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Friday, December 8, 2017

The Boys Basketball team competed at the Norm Stewart Classic at Columbia College on Saturday, December 2. Cachao Gianquinto dribbles around the Raytown South (Madalynn Owens). Check out the story on A7 for more pictures and information from this event.

F inally Finals Student feelings about finals season

New Charging Stations Technology services replace faulty stations

By: Colten Stone Starting on Tuesday, December 19, finals will begin for the students at all of the high schools in Columbia Public Schools. Finals week may be a stressful time for students but with proper preparation, they will find they can keep up, or even improve, their grades. A final in a class can easily impact your semester grade in a class as most classes weight their final at 10-15% of the course grade. Many incoming freshmen don’t know what their first year of high school finals will look like or even how to prepare for so many tests in such a short amount of time. Audrey Cornell, a freshman, said, “I prepare for finals by making sure that I have all of my homework done, and that I study a lot and make sure I use my time correctly.” Many other underclassmen have voiced that time management is their biggest problem with high school tests and projects. Cornell also utilizes technology to help her study more efficiently. Cornell said, “Some ways I study is by looking at my homework and going onto Quizlet and answering questions on there.” Other students find that they need to

work extra hard during finals week to get what they need and want out of the class. Sophomore Jeremiah Cole is investing real time and effort this year for his finals preparation. Cole said, “I am gonna prepare for my finals. I like to study for finals with flash cards and putting questions on the front of them and the answers on the back of them with my friends asking me the question and me answering the question.” Many students cite using their friends in the same class as them to help keep studying interesting. Many seniors have had adequate time over their high school career to find the perfect method for studying for big tests and finals over their high school career. Senior River Moore said, “I’m preparing for finals by obviously studying but not just a few days away, but weeks in advance so that you are not cramming in a lot of information in short amount of time. I don’t usually prepare much because I do good in all of my classes, but I will prepare by using the study guides that I complete and previous tests.”

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What ’ s On My Plate School lunch requirements

By: Liam Barry A couple of weeks ago the original classroom charging stations were taken away due to fire hazard. The chargers have recently been replaced with non-hazardous charging stations. Carolyn Chipley-Foster, media specialist, said, “They were replaced because they were a hazard. The district learned that they they were a hazard and they were immediately removed from all the classrooms.” Chipley-Foster also said, “Certain teachers said they smelled burning plastic, and some of the chargers started sparking. As soon as they reported that, we reported it to the tech services department, and they took care of it.” Jayme Pingrey, media specialist, said, “Once we were contacted by the district about the recall, we

collected all the charging stations from classrooms on November 8 and replaced them with new chargers on November 17.” Ryan Pingrey, Instructional Technology Specialist says “It was about 5-10 charging stations at Battle… we began noticing issues in mid-October.” Pingrey and the technology services department found the issue with the old chargers. Pingrey said,”The part of the charger that contained the AC plug and the cord connecting to the power brick was determined to be faulty. Not all chargers were affected, but most of the classroom charging stations at Battle contained these faulty chargers.” The district made two different purchases for the laptop chargers, one for the original chargers that the

students received and then an additional purchase for the extra chargers that were in the charging station. Pingrey said,“We were sent replacement cords for the faulty charging stations and then re-assembled the existing charging stations with the new cord that connected the AC plug to the power brick.” Pingrey assures that the student chargers were a different set of chargers and that they do not have the same faulty pieces. The Media Center urges any students that believe they took a charger from a classroom charging station to turn them in to reduce the risk of fires from the faulty pieces.

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By: Armon’e Hassell and Adrian Maddox Many students take advantage of Columbia Public Schools breakfast, lunch, and dinner options without knowing what goes on in their school kitchens. Students are provided with a large, caring kitchen staff that pays close attention to make sure all students get the proper nourishment even if they don’t know it. The food we served in the school cafeteria is very diverse and includes many cultural dishes including Mexican, Chinese, and African-American cuisines. These different options give students an opportunity to step out of the box and try new foods that they may not get the chance to try at home. There are still traditional options for students who have picky tastebuds as well such as peanut butter and jelly or chicken nuggets. Even with a variety of food groups for students to try, some students don’t always have the ability to get food based off their dietary restrictions. Rory Dickens, senior, is a vegetarian who has troubles finding things to eat during lunchtime. Dickens said, “There aren’t a lot of vegetarian options, and they don’t prioritize vegetarian options. I feel like I’m left without an option”. Continued on A3


GLOBAL NEWS by Madalynn Owens FEELINGS ON FINALS by Colten Stone HOLIDAY TOY DRIVE by Summer Evans NEW LAPTOP CHARGERS by Liam Barry WAKE UP CAMPAIGN by Neila Bates SCHOOL LUNCHES by Armon’e Hassell and Adrian Maddox


WINTER FASHION by Lily Drage SPENDING HABITS by Sandra Medina MUSICAL RECAP by Adrian Maddox MUSIC REVIEW by Neila Bates




ARTIST Q&A by Adrian Maddox HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES by Colten Stone HOLIDAY GAMES by Summer Evans ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS SEE ANNIE by Adrian Maddox TOP CLUB by Caden Elkthunder

A2 News & Features New Charging Stations Continued from A1

By: Liam Barry

Spreading Holiday Cheer Battle Corps holds a toy drive

By: Summer Evans

Susie Adams, Social Studies Department Chair, was thankful the technology department was able to find and fix the issue so quickly. Adams said, “I was surprised that there was a problem with the charger and am thankful that we did not have any student issues with them at Battle.” Adams is a spirited supporter of student charging stations. Adams commented, “I am very happy that we have charging stations available for our students again. It allows multiple students to

charge without dragging their charger to school each day. Students have so much to keep track of and having chargers in the classrooms allows them more room in their book bag. Also, having multiple chargers removes the excuse that students can’t charge their computers.” Gavin Nelson, sophomore, thinks that the issues caused were due to overuse of the charging stations. Nelson said, “It’s common sense to not try to plug so many chargers into one station,

you can overload the plug and cause fires and other issues like the ones that were caused. I am thankful for them because I can’t always charge my laptop at home.” Rodnesha GainwellBrown, sophomore, was glad to hear that the charging stations came back with better safety features. Gainwell-Brown said, “We really need them because some of us don’t have the proper utensils at home.”

