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17th-19th January 2009

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2nd Asian Antiquarian Rare Books Fair 2009 Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Center, 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(AMERICAN OCCUPATION IN JAPAN): Original Vintage Photograph of General Douglas MacArthur and Emperor Hirohito. Taken by US Army Signal Corps photographer Gaetano Faillace on September 27, 1945 at the US Embassy, Tokyo. This meeting took place three weeks after the Japanese surrender ceremonies on the USS Missouri and this official photograph became an iconic image for the end of the Second World War, Pacific Theatre, symbolizing the Allies’ Supreme Commander in contrast to the compliant Emperor. This was their first and only meeting. Image measures 7 ½ x 9 5/16 inches on larger paper. Three versions of this pose were taken: our picture with minimal shadow and the Emperor’s feet together, another version showing MacArthur’s eyes closed, while a third image has the Emperor’s feet starting to walk away and shadows cast on the side. Provenance: Brig. Gen. Bonner Fellers, top Aide to Douglas MacArthur in the Philippines and Head of Psychological Warfare in the Pacific during WWII. US$ 7,500. (HK$ 56,250.)

ANDERSEN (Hans Christian): Original Manuscript Fairy Tale Papercut. Corselitze, 1851. Original papercut with ballerinas and swans intertwined with foliage forming a 12-sided trapezoid composition. Annotated and dated in ink by a contemporary hand at lower right margin: “af prof; H C Andersen…”. Measures 5 x 5 5/8 inches, framed. US$ 18,000. (HK$ 135,000.) (Board Game): An Eccentric Excursion to the Chinese Empire. London: William Spooner, 1843. Folding Map Race Game showing travel by four different conveyances: Steam Boat, Walking, Aerial or Flying Machine and by Railway, through Europe, North

Africa and India, ultimately arriving in China. Square 16mo, twelve hand-colored lithographic sections, linen-backed to form 22 ¼ x 17 13/16 in. complete with folding paper instruction sheet; original green covers with pictorial label, inscribed ownership: “H Hall Aug’t 26. 1844”. Ex-coll. Linda Hannas, exhibited at Sotheby’s, Childhood: loan exhibition, London 1988. $6,500. (HK$ 50,000.)

A unique record of World War II Japanese detention camp portraiture of Korean Comfort Women (BURMA) POWs at Camp Ledo: Album of 18 original Portrait Sketches of Nurses, POWs and Korean Comfort Women at Ledo and Myitkyina, Burma, circa 1944. Drawn on cards measuring approx. 10 x 7 inches and smaller, mounted. These pen and ink with watercolor wash drawings depict portraits of Comfort Women (7); men, including POWs (6); and other women (5) including two Seagrave Nurses and one of a Singalese girl (Ceylon), one annotated “Mata Ne” at bottom right. The Japanese Army recruited these women in Korea starting in May 1942, the majority of them ignorant and uneducated (in their twenties) for unspecified service, originally associated with visiting the wounded in hospitals, rolling bandages, and generally making the soldiers happy. They were offered plenty of money for family debt payments, easy work and prospects of a new life in Singapore. Advances of a few hundred yen were paid upfront. What they got in reality was something else. US$ 8000. (HK$ 60,000.) (CHIANG Kai-shek) Support Our Leader. Poster depicting Gen. Chiang with united support represented by a militiaman holding aloft the flag of the Kuomintang with Chinese supporters behind. Issued by the Women’s Guidance Department, Jiangxi Province, circa 1940. A pasted label in red states that this poster was produced through cooperation between the Communist Party and Kuomintang [Nationalists] to resist Japanese invasion. Printed on thin paper with tissue backing, measures 24 ¾ x 18 ¼ inches. US$ 7,500. (HK$ 56,250.) (CHRISTIAN EDUCATION in the Far East) Two Photograph Albums recording the China Educational Commission’s Travels from September 1921 to February 1922. Oblong 4to. An extensive record of activities by the commission in Japan (79), Korea (30), Peking (113), Tientsin, Ningpo, Nanking (25), Shansi province (18), Hankow, Shanghai (50), Foochow (17), Hong Kong (11), Canton (57) and Manilla (12). Over 400 gelatin silver prints, including postcards, both amateur snapshots and professional images measuring from 6 x 8 cm to 21.5 x 28 cm, mounted on both sides of album leaves (some brittle edges chipped), majority captioned below, a few stamped Ah Fong on back. The China Educational Commission was funded by John D Rockefeller and under the chairmanship of Dr Ernest DeWitt Burton from the University of Chicago, the Commission investigated the state of Christian education in the Far East. Its nineteen members spent five months visiting a wide range of educational establishments including Methodist and Presbyterian schools in Tokyo, the United Christian College in Seoul, Shantung University, Baptist College of Shanghai, the Church Missionary Society School at Foochow and the dedication ceremony of Peking Union Medical College, with its founder John D Rockefeller present among the guests. US$ 8,000. (HK 60,000.)

