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This is His Story I’ve shared “my story” more times than I can count. It’s about a little girl

who was neglected, violently abused, abandoned, unloved and forgotten. There were years when there was no room for joy due to the presence of heavy smothering sorrow. Several years ago, I spent time grieving over the loss of my childhood and began an intentional journey to forgive. God allowed my heart to go back to that forgotten little girl and He set our feet on a path to visit broken places. He healed the deepest and most bitter wounds of my heart and redeemed my story. I forgave all the sin that had been done to me by hands that were meant to protect. God gave me a new heart and turned my mourning into joy! Psalm 18:24 says, “God rewrote the text of my life when I opened the book of my heart to His eyes.” He rewrote my story and made it His.

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by Becky Shaffer, Executive Director

“His Story” includes the many people who stepped in, allowing God to use them to change my life, breaking the cycle of poverty, abuse and neglect. Teachers, foster/house parents, coaches and neighbors all made brave choices to love me through the not so fun times of healing. You will find “His Story” woven in and out of the pages as you read ahead. “His Story” includes every heart that has ever prayed, volunteered, mentored or supported through donations and financial gifts. It is my prayer that you will see all the ways He has used you in “His Story” to change lives for generations to come! His story wouldn’t be complete without you! ❤ God’s grateful girl,


is MY




by Stephanie Davis Life Coach

Pause: “a temporary stop in action or speech.” It’s safe to assume that when young women fill out an application for Saving Grace, they are at one of the lowest moments of their life. I have sat across from numerous girls in interviews and tours as they talk about the feelings of life falling apart, some as a result of their own choices and some from the sin of others. Either way, that moment of chaos, loneliness, and circumstance leaves our applicants in crisis, uncertain of where the next meal will come from or where they may lay their head that night as they attempt to drift in and out of sleep.


process when I saw (my counselor) Susan and got to look inside myself,” she reflects. “Everyday I really tried to write letters to God… to talk to God about what was going on. If I wanted to cry, I could cry in my own sacred space without juggling all these things. You’ve got to process things. (Without Pink Shirt Phase), I would have said, ‘Shove it down,’ but would I have really dug in deep? Would I have focused or been distracted?”

It’s in this pause we ask residents to stop spinning, running, to slow the crisis down. For about 6 weeks, we provide for their immediate needs—clothing, food, a personal bedroom (which When girls are in this season of crisis, it is for some, is the first time they have ever had hard for them to switch from survival mode to space to call their own), and a sacred space with “thrival” mode. They are too busy safe relationships. We ask them trying to meet their next immediate to go to counseling, Celebrate In the Pink Shirt Phase... need to dream of a life beyond the Recovery, get to know the program, next moment, much less the next and spend time resting and “I had time to process... day, or paycheck. Their tanks are reflecting on what could be next empty in every imaginable sense. if they got to choose their next I got to look inside myself,” Thus was born the Pink Shirt phase. steps instead of taking the next Like a “red shirt” athlete, who step for the sake of survival. delays competition to train and develop, girls entering Saving Grace as a Pink Shirt are given As Alex moved from Pink Shirt Phase to a freshman, time to nourish their bodies with healthy meals, she got a job and is learning to budget and dream rest, and make healthy connections. Instead of beyond today. Her story is beginning to be written hitting the ground running to enroll in school, as she heals and moves forward making decisions find a job and achieve goals, the girls pause out of a place of “thrival” rather than survival. to orient to this new path and begin to choose “Saving Grace is a home. It’s so much more than a intentionally how their story is written. warm bed, or a place to be… Saving Grace is love, security, and connection. It’s something I’ve always “I had time to think ahead. What is life going wanted in a home. Without Saving Grace, I don’t know to be like? What direction will I take?” Alex, a if I would have continued to grow stronger with freshman in our program, is one of the first to the Lord. I see God working. I’ve learned facing complete this Pink Shirt Phase. “I had time to yourself is the best thing you can do.” ❤

This is

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With love, ney The Joyful Britt

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This is YOUR Story This is your story. A story of how God is using YOU to change lives for generations to come, through every gift of support, volunteer opportunity, mentoring moment and through your prayer. We hope you will lean in close and allow your heart to be captivated. You are so important to us. We are ALL in this TOGETHER. ❤

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“Alone we can do so little ~ together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

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It’s truly the generosity of this community that makes it possible for us to do this work. Each investment matters and every single gift is changing lives! We would love for you to join the story of redemption and hope that is being told at Saving Grace. Would you pray about becoming a monthly supporter? To find out more about this, or other ways to give, please visit our website at www.savinggracenwa.org/donate.

Ashlyn Gagnon, Director of Development

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Saving Grace of NWA

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visit savinggracenwa.org

Debbie Higgins

mentor and volunteer




1229 W. Poplar St. Rogers, AR 72756

VOLUNTEERING and pouring into Grace brings such joy that makes me smile. I look at it as an opportunity; I GET to do this. I am part of something bigger and that is true happiness for me. I’m thankful I can be part of Saving Grace’s story. This community all has a part in the story of Grace.

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GRACE REPURPOSED (Spring 2017)  

Saving Grace of NWA A publication of Saving Grace of NWA

GRACE REPURPOSED (Spring 2017)  

Saving Grace of NWA A publication of Saving Grace of NWA