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The Cathedral of Saint Peter of Beauvais is a Roman Catholic church that designed in Gothic style in the northern town of Beauvais, France.

Constructed from the 13thcentury onwards; 13th-century, seven polygonal apsidal chapels , that are accessed by an ambulatory. 16th-century, transept and choir, with apse

Analyzing with scope of geometry *maximum orderliness *simplicity and symmetry *exact and regular shapes

Analyzing with scope of energy

*indirect load transfer by flying butresses. Direct load transfer by columns and piers. *It has rigid connection with ground. *Its center of gravity closer ground not top of the bulding *It resists load by own weight. *structural balance is provided by symmetric order.

Analyzing the scope of Gravity *Load transfer based on symmetry *whole bottom surface connect with ground *no reaction to moment(except wind, earthquake load)

Part of the choir vault collapsed in 1284, along with a few flying buttresses. Resonant vibrations caused collapse because of high winds.

After collapsing lateral iron supports are installed. İn 1960’s iron supports are changed with steel ones. Because steel is more ductile than iron.

interior details *vault at the top of choir *supporting column

Beauvais cathedral  
Beauvais cathedral