(CHINESE PAPER CURRENCY). Ta Ming T’ung Hang Pao Ch’ao [Great Ming General Use Precious Money]. Ancient Chinese paper money, circa 1375. In the domination of 1 Kwan [a stack of 100 coins pictured]. Issued during the reign of Hung-Wu (136898). Printed on heavy gray paper in black ink with official scarlet seal marks. Measures 8 ¾ x 13 7/16 inches. Apparently unearthed during the Boxer rebellion in 1900 and acquired in China during the 1940s. US$ 12,500. (HK$ 90,000.) (CONFUCIUS). Portrait of Confucius. [Paris: Jean Nolin, 1686/7]. Original Engraved Portrait of Confucius from “Confucius sinarum Philosophus, sive Scientia Sinensis latine exposita… “ being the first Western printing and translations of Ta Hsüeh, Chung Yung and Lun Yü. Engraved copperplate measures 12 ½ x 8 ½ with captions on larger paper. US$ 2,500. (HK$ 18,750.) (CUBA: Fidel Castro): Album de la Revolucion Cubana 1952-1959. Edited by Revista Cinegrafico, S.A., Havana, 1960-61. Printed by Editorial Echevarria. Oblong 4to, 32pp (browned paper, margins with tears); printed pictorial wrappers (soiled, with edge tears and rubbing), in red cloth-trimmed plastic sleeve. The bound album comprises a complete set of 268 numbered cards + 3 flag cards (given free with Felices canned fruit -- 1960-1961), printed in four-color process, mounted over captioned and numbered rectangular spaces with printed captions, the whole documenting the events in the Cuban Revolution from 10 March 1952, the Fall of Batista, various struggles of the revolutionaries, picturing Fidel and Raul Castro, Ernesto “Che” Guevara and many other leaders, ending with the Triumphal Return of Fidel Castro into Havana in 1959. Produced as an advertising campaign for the Cia. Industrial Empacadora de Dulces, S.A. these cards came as premiums with the purchase of their products, and the album supplied to consumers for them to paste the premium cards accordingly. US$ 3,500. (HK$ 26,250.) DALI (Salvador): Suite of Eight hand-colored etchings on Arches paper, embossed with Dali’s signature at bottom right and each is signed in pencil by the artist at lower right, with limitation number penciled at left (#10/150), illustrating Poèmes de Mao-Tse-Toung [Paris: Argillet, 1967]. Each etching measures 9 3/8 x 7 3/8 inches on larger hand-made paper. This separate production of hand-colored art prints is limited to 150 sets with individual signed engravings, created for collectors wanting the prints hand-colored as most of the original production (limited to 95 sets) came with uncolored etchings except for the first eight numbered and those were quickly sold out. US$ 40,000. (HK$ 300,000.)

