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Retail Park With a Landmark Character Making a significant urban planning contribution to the town


he new retail park is located on the busy Stuttgarter Straße where it appears in the form of a crystallinegolden sculpture. With its combination of a supermarket, bakery, restaurant and branch of a drugstore chain, the development plugs a long-standing gap in the retail offering in and around the historic center of Bietigheim.

and design”, explains Florian Beck, Head of Design. “The architecture of the retail park has set the tone for further design work in the commercial zone.” The tenant mix enabled a long-standing gap in the local retail offering to be plugged while the new and attractive shopping oasis has also eased pressure on other parts of the town.

Urban planning concept


The one-hectare site upon which the twostory retail park has been built is located very close to the volunteer fire station at the heart of the precious natural setting of the Bietigheimer Mühlwiesen in the northeastern part of the town of Bietigheim. The building opens onto the very busy Stuttgarter Straße to the west whereas the green spaces lining the river Enz stretch away to the east. The fascinating context of the site at the interface between these urban and rural environments meant that the architects had the task of designing a building whose external appearance communicated both urban expediency and the emotion of freedom and nature. In order to symbolize the importance of the retail park for the region the architects opted for a striking architectural image and façade design. “We designed a building which has a formative influence on the townscape, despite its completely unexpected positioning

The Munich architects designed a highquality building skin which harmoniously combines shimmering metal with façadepanels whose wood-like finish does much to reinforce the natural ambience of the location. This powerful appearance contributes to the establishment of the retail park as a symbol for the retail experience offered by the entire region. In order to give the building energy and to attract the attention of customers from large distances the monolithic volume is largely devoid of right angles. Instead, it features countless sloping surfaces which are clad, on the main façade, with lozengeshaped gold-coloured metal scales. This scaly skin blends with the contorted surfaces and, despite the many sloping surfaces, the regular sequence of joints and edges generates a uniform appearance which is intensified by its shimmering golden finish. The result is that the building radiates both

warmth and urbanity while also enjoying a delicacy which belies its size. The entrance The façade in the entrance area assumes the role of integrating the building into the landscape. In contrast with the forms that normally mark the act of arrival the entrance to the building is characterized by the rational, inserted cube with its dark timber appearance. The architects designed this projecting area with its deep window reveals as a rear-ventilated façade with large, rectangular timber-façade panels. The form, colour and texture of the panels contrast with the golden palette of the façade, setting up a dramatic dialog between town and country. The façade design is completed by high strip windows in the entrance area and in the tenant’s ancillary spaces. The generous glazing thus not only opens up views of the surroundings – towards both the town and the country – but also acts as a showcase for the retail park towards the outside world. The design for the roof created a fifth façade which is oriented towards the inhabitants of the nearby hillside. This roof is heavily planted and finished with a range of gravels as a means of drawing the Bietigheimer Mühlwiesen and the banks of the Enz through the retail park and into the town. ■

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FMZ Mühlwiesen, Bietigheim-Bissingen Verkaufsfläche:

8.532 m2




06/2016 bis 06/2017

Sortiment: Lebensmittelvollsortiment, Bäckerei, Gastronomie, Elektrofachmarkt, Drogerie Entwurfsplanung: ATP architekten ingenieure, München Das Gebäude strahlt gleichzeitig Wärme und Urbanität aus / The building radiates both warmth and


ATP / Becker


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POS LADENBAU 02 2018  

Magazin für Ladengestaltung, Boden, Wand, Decke, Licht, Displays und Akustik

POS LADENBAU 02 2018  

Magazin für Ladengestaltung, Boden, Wand, Decke, Licht, Displays und Akustik