Finally Finals Continued from A1

By: Colten Stone Some students take extra measures during finals week to make sure their bodies, not just their minds, are prepared for the strenuous testing schedule. Some students adjust their diets, leisure time, and sleep schedule to be in their prime for finals. Moore thinks that using a proper study plan alleviates the need to sacrifice sleep during finals week. Moore said, “I like to study weeks ahead because if I start cramming in information just days before a final, I begin to lose sleep and I’m gonna need a lot of sleep to have the energy to pass my finals.” Other students, such as Jeremiah Cole, don’t feel that their studying habits will

impact their precious hours of sleep. Cole said, “I usually go to sleep around 11:30pm and during finals week my sleep schedule will be the same as my normal sleep schedule. I think I will be just fine for finals.” Many students also believe that they should try to keep to their normal routine as much as possible. Cornell believes that students shouldn’t alter their schedule just for tests. Cornell said, “For finals, I don’t usually change my sleep schedule because it would be very difficult to get my original sleep schedule back [when finals are over].”

The holidays are near, this is the time of year when families come together and cherish all that they have been given. Some people, especially children, don’t always have the same opportunity during the holidays. That’s where Battle Corps wants to come in and help. The club’s primary motive is to volunteer in the community and change the lives of others. The school sponsored volunteer organization routinely helps with the Boys and Girls Club. The current Toy Drive is being held to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Columbia. Boys and Girls Club was founded in 1860. It was established by Mary Goodwin, Alice Goodwin and Elizabeth Hammersley from Hartford, Connecticut. Initially, it started as Boys Club of America to keep young boys off the streets by giving them a place to do positive things. As time went on, the founders began to realize that young girls were also in the same situation and the club named was changed to Boys and Girls Club of America in 1990. The Boys and Girls Club is usually a place for kids from low socioeconomic households. Some parents of the children that attend Boys and Girls Club work full time and struggle to keep up with bills and other finances. These circumstances sometime interfere with their children’s holiday experiences. This year for the first time ever, Battle Corps hosted a holiday toy drive for Boys and Girls Club of Columbia to ensure every child goes home with a gift for the holidays.

Sydney Livingston, sophomore, organized the toy drive. Livingston said, “I wanted to organize the toy drive because I know how great of an organization Boys and Girls Club is. They work hard every year to provide the kids there with a present and stocking for the holidays, and I figured that with their huge new expansion they would appreciate any and and all help collecting presents for the kids.” To contribute to the toy drive was very simple. Set up in the lower admin office, there was a christmas tree with cards. Written on each card is a gender and age of a child. To donate, students would pick a card and purchase a gift that suits the card’s description. This year Battle Corps managed to collect 90 presents. Guidance Secretary Sharla Hyler who contributed into making the event said, “I was pleasantly surprised of the number of toys we collected. There were so many gifts we had to move some of the boxes somewhere safe so that more people could place them in the office. It’s great to know that students here are becoming more selfless and can identify when they can help others out.” The number of gifts collected allowed Boys and Girls Club of Columbia to provide each child with at least one gift this holiday season. Livingston also exclaimed, “I would love to make the Boys and Girls Club Holiday Toy Drive annual; and I look forward to planning it with my fellow Battle Corps members in the future.”

Stay Woke

Wake Up! campaign strives for education By: Neila Bates The Wake Up Campaign is working to add more social justice curriculum in social studies and freshman advisory classes, including a focus on equality, social healing, and speaking out. The Wake Up Campaign began after the second round of riots in Ferguson, Missouri after the death of Michael Brown. The topic became widely discussed, and students wanting to discuss the matter felt the topic inappropriate for discussion. Graduated alumni Elaine Miller and current junior Trenton Marks, wanted to create an open environment for safe discussions and thus were core founders of this campaign. In the campaign’s first year they partnered with MAC Scholars and Concerned Student 1950, a similar group from the University of Missouri, to hold an open discussion forum. Concerned Student 1950 visited Battle multiple times in the 2015-2016 school year to discuss activism. Leuchtmann also mentioned working with other community members. He said, “We worked with Sarah Reed, a retired conflict negotiation attorney. She taught our students to engage in dialogue rather than debate. She taught them to listen to understand and not to listen to interject or argue.” The term “listening to understand” is a widely used phrase among the Wake Up members. The program focuses a majority of their work in dialogue. Marks said, “Debate is often a win-lose situation, compare that to dialogue you have a situation where people actually talk about their opinions on things. The most important piece about dialogue is listening to understand, because by listening to understand you are not only acknowledging the person who you are conversing with, you are also working to gain an understanding of why they feel the way that they feel about something.”

The Wake Up campaign directs attention to social injustices and how students can conquer issues. Members of Wake Up are even working to make a social justice curriculum in social studies and freshman advisory classes. Marks explains how the curriculum plays into students’ normal classes. Marks said, “For the Wake Up campaign right now, the main thing we’re rolling out is social justice based curriculum to not only the social studies classrooms but the freshman advisories as well, and in tangent with that we also have a community dialogue piece.” Leuchtmann added, “It goes out and challenges people to pay attention to their own biases and their own prejudice and their own choices they make every day when perceiving other people.” “Many topics within the realm of equality and social justice especially are stigmatized to the point where people don’t really want to talk about them,” added Marks. Wake Up would like to move for a “community forum” where people can talk about the difficult topics all across the school district. The Wake Up members have also gained attention outside of Battle. Senior Wake Up! campaign member Taija Shelton said, “We’ve bonded with administration and Dr. Stiepleman.” Shelton also mentioned they had Superintendent of CPS Peter Stiepleman’s full support for raising awareness and streamlining social justice education and awareness. The Wake Up! campaign is continuing the fight for equality throughout the school and the district. They also hope to reach out and recruit more members, they meet every other Monday in J210 after school.

Sydney Livngston, Joe Lee, Claire Hager, and Harrison Keller pose next to the collection tree. (Picture provided by Sydney Livingston)

Global News Bites By: Madalynn Owens President Trump Declares Jerusalem Israel’s Capital On Wednesday afternoon the president made an address from the White House. President Trump said, “I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel .” The president also authorized the State Department to move the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Airlines make suitcase restricts on “smart luggage” Three major airlines, American, Delta, and Alaska announced “smart luggage” would no longer be able to fly. The safety concerns are because of the lithium-ion batteries in the suitcases. The suitcases have many features such as device charging, GPS, remote locking, built in scales, and motors. The batteries must be removable for to be able to fly. Volkswagen executive sentenced to prison Oliver Schmidt, a high ranking U.S. Volkswagen executive has been sentenced to 7 years in prison and ordered to pay a $400,000 fine. In August, Schmidt pleaded guilty to charges of defrauding the federal government and violating the Clear Air Act with diesel cars.

