other surprises); of pollution and wasteful consumption. 9 runner-up prizes: an adorable Today, one of the most endangered species is the WWF plush toy wild tiger. In the past 100 years, wild tiger numbers have plummeted by around 95%, to as few as 3,200. WWF’s map highlights the increasing threats faced by the species, including habitat loss, illegal trade and climate change. To view or download the map, please visit: You can help protect the future of the world’s largest big cat by adopting one.

What to do:

Draw a picture of a tiger and send it by 30th August by e-mail to: or by post to: Bayard, 1st floor, 2 King Street, Peterborough, PE1 1LT, UK. The 10 best entries will receive a fabulous prize! Don’t forget to write your name and address and the name of your magazine.

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Visit to learn more about the WWF and see how you can help to protect our beautiful planet.

Text: E. Guibert

Drawings: M. Boutavant

All’s well What flavours, do you want then?

Chocolate and toffee, please! Chocolate and coconut for me!


It’s so yummy!

Where are we going? Yeah, but you have to lick fast. It’s dripping everywhere.

Look at the boats, Ramono!


To the port to see Beaky.


There are loads of seagulls!


When it’s low tide, the boats are way down there. How do you get down there?


IDONTBELIEVEIT! HA! HA! Did you see that guy? He got seagull’s poo on his cap!


It wasn’t seagull’s poo, dummy! It was your ice cream. Ooops! Oh dear!

Will you ask your grandad to buy me another ice cream?

No, it was your own fault!

But you told me to look down!


YOU KIDS! Come on, let’s go!


Give me some of yours! Not too much, though.

Are you coming, children?

Hi, there, Beaky! Hello, Hoofer! How’s it going?

Still painting?

Yes, just finishing off.



You remember my grandson, Ariol? He has brought his friend with him this year.

My, my, don’t the weeds just grow?!


Let’s shake wrists, okay? I have got paint all over my hands. Hello, Mr Beaky. Hello!

It would be a pity if they got chocolate everywhere.

I’m only repainting the hull. Up on deck it’s no problem.

Can we go in your boat? You certainly can! Finish your icecreams first, kids!

Hey, Ramono! You are a pirate. I’m Thunderhorse and we are going to attack Emperor Morodan’s ship! Hang on, Let me finish my cone.


Up lads and at ‘em! Tonight you will be blazing,, blazing, blazing!

I wish we were on the real sea. That’s okay, we can pretend. Give yourself up, Morodan! CLANG! CLINK!

There are guards but I just whack them into the water. POW! SPLOSH!

And the sharks eat them!

While you fight Morodan, I will drive the boat. No way! I’m driving!


I said it first!

Let go of the steering wheel!

Yes, but Mr Beaky is my grandad’s friend so I’m driving.

Careful! We are heading for the rocks!


You let go!

Good kids, are they? That’s so not true!

A bit boisterous but they are okay.

Excuse me, gentlemen!

Nope. It may take me some time but I will find them! And then they will be sorry!

It wasn’t us, anyway.

I’m looking for two kids who dropped ice cream on my cap down at the quay about five minutes ago. You haven’t seen them by any chance?

You can’t catch me-ee! Nah-na-na-naaaah-na! You wait!



That’s stupid! You threw Mr Beaky’s brush into the sea! It’s not really the sea! Anyway, we can fetch it in a minute.

Colours: R. Chaurand.



In your next issue Little beasts

New School Year

Emily and Evie’s dad works in a zoo. He studies mammals. Sometimes he brings one home. One evening he promises his girls a surprise... but it turns out to be a bigger surprise than they were expecting!

Another school project

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145 AdventureBox

N. 145


A for charity

A eats the tickets

B for children to play on

B kicks the children

C to make money

C bites Mr Cashin

3. Maurice is:

4. With the winnings, the Cashins buy Maurice:

A an orangutan

A a ski resort

B a baboon

B an oasis in a desert

C a chimpanzee

C a tropical island

5. Dandelion fruit can:

6. Ariol is on holiday with:

A float on the wind

A his parents and Ramono

B swim in the water

B his grandparents and Petula

C tunnel into the ground

C his grandparents and Ramono

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AdventureBox was great‌ now I’m ready for

Zoo lottery

2. The zebra they use to give out lottery tickets:

1. Mr and Mrs Cashin buy the lottery machine: