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ThaT PaRty wAs TotAlly OUt of CoNtroL

Son of a bitch! I must say. For all of those who didn’t make it to my Birthday bash, I'd have to say it was probably the best thing for your safety. Any party that is still going strong at 5:30 in the morning is a good one. There was drinking, shot competitions, games, prizes, lawn sports, backyard wrestling, live music, puking, and I must say some of the most totally out of control behavior by one fucking mental group of party extraordinaire. People became so wild that they reverted back to a caveman like state. Some where around Cro-Magnon man where communication was beginning. A noteworthy conversation was that between Lisa and Danny who involved mainly just sounds. Did they know what they where saying? I think so. They where chatting long enough. Did we know what they where saying? Not a chance! Another king of conversation would have been that of my buddy Joe who lost the ability to form words as well. Brian, one of the most primitive of all cocooned himself in my bed and proceeded to leave his mark. Thanks a lot fucker! The beer was flowing and so was the vomit. It was a beautiful thing. Notable Partiers that night: Danny Getz (won the crown of boobs), Lisa Bradley (For falling over....everything), All theory/getting action Joe (for disappearing for a chunk of the party and returning more fucked up looking then ever! you animal you!), Adam the Train Wreck Peppes (for leaving more puke in the back yard then beer in the keg), Lanceo Destructo (For covering himself in Duck Tape and blindsiding me into one hell of a backyard brawl!) Allison (you are so far out of your mind therapy would only make it worse) and Ron (of course for being there the entire duration of the party and bringing forth of the most hilarious commentary to the carnage that ensued.) Thank you everyone that showed up! You guys are all fucking awesome you really helped to show me that I'm not the only cartoon in my life you guys are the most animated sons of bitches I've ever seen. I couldn’t hope to have a better train wreck of characters come together on the holiest of days, my birthday. You guys make me feel right at home in a world the rest of the plant would be scared to be a part of. You all fucking ROCK! And you are all invited back for the next catastrophe! Thanks for the beer!---Aaron(whatthefuckhappendtome)Ressler

Totally Out Of Control!!!  

A post commentary on my 27th birthday. Good times with wierd friends. I couldnt be more fortunate.

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