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JUNE 2013

Becky Shaffer

Founder and CEO info@savinggracenwa.org


VE hunger

Dear Friend of Saving Grace, “Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.” This is one of my favorite quotes from Mother Teresa . . . there is so much truth to these words.

mission statement Saving Grace, Inc. is a Christ-centered safe harbor offering acceptance, restoration and hope to young women of Northwest Arkansas, preparing them for interdependent living

who we serve We serve young women ages 17-25 who have aged out of foster care/group homes and/or those who have essentially been “orphaned” by critical support systems— resulting in homelessness.

1229 W. Poplar St. Rogers, AR 72756 (479) 636-1133 www.savinggracenwa.org


Several weeks ago I started a new tradition at the Saving Grace house, calling it “Home for Dinner.” This special time coincides with our Life Skills Class each Thursday night, and is a time when all of our girls gather together as a community. We prepare a nice home-cooked meal, a “luxury” for many of our girls who are living a fast-paced life and just trying to catch their breath sometimes. We have quickly fallen in love with our new tradition, as the impact has been tremendous. There is so much more than eating that goes on as we enjoy a meal together. While I have never counted, I’m certain there are more hugs given on these days than other days of the week combined. There’s just something about women cooking together--donned in aprons picked out special for them--and the wonderful aroma of food circulating through the house as it simmers on the stove . . . it really brings everyone together in a way unlike any other. The girls arrive with appetities ready to be satisfied. And not just for food that tastes good after a long day of school or work; but for encouragement and as much unconditional love as we can dish up. Thank you for your prayers, love and support of this ministry as we “feed” the greater hunger in the girls we serve. God’s grateful girl,


HER own words berley with Kim

I applied to Saving Grace

in September of 2010 because my aunt had just kicked me out of her house and none of my friends or other family members had room for me. A pamphlet at a local church led me to Saving Grace. After I applied and interviewed, I was immediately accepted. My first year in Saving Grace was a difficult one. Anger was all I felt for everyone around me. The staff, my mentors, and my RA’s were all my enemies. I felt as if no one in this world loved or cared for me because no one was able to take me in. I blamed the staff of Saving Grace for the pain I was feeling and spoke openly about how horrible we were being treated. Because of this behavior, there were some who might have wanted to give up on me . . but Becky Shaffer (the founder) saw something inside of me and refused to let me leave. “God is keeping you here,” Becky had said to me, “I don’t know why, but you are still here because he wants you here.”

Soon after that, I decided to let God into my heart and to forgive all of the people who have caused me pain throughout the years. I started attending counseling regularly and participated fully in the program. My leadership skills were then used to help the girls in the house find out their own self-worth and to help them realize the value of Saving Grace. I then found a full time position at a retail store and have since then moved up to management. In February of 2013, I transitioned out of Saving Grace and now live in my own apartment. I still visit Saving Grace once a week to be involved with the girls and show them that I still love and care for them even though I no longer live with them. This program introduced me to a side of God I had never seen before. For the first time, I felt I was worthy of love. I lived in Saving Grace for two and a half years and was able to meet some amazing people. I have met women who walk into a room and God’s love radiates out

of them. I have met others who have been through horrific events and yet hold their head high because they stopped their past from determining their future. I have met men who would die for their families and are determined every day to study God’s word and lead their families down the right path. No matter where God takes me in life, Saving Grace will always be my home. I know the women there will always be there for me. I have established friendships that will last a lifetime. Saving Grace helped me to trust God and to let him decide my future. Without Saving Grace helping me, I would be lost, hurt, and angry. I will forever be grateful to all those who support Saving Grace. May God bless your lives the way you have all blessed mine. This article was originally written by Kimberley for the Mosaic of Moms website. Used with permission.

BUTTERFLIES & BLOOMS 2013 On April 9th, 2013, we had the honor and privilege to share about the work that’s being done at Saving Grace at our annual Butterflies & Blooms Luncheon. In contrast to years past when attendees would purchase a ticket to attend/participate, the generosity of our wonderful sponsors enabled us to open the doors to anyone interested in becoming a “Champion for Grace.” As a result, we doubled our numbers from 450 in 2012 to over 800 people this year. Needless to say, it was both exciting and humbling to be able to share the good news regarding our program and alumni with so many. As attendees enjoyed a lunch with fellow community members, we were entertained by a surprise performance by the Rogers High School Show Choir (who just returned from Austin, TX where they won several competitions and were invited to perform at Carnegie Hall). In addition, we were able

Saving Grace Board Members (Photo courtesy of 3W Magazine)

to “introduce” some of our fabulous “graduates” and share their story of personal struggle and eventual success . . . (you can find a copy of this video on our website at www.savinggracenwa.org/resources). The highlight of our luncheon was hearing the story of our speaker, Jenny Broughton (Oklahoma City). Orphaned at the age of 11 by a tragic case of domestic violence, she grew to adulthood in a Texas children’s home, and discovered the love and devotion of perfect strangers. Her challenge to all of us was to “Be the One.” To pick up a corner of the stretcher and help the wounded in our midst discover the source of true healing . . . a reference to Jesus’ healing of the paralytic man who was lowered through the roof by his friends.