HEARN (Lafcadio): Japanese Fairy Tales. 1898-1925. Five volumes: The Boy Who Drew Cats * The Old Woman Who Lost Her Dumpling * Chin Chin Kobakama * The Goblin Spider (12mo format) * The Fountain of Youth. 8vo (unless otherwise specified), printed pictorial crepe paper bindings; in blue cloth case and clasps, with printed label. US$ 1800. (HK$ 13,500.) SIGNED by the Emperor in ink at lower left “Hirohito” HIROHITO (Emperor of Japan). Vintage photograph, Signed taken of the Emperor in his study browsing through some Marine Biology books gifted to him by Brig. Gen. Bonner Fellers, circa 1946. Measures 7 3/8 x 5 ¼ inches. Bonner Fellers was top Aide to General Douglas MacArthur in the Philippines and Head of Psychological Warfare in the Pacific during WWII. It was Fellers who convinced MacArthur and President Truman that the Emperor must be absolved from war crimes if the Japanese people were to accept Allied Occupation (1945-1952). Fellers had greeted the Emperor outside the US Embassy in Tokyo on September 27, 1945 and ushered him inside to meet MacArthur on their first and only meeting. US$ 45,000. (HK$ 337,500.) (KOREAN WAR). Commemorative Album of Photographs on the Second Year Anniversary of the Korean War. 1951. Oblong 4to, [31] leaves with protective tissue; black lacquered boards with metal hinges, inlaid on front cover with commemorative text: “6.25 Korean War (emblem: winged five-point star and anchor) 2 nd Year, D.N.D. R.O.K.” flanked by Birds of Paradise executed in mother of pearl, woven silver silk tie. Containing 77 original photographs documenting the events and participants in the war (including President Syngman Rhee, Douglas MacArthur, etc., with typed captions, a page of dedication with presentation “To Ambassador De Tervarent … Tao-Yong Shinn Minister of National Defense Republic of Korea”. An official album presented to the Belgian Ambassador and Plenipotentiary Minister in Japan, Chevalier Guy de Schoutheete de Tervarent (1891-1969), Belgium being one of the 17 countries which furnished military forces in support of the United Nations Security Council resolution to defend South Korea. On 25 June 1950, North Korean troops invaded South Korea after escalating border conflicts at the 38th Parallel, and although South Korea was not a member of the United Nations, it received the support of 22 countries, providing military support, medical supplies and other forms of assistance. The UN forces were initially showing success in driving the North Koreans back up to the Yalu River, but China entered the war in late November 1950, pushing the UN forces back into the South. In July of 1951 Armistice negotiations were begun with little success, and not until 27 July 1953 that an armistice was signed creating North Korea (The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) under Communist rule while the South (Republic of Korea) was allied to the West. US$ 12,500. (HK$ 93,750.)

LEFLER (Heinrich): Die Nachtigall [The Emperor’s Nightingale]. (Märchen Kelender by Hans Christian Andersen). Vienna, circa 1910. ORIGINAL WATERCOLOR drawing illustrating a poignant scene from one of Andersen’s famous series of Fairy Tales, rendered as a calendar by Lefler in collaboration with his brother-in-law Joseph Urban. Measures 7 x 9 3/16 inches, mounted on thin card, matted and framed. Heinrich Lefler (1863-1919) worked primarily in Vienna as a member of the Künstlerhaus (1891) and by late 1890s he became one of Austria’s first artists to design posters, then an emerging and highly popular medium. Together with Urban, he designed costumes, interiors, furniture and accessories. In 1900 they co-founded the Hagenbund, an artists’ cooperative that exhibited works by a number of important figures including Oskar Kokoschka and Egon Schiele. From 1903-1910 Lefler taught at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Vienna. This image is considered amongst the most beautiful designs in his oeuvre. US$ 40,000. (HK$ 300,000.)

Revolutionary Currency Signed Twice by Comrade Mao (MAO ZEDONG). BIAN BI. Denomination of 100 Yuan. Issued by the Bank of Shaan Gan Ning border area. 1942. This Chinese Communist currency was circulated 1941-1943. SIGNED on the recto by Mao Zedong (twice), Zhu De, Ma Haide and Huang Hua. Ma Haide was born in Buffalo, NY [aka George Hatem, 1910-1988]. He traveled with Edgar Snow to China and lived with the Communists in Yan’an. He became Mao’s personal physician, enlisted with the Red Army and was the first foreigner to get Chinese citizenship in New China under the auspices of Zhou Enlai. Huang Hua was policy secretary to Zhu De (General and Mao’s Deputy) and chief secretary of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the CCP in 1941. He was active as an Ambassador, helping in the arrangements of Nixon’s visit in 1972, was first representative of the PRC at the United Nations and was Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PRC in1976. US$ 500,000. (HK$ 3,800.000.)

