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Diesel Particulate Filter Systems Innovative Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment for Original Equipment and Retrofitting Off Road

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008


A growing family enterprise Baumot – founded 1988 to overhaul Diesel engines: Baumaschinen Motoren









CZ today app. 60 employees

locations start Jan. 2009 in preparation

Baltic States


Middle East Bild: Google Earth

Baumot AG, Allmendstrasse 11, CH - 8320 Fehraltorf /Schweiz phone: +41 44 954 80 70, fax: +41 44 954 34 36, e-mail:, web:


Where we come from Sales and service of diesel particulate filters since 2000, own design products launched in spring 2007 Switzerland: − the first country in Europe to investigate diesel particulate matter − first system certified by VERT for retrofitting diesel particulate filters − involved with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) since 2000, the first in Switzerland

Business activities:

Diesel Particulate Filter

- engine reconditioning

− retrofitting

- engine spare parts

− development − production technical consulting

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008


Our motivation Particulate matter is highly dangerous to health carbon black particles 10 nm – 100 nm = -8 10 – 10 -7 m

bacteria 1 – 10 µ m = 10 -6 – 10 -5 m

piece of sugar 1cm = 10 -2 m

particles <10


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10 -2

10 -3


mm human hair 10 – 100 µ m = 10 -5 – 10 -4 m

10 -4

10 -5










nm cooking salt 200nm – 10 µ m = 2*10 -9 – 10 -4 m

pollen 3 – 100 µ m = 3*10 -6 – 10 -4 m

10 - 10

Å* atomic dimensions

primary carbon black particle app. 10 nm


PM: 10 µm „inhaleable“; PM: 2.5 µm „respirable“

** 1 Å = 1 Angström Medical studies: − particulate matter can cause respiratory diseases, cardiovascular problems and lung cancer because it accumulates in areas of the lungs and also in other vital parts of the body via the bloodstream. − the nano particulates find their way directly to many vital parts of the body by airways and blood, also to the heart. Investigations of the World Health Organization (WHO): − particulate matter causes an increase of the mortality rate as a result of cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer

source: Bundesregierung Deutschland

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008


Our motivation Worldwide mega-cities try to the number of vehicles by measures like ‘Congestion Charges’ London:

New York:

Congestion charge expanded to other transportation issues

has announced congestion charges as suited to London

source: London's Mayor K. Livingstone

− 210 000 tones of CO2 saved each year − Efficient bus traffic system − Growing fleet to 8000 buses − 100% Hybrid new purchase from 2012 − Major driver for European bus industry − Commercially interesting volumes


after PM10: noise and PM2,5 restrictions will set additional pressure on CV

Days exceeding permissible PM10-value on main roads in Stuttgart


20 15



14 5 0




more than 50% of residents vote for continuation of congestion charges

The Stockholm Trial:

online survey – German Umweltbundesamt in the year 2002: noise annoyance by road (in percent, rounded) source: nternet, Stadtklima Stuttgart


− US metropolitan areas in favour of hybrids

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008

Environment and health effects − CO2 minus 14 percent − NOx minus 7 percent − PM10 minus 9 percent − Emissions were reduced in the ”right” area

Source: :Muriel Beser Hugosson Project manager

− 65 000 fewer cars each day

source: The Guardian

− Congestion charges successful


Our capacity With Baumot Diesel Particulate Filter – FREE TRAVEL!

− Baumot – the only retrofitted filter with green label in Germany − VERT certified − listed for London LEZ (2008)

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008


Comparison of technical solutions Principally, there are two systems to reduce particle emissions „Open” particle reduction systems (DP Cat):

„Closed” particle reduction systems (DPF):

− flue gas stream „passes“ catalyst elements, medium efficiency and filter effect

− flue gas stream „penetrates“ filter, therefore high efficiency and filter effect

− 30% - 50% for particulate mass

− > 97% for particulate mass

− about 50% particulate matter volume

− > 97% particulate matter volume

waved layer with blade structures

flow direction

Porous flat layer

deposit of particulate matter waved layer with blade structures particles

„Closed” particle reduction systems are far more efficient then open systems !

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008


Our product philosophy Easy to install, reliable and economical ! easy … 8.000 BAUMOT Diesel particulate filters (DPF) already in operation − developed together with manufacturers in the automotive industry − produced with the same quality standards as manufactures of original equipment

− modular layout / optimal configuration flexibility − replaces the original muffler and is vehicle specific − universal underfloor arrangement, adopted for specific

application − easy mountable / V-clamps used to assist with

demounting whilst servicing or cleaning

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008


Our product philosophy Easy to install, reliable and economical! reliable … Closed Diesel Particulate Filter system −

filter efficiency > 97% (comparison: separation efficiency app. 30% with open system)

certified by the strict Suisse VERT regulations

approved by EST and TfL in London

approved by RDW (The Netherlands)

tested in German by TÜV North

operational performance: more than 500.000 km

Exhaust gas has to be pressed through the wall before it can reach the environment via a channel on the other side.

Particles are held back on the inlet side and burned at high temperatures

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008


Our product philosophy Easy to install, reliable and economical! economical … Features: − Passive system - regeneration without additives! − no negative impact on the valves or valve seats − no additional components for injection, external power supply etc ..

regeneration already at an average exhaust gas temperature of 180 C° (field testing in critical city bus operation)

low exhaust gas back pressure (< 100 mbar)

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008


Our product philosophy Easy to install, reliable and economical! Features: − released for all oil and fuels up to 350 ppm sulphur content − two stage filter if applicable − ceramic filter with positive thermal characteristics − heat deduction via tail pipe − Filter shell heat not critical − System monitoring by data logger − temperature and pressure sensors − retrospective information on operational characteristics

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008


Our range of qualification Suitable and adaptable for more than 1500 engines typical applications 600

engine output (kW)






0 BA5666 BA7580 BA7512 BA9120 BA1012 BA1014 BA1112 BA1114 BA1213 BA1215 BA1515 BA2015

BAUMOT filter type

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008


Our service Individual filter selection and adaptation

customer with vehicle specific requirements

− selection of coating − adaptation of the filter (pre-filter if applicable) to the vehicle − production

Installation ‚on site‘ – on request Installation by own service teams (service vehicles) − complete installation of the system by trained mechanics and electricians − instruction given to customers for self-installation and approval by Baumot

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008


Our references Our quality standard - e.g. city bus in Winterthur, Switzerland: 240,000 km without the need for cleaning

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008


Our future Ongoing technical development as well as researching and supplying further markets Continuous technical development, e.g. new materials: −

higher temperature resistance

weight investigations

Supply of the UK, Denmark, Sweden and Norway already launched. USA (California), Italy starting in January 2009. France, Spain mid of 2009. Poland, the Baltic States and the Middle East are planned …

Intensification −

existing testing in Chile, Ecuador and Iran

contacts in Brazil and Japan

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008


Technical drawing

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008


System components


Examples for application Komatsu WA250 PZ

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Examples for application Boat

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008


Examples for application GHH MK-30.1

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008


Examples for application Hutter Huki

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008


Examples for application Komatsu HM 400-2

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008


Examples for application LeroySomer MTU Generator

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008


Examples for application Radlader 80 (wheel-type loader)

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008


Examples for application Drilling apparatus

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Examples for application Terex Atlas TW150

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008


Examples for application Shibaura ST 333 (compact tractor)

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Examples for application Trolley ZD6 Deutz BF4M2012

Baumot Presentation eng-Nov.2008


Thank you for your kind attention!


Baumot Company Presentation Off Road English  

Baumot Company Presentation Off Road English