Russia banned from 2018 Winter Olympics Russia is banned from being represented at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The games will begin in February of 2018. The ban was put in place after the International Olympic Committee found Russian athletes cheating through performanceenhancing drugs. Russian athletes are allowed to compete as neutral Olympians. Massive black hole discovered Scientists have found a black hole that appears to be 800 million times larger than our sun. The black hole was formed at a very early age, when our universe was just 5% of its current age. The discovery was made by Eduardo Bañados. Protesters in Honduras after Presidential Election A dusk to dawn curfew was made in Honduras. Protesters ignored this curfew and marched on the streets in response to their recent presidential election over a week ago. The protesters are calling for a recount of votes due to the small lead the incumbent president holds. Some police officers are refusing to enforce the curfew.

News & Features A3 What’s On My Plate Continued from A1

By: Armon’e Hassell and Adrian Maddox

The kitchen provides Bosco sticks, cheese pizza, pizza crunchers, and sometimes cheese calzones, or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, however these foods are limited and can’t get into the hands of students who only eat specific things. Students with dietary restrictions aren’t given as many options as those who eat meat. All food choices aside, Columbia Public Schools lunch programs offer free and reduced price lunches to low income students. This program is very beneficial to students because it allows them guaranteed nutrition and nourishment. The expanded program that includes dinner also allows students qualifying for free and reduced price lunches to get the same deal for their dinner meal. At Battle, all students can receive a free breakfast from the cafeteria. According to Food Research and Action Center, receiving free or reduced-price school lunches reduces poor health by at least 29% based on estimates using national data. Melissa Scott, lunch manager, has nothing but positives to say about her job at Battle and the CPS Nutrition Services. There are changes that CPS Nutrition Services would like to make for school lunches. Scott said, “As you know we went through all of these new regulations reducing salt, fat, making kids take fruits and vegetables. I would like to reverse the requirement of reducing the salt in some of our food products, because we kind of need that on some of the vegetables to make them appealing and tasteful.” Scott continues to say that if the students don’t like the taste of the vegetables they will get thrown away and wasted. Though the members of the school’s kitchen must follow FDA regulations tightly, each CPS kitchen must follow rules about proportion and nutritional value. According to the elementary school and high school Base Menu portion values the high school to elementary proportion sizes for food are very similar. For example, a high school student and an elementary student both would get three meatballs for their lunch meal. Though elementary students don’t have as many choices for lunch during one lunch shift, the

By: Adrian Maddox

portion sizes on entrées in elementary school are very similar, if not the exact same. However, all regulations of proportion size are based off the rules implied by the FDA. According to, a school age kid, meaning students between the age of 5-10, need anywhere from 1,600 to 2000 calories a day. says a teenage boy (14-18) will need anywhere from 2,200 to 3,200 calories, while a teenage girl (14-18) will need 1,800 to 2,400 though calorie intake is based upon level of activity throughout the day. Scott extends on the growing pressure on the kitchen staff to serve food that the students enjoy in the still developing part of Columbia. Scott says, “I think we fulfill a need for students. At school we are away from city limits, there’s a limited amount of restaurants or food suppliers close to school.” Scott and the other kitchen staff know that transportation is not the only issue students have with eating off campus lunch. “We also provide an option for the students who can’t afford to go out to eat or bring a lunch from home everyday.” However, there isn’t a limit on food available for students to put on their plate. Most students don’t take two or three plates of food when going through the line, there seems to still be a lack of food come time for C lunch to begin. Ian Graves, junior, described how it can be hard to get food when you’re have the final lunch shift of the day. Graves said, “It’s hard to find things you want during C lunch, if you have c lunch you have just scraps.” Though food falls short at times, the kitchen staff puts a lot of work into making sure students are able to find things efficiently with proper organization and stocking techniques. Scott says, “The students can quickly come in and grab something to eat and then go about their day.” There is more that goes on behind the scenes of each meal than what meets the eye of students. The Nutrition Services staff taste tests the food to make sure that it tastes good enough to be fed to students.

It’s Not A Hard Knock Life Annie musical review

The classic Broadway musical Annie hit center stage in the Performing Arts Center the weekend of November 10. Students, administration, and community members came in bulk to watch the musical production and cheer on the hard work that goes into creating a musical. The opening scene glued audience members to the seat of the auditorium. Here, Annie walks into the bedroom of the orphans to help soothe fellow orphan, Molly (Sydney Jones), fall back to sleep. The scene uses dark blue lighting, and actual bed bunks to give you the emotion of sadness and loneliness being felt by the orphans. Annie is well known for the fun and playful musical numbers, such as It’s a Hard Knock Life, performed by Annie and the orphans. The actors kept the childish and fun feeling of the song as they jumped around the stage with props and giant smiles on their faces. Another moment holding very true to the mischievous nature of the play was the scene where Mrs. Hannigan (Katherine Curry), meets up with her brother, Rooster, played by Jermon Lambert. In the musical number “Easy Street”, Mrs. Hannigan, Rooster, and Rooster’s girlfriend dance around in a intoxicated-like manner. The actors kept the atmosphere light and silly with kickline dances and a great

use of props, as Rooster’s girlfriend gets on top of the desk at one point in the number. Along with the childish songs and scenes well known to audience members, Annie holds a deep level of emotion and sincerity as Annie is forced to grow up a little quicker than her peers, as she is constantly caring for her friends like a mother. The technology crew for Battle’s production of Annie kept the feeling alive with blue mood lights and dark and lonely feeling backgrounds. When Annie is about to leave the Warbucks’ house to go back home with her suspected parents, she sings “Maybe”. The mood is supposed to be dark and sad, and actress Isabel Fagre keeps the character alive with great facial expressions and tone throughout every phrase. Annie is the story of an orphan during the great depression of the United States economy in the 1930’s. Annie (Isabel Fagre) was dumped into an orphanage as a baby only being left a note and a locket from her parents. At age 11, Annie is picked by billionaire Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks (Gabe Watkins-Mocumbi) to spend the holidays with him as charity work. As Annie grows closer to Daddy Warbucks, he adopts Annie and helps her through the journey of finding her parents.

Musical Production Annie debuted in 1977 on the famous Broadway stage and continued to tour the show for about six years. In its final year, Columbia Pictures created the beloved play into a movie. Before the musical, Harold Gray had a line of comics about the adventures of Annie, the orphan; these comics were the idea that helped the making of the musical. Outside of the acting itself, the productions set, or the background scenery, was quite notable. The props for the show were creatively made, with the biggest prop being a detachable staircase. On top of the creativity of the functionality of the props, every single set looked clean and grand. The sets made to look like alleyways looked rather realistic with the red brick look and texture. The production, taking two months to put together, came together very clean. Throughout the entire two hour show, there wasn’t a single visible stutter, mispronunciation, or mix up of words. Spotlights hit the intended actor perfectly, and lighting portrayed the mood of the scene with filled emotion. Overall, the fall musical ran beautifully, and compelled audiences to giggles, and a roaring round of applause at the end of the show.