Leather Binding by Michael Wilcox (MAO ZEDONG) MAO ZHU XI YU LU [Quotations of Chairman Mao]. Peking: Central Intelligence Bureau of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army [May 1964]. Bound in tooled leather, watercolor endpapers of bamboo curtain, tooled leather case within linen protective case by Michael Wilcox, original red vinyl cover preserved. First edition, 1st printing, complete with Lin Biao’s endorsement leaf and textual error uncorrected on pp. 82/83 (with errata slip). US$ 50,000. (HK$ 375,000.) The Little Red Book (MAO ZEDONG) MAO ZHU XI YU LU [Quotations of Chairman Mao]. [Beijing or Tianjin:] Printed and edited by the Central Intelligence Bureau of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army [May 1964]. 12mo, [iii, i]2, 2, 250pp; red vinyl plastic covers. First edition, Complete with Lin Biao’s endorsement and with pp.82/83 textual error uncorrected, its printed errata slip preserved in the back pocket. US$ 25,000. (HK$ 187,500.) First Edition, First Issue of The Little Red Book (MAO ZEDONG) MAO ZHU XI YU LU [Quotations of Chairman Mao]. [Beijing or Tianjin:] Printed and edited by the Central Intelligence Bureau of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, May 1964. With sepia-printed Mao portrait frontispiece. 12mo, [iii, i]2, 2, 250pp; printed cream paper wrappers with lettering in black and red background (a relatively clean copy with very minor wear and staining, lower spine slightly bumped). First edition, First issue binding, complete with Lin Biao’s endorsement. US$ 10,000. (HK$ 75,000.)

(New Year Pictures) These woodblock prints were produced to celebrate the first years of Chinese Liberation, originally captioned only in Chinese, and afterward issued with captions in three languages (Chinese, English and Russian) for export. The traditional woodblock artists adapted their craft to survive by creating political propaganda for Chairman Mao and the Chinese Communist Party. Pre-Liberation NEW YEAR Print from 1947/48 Regain Land and Celebrate the New Year. Jiaodong (East part of Shandong Province): Xinhua (New China) Bookstore, circa 1947/1948. Measures 10 3/8 x 15 inches. Among the earliest political prints dealing with policies of the Chinese Communists, this dealing with LAND REFORM which began in this area December 1947. The objective was to confiscate land owned by Feudal lords and reassign it to local Farmers. In this print one can see the Farmer holding the deed to his land, occurring near the start of Chinese New Year. Small banners with words “fortune”, “bumper harvest” express the great joy and pride of having their own land. US$ 2000. (HK$ 15,000.) KN (Ch’un): T’ien An Men, Famous Gate of Heavenly Peace, on National Inauguration Day. #9. Colored woodblock print captioned in Chinese, English and Russian. 1950. Measures 7 3/8 x 10 7/8 inches. US$ 2000. (HK$ 15,000.) YEN (Han): Planting Explosives Behind Enemy Lines. Colored woodblock print. 1950. In Chinese, English and Russian. Measures 10 ¼ x 7 ¼ inches. US$ 1500. (HK$ 11,250.) Rare Arabic Satirical Magazine SANUA (James) [Known as Abou Naddara] Ya’qub Rufa’il Sanu’ (1839-1912): Abou-Naddara [Organe de la Jeunesse d’Egypte]. Paris, 1880-1882. 41 issues, 4to (27 x 21.6 cm), comprising: Le Flûtiste, nos. 1-3 (each 2ff), 4 June – 20 June 1880, in Arabic; La Clarinette (Aby Zammara), nos. 1-3 (each 2ff), 12 July – 27 August 1880, in Arabic; Le Charmeur (Al-Hawi), nos. 1-4 (each 2ff), 5 February – 25 March 1881, in Arabic; Abou Naddara 5è année [1881], nos. 1-15 (each 2ff, except nos. 6, 7 and 8 each with 4ff), in Arabic; Abou Naddara – Abou Naddara Zarka 6è année [1882], nos. 1-6 (each 2ff), in Arabic, nos. 8-16 including translations in French.

