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July 2010

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Details on Granby is filling a niche in Downtown Norfolk

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Man Your Bag: Guys have a new passion for luggage

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Watches: Take your time and make the right choice

Don’t Sweat It

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Tips for looking HOT this summer while staying cool, page 4

132 Granby Street, Norfolk, Virginia 757.333.6644 Open Monday through Saturday 10-6 p.m. Closed Sunday

The Source for Men’s Style

From The Batts Publishing Group

Cover Story

Don’t Sweat Looking Good During Summer

So you've been hitting the gym and cutting down on the pies in time for summer, but without the right wardrobe to help you cope with the heat and show off your hard work, you might end up wilting in the long hot months. Winter is easy, all you need are sturdy jeans a few jumpers and a good jacket and you're covered no one expects anyone to be looking their best when they are battling against five inches of snow after all. However, summer is when your wardrobe is in the spotlight, and that means it's worth it. While your football team's T-shirt will likely do you for plenty of lazy summer days, the problem for most men is finding a comfortable summer solution that will take them from the office to the pub without leaving them sweaty or crumpled. Luckily, there are a few basic pieces that can solve all your summer clothing woes. Simply by mixing and matching from a limited number of simple summer items, you'll find it's easy to ditch the winter drudgery without looking like the

stereotypical sunburned Brit with a hanky on your head. A white T-shirt is a wardrobe basic no man should be without, but it really comes into its own in the summer months. Not only does it look great and blend easily with most outfit combinations, but white reflects heat and helps you keep cooler when the sun is blazing. Layering your white tee with a short sleeved top means you'll have a great smart-casual look that should see you right in most summer situations. The choice between jeans and shorts is always a tough one, the last thing you want is to be the only guy freezing in shorts on an unexpectedly cool summer night. On the other hand, denim jeans can leave you feeling completely stifled. This is where the chinos come into their own. These comfortable trousers can normally be worn to work too. Finding the right men's clothing for summer means being prepared to be flexible occasionally, banish your heavy winter coat and mix it up every now and then to enjoy that summer feeling.

By Adam Singleton

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...The problem for most men is finding a comfortable summer solution that will take them from the office to the pub without leaving them sweaty or crumpled.


errandall Tucker has been a clothier to some of Hampton Roads finest dressed men. His Elite Clothiers shop in Chesapeake’s Greenbrier section has been favored by professional men, looking for European designed clothing, shoes and accessories off the rack and custom made suits, shirts and trousers. Now Tucker has brought his vision and reputation to downtown Norfolk, the heart of Hampton Roads culture and nightlife. Details on Granby caters to those looking for fashionable clothing at reasonable prices. It features custom shirts, starting at around $69, trousers, denim, some suits and accessories. For Tucker, a Retail Alliance board member, Details on Granby is an extension of his vision and brand. “My customers have shown that they believe in our expertise, products and service,” Tucker says. “They have been loyal to us.”

“We have always wanted to expand and open another location in downtown. It is a high-traffic area and there is a demand there that is untapped.” Tucker’s strategy is built around more than responding to customer demand; it includes an emerging practice in the furnishings industry, one that involves a retailer ordering fewer inventory items. That lessens the demand for floor space. Details on Granby is located in an intimate, but upscale, 1,000-square-foot space. That intimate strategy has served Tucker well at Elite Clothiers, located at 1021 Eden Way across from Greenbrier Mall. On Granby Street, he has another element working in his favor: built in foot traffic from the bevy of restaurants, nightclubs, office buildings and tourist attractions. Details on Granby is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday; 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays; Closed Sundays. Call 757-333-6644.

By Battinto L. Batts Jr.

The New PlaCe in Town

Details on Granby

Editor and Publisher of Luxuries Magazine

Gives Customers Something To Talk About

Man Your Bag

By Helen Grant


ou’re a man; you wear a bag, so what? Times have changed. Men are no longer made to feel that their masculinity is almost non-existent if they choose to wear a bag; no longer should they fear the so-called ‘stigma’ attached to being a bag-carrying man. Up until a few years back, bags for men were never really considered the ‘norm’, more of a social taboo. Why? I have no idea. Perhaps it was the modest range available to men, or the fact that the media initially portrayed bags as a woman’s accessory and consequently overshadowed the alternative possibilities. With almost too much choice, women have always been torn between the clutch bag, the over the shoulder bag, the hand bag, the purse and so on, the list is endless. Men on the other hand were once limited to the briefcase & the odd rucksack, not quite so endless. Nevertheless, the twenty-first century has revolutionised men’s fashion. Each with their own unique style, function and design, the latest collection of men’s bags make a statement whilst adhering to the current trends and fashions. Find the must-have man-bag to suit you.

Keeping Time

A Guide to Selecting the Right Watch By Petra Weiss Unless you have got on a wedding ring, a wrist watch is really the only piece of jewelry that men wear. Make sure that your watch reflects your style and attitude. Look for the following latest trends in men’s wrist watches to make sure that you are keeping up with time. Funky If you find your time beats to a different pace of the other men, why not let your watch stand out too? Bright colors, interesting watchband materials (think Velcro and terry cloth), and varying band widths are great ways to change your style without overhauling it.


Metal mesh bands are a more conservative look but still very trendy by todays standards. Cool steel - either matted or polished - makes a really nice choice for a trendy watch that is more versatile than some other choices that may feel gimmicky to some men.

Leather Even if you are a man who knows nothing about fashion, you probably at least know that leather is a consistent trend. It can be classic and timeless or embellished and untraditional. Wide leather wristbands are really popular these days. Whether minimalist or busy, leather features on a watch, either in band or strap, are likely to be around for a long time.

Hidden Faces A really unique trend that has recently appeared on the face of watches is the covered timepiece. These watches have some kind of metal flap that covers the face. This uber-trendy look can add distinction to your look and even a little mystery. Watches from the future Ultra-modern trendy watches employ not only unique aesthetic elements but often interesting tech elements. Far from convention in look and appeal, these watches appear transported from a time where technology is king. They can be either classic and streamlined or look like they require a degree for use.

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Luxuries Magazine July 2010  
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