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Staff Writers: Liam Barry, Neila Bates, Lily Drage, Caden Elkthunder, Summer Evans, Armon’e Hassel, Colten Stone, and Sandra Medina.

Brrr... It’s Cold Winter Fashion Review

By: Lily Drage As winter approaches, students are searching for comfortable yet trendy styles as the last few weeks of this semester are drawing near. After last year’s ice day catastrophe students and teachers alike strive to find protective wear that is cozy and stylish. Because wearing a plastic bag over shoes isn’t the best look, I’ve discovered a few alternatives that help in the same way, but look even better. Women’s Wear Daily has found, in response to a survey, teens find Nike clothing and shoes more appealing than any other brand. For those Nike lovers out there, the most popular outerwear for Nike is the Sportswear Tech Fleece jackets. The jacket is one of the best sellers under “Hoodies & Pullovers.” For those of you who don’t like big puffy coats, the Sportswear Tech Fleece hoodie is a nice jacket with a hood attached, good for strong winds and light snow. This would be a quality jacket for the beginning of some winter weather. Urban Outfitters found that their best seller over the Black Friday weekend was the Light Before Dark Teddy Zip-Up Jackets. These fluffy jackets will bring you back to your favorite stuffed animal.

This cozy outerwear is good for hot cocoa drinking or just snuggling inside during the winter break. If Netflix had a clothing line, this would be one of their best sellers. Another trendy piece to take notice of is those warm UGG boots although they won’t hold up well in the snow. So here are some of the top boot brands to keep you untouched by snow but left with comfy toes, according to; Red Wing Shoes This top boot brand has created care kits just for their shoes. Shiny, well-fitted leather to strengthen your step in everyday life. But buyers have said this shoe takes awhile to get used to. Timberland This company sells only the best to their consumers with their commonly purchased, Waterproof Steel Toe boots. Safe from the snow and great for hard working, these boots are more likely to be seen on feet of construction workers but have become popular in street fashion for people of all ages. Dr. Martens This popular combat style boot comes in a variety of colors and patterns. They sometimes contain wool or knitting on the

inside for a classical winter feel. They are great for long walks in the snow and even in the rain. Buyers have said they are “lighter weight” than most boots which makes them much easier to walk in. But some people have all the shoes they need but don’t have many high quality jeans to go with their shoes. Some may tell you that brands like Gucci have the best jeans, but why pay an average of about $1,000 dollars for a pair of jeans when you can pick up a pair of Levi’s for $20? Levi’s have been around since 1853, and it’s no wonder why they’re popular to this day. DISCLAIMER: Despite their popularity, ripped jeans aren’t good for the winter! You don’t want to freeze so cover your knees. The final thing to look at is school functionality; of course, you’re still going to use a backpack. But the backpack for this upcoming weather might as well be waterproof. Sports brand such as Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas sell the highest quality waterproof backpacks and drawstrings. Take advantage of these holiday style tips, there is absolutely snow way you can beat them.

Kristine Long appreciates her jacket for perfect portable warmth, “My jacket helps me stay warm and comfortable in the winter.” Kaitlyn Barber got Timberlands for her birthday and said, “I like them because they are very warm for the winter and they last a really long time.”

A4 Arts & Entertainment Artist Q&A

By: Adrian Maddox

Q&A about students in advanced art classes

Art classes are commonly known to the freshmen trying to get the credit over, or the last remaining credit before graduation to seniors. However, to some students art is the highlight of their day, their favorite class, the one credit they have plenty of. Here’s a look into the lives of students who have taken on the challenge of advanced art classes. Shelby Atherton What art class are you in? I’m in 3D art. Why did you decide to take an art class? I decided to take it because I thought it would be a fun class to take senior year that wasn’t too stressful. How do you think art has helped you in other classes? I think it’s helped me in my other classes because it’s helped me realize that even if I make a small mistake it can be fixed to turned into something better What’s your favorite thing about art? My favorite thing is that we don’t have any strict rules to follow and we can make what we want. Nick Mirielli What art class are you in? Photography 1. Why did you choose to take the class? I always had an interest in photography, and I wanted to learn more about the entire process of taking a developing photos. What’s your favorite thing to photograph and why? Probably people, since you can capture so much emotion and tell a story, even with just a part of them in the picture. What inspires you most when taking photos? I definitely take inspiration from other photos I see and use aspects from those, but for the most part, I take photos in the moment as something strikes me. What advice do you have for people who are on the fence about taking an art class? It’s one of the few classes you can rarely ever be wrong in. As long as you’re willing to put in some effort, the class always pays off in the end. Abigail Newman What art class are you in? I’m in AP Studio Art 2 right now. Why did you take this art class? I think that I’d like to become an animator or video game creator when I get out of high school and get a real job, and AP 2 will help me create a portfolio for colleges.

What’s your favorite thing about the class? My favorite thing about the class is all the free work you can do. Being able to have an hour and a half to just do art is wonderful, and I get to create whatever I want. What’s your favorite thing about art? My favorite thing about art is the diversity within pieces, the people who make it, and the expressions people show through. Why is art a good class to take? A good art class to take is of course Art Foundations. It’ll give you your basic understanding of art and if you really enjoy it. Then you can either keep going in your art field whether it be photo, 2D, 3D or textiles and such. What has been your favorite project in your art class? My favorite project in any art class that I have taken isn’t really a drawing but having my own glass case last year. It was so much fun being able to show off my work to others that I was proud of. How has art helped you? Art has helped me pass time, express myself, inform others of how I feel, and get an idea of who I want to be and what I want to do in the future Latory Abbott What art class are you in? AP Studio Art 2 What’s your favorite type of art to create? I do a lot of social justice, ‘cause that’s what I relate to. I feel like it needs to be talked about more than it is. What’s your favorite thing about art? You have this creative license, like there’s really no guidelines. You don’t have a limit on what you can do. How do you think art has helped you personally? Art has allowed me to express emotions that I wouldn’t have spoken of, personally, like to no other person. Why do you think people should take an art class? I think people should take an art class because there’s no such thing as ‘being good’ at art, everyone has their own way of doing things. So what’s good to you, might not be good to somebody else. How would you introduce somebody to art classes? I would advise them to take a foundations class to just a feel for it see if they really like doing, to see what they can improve on so they don’t just say ‘I can’t do art’. Just get those fundamental skills.

From top to bottom: A girl stands in front of a rustic looking car with a flare from the sun blocking her face, photographed by Nick Mirielli. Mirielli used a homemade pinhole camera to capture the black and white positive photo. A silhouette with the letters D.O.C stands in front of a red, white, and blue background with symbolic messages in the background on a canvas background, created by Latory Abbott. Stacked on top of multiple other art projects, Abigail Newman’s painting depicts a girl in front of a map with a traveling airplane with South America placed on top of the characters right shoulder.

