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Hilltop Theater opens tomorrow By Amy Danzeiser

Creative Arts Center Director

“It’s a wrap” is yelled over the buzz of drills and hammers, the scent of fresh paint and sawdust in the air. The 15 year wait is over. We now have a community theater. This intimate 50 seat playhouse gives the audience a chance to feel like they are in the middle of the action, since the actors are only a few feet away. Hilltop Community Theater is open to all ID cardholders and Local Nationals. A variety of performances: mysteries, dramas, comedies, one act plays and musicals are on the horizon. Currently Hilltop Theater is preparing for the performance of “And Then There Were None.” This Agatha Christie murder mystery will be the first full length play offered in Baumholder in over 15 years and will be the ground breaking performance by the newly founded Hilltop Theater. Stacy Smith, a sixth grade Department of Defense Dependent Schools teacher at Wetzel Elementary used to make a two-and-a-half hour trip order to perform five-nights a week with the KMC Onstage Theater. “I’m so excited to have a theater in Baumholder. Eric is a wonderful addition to Baumholder and he has put so much work into this theater.” The opportunity to volunteer is open to everyone. No experience is required. Just show up at the audition and decide where you would like to help. Whether it’s your first play or your 51st, your contribution will make a difference. Hilltop Theater Director, Eric Danzeiser, is a 15 year theater veteran with experience directing, acting and working back stage for the Keller Theater in USAG Giessen, Germany. In the spring of 2009 Danzeiser began converting an old warehouse in building 8895 on Wetzel in Baumholder into a performing arts theater. “There’s a demand for a stage. A lot of people want to perform and show what they can do. Many come from Community Theater in the states and want to continue here. My goal is to create an award winning

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program that Baumholder can be proud of,” says Danzeiser. And they have the talent to prove it. Rebekah AnkromBaker, the music director for the Hilltop Theater has an extensive background in theater and holds a master’s degree in opera from the Boston Conservatory. “Our goal is to make the Hilltop Theater the main theater for the Baumholder area. We also want to offer more opportunities for community involvement.” The theater organized a pre-opening performance in September of 2009 of “Three in a Row,” a selection of three 10-minute plays. The cast consisted of students from the Baumholder Middle/High School participating in the Edge Program. On first try at competition, The Hilltop Theater won three awards: first place for Best Teen Ensemble, first place for Best Non-Speaking role and second place for Best Actor for the play, “Three in a Row,” entered in the Europe wide “Annual One Act Festival” hosted by USAG Kaiserslautern. Volunteers are the core of the theater and are the soul of the performances. The Hilltop offers local nationals a chance to improve their on-the-spot speaking skills while offering host nation relations and a way to touch the community for Americans stationed in Baumholder. The theater relies on the dedication of volunteers who are willing to commit time and effort to creating the best possible experience for the audience. According to Heather Gladney, a DODDS substitute teacher and a first time theater volunteer, “The experience is a lot of fun. I loved to watch theater before but to now be involved…it’s a lot of work but great. The cast has a great sense of camaraderie and I have learned a lot.” Gladney has made acting a family affair by including her daughter, 13-year old Natasha Gladney, a seventh grader at the Baumholder Middle/High School. She is also joined on stage by her husband, Capt. Jason Gladney, who serves as the USAG Baumholder base veterinarian. Having recently returned from Iraq, Gladney

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Hilltop Theater performers discuss thier rolls for the upcoming performance of “And Then There Were None,” says that “It’s a lot of fun to get out of the daily grind and into the community. I’m nervous but having fun.” The Hilltop Theater will be offering a wide selection of plays in 2010. Performances of the murder mystery And Then There Were None are Jan. 22,23,29,30 and Feb. 5, 6. Tickets are $8 or €8 and the show starts at 7:30 p.m. Auditions for the musical Nunsense are Jan. 25-26 and the play runs in March. Also look for the comedy A Bed Full of

