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Nuvola3 Comfort HT

Gas wall hung condensing boilers with storage tank

Maximum DHW comfort Nuvola3 Comfort HT is the wall hung condensing boiler with an integrated cylinder that guarantees high sanitary performances. Apart the advantages that derives in terms of performances from the condensing technology , Nuvola3 Comfort HT allows to have always large amounts of hot water also in case of input changes.

Nuvola3 Comfort HT 240

Heating and DHW production with integrated tank

20 kW 24 kW


Heating and DHW production with integrated tank

28 kW 33 kW

Nuvola3 Comfort HT

• Wide modulation ratio up to 1÷6 (240 model): better and noiseless boiler working • Up to 500 litres domestic hot water production in 30’ (ΔT 30°C) • Remote control with LCD display supplied with the boiler; it includes room thermostat, heating and sanitary timers functions • Stainless steel heat exchanger: reliability and long life • Mixed systems (low and high temperature) installation option • Built-in climatic regulation (outdoor sensor available as optional) • Built-in sanitary expansion vessel Stainless steel AISI 316L DHW cylinder

Stainless steel heat exchanger: reliability and long life.

Nuvola3 Comfort HT storage is ideal in the event of simultaneous and big demands of hot water.

Hydraulic system

3 way electric diverter valve Stainless steel AISI 316L premixing burner Stainless steel AISI 316L heat exchanger Stainless steel AISI 316L DHW cylinder Modulating fan with electronic speed adjusting system Automatic by-pass Multi-speeds low energy pump with automatic air vent System to prevent pump and diverter valve sticking operating every 24 hours Heating circuit relief valve set at 3 bar Cylinder relief valve set at 8 bar Built-in sanitary 2 litres expansion vessel Sanitary recirculation option

Thermoregulation system

Built-in climatic regulation (outdoor sensor available as optional) Control of multi-zones system option Room sensor, central heating and sanitary timers included in the control panel

Control system

Overheat limit thermostat for the water/flue exchanger Hydraulic pressure switch to prevent boiler operating in event of low water Overheat limit thermostat against flues overheat Electronic temperatures control by NTC sensors Anti-legionella function Full anti-frost device Electronic thermometer Heating circuit pressure gauge

Combi with storage Maximum DHW heat input kW Maximum heating heat input kW Maximum DHW heat output kW Maximum heating heat output 80/60°C kW Maximum heating heat output 50/30°C kW Minimum heat output 80/60°C kW Minimum heat output 50/30°C kW

240 24,7 20,5 24 20 21,6 4 4,3

330 34 28,9 33 28 30,3 9,4 10,2

Energetic efficiency (92/42/CEE) Average efficiency (DIN 4702-T8) % Nominal efficiency 80/60°C % Nominal efficiency 50/30°C % Efficiency 30% % NOx class (EN 483) Minimum working temperature °C Expansion vessel capacity/pre-charge l/bar Heating temperature range °C DHW temperature range °C Cylinder capacity l Cylinder expansion vessel capacity/pre-charge l/bar Specific flow rate (EN 625) l/min l/min DHW production ΔT 25°C (1) l/30’ DHW production at discharge ΔT 30°C (1)

HHHH 109,8 97,6 105,1 107,5 5 -5 7,5/0,5 20/80 35/60 45 2/3,5 16,6 13,8 385

HHHH 109,8 97,6 105 107,3 5 -5 7,5/0,5 20/80 35/60 45 2/3,5 19,5 18,9 500

3 8 10 80 0,012 0,002 73

3 8 10 80 0,016 0,005 75

950x600x466 66 Natural gas/LPG 150 IPx5D

950x600x466 66,5 Natural gas/LPG 160 IPx5D

Maximum pressure heating circuit Maximum pressure DHW circuit Coaxial flue system Ø 60/100 max length Dual flue system Ø 80 max length Maximum flue mass flow rate Minimum flue mass flow rate Maximum flue temperature

bar bar m m kg/s kg/s °C

Dimensions (h x w x d) mm Net weight Kg Gas type Power consumption W Grade of protection (1)

without flow restrictor.

Quality Environment Safety Quality Environment Safety are Baxi strategic aims and the awarded certifications ensure compliance with the specific regulations

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Nuvola3 Comfort HT  

Nuvola3 Comfort HT gas condensing boilers