Annie Surprises Students Elementary and Middle schools fill the PAC

By: Joseph Magee

Liven your Friday with a laugh

The Comic Bomber

By: Adrian Maddox Students of all ages arrived into the Performing Arts Center all day Wednesday, November 9 for a showing of the fall musical Annie. More than 1,400 students were expected to have two viewings, one at nine in the morning, and one at noon. This was the first year with a younger audience at such volumes; various elementary schools as well as a select number of students from Smithton and Lange Middle Schools showed up to enjoy the Broadway musical. The performance at nine in the morning had eight elementary schools participating with around 740 students, while the second performance at noon had five elementary schools and middle schools with an expected 700 students present at the musical. The vocal arts department decided upon Annie as the school musical during the summer and began putting everything together at the beginning of September, when auditions

began. Annie was originally a Broadway musical, and then eventually created into a movie in 1982. The movie is about an orphan named Annie, who’s in search of her parents. For the holidays Annie is taken into a billionaire’s home as an act of charity by Oliver Warbucks. Annie, childish in its ways, has a younger audience, which was helpful in pulling the attention of the elementary students. Ian Graves, chorus member for the musical, described why he believes the musical was good for the expecting youthful audience. Graves explained, “I feel that it was definitely more of a pay off because we are performing a child’s show for the demographic it was meant for, so there was more reaction from them.” Jazzmond Rucker, the choir and musical director, described what gave him the idea to invite elementary students into the performing arts center. Rucker said, “I believe in service through our art form. What a better way to give back to our

community than to provide a live theater experience? I started by surveying a small group of principals and teachers to see if there was high enough interest in this project. Once I received feedback, I modified some of the plans and then invited each CPS K-8 school.” Theater students expect younger students to return to watch upcoming performances. Graves was excited to be showing younger students what there is offered in high school in the acting and visual art programs. Graves said, “It’s great being able to give such a great influence of the music community here at Battle, and possibly influencing them to do the same.” Annie may be over, but the show left its mark on the hundreds of elementary and middle school children who had the opportunity to view the musical. Though the musical season is over, students participated in the auditions for the spring play, Trojan Women, to be directed by William Palmer.

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Top 5 Games To Play Over Holiday Break Five games to take your holiday gathering from dull to goal

By: Summer Evans As the holidays approach, some might be rushing through gift shopping for family and friends. But before you absolutely kill your bank account, here are a few ways to be responsible with your spending during the holidays. Set a budget for yourself: Knowing how much you can and are willing to spend is always important to keep in mind before you get to the checkout line. Focus on who is important: Although you might feel the need to get gifts for all of your friends and maybe even your co-workers, keep in mind your closest friends and family and focus on them first. Make a list: Before you head on over to a store, set a list for yourself on what you’re getting, who it is for, and how much it should cost. Otherwise you might just buy a whole bunch of stuff and not even know who to give it to.

Price check gifts you plan on buying: Part of making a list before you go to the store is finding the right price for your budget. Look around at different stores online before you buy to find the best option for you. Know what to buy and when: Sales will be going on all over, keeping an eye on sales will help you save a few bucks that can be used for other things. A way to keep track of sales can be through paper ads or even on your phone or any electronic device. Keep in mind alternative gifts: You shouldn’t feel the need to spend money to make people gifts. There are other ways you can make someone’s holidays special such as homemade gifts, letters, and spending time with them. The possibilities truly are endless and finding something out of the ordinary could very well be the perfect gift.

Top 5 Games To Play Over Holiday Break Five games to take your holiday gathering from dull to goal

By: Summer Evans The holiday season is coming near. Whether you are lighting the menorah or dressing up the Christmas tree, the season is sure to bring a smile to your face. One thing is inevitable though; there is always that moment when everyone’s energy begins to tire after being together for long hours. Spice up the day with fun activities and games that that will keep you and your family on their toes. Here are five games to take your holiday gathering from dull to goals. CHARADES Charades is a classic game where a group of four or more players can interact. A selected player stands in front of a group of people acting like anything they wish. Players from the same and also the other team must try to beat each other into guessing what the person is trying to depict. Common game themes are things like animals, TV personalities, and sometimes people in the room. Sophomore, Olivia Key said the thing she loves about charades the most is winning, “I think I am great at games; and I get to bond with my family and be competitive. It’s so much fun.” PICTIONARY Pictionary is a game that consists of paper, a writing utensil, and a good time. Pictionary has been around for years and it still has yet to grow old. The rules are simple. Similar to charades there are at least two teams guessing an object that cannot be described verbally. A player from

either of the teams stands in front of the group with a visible writing surface. The player begins to draw an object of choice on the surface while players from the two teams try to guess. The player that guesses it correctly their team gets the point. “It’s a fun game to play with friends and family. It is fun to see what others make of the drawings,” said Sophomore, Briahna Black. The amazing thing about Pictionary is that it does not matter how creative you are because you can choose how difficult the object is to draw. UNO Uno is a party-time classic. The multicolored game is a twist on the classic playing card games enjoyed by the old souls out there. Sophomore, Hanna Egbert said, “I love Uno its creates a fun atmosphere and is very simple to play.” The game really is easy to understand as long as you can understand matching. The cards consist of four colors: red, yellow, green, and blue; as well as numbers from 1 to 9. In addition, there are wild, draw two and four, skips, and reverse rotation cards. The rules are simply to lay down cards in order of the group but they must have some correlation with each other like color or number. Players continuously go through the cycle until their cards are gone. Just make sure to say uno when there is one card left in your hands POOL After recent popularity of the iPhone famous game called 8-Ball, friends and family have become pool champions.