Foreigners in May and the musical Lucky Stiff in late July. So if you live in the Baumholder area and you are interesting in acting, working back stage or just watching a show, you now need to go no further than the Hilltop Theater. The Hilltop Theater can be found right outside Upper Wetzel in Building 8895. To get there, just exit Wetzel Kaserne through the gate across from the Wetzel CDC (next to the Wetzel Teen Center) and continue out

past the golf driving range (in the same building as the Creative Arts Center and the Swimming Pool). If you have questions about volunteering, contact Eric Danzeiser at the Hilltop Theater at civ (06783) 6-7244 or email at To order tickets or for more information about performances dates and times, contact the Creative Arts Center box office at civ (06783) 6-6687 or email at

More than murder

A year of performances on line Murder, humor, drama and signature Agatha Christie twists are but the first offering from Baumholder’s Hill Top Theater. The theatrical group’s premiere performance of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None” will be followed by the musical “Nunsense.” In this musical performance, the Little Sisters Hoboken take over the theatre. This wacky and outrageous performance is fun for the entire family.

Performance dates are March 12, 13,19,20,26,27. The show begins at 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost $8, students and senior tickets cost $5. To make reservations, call the Arts Center Monday through Friday 11a.m. to 6pm. at mil 485-6687 or stop by the theater, outside Upper Wetzel in Building 8895. The box office opens at 6:45 p.m. on show nights. Reserved tickets not picked up by 7:15 will go on sale to the

general public. The Hill Top staff works with a large group of American and German volunteers to produce quality English language community theatre. The theater group is looking for volunteers who wish to discover the joy of performing. The Hill Top Theater will produce a wide variety of shows this year including dramas, musicals (“Nunsense” in March) and comedies (“Lucky Stiff” in July). Jan. 21, 2010..........................................................................

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FMWR offers stress-free resolutions By Alice Verberne

Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation, Baumholder

It can be hard to keep a New Year’s resolution with all the demands made on us every day. With a plate full of stuff to do, adding another task may seem just plain daunting, which reminds me of the comedian Lily Tomlin who said, “For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.” If you have already abandoned your resolution this year, perhaps you can switch your goal to something that will enhance your mental wellbeing. Below are five tips on enriching your life that are offered through Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation right here in Baumholder. They’re full of stress-relieving fun; and best of all, some of them are even free.

No pressure

Feel pressure to get in shape? Yoga can help you reduce anxieties that ebb and flow in life. It is a great way to calm down and check off the physical fitness block in your weekly routine. Mountaineer Fitness Center in Baumholder offers free yoga classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. with Hatha yoga instructor, Jane Bergstresser who volunteers her time to help the community. “Yoga is great because it is non-competitive and allows for each student to take the poses to their own growing edge. I am sharing tools with others that can enrich their lives in positive ways. Much of the hard core workouts are great, but we can’t sustain those over time. Yoga can be a lifelong tool to better health, fitness, breathing and stress reduction,” says Bergstresser of the class.

Give a little

Folks who share their talents with others seem so balanced and centered. Volunteering is a form of philanthropy that offers an opportunity for folks to. Bergstrasse says that through her yoga class, she receives blessings with each class and

Photo by Chris Laurion

Students perform “V-sit” in Jane Bergstrasse’s Hatha yoga class held every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. upstairs in the fitness area at the Mountaineer Fitness center. Students are Greg Halbert, Dorris Halbert, Megan Williamson, Jane Bergstresse (in green shirt), Suhailyah Scope, Samira Abdullah, Salvatore Antinozzi and Catherine Dubosc. each student, and after 4 years, that’s a lot of blessings. When folks give a little, they seem to get hidden benefits in return, which can be very rewarding. If you are interested in sharing a skill in order to keep a resolution (like teaching a fitness class to stay in shape) positions are available at the Mountaineer and Hall of Champions Fitness Centers for certified instructors. Call the sports office at mil 4856671 to get involved. Nobody likes to spend all of their time isolated. It can be depressing to stay home all the time. A great way to get out of the house and meet new people is to volunteer your time with the BOSS program. Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers holds meetings twice per month and is geared to all single or unaccompanied Soldiers. Meetings cover community service, quality of life, and cultural outings (such as the free “I am Strong” concert March 15 at the Wagon Wheel Theater featuring female jazz singer Leigh

Jones). To get a list of meeting times for BOSS, contact BOSS president Sgt. Snyder at civ (0172) 574-3497.

