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Ben Yansom Print Making and Visual Design December 15, 2009

Print Making Print making comes in many forms; screen printing, stamps, and intaglio were the ones that I chose to do. The image to the left I used stamps to create the letters that are placed on top of the image that I took while in Georgia at my grandfathers. The image is very warm, with great variations in lights and darks. The image to the right is a screen printing that I did depicting my route from home to school. I decided to print on top of a map thus giving it a very cool texture. I decided to cut it out according to the surrounding counties, thus making the image much more interesting.

These pieces were formed using intaglio technique. The one above I started by etching tobacco leafs into a piece of plexi glass and then coloring it with crayon. My second piece of plexi glass was used for drawing the barn. After both were color I then ran them through the press, and scanned them into the computer and making each composition.

Alphabet This is a collection of letters that I gathered all forming a letter or letter form. I tried to give the viewer a variety of colors and tones. I have used these letters to make pictures to hang on the wall to remind them of what their last name is.


This is a package design in compassing a BBQ sauce that Virgil Yansom created a few years ago called on the Virg. The bottle has two labels, one showing the name and the other is showing the ingredients and other essentials. The box finishes the product, closed inside is the bottle that will hold the sauce. The box has a cut out in the front so you can read the label from the outside.

two page spreads This spread to the left is a spread on a movie. I found the article in the New and Observer in Raleigh and created a spread from that.

Logo Designs aut o det ail

Filter Supply aut o det ail

Filter Supply

Play Poster This is a play poster that we designed for the play that was hosted here at Barton College. The design is very original and gives you the illusion of a creepy play.

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