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January 2013





2 Culture College 101 Day 1 Help Wanted!

7 Play Group


14 Fight Club 1 & 2 Play Group Individual Education Plan (IEP) EPC Orientation

8 Personal Financial Readiness 9AM-4PM German Language (1/8) 9:15-11:15AM Play Group 10-11:30AM Baby Bumps 12:30AM-2PM Newborn Network 2:30-4PM




Home On The Rock: German Language (4/8) 9:15-11:15AM A Spouse’s Welcome 9AM-12PM Play Group 10-11:30AM Play Group 10-11:30AM Baby Bumps 12:30AM-2PM Newborn Network 2:30-4PM

9AM-12PM 3-4:30PM


CC101 Day 2 9AM-3:30PM FRG Leader Day 1 9AM-12PM Play Group 10-11:30AM Budgeting For Baby 3-5PM Successful Money Management

23 Culture College 101 Day 1 Play Group Help Wanted!



ESL 9-11AM Key Caller Play Group 10-11:30AM Interviewing Techniques 1-2PM Spectrum Families 4:30 –6 PM


22 German Language (3/8) 9:15-11:15AM Play Group 10-11:30AM Baby Bumps 12:30AM-2PM Newborn Network 2:30-4PM



Culture College 101 Day 1 Fight Club 3 & 4 Play Group Help Wanted


AER Command Course for CARE Team 9AM-3:30PM 1SG’s & CO’s 1:30-3:30PM Volunteer Orientation 3-5PM

Culture College 101 Day 1 9AM-3:30PM Play Group 10-11:30AM Coupons & Coffee 11:30AM-1PM Help Wanted! 3-5PM


9AM-12PM German Language (2/8) 9:15-11:15AM 10-11:30AM Play Group 10-11:30AM Baby Bumps 12:30AM-2PM 1-2PM Newborn Network 2:30-4PM 7-8PM





9AM-4PM FRG Leader Day 2 9AM-12PM 9AM-2PM Soldier/Civilian Sponsorship 10-11:30AM Training 1-2PM 1-2:30PM 3-4:30PM



ESL 9-11AM Citizenship Workshop 10-11:30AM 9AM-3:30PM Play Group 10-11:30AM 10-11:30AM Interviewing Techniques 1-2PM 3- 5PM PCS Workshop: Smooth Moves 3-4PM

30 Culture College 101 Play Group Day 1 9AM-3:30PM Play Group 10-11:30AM Volunteer Orientation 3-4:30PM Help Wanted! 3-5PM

31 10-11:30AM

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Financial Management Budgeting for Baby This class will give you tips on how to financially prepare for the cost of a new baby. Open to adults, whether or not you are expecting, located at ACS. *Coupons and Coffee Come out and Save $$ while enjoying coffee. Successful Money Management Learn how to set goals and develop a spending plan. Personal Financial Readiness for First Term Soldiers New to the Army? Learn how to maximize your money! Located Post Library (Bldg 8332 - Ironworks) Know Your Credit Score- Find out how to stay on top of your credit score. Saving and Investing and TSP Reach your financial goals by learning how to make your money work for you, located at ACS.

Employment Readiness Help Wanted! Focuses on the structure/composition of a Federal Resume, understanding Federal job announcements and identifying federal employment sources. Dress for Success Learn to dress appropriately for different workplaces. Interviewing Techniques Learn how to ace an interview by speech, posture and overall presentation. How to start a Home Based Business Learn local, Army and German policies for home based businesses.


Family Advocacy Program * Playgroup Playgroup where parents attend with their children (birth- 4 years). * Coffee Break Relax, drink coffee and chat with other parents while your children play at Wiggles and Giggles. * 1-2-3 Magic Learn how to manage difficult behavior in children age 2-12. *Parenting and Divorce 2 part series designed to help parents understand how divorce impacts children, offers techniques for cooperative coparenting and communication with ex spouse while keeping the child’s best interest in focus. Active Parenting of Teens Video based interactive program for parents with teens or tweens. Addresses tough issues like communicating with teens and using discipline while teaching responsibility. *Help! There’s a Toddler in the House! Learn new ways to handle temper tantrums, picky eaters, going out in public, potty training, sibling rivalry and more! **EPC Orientation

Help a child in need. Learn about the basic requirements needed to become an Emergency Placement Care provider (similar to Foster Care).

New Parent Support Program * Newborn Network A support group for parents of newborns. Enjoy the opportunity to discuss and share with others who can relate to your situation. * Baby Bumps A Support & Education group for expecting parents.

Volunteer Orientation- Want to volunteer? This is where you begin. Exceptional Family Member Program Spouse Academy- Basic Survival training if you are new, * Spectrum Families or relatively new, to the military. Levels II & III are for adA support group for Families living with Autism. vanced knowledge and personal empowerment & Individual Education Plan (IEP) development. Learn about your rights and responsibilities in the IEP procDeployment & Mobilization Readiness ess of your child. ** Fight Club Comprehensive Solider Fitness/Resiliency Training for Soldiers and Family Members taught in four consecutive modules All classes are held at ACS unless noted with a “*” ** CARE Team Training Casualty Assistant Response Team training for Unit and * = Wiggles & Giggles (BLDG 8884) Garrison Teams. ** = Yellow Ribbon Room (BLDG 8876) ** Key Caller Training *** = Alternate location, call ACS for details Mandatory training for individuals designated as key Call DSN: 485-8188 or CIV: 067836-8188 Today! callers ** FRGL Training -Mandatory training for FRG Leaders ** FRG Treasury Training—Obtain the basics and skills Army Community Service of managing the assets of your FRG.


Wellness Classes are labeled in PURPLE Adaptation Classes are labeled in GREEN Support Classes are labeled in ORANGE

Readiness Classes are in BLUE

Relocation Readiness English as a Second Language (ESL) Beginner: designed to build fundamental English skills and increase self-sufficiency and proficiency. Units 1-6. PCS Workshop: Smooth Moves Timelines, tips & advice ensure your next move is smooth. Soldier/Civilian Sponsorship Training Help a new Soldier/Civilian integrate into our community! Culture College 101 Enjoy this two day, hands-on, community-oriented program. Make friends, learn about German culture and customs, OPSEC, shop at local stores, take mass transit, and experience Germany. Bring Euro for all transportation and lunches. No Military Uniforms allowed. Sign-up in advance for these classes. German Language Classes Designed to help you develop fundamental German language skills. New session-cannot be picked up in the middle. Citizenship Workshop Learn about resources and how to cut through the “Red Tape” on your way to your VISA or US citizenship. Home On The Rock: A Spouse’s Welcome Learn about your community in a fun, interactive environment. Meet community leaders and get your questions answered!

Victim Advocate Hotline: 0162-270-8390 Victim Advocates provide 24/7 support to victims of domestic and sexual violence and offer a wide range of services.

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