Eat your words

Many folks admit that their resolution is to learn their host-nation’s language while stationed abroad. Here in Baumholder, you can pick up some German and literally “eat your words” by taking the Cuisine, Customs and Culture of Germany class offered at Army Community Service. Students absorb the customs and culture of the locals by creating and sharing traditional cuisine. This popular class is taught twice a month by Gundi Kelley-Delisio, the ACS Cultural Adaptation Instructor. She takes participants to a local German supermarket to learn the names of produce while shopping for ingredients, then shows them how to cook a tasty regional meal on site at ACS. Seating is limited to the first 10 participants. Call mil 4856805 or civ 06783-6-6805 to

get in on a class. Sign-ups are currently being taken for Feb. 9 and 23.

485-7244 or civ (06783) 6-7244 or email hilltoptheater@eur.

Immerse yourself

Get in tune

Emancipate the restrained artist in you this year. You don’t have to be crafty like Martha Stewart, sing like Beyonce or cook like Alton Brown to enjoy the arts. The Creative Art Center and the Hilltop Theater offer varied classes such as crafting, acting and cake decorating. Take a Wilton certified cake decorating classes by trained chef, Anastasia Ward or join the Hilltop Theater Glee Club and sing alongside professionally trained opera singer, Rebekah Ankrom. Come by the Creative Arts Center, Monday-Friday from 11am till 6 p.m. for more information. You can also call 06783-6-6687 or mil 485-6687 or email mil to learn more about what they have planned. Contact Eric Danzeiser at The Hilltop Theater if you want to get involved in performances, singing and volunteering at the theater at mil 21, 2010

How about making a resolution to save a little money on car repairs? Signing up for a class is a cost effective move that empowers you to maintain your car come rain or shine. Seasonal car inspections are particularly necessary in a community like Baumholder, where “The Rock” often experiences snow storms, ice and fog. Manager Bob Martin says the Auto Skills Center offers not only seasonal inspection classes but also basic maintenance courses to help your car come safely through the sleet and snow. Basic maintenance classes are held every Wednesday beginning at 2 p.m. and cost $6 per hour for instruction. Reservations are not required but are recommended for groups of more than four participants. Call the Auto Skills center for an appointment at mil 485-6344 or civ (06783) 6-6344.

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German based boxers rumble at the Rock Boxers from throughout Germany battled it out during the U. S. Army Garrison Baumholder’s Holiday Rumble Dec. 12. Fourteen bouts were held including one women’s bout and five walkovers, or uncontested bouts. The sports and family fitness branch event drew 351 spectators. Boxing divisions ranged from light welterweight to super heavyweight. Below is a list of the competitors and the winners of each bout are marked with an bullet (l).

Light Welterweight lMonica Betts, Baumholder Miranda Dillon, Grafenwoehr Welterweight Mike Cavanaugh, Grafenwoehr lJoseph Ramos, Baumholder Welterweight lTracy Askew, Heidelberg Brian Wilson, Baumholder Welterweight Renaldo Sears, Baumholder lEric Felli, Grafenwoehr Welterweight Joshua Mavolo, Baumholder lFrancisco Munguio, Grafenwoehr

Photo by David Delisio

A boxer gets pummeled against the ropes during Baumholder’s Holiday Rumble boxing smoker Dec. 12. Boxers from throughout Germany gatherewd at the Hall of Champions for this annual event.

Light Middleweight lJayson Palmer, Baumholder Martin Noble, Heidelberg

Heavyweight Adam Strawder, Baumholder lPrintice Willis, Heidelberg

Light Middleweight lGarret Banks, Heidelberg Diunte Bridges, Kaiserslautern

Light Heavyweight lCasey Byrom, Baumholder Jose Serna, Baumholder

Super Heavyweight lKirk Robinson, Baumholder Jordan Court, Baumholder

Light Middleweight John Tice, Kaiserslautern lKeith Reyes, Baumholder

Light Heavyweight Joshua Rentas, Baumholder lJorge Navarrete, Baumholder

Super Heavyweight lSheldon, Tarver Marcus, Askew

Featherweight lRosa Hernandez (uncontested) Welterweight lTierra Bailey (uncontested) Light Heavyweight lAmanda Hausman (uncontested) Welterweight lPhil Menagh (uncontested)