Saving Grace Graduates (Photo courtesy of 3W Magazine)

Rogers High Scho

(Photo courtesy of Sharon M

We are so thankful for our sponsors and for all the individuals who supported us by coming out. It is through these generous hearts of our community that we can accomplish our mission of providing acceptance, restoration, and hope to young women of a forgotten population. You are opening up the doors of opportunity to young women who might otherwise have no place to call home. For more information on how you can BE-THE-ONE to a young woman at Saving Grace, please visit our website at www.savinggracenwa.org or call our office at (479) 636-1133. For more information about our speaker, please visit her website at www.jennybroughton.com

ool Show Choir

Memories Photography)

Jenny Broughton, Speaker

(Photo courtesy of Sharon Memories Photography)

Attendees at Butterflies & Blooms

(Photo courtesy of Sharon Memories Photography)

Attendees at Butterflies & Blooms

(Photo courtesy of Sharon Memories Photography)






HER own s d r o w

LET ME INTRODUCE YOU to Cherie Moye . . . wife, mom, mentor, servant in our community, and volunteer at Saving Grace. Cherie has been a volunteer “since the beginning” of Saving Grace in 2010 and has created a niche for herself within the community of staff, residents, and other volunteers. So, what does she have to say about her volunteer experience at Saving Grace? Please keep reading . . . WHAT VOLUNTEER ROLE DO YOU FILL?: “I work mainly in the office as volunteer receptionist and am also a mentor. I try to keep the pantry erley jobs and special projects as needed, and make organized, dobvarious th Kim i w up a tote bag of goodies for the birthday girls.” WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT VOLUNTEERING AT SAVING GRACE?: I enjoy “getting to know the girls individually since they drop by the office frequently.” I also appreciate “getting to see what goes on behind the scenes to help support the girls at Saving Grace.” ANY ADVICE FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE THINKING ABOUT VOLUNTEERING AT SAVING GRACE?: “Identify your talents or resources so SG can make good use of them. It will be a rewarding experience for you to know that you’re making a difference, whether that’s by donating your time on site, your area of expertise, or providing tangible resources for the organization.” FROM US TO HER . . . Thank you Cherie for choosing to BE THE ONE at Saving Grace. What a difference an afternoon, a willing spirit, and a heart of service has made on all of us!

SAVE the



Grace Point Church

Sam’s Club Home Office

Live United Day


•Non-Perishable Food Items •Fresh Fruit and Vegetables •Office Items •Copy Paper •Old ink cartridges •Gift Cards •Walmart Gift Cards •Walgreens Gift Cards •Dollar General Gift Cards •Miscellaneous House Items •Laundry Detergent •Trash Bags •Paper Towels •Toilet Paper •Cleaning Supplies •Liquid Hand Soap •Liquid Dish Soap •Kleenex (Square Boxes) •Plastic Bags (Sandwich and •Snack Size) •Twin Sheet Sets

WELCOME BASKETS for NEW RESIDENTS •Sonic/ McDonalds Gift Cards •Socks •Blanket/Throw •Journals •Stuffed Animals •Reed Diffuser or Potpourri •Nail Polish •Make-up •Lotion/Body Wash •Manicure Kit

TRANSITIONAL HELP for GRADUATES •Dish Sets •Glasses •Mixing Bowls •Comforters •Sheet Sets •Towels/Washcloths •Pots/Pans •Cookie Sheets •Toaster •Shower Curtain •Cooking Utensils •Silverware •Iron/Ironing board


1229 W. Poplar * Rogers, AR 72756 * (479) 636-1133


70% of the girls at Saving Grace are actively pursuing their

educational goals. Will you help pave the way to success by donating to our

Educational Incentives Scholarship Program?

Our needs include the following

follow us @savinggracenwa

SCHOOL SUPPLIES • College-ruled paper • College-ruled 5 subject notebook • Mechanical pencils • High lighters • Thumb drive • Backpack • Lunch box • Laptops in good condition

“ON-THE-GO” MEAL • Marie Callender • Healthy Choice Lunches • Breakfast bars • Breakfast drinks • Oranges, apples, etc.

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Grace Repurposed (June 2013)  

A newsletter publication for Saving Grace, Inc., a transitional living facility located in Rogers, AR. We are a Christ-centered safe harb...

Grace Repurposed (June 2013)  

A newsletter publication for Saving Grace, Inc., a transitional living facility located in Rogers, AR. We are a Christ-centered safe harb...