With the touch of a finger the game is easy to win. For anyone up for a challenge pool in real life is for them. The rules are simple. Your goal is to eight rid of the striped or solid colored balls. Using a cue and extreme mental focus you must pot the colored balls with a cue ball. The goal of the game is to pot all of your colored balls into the side pockets and then hit the black 8-ball last to win the game. Sophomore, Maelyn Andreasen said, “I like playing pool because I love the feeling when I make a shot.” APPLES TO APPLES This game is sure to bring a laugh or two to your holiday celebration. The quirky game consists of two types of cards: red apples and green apples. With a group of three or more there is a judge that rotates every round. The judge will draw a green apple card which consists of one adjective. Each player will have five red apple cards or nouns from various subjects like “Spongebob” to “My High School Prom.” The judge will draw a green card. The other players must then decide which of their red apple cards go with the green cards subject the most. After players lay down their cards, the judge will collect them and decides which pair is their favorite. The red card that is chosen the player that dealt it will receive the green apple card. The player with the most green cards is the winner. Senior, Emily Elsea has enjoyed playing apple to apples during the holidays. I play it with my family, it makes me feel closer to them,” she said

Top 5 Holiday Movies Perfect for family movie nights

By: Colten Stone The holidays are great times for the movies. It’s a chance for family members to finally get together and have a little bit of fun by enjoying a nice enjoyable holiday movie. All of us have opinions for what our favorite holiday movies are, I’ll explain below my top five movies to watch this holiday season. Jingle All The Way This movie is about a little boy who desperately wants one toy: The Turbo Man action figure. As they are on the way to the store, the store runs out of the action figure. The father of the boy goes to great lengths to try and get Turbo Man for his son. He even tries to mess up the Holiday Parade to get his son the toy. This movie is great for families and keeps you laughing all night long. How the Grinch Stole Christmas This is about the Grinch, a green monster, who has always hated the holiday season. The Grinch tries to ruin the festivities for everyone in Whoville but then comes a little blonde girl named Cindy Lou Who. Cindy Lou Who comes to the rescue to show the Grinch the great things about the holiday and winter season. She is successful and causes the Grinch’s heart to grow and his love to show. This movie is a must watch this year because it stays light and funny.

The Polar Express The Polar Express is about a little boy from Grand Rapids Michigan, who is awaken by a train called the Polar Express, which is headed to the North Pole. On the train ride, he meets two new friends who help him to be true Santa’s helpers. This is a go to movie every single year and is perfect for cuddling up with some hot chocolate on a cold winter night. Home Alone Kevin McAllister, an 8 year old boy, gets left alone while his large family goes on vacation in Paris. After he basks in the positives of being left alone, he discovers that there are two men planning to rob his house. He takes it upon himself to save his house and the city of Chicago from these robbers while setting up elaborate booby traps. Home Alone 2 Home Alone 2: Lost In New York is arguably twice as good as the first one. It’s basically the same format as the first movie except it’s in New York City instead of Chicago. This movie has way more action, and a LOT MORE booby traps. Home Alone 2 is one of the greatest sequels of all time and by far my favorite movie to watch on those long cold winter nights.

Colten’s Must-Have Holiday Dishes By: Colten Stone Holidays are a time to celebrate with family and get together, however a common tradition when spending time with family is to enjoy the nice and delicious food. Food preferences are sometimes hard to accommodate to, everybody has personal opinions on favorite foods. Here are 5 foods you and your family can love together. Turkey Turkey has always been a fan favorite to all sorts of families all around the world. It can be served in a variety of ways, baked, grilled, deep fried, and much more. Turkey just is super savory and makes mouths water whenever they smell turkey. I love turkey so much and you should try to make it at any holiday you can.

Food good for all festive occasions

Pie Pie is a stress reliever, it can make anyone happy after a sad and terrible day. You could get cake, but cake is served for mostly birthdays and pies are better than cake in my opinion. Some variety of pies that are good for the holidays are cherry, pecan, apple, pumpkin and many more. What makes pie really good during the holidays is you won’t get judged much for how much Cool Whip you put on your pie. I recommend pie for all of you to enjoy during your holidays because it will make you happy. Chicken Turkey is more known for being in holiday meals in most families in America,

but in other countries chicken is eaten a ton for the holidays. A true fact is that in Japan, some people will actually pre-order fried chicken from KFC two months before Christmas Eve as chicken is one of the most popular holiday dinners. I usually don’t eat chicken at the holidays but you could if you wanted to because it’s really good. Pizza Now this one is probably not eaten for most families but it is a go to deal for the holidays. Around the time that the holidays come, the fast food pizza chains will start to come out with pizza deals so that you will go to Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa Johns and the other places. Nobody could resist a piece of pizza even if they wanted to. I

actually do get pizza on Christmas Eve and it’s always fun. I recommend it if you want pizza. Ham Ham is usually served to a lot of families in America but gets overlooked by turkey most of the time. Ham can be baked or deep fried or whatever way you want, you can even make a sweet ham. Almost all of the holiday parties I have ever been to, there is ham at the table. My perspective of ham is: I don’t like it but I still recommend it to all of you because I know lots of you love ham.

A6 Sports Wrestling Season Preview By: Caden Elkthunder Wrestling season is upon us and the team has been getting ready with pre-season workouts for most of the school year. Coach Wakim, two year head wrestling coach, is excited for the upcoming season. Wakim said, “We have a couple of returners like Andrew Shea, Jackson Shea and Devin York. There’s some young kids that I’m excited to see how much better they can get and develop.” Wakim has high hopes for all of his wrestlers and thinks that many of his

Looking forward to the season ahead

returners are already proving that they will make it far this season. Wakim commented, “ I think Jackson Shea can be a Top 3 kid, he was a match away from reaching that at the State Competition last year. Devin York was a match away from a place from state last year, this year we are looking for him to qualify and get a medal.” Wakim has had a long history with wrestling and truly creates a bond with all members on his team. He has been interested in wrestling since his high school

“I think we are a more experienced team and have improved in many ways, this should help us succeed this year.” -Jackson Shea

career as a wrestler and makes sure to push his team towards greatness and success. Wakim said, “I’ve loved the sport since high school.. it’s my passion. It’s awesome to see these kids reach their goals.” Jackson Shea, sophomore, returns to the wrestling team for his second season this year. Shea commented, “I think we are a more experienced team and have improved in many ways, this should help us succeed this year.” The wrestling season is challenging due to the number of away matches and tournaments. Battle is going into the season with only four matches at home. Ethan Wiedmier, sophomore, is excited for these home matches. Wiedmeir commented,

Girls Basketball

“I am most excited about the tri-meet between Rock Bridge, Hickman, and Battle in our PAC. I’m hoping we take the belt.” There has only been one meet so far in Battle’s season, against Centralia and Moberly High Schools. This meet took place at Centralia High School where they were defeated by Centralia 39-33 and defeated by Moberly 43-33. The wrestling team is taking extreme focus and energy to the mat after their recent match. Practice and conditioning will continue for the players over the winter break. When the players come back to school they will host their first tri-meet against other Columbia high schools on Thursday, January 4 at 6:00PM in the PAC.

