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Catwalk for Giulietta Cars, dealers and customers love being on it: flooring systems set the stage for car brands in Salzburg


orporate design (CD) requirements increasingly extend to floor coverings and present car showrooms with special challenges. The flooring system from ArsRatio has proven itself over recent years with renowned automobile manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Ford, Lexus, MercedesBenz, Nissan, Opel and Volkswagen. The Salzburg-based Pappas Group, represented at 30 locations in Austria, Hungary and Germany, puts its trust in this multipleaward-winning flooring system. Functionality meets powerful emotions Italian design enjoys an excellent reputation the world over. Timeless elegance, nonchalant style and the Mediterranean sensuality of Dolce Vita dominate fashion, furniture and automobiles. But functionality is always accompanied by powerful emotions. It is therefore quite natural for Georg Pappas Automobil in Salzburg to present its Italian brands Maserati and Alfa Romeo in the high

quality they deserve. After all, the slogan of the Pappas Group, one of the leading car dealership companies in Central Europe, is “Experience the best”. The current Maserati CD is reflected on a 200 square metre presentation area – encompassing the floor, furniture, POS displays, sales area and customer lounge. An exquisite floor for the Gran Turismo As a means of meeting the Italian brand’s CD flooring requirements, Pappas relies on the expertise of ArsRatio from Kirchbichl in Tirol. The company produces and distributes its proprietary, patented flooring systems and POS highlight presentation systems for the world market. The system comprises individual, industrially prefabricated flooring elements. They consist of coreboards with the upper layer as requested by the customer, such as ceramic tiles, parquet or glass, connected together with a special polyurethane formulation

to form a multi-layer system element. The individual elements are laid in four steps, quickly and cleanly – i. e. without bonding, grouting or protracted drying periods – and are ready to bear loads immediately. Even with a forklift truck or lorry. As the conditions in Salzburg were close to ideal, the individual floor elements could be laid with 120 × 60 cm format Maserati CD tiles directly on the existing floor. The patented locking system guarantees durable stability of the floor elements in the longitudinal and lateral directions. Junction boxes were elegantly integrated in the system for data and electrical connections, without damaging the existing floor. The fitters fashioned the transition to the lounge area with real dark wenge wood and using a “curve”, as prescribed by CD, they adapted the elements with ease. The aluminum access ramps then marked off the new Maserati area from the other areas of the car showroom. So ArsRatio laid a quality floor underfoot and under the wheels of the Quattroporte and Gran Turismo for the selling power of these premium automobiles to shine. Multi-brand area for Alfa Romeo

Bodenelemente mit der Maserati CD-Fliese im Format 120 x 60 cm / 120 x 60 cm format Maserati

CD tiles

In the following year, the Pappas Group commissioned ArsRatio with designing a multi-brand area for Alfa Romeo and Jeep. This area measuring 600 square metres borders directly on the Maserati showroom. The system managed to play off its advantages especially well, as all the AR30 floor elements are mutually combinable, independent of format and surface. So the integration of the 100 × 100 cm tile format favoured by Alfa Romeo was not a special option only available at an extra charge. The Tirol company used a compensation mat to ensure a perfectly even sub-surface. Thanks to the integrated cable chnannels, cabling to the junction boxes was invisible and ensured both aesthetic form and top functionality. The construction project was completed in less than a week – during ongoing operation. The experienced team of employees laid 600 flooring elements, placed the required connections and profiles, and left the showroom in a pristine state. Giulia and Giulietta were able to drive onto their new “catwalk” immediately. ■ POS-LADENBAU ■ 2 • 2018 37

POS LADENBAU 02 2018  

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POS LADENBAU 02 2018  

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