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              "Rotterdam action programme against radicalisation, with regard to opportunities"  by Margreet Anceaux, Metropolis regarding Rotterdam  Margreet Anceaux began the girl presentation by simply confirming that Rotterdam indeed views itself as a possible target pertaining to terrorists. Osama bin Laden's organization even runs transport companies as fronts coming from Amsterdam.  The British researcher Dr. 5 suspects had been acquitted.  Prosecutors mentioned Trabelsi, 33, that played with regard to German Bundesliga team Fortuna Dusseldorf in the 1980s, met al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden repeatedly throughout Afghanistan just before accepting the suicide mission. Abou Jahjah stated he joined the Hezbollah resistance against Israel. The Actual issue if Essad Bey actually visited the actual city regarding Someren can be irrelevant, along with equivalent for the fact that Mohammad in no way visited Jerusalem, besides

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