In the kickoff game for girls basketball, the Lady Spartans strived to perfect their communication and endurance. Photos from top to bottom, left to right. Paige Magee communicates her intentions across the court. Aaliyah Williams and Eliah Kemp keep their attention on the court. Arianna Butler runs down the court. Assistant Coach Samantha Symonds carries Eliah Kemp. Head Coach Micheal Fernandez has a conversation with Trintity McCoy, Eliah Kemp, Ashley Bland, and Kendra Mackey. Trinity McCoy prepares to take a free throw. Kendra Mackey prepares to take a shot as Eliah Kemp looks on. Paige Magee dribbles down the court. The girls wait on the bench for their chance on the court. (Photos by Joseph Magee)

Sports A7 Midnight Madness

Boys basketball tests their limits in Norm Stewart Classic By: Madalynn Owens On Saturday, December 2 the Boy’s Basketball team competed against Raytown South in the annual Norm Stewart Classic at Columbia College. Although the game started at midnight, the Spartans drew a large crowd of student supporters. The Norm Stewart Classic is named America’s Tip-Off to High School Basketball and begins the 2017 High School Basketball season. The tournament is held for 48 straight hours, starting at 6pm on Friday, December 1 and ending at 6pm on Sunday, December 3. There are 24 games held throughout the weekend with 48 teams from all over Missouri competing against each other. The tournament was broadcast on ESPN3 to the nation and also aired on various local stations in Columbia and other Missouri cities. There was a lot of energy in the arena from the large amount of students that came out to support their team. Claire Bileyu, senior, attended the game with friends Baylee Eckles and John Sprouse. Bileyu said, “I went because it’s senior year and I thought I probably wouldn’t get another chance to see a basketball game at midnight and it sounded like a good reason to stay up all night.” Courtney Smith, senior, is an avid basketball fan and tries to go to many sporting events. Smith said, “I went because I knew it was going to be a good time, there was a lot of excitement in watching the game.

Regardless of the time, the student section went to support our boys and have a good time.” Alex Smith, senior forward, was impressed with the amount of people that came to the game. Smith said, “I think that a lot of people showed up because it was at midnight and because they want to get a look at what we’re like this year.” Trae Meny, senior guard, agreed with Smith that the turnout was impressive. Meny said, “It helped to have the fan base there but the team wants them to get more involved and cheer more. It’s nice that they are there but it doesn’t help us unless they get loud.” The schedule of the tournament seemed to confuse some of the teams present. The Spartans started their game at midnight which is five to six hours later than their usual start time of 6:00 or 7:00pm. Meny commented that the start time wasn’t a large impact in their play. Meny said “I mean it impacted us just a little bit because we had to change up our routine but it was a fun time. We don’t get the chance to play regular season games at midnight so it was fun to try something new.” The Spartans started off their game strong and seemed to effortlessly take the ball back from the Raytown Cardinals and score countless baskets. After the half, the time looked as if it had taken a toll on our team and they visibly became more tired. Smith said, “I feel like in the first and second

quarter we stayed with them. The third quarter was pretty back and forth honestly, but the fourth quarter we got tired and just couldn’t keep up.” The team notes that they will be looking for opportunities to change this for their upcoming games. Smith went on to say that he will be looking to improve his conditioning and the conditioning of the team as a whole: “I think from this game we see that we need to condition more just so we can keep up with teams like Raytown. We have the skills we need but we just need to work on staying energized.” Meny agreed with his teammate that the Spartans are facing an energy problem. Meny said, “We really need to bring the intensity the whole game and finish out our games the way we start them. We always start out strong but we need to continue that through the whole game and really finish out what we started.” The Varsity Boys Basketball team will play in Columbia again on Tuesday, December 19 at Rock Bridge High School at 7:30pm with a Junior Varsity game before. Right, top to bottom: Maricus Grant looks for an open cross-court shot. Alex Smith avoids two defenders from the Raytown Cardinals. Trae Meny guards with intensity. (Madalynn Owens).

Towering Tunes

Marching band gets a new view By: Adrian Maddox Students who leave the upper parking lot towards the teacher lot may have become aware of the new blue tower in the overfill lot. The tower belongs to the marching band as a way to regulate rehearsal during the band’s performance season. Towers are often used in professional marching band settings such as bands involved in Drum Corps International, a nonprofit group of bands who compete with musical performances involving the marching arts.To use the tower, conductors of bands would stand at the top of the tower to be able to view as much field as visible from the press box of a football stadium. Visibility of the entire band gives the director the ability to see

the bigger picture of the ensemble and fix any flaws in the positioning of the members. Marc Lewis, band instructor, described how the tower would add to the experience of the band. Lewis said, “It helps the directors and staff do our job better, the students get information faster and more accurately, and our band becomes our vision. I love the support we get from our school vis-a-vis fine arts and specifically band. That support adds motivation to our staff to do our very best.” Members of the band are thankful for the construction of the tower, as rehearsals can run more efficiently. Marlin Allen, junior percussion member, explained why they’re

pleased with the addition to the overflow field. Allen said, “I feel like it’s a great opportunity for all of us to reach a common goal, for us to be the best we can.” The common goal of band members is to increase the band’s ability with as much practice as possible. This is reached by hours of critique from band directors and being able to see as much of the field as possible. Allen added, “I think it’ll let the directors see the little things in formations and a judge’s point of view since they are in a high point, also known as the pressbox.” Lewis and Robert Thalhuber, the other band instructor, came up with the idea of adding a field to the upper lot before they came up with the idea of the tower. The upper lot

was painted with 50 yards of football field markings a couple years ago. The duo went through many meetings with Kevin Pace, the facilities coordinator, and Tom Kovac, the welding teacher. Through the meetings the group designed a tower that would eventually be constructed by Kovac and some students in his adult education welding class at the Career Center. Funding for the tower came through fundraising with the band’s boosters. The tower standing in the overfill lot is a permanent structure, and is to stay for the many years to come. The use of tower by directors will help structure band practice with more efficiency.

Community Extras A8 Upcoming Events

Keep track of where to be this month!

By: Madalynn Owens

Friday, December 8: Home Girls Basketball Game @ 5:30/7:00PM Saturday, December 9: FBLA Craft and Vendor Fair @ 9AM - 12N @ BHS Commons $2 entry fee with access to 85+ vendors Saturday, December 9: Boys Basketball Fundraiser @ 8-10:30AM @ Applebee’s Wednesday, December 13: Winter Band Concert @ 6:30PM @ PAC Thursday, December 14: Home Girls Basketball Game @ 6:30/8:00PM Tuesday, December 19: 2B and 3B Final Tuesday, December 19: Boys Basketball Game @ 6/7:30PM @ RBHS Wednesday, December 20: 1A, 3A, and 4A Final Wednesday, December 20: Girls Basketball Game @ 5/6:30/8:00PM @ RBHS Thursday, December 21: 1B, 2A, and 4B Final Friday, December 22-Wednesday, January 3: No School, Winter Break Thursday, January 4: Wrestling Match @ 6PM @ PAC

Holidays around the World Test your knowledge of these global holidays! By: Summer Evans