Lithographically produced from original drawings and handwriting in both Arabic and French. The first Arabic magazine to feature cartoons, the captions for these being given in French and Arabic, as well as being the first to use colloquial Arabic in print – a language radically different from its literary form. James Sanua, known as Abou Naddara (‘father of spectacles’) came from a Sephardic Jewish family, partly educated in Italy, he became one of the major intellectual figures in late 19th century Egypt. A sharp political commentator and a great renovator of Arabic drama, he founded the satirical magazine Abou Naddara in 1877. Although it was quickly suppressed and its author banned, Abou Naddara enjoyed great popularity and its circulation was considerable despite its ephemeral nature. US$ 15,000. (HK$ 112,500.) STEPHENS (H L): Fun from the Flowery Land. Three Wonderful Tales with Pictures to Match. New York: McLoughlin Bros, circa 1890s. Small 4to, [49]pp; leather-backed printed pictorial boards (a bit rubbed). “Office Sample” from the Publisher's archive. US$ 2400. (HK$ 18,000.)

(TAIWAN). SWINHOE (Robert): Notes on the Island of Formosa. London: Frederick Bell, 1863. Sm. 8vo, 32pp * Notes on the Ethnology of Formosa. London: Frederick Bell, 1863. Sm. 8vo, 16pp; bound together with 4 other tracts, leather-backed marbled boards, spine gilt. Two essays both read before the British Association and the Geographical Society and the Ethnological Society, August 1863 respectively. Illustrated with partly hand-coloured full-page map of Formosa and Two chromolithograph plates of aboriginal tribes (Kwei Ying), including one double-page. Another interesting work bound in is: CHANOINE (J): Examen critique et refutation d’une relation de L’Expédition de Chine en 1860 rédigée par le Lieutenant de vaisseau Pallu. Paris: L. Tinterlin for E. Dentu, 1864. 35pp. From the library of Henri-Eugène- Philippe-Louis d’Orléans, Duc d’Aumale (1822-1897). US$ 8,000. (HK$ 60,000.)

(TEXTILE). CHAIRMAN MAO ZEDONG. Suzhou: Da Zhong Silk Weaving Factory, circa 1951. Finely woven silk portrait of Mao. 45 1/2 x 31 ¾ inches. US$ 7500. (HK$ 56,250.)

(TEXTILE). CHAIRMAN MAO ZEDONG. Hangzhou: The East Is Red Silk Weaving Factory, circa 1969. Large cotton brocade Jacquard woven textile banner with the bust portrait of Chairman Mao in black, gray tones and white, captioned in red letters “Comrade Mao Tse-Tung” on lower margin, also with factory name and measurement 129 x 189 cm. [w x h] detailed below. Measures 78 ¼ x 50 ¾ inches. Fold creases, but in fine condition. US$ 1500. (HK$ 11,250.)

(U.S. CURRENCY) PROOF of the First US Paper Dollar. 1862. Issued by the Treasury Department, this is a sample proof of the first US legal tender $1.00 bill. Measures 3 ¼ x 7 ½ inches. Fine condition. Provenance: Ambassador J William Middendorf II. Ref: KL 2, FR 17-a, Hessler p.37 US$ 15,000. (HK$ 112,500.) (VAN GOGH): Tentoonstelling der Nagelaten Werken van Vincent van Gogh. Amsterdam: Kunstzaal Panorama, December 1892. Oblong 8vo, [6]ff; original printed pictorial wrappers. A rare catalogue with a symbolist lithographed cover by Richard Roland Holst. This catalogue was issued in Amsterdam in 1892 as a memorial for van Gogh who died two years earlier, the sunflower being van Gogh’s favorite subject. In this lithograph cover Roland Holst personifies the artist Vincent van Gogh as a wilting sunflower. Turned away from the setting sun, the dying flower symbolizes the untimely death of Van Gogh, its halo referring to the artist’s saintly status. Literature: Leidelmeijer, 1983, p. 38, fig. 13; Braches 921217; Exhib. Cat. Deb Haag, 1978, p.162, fig. 137. US$ 15,000. (HK$ 112,500.)

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