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Partitioning your hard drive in Windows Vista This manual will show you the steps necessary to partition your hard drive on a windows vista computer.

What you will need A. A computer with a Windows Vista operating system B. A hard drive large enough to be partitioned (Larger than 10 gigabytes)


Step 1 Right click on the Computer button on the start menu and select Manage 3

Step 2 Left click on Disk Management on the Computer Management Screen 4

Step 3 Right click on the primary partition Disk 0 and select Shrink Volume‌ 5

Step 4 Enter the size of the desired partition then click Next


Step 5 Right click on the new unallocated space and select New Simple Volume‌ 7

Step 6 Click Next on the New Simple Volume Wizard menu


Step 7 Click Next on the Specify Volume Size menu


Step 8 Assign a drive letter from the drop down menu and click Next


Step 9 Format the volume as NTFS and name the partition then click Next 11

Step 10 Review the selected settings then click Finish


Step 11 Verify that the partition shows up in the Computer Management dialog box with the right settings 13

Partition Created

• Now the new partition will show up in My Computer

• You can now write to and read from your new partition


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Vista partitioning

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