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We've all been there at least once. The pain, the sleepless nights, sitting by the phone waiting for a call or text message. I am talking of course about the dreaded break up. There are few experiences in life worse than a broken heart and that feeling that the one you love no longer feels the same way. But... Guess what? It doesn't necessarily have to be that way. Nearly every case is repairable and and I'm going to give you some techniques that will show you how to get back your ex. Believe it or not, getting your ex back means doing a lot of things that are the complete opposite of what most people think you should do, here's what I mean: Make Them Think You Are OK With The Break Up Of course, initially you will be shocked and hurt and you won't be able to control your natural reactions to that. SO cry for the first couple of days if you need to. After that though, have a discussion with your ex, make them know that you are dealing with the break up and even drop subtle hints that it may all be for the best. Let it play out for a while. Limit The Contact When you are in a relationship with someone you logically become very attached to them. This will be hard to break but initially you should definitely limit the contact. You might feel worse at first but guess what, so will your ex. They will miss you and begin to remember all the things about you that made them feel good in the first place. See Other People Not straight away of course, but after a little while go on a date or two with someone else. Try and let this information trickle back to your ex, many times this information is enough to drive them crazy and right back into your arms. Don't flaunt it though and be very subtle. If you start to rub it in your ex's they will resent you for it. Remain Friends This is a hard one. But you should definitely try to remain friends with your ex. See them only on occasion and when you do talk about your life outside of each other. This will make your ex feel like they are missing out on something.

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==== ==== For Some Great Ways On Sparking Back Up That Connection Follow The Link ==== ====

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