Briefs Let your voice be heard

Do you have issues that you think should be heard? Do you have ideas about things that need change? Do you think something isn’t working right? Don’t just fret about them, let Army Community Service know what they are by submitting them for inclusion in the 2010 Army Family Action Plan Conference Feb. 17-18 at the Rheinlander Convention Center. Voice what is and isn’t working and make suggestions to influence Army quality of life. Submissions are due by February 2. AFAP is an Army-wide program

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whose purpose is improving Army quality of life. Through AFAP, all Soldiers (Active, Reserve, National Guard), family members, retirees, surviving spouses and DA Civilians have a forum to raise issues and voice concerns to Army leadership. These voices are given the opportunity to influence Army quality of life and standard of living. AFAP issues come up at all levels. They might concern a local community or relate to problems that have Army-wide impact. In fact, many issues resolved through the AFAP process go beyond the Army

and impact all branches of military service. Issue forms are available online at: sites/local/AFAPindex.asp. Just fill it out and drop it off at ACS or email to For more information call ACS at mil 485-8188 or civ (06783) 6-8188.

Electronic tax filing clerks

The Baumholder Legal Center is currently hiring electronic tax filing clerks for the Baumholder Tax Center. Comprehensive training will be provided for these six-month positions. If

you like working with people, like to learn and enjoy working with numbers, please apply online at: http://www.

H1N1 vaccine available to all

The Baumholder Health Clinic will provide H1N1 influenza vaccinations for all beneficiaries from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Jan. 30 at the Health Clinic. TRICARE beneficiaries, DODDS personnel and child care workers are eligible to receive the vaccine. For more information call Army Public Health Nursing at mil 4857312/8239. Jan. 21, 2010..........................................................................

USAG Baumholder MWR roundup ... MWR roundup Valentine’s Day balloon bouquets

Place your order to have a lovely balloon bouquet delivered to that special someone this Valentine’s Day. Make your expression of love original by personalizing your order from their selection of mylar, latex and oversized specialty balloons. Customers may even add small or large teddy bears and bags of chocolate to their order. Long stem roses are available at $5 per stem or six for $25. Orders can be delivered anywhere on Wetzel or Smith Kaserne for free on Feb. 12 and 14. The Creative Art Center is open Mondays through Fridays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from noon to 5 p.m. For more information call mil 485-6687 or civ (06783) 6-6687.

Kids craft classes now at arts center

The Creative Art Center is offering fun and educational after school craft classes for children ages six and older every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 3:30-4:30 p.m. Cost is $5 per child. Children under six are welcome with a parent in attendance. Call mil 485-6687 or civ (06783) 6-6687, to sign up. The center is open Mondays through Fridays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from noon to 5 p.m.

Be social, get out of the house

Read with the Baumholder Book Club and socialize while enhancing your life through literature. The Baumholder book club gets together from 6:30-8 p.m. every fourth Thursday of the month to read a selected book as a group. The members then discuss the finer points of the book. For more information call the library at mil 485-1740 or (06783) 6-1740.

Brush up on your English?

English As a Second Language, offered on Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to noon at ACS. If you can’t make these sessions, check the ACS monthly calendar for dates or get on the mailing list by calling mil 485-8188 or (06783) 6-8188.

Shooters now just a short walk away

The Shooters/Outdoor Recreation gate is now open starting at 4 p.m. The lower Outdoor Recreation gate on Rod and Gun Club Road, accessible from the main road, will now be closed by the MP’s at 4 p.m. daily. The upper Outdoor Recreation gate on Rod and Gun Club Road (near the Shoppette) with access only to the main post will be open from 4 p.m. to 3 a.m., allowing Soldiers access by driving or walking down from Smith Barracks. At 3 a.m. each morning the process will be reversed to facilitate a safe environment for skeet shooting. This applies every day except Wednesdays.

