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Seo in Ottawa Judging from the amount of email I receive from my long-time readers, it works for them also! Why Do Search Engines Exist? Think about it for a moment: search engines exist to guide people to pages that are relevant to their searches. What could be more relevant than a page that "discusses" the very keywords the person is looking for? Once I explain it like that to potential clients, most will agree that perhaps their fancy Flash splash page should be moved off their front page. The bulk of them also agree that perhaps a rewrite of their copy with keyword phrases in mind is actually a good idea. And very often, once they see that the new keyword-rich copy not only helps them get high search engine rankings, but also enhances their visitors' experience, they are very happy campers. There's One in Every Crowd Unfortunately, every now and then I run across one of *those* clients. You know the type. They appear to "get it" and happily go along with all the necessary site changes. They participate in the copywriting, they make suggestions and edits and they even comment on how great their site is turning out. Everything is 100% perfect and you know that it's only a matter of time before the rankings will be pouring in. UNTIL... A few weeks later, a look at the client's site shows that all of the new text you worked so hard to create is gone! All that remains of your carefully crafted optimization are the Title and Meta tags. Even Alt tags were not spared the delete key! If you think this could never happen, think again! Unfortunately, this happens to SEO consultants all the time. Brainwashed By Meta Tag Hype I've never quite figured out why some clients ask for help and then don't follow through with it. One theory I have is that because so much is written about Meta tags and the like, there are still a lot of people who have been brainwashed into believing that Meta tags are the beall, end-all to high rankings. Perhaps these clients are simply looking for some professionally created Meta tags, and just go along with text changes to get what they want. If so, the joke's on them because they'll soon find out that their Meta tags were created for their site based solely upon the keywordrich copy. The two must go hand in hand; without the matching copy, the tags will be useless.

(Which is also why stealing a high-ranking page's Meta tags will rarely do any good.) SEOs: Spell it Out in Your Contract You can't stop rogue clients from changing their site against your best advice. However, you can protect yourself and your company by having a smart contract at the outset. If you're an SEO doing work for clients' sites, be sure to clearly state the changes you will be making to their site in your contract, before any work has begun. If you don't have a contract, get one now! Specifically state that the client must not change or delete the new copy and HTML coding for at least three months. Seo in Ottawa, Seo in Ottawa, Seo in Ottawa

Seo in Ottawa  

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