ACROSS 2 Caroling from door to door 3 Contributions of workers are honored 7 Many girls in Sweden dress up as “Lucia brides” 8 Called Dia de los Muertos 9 Ancient African harvest festivals and celebrates ideals such as family life and unity 10 People carry lanterns and join in a huge parade led by a silk dragon

DOWN 1 Religious festival centering on the sun dance; takes place during summer in WY 4 Resolutions are made for this hospital 5 For 8 days each Nov. or Dec., Jewish people light a menorah 6 Muslims do not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset for an entire month

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Purchase your yearbook for the special pre-order price of $45 before January 12! Order forms are available in the main office or order online at Not sure if you already bought a yearbook? Here’s the list of students who have purchased as of December 6. Adams, Michael Adeshakin, Brandon Aguero, Nikki Aguero, Nikki Allen, Summer Alvarez, Rachel Anderson, Shelby Anderson, Chase Andreasen, Kenzie Andreasen, Kenzie arker, Sterling Asbury, Meredith Baer, Grace Baggs, Christopher Bailey, Kaitlyn Bailey, Lauren Ballew, Hannah Barrett, Travis Barron, Michael Bavlnka, Jordan Bavlnka , Kyle

Bennett-McCarthy, Eliyah

Bever, Garrett W. Bever, C. Ashton Bilyeu, Claire Bland, Ashley Brinegar, Delainey Brinkman, Callie Brinkman, Brianna Brown, Malcolm Browning, Nathan Buchner, Carl Burnett, Dalton Butcher , Anthony Caine, Kelsey Calhoun, Spencer Calhoun, Jocelyn Camp, Lexi Candrl, Adam

Caraker , Jessica Caraker, Caleb Caten, Delaney Caudle, Candace Clardy, JoEllen Classen, Margaret Clussman, Terra Conson, X’zaviaun Cornelius, Mason Craig, Alexis Criblez, Taryn Cunningham, Madison Cunningham, Riley Dahl, Skylar Davison, Adam DeLap, Michael Dennis, Deveon Dennis, Hayley Dibben, Hannah Dinkins , Rory Doolady, Will Dubinski, Nevin Duff, Sarah Eckles, Baylee Elder, Baylie Ellis, Katherine Ellsworth, Christopher Elsea, Emily Faddis, Kaylee Fagre, Isabel Ferell, Jonathan Ferguson, Christopher Ferrell, Allison Flatt, Conner Flatt, Brayden Flottman, Paige Floyd, Josh Floyd, Auriel

Fox, Molly Frazier, Gillian Freeman, Madison Fultz, Ramon Garcia, Roxy Garcia, Paul Giltrap, Alexis Gish, Addison Glascock, Katelin Godbey , Zach Godbey , Rachel Gray, Elianna Hager, Claire Hammond, Joseph Harrington, Ashley Harrington, Mackenzie Hays, Renee Henderson, Hudson Henry, Brett Hern, William Herwehe, Tanner Hickey, Erin Higgins, Sarah Higgins , Ema Hilderbrand, Marshall Hill, Andrew Hiller, Kyle Hinkel, Blake Hosey, Kathryn Hostetter, Jacob Hudson, Emma Huebotter, Daylin Huhman, Brian Hunt, Alaya Huskey, Austin Hyler, Jarel Ingram, Christina Irvin, Nate

Ivey, Elizabeth Ivey, Megan Jackson, Madison Jenkins, Porter Jenkins, Nolan Jenkins, Mack Johnson, Carrie Johnson, Kyleigh Jones, William Jones, Jasmine Jones, Sophia Jones, Dajonnae Junio, Joelle Kaufmann, Laura Key, Olivia Kirk, Megan Kmiec, Kendra Lake, Nadia Lampkin, Canon Lampkin, Cade Lee, Natanya Lee III, Mark Lewis, Jaren Lewis, Samantha Lightner, Kayli Linthacum, Levi Linthacum, Jacob Lloyd, Dacen Macias-Yanez, Maria Mackey, Kendra Maddox, Adrian Madsen , Emily Malveaux, Lauryn Mason, Gabe Mattingly, Meagan May, Ian Mayfield, Jayden McCormick, Emma McCoy, Trinity

McCracken, Kaitlyn McCrary, Ethan McCurdy, John McDonnell, Noah McDonnell, Chance McGee, Lindsey McGuire, Jamie McNeeley, Natalie Meives, Paije Melchert, Haley Melchert, Haley Meyer, Bailey Meyer, Biley Meyer, Bailey Meyer, Kaita Meyers, Bailey Miller, Mason Mirielli, Lindsey Mirielli, Nick Morris, Alexis Morrow, Chase Muskopf, Jamie Myers, Nicholas Mysliwiec, Michelle Naeger, Lauren Neimeyer, Kailey Nettles, Wade Nguyen, Bri Niles, Paige Nixon, John Nowack, Emily Nutter, Abby Overkamp, Randi Paulson, Wyatt Pearman, Jenna Peck, Garrett Peck, Garrett Perkins, Alissa Phipps, Trevor

Polacek, Journey Porter, Brett Powell, Makayla Powers, Brooke Rainey, Ryan Ray, Maleah Reed, Taylor Richardson, Tanner Rivera-Monier, Amy Roberson, Pria Roberts, Payton Rush, Austin Saffle, Brad Sattler, Kirsten Schlemeyer, Weston Schlude , Nicholas Schlude, Savannah Schmidt, Anthony Schmidt, Ellen Schudel , Emma Schulte, Cassidy Schupp, Sam Schupp, Sydney Sheppard, Victoria Shively, Audrey Simkins, Ethan Simkins, Madison Simmons, Malone Sinclair, Dominic Singleton, Falen Sirois, Destiny Sison, Jake Sisson, Annabelle Smith, Alex Smith, Landon Smithburg, Robert Smith-Frigerio, Anthony Spriggs, Jody

Sprouse , Damon Stiles, Gillian Stitzer, Grayden Stroer, Mackenzie Stuart, Rachael Sutton, Cooper Talbert, Schuyler Talbert, Shayden Talken, Amelia Talken, Amelia Thompson, Moriah Tilford, Nadia Tinsley, Nicole Toalson , John Treadway, Lauren Tripp, Sierra Turner, Gabe Tyler, Drew Tyler, Dreyton Varney, Sierra Vessar, Madeline Voney, Chad Walsh, Collin Walters, Adrianna Weidmier, Erin Weidmier, Erin Wetter, Jakob Wetter, Jakob Williams, Aaliyah Wilson, Hallie Wittenborn, Brianna Wright, Lauren Wyrick, Morgan Yeager, Aidan Yonke, Aeryn Young, Evan

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December 8, 2017