Plan to travel with Outdoor Recreation

Plan now for the following tours with Outdoor Recreation: Feb. 13 and 27, day ski trip to Feldberg, $65. Feb. 11-15, ski at Gastein, Austria (President’s Day weekend), $475 Feb. 19-21, Interlaken, Switzerland, $285.00 All trips leave at 6 p.m. from the Outdoor Recreation parking lot and return around 10 p.m. Prices are per person and include round-trip transportation, lodging, half-board, ski pass, ski or snowboard rental and beginner ski lessons. The Feldberg ski day trips leave at 5 a.m. from the Outdoor Recreation parking lot and return around 8

Photo by Ignacio “Iggy” Rubalcava

Personal touch

Dawn Crilly shows CW2 Julian Price and CW2 Brian Henriksen a personalized Christmas ornament she engraved for a community member. The Veterans of Foreign Wars Iron Rock Post 2566 and the warrant officers of the Baumholder community held two fund raisers for families of the Baumholder community. Their efforts netted them $760. 33, which was donated back to the Baumholder community in the form of presents for seven children from the Angel Tree and 24, $25 food vouchers from the commissary.

p.m. Call Outdoor Recreation at mil 485-7182 or (06783) 6-7182 or come by to sign up.

Racquetball tournament

The Mountaineer Fitness Center is planing a racquetball tournament. Interested persons can fill out a tournament participation form at the center and the tournament schedule will be determined based on interest. Call the Baumholder Sports Office at (06783) -6-6671 or mil 485-6671/7176/6615 for details

Baumholder fitness schedule

Yoga: If you’re looking for relaxation and stress relief, yoga is the class for you. Each class is a treat, designed to challenge you as well as relax you. Spinning: Indoor cycling has never been so much fun. Enjoy a challenging, heart pumping, speed-inducing ride. This class is superb for all fitness levels. Total Body Challenge: Get in shape with this high-paced, high-energy, aggressive workout. Each class is a different experience. This class is a full body workout with guaranteed positive results. With varying intensity levels, this class is appropriate for all fitness levels. Tae Kwon Do: This class is Instructed by Master Park Kwan Nam, a seventh degree Black Belt with more than 50 years experience. Step: This is a great calorie burning workout using

elevated platforms and choreographed movements set to up-beat high energy music. Step is great for most fitness levels. Body Sculpt: Trim and tone yourself with a full body workout. This class uses light to moderate weights and your own body weight to tighten those problem areas. Low-impact and moderate intensity make this a great class for all fitness levels. Aikido: Sensei Moore holds a black belt in Aikido and is offering classes to adults and children alike. Classes are $50 per month. Adults register at the Mountaineer Fitness Center and children register at CYSS. Come to this class and learn the Japanese martial art of self- defense. Cardio Kick: Kick, punch, and block your way into fitness. This class may be circuit style, or routine based, but the one for sure thing is that you will have an excellent workout. This class is high energy, and can at times be high impact. Simple modifications (where appropriate) will make this class appropriate for all fitness levels. If you have any questions about fitness classes call the Sports Office at mil 485-6671 or civ (06783) 6-6671.

Bowling events at Striker’s

Strikers Bowling Center will host a Gold Rush Tournament, Jan. 30 at 2 p.m. The cost is $20 per person, and $5 goes toward cash prizes. You don’t need to bowl like a professional to participate; you just have to want to have fun. Other fun games are the Striker’s Head Pin Game: Knock down the head pin and you are awarded a strike; the low score game; and the 8 Pin No-Tap, where you knock down just 8 pins to earn a strike. For more information call the Bowling Center at mil 485-6569 or at (06783) 6-6569.

Bowl during the Super Bowl

Come out to cheer on your favorite Super Bowl team and get some exercise bowling at Strikers Bowling Center starting at 10 p.m. Feb. 7. Cost is $20 per person and includes food during pre-game time, three games of bowling and shoes. Persons are welcome to bring the kids and their sleeping bags since the game will air late into the night. Striker’s Bowling Center supports the Designated Driver Program so tell the manager that you are a designated driver for your group or unit and receive a “Stuck with Stupid” sticker to drink free approved non-alcoholic beverages all night long. For more information call the Bowling Center at mil 485-6569 or at (06783) 6-6569.

Start Smart Basketball

Want your child to get away from the computer and become active with other kids while developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination? Then enroll your three to five years old in Start Smart Basketball through CYSS. The cost: is only $35 for sessions from Jan. 27 through March 3. Classes are held Wednesday’s from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at Wetzel Elementary School. Registration is now until Jan 22. Enroll at CYSS Youth Sports and Fitness in Building. Joe Satellite 8743 or call mil 485-8249 or civ (06783) 6-8249. 21, 2010

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